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5970.9 #15 Qual #5 May 5, 2015 8:14AM
Good morning! This day in Disney history, May 5th, 2004: 11 years ago today, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror officially opened in DCA.   More...
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The last time I was at the parks, TOT was being built. I didn't realize it had been that long.    πŸ˜˜ - WishIWereThere   274.1 #1032 5-5-15 8:32AM Like  Reply
Hi! πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜˜ 😱 you haven't been there since 2004?! Oh no! Hope you get to visit soon!  - Duchess_SMK  5970.9 #15 5-5-15 9:53PM
Thank you for this awesome piece of history!  - mandas1989   93.5 #3538 5-5-15 8:45AM Like  Reply
So glad you enjoyed the read! πŸ˜€ - Duchess_SMK  5970.9 #15 5-5-15 9:53PM
Omg..this one is just below the  for me.  I finally got to ride this by myself and it was creepy 😱 - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}   868.4 #189 5-5-15 10:00PM Like  Reply
I wish I could try the WDW . I did not know that Rod Sterling's wife was part of the opening ceremony. I love this attraction. 😍😍 - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1057.2 #154 5-5-15 10:15PM Like  Reply
5970.9 #15 DL Qual #5 May 4, 2015 7:10AM
Good morning! This day in Disneyland history, May 4th, 1977: Space Mountain opened in Disneyland.  Not to be confused with the official dedication and grand opening ceremony which happened a  More...
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Awesome info. We love this attractions. Never been on a different version but i'ld like to try them all. When my youngest was finally tall enough to ride we took him cause he loves roller coasters and he cried and cried. We couldn't figure out why he got so upset riding Space Mountain until one day he says "I don't want to go to outer space". He thought we were really launching into space and was terrified he was going to die because there wasn't any oxygen in space. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Now that he's 14 and fearless, it's so wonderful to have these memories.Β  - Bassplayerswife   320.1 #726 5-4-15 10:37AM Like(4)  Reply
@Bassplayerswife I love these types of stories ! So cute! - TinyDancerTay  90.4 #3581 5-4-15 8:40PM
My son had a similar breakdown his first time on Star Tours - BeatleMike  583.7 #313 5-4-15 11:32PM
My favorite ride - Linzee   1039.7 #161 5-4-15 6:45PM Like(2)  Reply
πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ» not true...whoever you are using my account please delete the app, sign out, change your something and please let us know who you are supposed to be so @Admin can fix this. - Linzee  1039.7 #161 5-4-15 9:16PM
I did.  I deleated the app and logged on using my computer.  It was fixed , but as soon as I commented your screen name popped up.  That's why I didn't comment anymore. I am done asking admin to look into it because he officially doesn't give care.  The only thing I can think of was when I got a new laptop and dialed up thingy it some who cancelled out my screen name.  I am not doing anything wrong. I want this thing figured out too. - Linzee  1039.7 #161 5-4-15 9:43PM
Love your posts - Dizkid   362.4 #579 5-4-15 9:51PM Like  Reply
Thanks so much! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‹πŸ» - Duchess_SMK  5970.9 #15 5-5-15 12:51AM
Thank you for sharing this video!  - TeenMickey   388.6 #529 5-5-15 12:07AM Like  Reply
No problem! Happy you enjoyed the post! ☺️ - Duchess_SMK  5970.9 #15 5-5-15 12:52AM
2401.8 #51 DL Qual #112 April 28, 2015 12:38PM
Last night the subject of the "Berm Graveyard" at Haunted Mansion came up during LNC. @MickeyEyeAdore mentioned one of her memories being of it, so here's the history. From Mansion's opening on August 9, 1969 until May 1970 the original f  More...
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 My all time favorite  - WishIWereThere   274.1 #1032 4-28-15 1:02PM Like  Reply
What an interesting little bit of history! - DarthTinkerbell   355.9 #600 4-28-15 1:04PM Like  Reply
Thanks for the info, I knew you'd be able to tell us the secrets of your "home"! - secretagentangel   1461.9 #98 4-29-15 11:17AM Like  Reply
Thank you! - magicalflash   17.1 #7221 4-29-15 2:21PM Like  Reply
12495.4 #2 DL Qual #4 April 27, 2015 10:59PM
I love this!! I wish the old Ice cream parlor where carnation now is was still the same..they changed it in the mid could have a nice meal at the counter or just ice cream ...oh and check out those strollers ..if only they were s  More...
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And look at how the moms are dressed. You'll only see that on Dapper Days now.  - redsoxcarlos   1572.9 #92 4-28-15 6:12AM Like  Reply
The little stroller parking spaces are adorable too!!  - DisneyDavidEMT   2083.8 #63 4-28-15 7:33AM Like  Reply
people used to dress up for DL - fab5   140.5 #2775 4-28-15 12:20PM Like  Reply
Dress up to go anywhere.  Remember my Mom making sure we dressed nice for a plane trip. - Bobbierocha  9.1 #10495 4-28-15 12:41PM
Great stuff. Keep it coming - disneybob49   207.9 #1812 4-28-15 12:55PM Like  Reply
12495.4 #2 DL Qual #4 April 27, 2015 9:37PM
I love this back page of the Disneyland guide ..shows original artwork of the Haunted House as they called it then and Liberty street which never happened .liberty street was supposed to be an extension of Main Street but would end up at   More...
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Pretty freaking cool - BeatleMike   583.7 #313 4-27-15 10:30PM Like  Reply
- luxkitty   2449.3 #47 4-27-15 10:31PM Like  Reply
Way cool - disneybob49   207.9 #1812 4-28-15 12:56PM Like  Reply
Does that guide also show Edison Square? - CM_Shadowgamer   2401.8 #51 4-28-15 1:00PM Like  Reply
it does not - Dave   12495.4 #2 4-28-15 1:13PM
1308.6 #111 DL Qual #70 April 24, 2015 5:00PM
More from October 1955...the Mark Twain in some seriously shallow water 😁
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So the reason that the water is so low is because when they first filled up the ROA they did not realize that the ground would absorb all of the water so they had to pour concrete just before the park opened to the public. Even after they poured the concrete, they had a hard time keeping water in the River because of absorption by the ground. It took them years to really keep the levels at at a normal level and a system that not only keeps water in there but also replenishes it when it gets low. - Dave   12495.4 #2 4-27-15 11:43AM Like(6)  Reply
Love the historical insight - fab5  140.5 #2775 4-27-15 12:00PM
That's a great view but it looks more like a marsh than ROA.Β How things have changed in 60 years - K2Dave   40.9 #4830 4-24-15 5:12PM Like  Reply
Looks now like someone left the chower on - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5220.1 #17 4-27-15 1:04PM
Great QC! - ShariRenee   6062.8 #14 4-27-15 12:44PM Like  Reply
Good stuff - disneybob49   207.9 #1812 4-27-15 12:48PM Like  Reply
103.1 #3404 DL Qual #609 April 25, 2015 11:21AM
Opening day ticket and parking pass
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 πŸ™‡ - E-Ticket   1346.5 #109 4-25-15 11:23AM Like(1)  Reply
Wow - disneybob49   207.9 #1812 4-25-15 11:28AM Like(1)  Reply
Wow!  - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad   992.7 #3 4-25-15 6:54PM Like  Reply
- joyful_belle131   54.3 #4349 4-25-15 8:36PM Like  Reply
1308.6 #111 DL Qual #70 April 25, 2015 10:13AM
My great Aunt and great Uncle stepping off of the Congo Queen, October 1955🌴😍
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Oh she looks so pretty all dressed up. I like the top awning(not sure if that's the correct word) of the Congo Queen. And is that a CM or guest with the stripe shirt and sandal looking shoes? And the fella in the foreground looks spiffy with a coat and tie. Thanks for sharing 😊 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   5220.1 #17 4-25-15 11:01AM Like(2)  Reply
Love these pics! K- The guy in the foreground, to the left, has a neat woven hat, like the type you see in Hawaii that they make for you. - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5220.1 #17 4-25-15 11:03AM
I think the answer to every question is--yes! Exactly! I agree!!! I wonder if they made thosse hats in Adventureland back then!!! - TinkerSchelle  1451.6 #101 4-25-15 4:19PM
Look how nice everyone is dressed! 😍 great photo, thanks for sharing  - eviljules   1194.3 #129 4-25-15 11:53AM Like(2)  Reply
Yes!!! - TinkerSchelle  1451.6 #101 4-25-15 4:15PM
Never knew about  this attraction. I always thought it was called Jungle Cruise.  - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1057.2 #154 4-25-15 10:17PM Like  Reply
I believe it's just the name of the boat ;) - MissMolly  1308.6 #111 4-26-15 11:34AM
It is just so cool that you have this! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad   992.7 #3 4-26-15 5:05PM Like  Reply
12495.4 #2 DL Qual #4 April 25, 2015 11:56AM
Disneyland 35th anniversary pop up Map
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Oh wow!! That's pretty cool! - thatgirljenn   1338.5 #110 4-25-15 11:59AM Like  Reply
That is so awesome! - LBChica   2269.8 #55 4-25-15 12:01PM Like  Reply
I like pop ups! That sir, is a nice map - philliprocks   1107.3 #147 4-25-15 8:55PM Like  Reply
- azcoolmom   226.0 #1563 4-25-15 9:18PM Like  Reply
1308.6 #111 DL Qual #70 April 24, 2015 4:45PM
My cousin @lalaloo found some gems today...I'll space 'em out ;) Here's my great Aunt with one of my Uncles in front of Storybook. Taken around 1955. 😍😍😍
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Nice Anticipating more gems - E-Ticket   1346.5 #109 4-24-15 4:47PM Like  Reply
Awesome! Look how close you can get to Monstros(I think that's how you spell his name😊) - Bassplayerswife   320.1 #726 4-24-15 4:49PM Like  Reply
You're right! No fence 😳 - MissMolly  1308.6 #111 4-24-15 4:55PM
omg such a gorgeous pix! - MsTikiMermadam   227.1 #1555 4-24-15 9:58PM Like  Reply
Soooooo cool!!!! - TinkerSchelle   1451.6 #101 4-24-15 10:24PM Like  Reply
1346.5 #109 DL Qual #100 April 9, 2015 9:30PM
#1963 Hi Kids It's free to phone Dial your Favorite Disney Friend. Who did you Dial? me in my red Mickey cowboy hat
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Aaawww :) thats cute..... And you have a pic with a historic artifact! (The payphone), and its the old style thing (idk how you call it). - otilegna   2122.9 #61 4-9-15 9:47PM Like(2)  Reply
These were kid versions of pay phones I think Mickey Donald and Goofy could be dialed. - E-Ticket  1346.5 #109 4-9-15 10:08PM
Rotary dial. - Taunton  406.4 #502 4-10-15 7:45AM
So cute!! Great picture 😊😊 - Lilogirl1   82.0 #3734 4-9-15 9:37PM Like(1)  Reply
1963... Did they have phones back then? Hey! Why are there wires hanging out of them... Did they need to charge? - disneydork   308.3 #791 4-10-15 12:40PM Like  Reply
Alexander Graham BellΒ was awarded the first U.S. patent for the invention of the telephone in 1876. Phones were very efficient by 1963 altough still connected by wire they did not run out of battery charge. They came in a variety of colors. Β The pink one here is significant to the date. Conversations did not need to be covertly screened. Β People patiently took turns and of course Ladies first. And I was probably about to tip my hat to the girl with the white cowgirl hat and ask her kindly if she would like to be first. I imagine Walt and Lilly had used this particular one to converse with Mickey, Mnnie, Donald, Daisey and Goofy. - E-Ticket  1346.5 #109 4-10-15 4:17PM
I know... I was having fun with the cool vintage stuff. I'm a product of the 70's - disneydork  308.3 #791 4-10-15 6:34PM
@msdizmaui I absolutely remember !! Loved using the speaker phone to call my family when I was at the Park with a school group!! I think they had a prototype of a video phone as well ( which sounded soooo futuristic!) - carminaire   650.5 #272 4-10-15 7:04PM Like  Reply
1572.9 #92 DL Qual #243 April 9, 2015 5:52AM
TBT - Parade down Main Street back in the 70s, probably 1971. What big ears you have, Mickey! πŸ˜ƒ
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Who's the leader of the Band Who's made for you and me M I C K EY M O U S E - E-Ticket   1346.5 #109 4-9-15 7:25AM Like(2)  Reply
No kidding! Great pic! - goofygal   8296.0 #6 4-9-15 5:57AM Like(1)  Reply
Love me some tbt  - missariel33   1955.5 #71 4-9-15 12:01PM Like(1)  Reply
Love these  - Maddernhorn   589.5 #310 4-9-15 3:17PM Like(1)  Reply
863.3 #192 DL Qual #131 April 9, 2015 11:34AM
#TBT to It's a Small World with my family 1974!! Only a few things have changed. It looks like my oldest sister is punching me! πŸ˜‚
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Its always fun to see how things have changed over the years. The clothes, the hairstyles, even the strollers. Thanks for sharing this little treasure with us! - DarthTinkerbell   355.9 #600 4-9-15 11:39AM Like(2)  Reply
It really is fun to see how things have changed! I'm so glad you liked it! πŸ’– - adisneyfamily  863.3 #192 4-9-15 6:47PM
Great TBT pic, thanks! - jacdanfan   8489.7 #5 4-9-15 11:40AM Like  Reply
That  pic is as old as great pic - evilemohand   643.9 #277 4-10-15 5:06AM Like  Reply
Love this photo! - goofygal   8296.0 #6 4-10-15 6:13AM Like  Reply
1346.5 #109 DL Qual #100 March 26, 2015 9:37PM
#1968 Autopia car to go with last photo. Photo credit Friend Paul MacFarland. I think Paul's sister.
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I love the old Autopia cars much more than the current ones. Nice to see a pic of them.πŸ‘ - debbiev   973.1 #171 3-26-15 9:49PM Like(1)  Reply
She looks really focused!  Thanks for sharing.  - redsoxcarlos   1572.9 #92 3-26-15 9:51PM Like  Reply
❀️ this!  - poorunfortunatesoul   70.2 #3948 3-27-15 1:26PM Like  Reply
πŸ˜ƒ - E-Ticket  1346.5 #109 3-27-15 2:12PM
love this pic! - OhanaPhoto   3621.6 #31 3-28-15 9:29AM Like  Reply
1346.5 #109 DL Qual #100 March 26, 2015 9:35PM
#1968 One of the Autopia loading platforms and cars of the times. Monorail Blue. Memorial Day Photo credit Friend Paul MacFarland
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clothes and hair were so cool then! Β weird there aren't any females, Β i used to love that ride! - MsTikiMermadam   227.1 #1555 3-26-15 10:03PM Like  Reply
I was thinking the same thing about no females in this picture when posting it. So I posted the another - E-Ticket  1346.5 #109 3-26-15 10:07PM
Love looking at pictures from the past.... - fab5   140.5 #2775 3-26-15 10:04PM Like  Reply
MY 2ND HOME I'LL BE THERE LATER TODAY  - MARK_CM   26.8 #5784 3-27-15 11:52AM Like  Reply
So Mark that makes you a time traveling CM from Tomorrowland πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ - E-Ticket  1346.5 #109 3-28-15 9:21AM
Yes i am i love it - MARK_CM   26.8 #5784 3-28-15 2:27PM Like  Reply
5970.9 #15 DL Qual #5 March 18, 2015 6:46AM
Good mornin'! This day in Disney history, March 18th, 1967: The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and The Blue Bayou Restaurant opened in New Orleans  More...
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Thanks you. So much work you making these fantastic posts. I love the attraction thanks to Walt.  - E-Ticket   1346.5 #109 3-18-15 7:18AM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you Sir! I won't lie, they are a lot of work. 😊  But I get a lot of joy from making them. My kids love to read them, (Disney history counts as history too right? ☺️). It's Especially fun when I get to hear people's fun stories about their experiences with the things I write about. Helps bring the parks even more to life for me! πŸ’« - Duchess_SMK  5970.9 #15 3-18-15 7:39AM
@@Duchess_SMK Your hard work is appreciated!! This reminded me that you homeschool, right?? I'm thinking about homeschooling my girlies next year- I love the thought of incorporating Disney! :) Do you have any other fun ways of doing this?? - DsnyPrincessMommy  54.0 #4356 3-18-15 12:10PM
Another amazing post, and I even learned some answers to trivilator questions that I keep getting wrong. Great job! I love your history lessons. - DarthTinkerbell   355.9 #600 3-18-15 10:35AM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you so much! Sweet! Honestly I SUCK at trivilator! LOL It's that darn timer, I can't handle the pressure! - Duchess_SMK  5970.9 #15 3-18-15 9:03PM
I would like to thank you for posting such awesome stuff. I'm sort of new at Disneyland and I'm just wanting to learn everything and anything about it 😊 - PrincessOfDisaster   22.8 #6273 3-19-15 8:19AM Like  Reply
Oh I loved this, thank you!!  Always been a fav of mine and for my family as well.  So classic Disney and will always be one of the best.  I will watch the videos with my kids later and I'm sure they'll enjoy them.   - MinnieMousewife   869.2 #188 3-19-15 10:14AM Like  Reply
1346.5 #109 DL Qual #100 March 11, 2015 11:01PM
#1968 from inside Castle. Do you see the blue Mickey balloon. The flagpole has USA and CA flags. Is the blue building Mainstreet Station. No Partners Hub. Is that a brownie camera with flash? The Scarfs were head covers. What is the Whi  More...
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Love this photo! - Bassplayerswife   320.1 #726 3-12-15 12:54AM Like  Reply
πŸ˜ƒ - E-Ticket  1346.5 #109 3-12-15 6:58PM
Great photo!! Yes that is one big feather! I had a few hats like that one too! I wonder how many noses I tickled?! Thanks for sharing!  - adisneyfamily   863.3 #192 3-12-15 2:03AM Like  Reply
πŸ‘ƒtickle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5220.1 #17 3-12-15 6:51AM
Besides looking at DL, I love looking at the people. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1057.2 #154 3-12-15 7:24AM Like  Reply
this was just one year after my one and only visit as a child. Thank you  - MelodyMouse   4025.4 #26 3-12-15 7:44AM Like  Reply
5970.9 #15 DL Qual #5 March 12, 2015 7:53AM
Good morning! This day in Disney history, March 12th, 2013: The Fantasy Faire and Royal Hall opened in Disneyland!   More...
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I still haven't watched the show there. @MissAmericaSings I need to borrow your mini one day so I can go watch this πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ - bonedaddy909   1261.1 #117 3-12-15 8:31AM Like  Reply
awe! You don't need a mini princess to enjoy the show. 😊 just watch the video. 😜 and btw, my minis would take you anytime! πŸ‘‹ - Duchess_SMK  5970.9 #15 3-12-15 8:50AM
Aww...I agree with Duchess_SMK, you don't need a mini to go watch this show but you know my mini would love to join you! Actually, I haven't seen the Frozen show either! 😁 - MissAmericaSings  381.5 #542 3-12-15 3:45PM
2 years?!?! Crazy, definitely doesn't feel like that long - LBChica   2269.8 #55 3-12-15 9:07AM Like  Reply
I know right?! Seems like yesterday!! - Duchess_SMK  5970.9 #15 3-12-15 10:56AM
Agreed!  Where are the years going??   - DisneyFanZoe  1192.5 #130 3-12-15 11:24AM
I love the boysen/apple freezes! I can't believe it has been two years. I have only seen the Tangled show.  - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1057.2 #154 3-12-15 10:43PM Like  Reply
1346.5 #109 DL Qual #100 March 4, 2015 7:28PM
#1968 Jungle Cruise. Photo credit friend Paul MacFarland. Alligator head looks golden. Does the baby elephant still squirt water like this?
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He's squirting into the alligator!!! How fun!!! - secretagentangel   1461.9 #98 3-4-15 7:40PM Like  Reply
Great photo - Pooh147856   255.3 #28 3-4-15 8:12PM Like  Reply
- jacdanfan   8489.7 #5 3-4-15 8:41PM Like  Reply
- Winnie111286   3305.8 #37 3-5-15 9:48AM Like  Reply
5970.9 #15 DL Qual #5 March 3, 2015 4:40AM
Good morning! This day in Disney history, March 3rd, 1995. The   More...
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great write up! - MsTikiMermadam   227.1 #1555 3-3-15 4:47AM Like(3)  Reply
Oh good! Glad you liked it! Thanks! - Duchess_SMK  5970.9 #15 3-3-15 4:44PM
Another great history lesson, thank you.    - jacdanfan   8489.7 #5 3-3-15 5:11AM Like(1)  Reply
Love the stickers! Happy you enjoyed it! - Duchess_SMK  5970.9 #15 3-3-15 4:45PM
What an awesome post! - 7mouskedoodles   361.0 #585 3-3-15 8:55PM Like  Reply
Love these posts from you!! Thank you for such a great write up!!  - CentralCoastAuntVon   9.5 #10201 3-3-15 10:06PM Like  Reply