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WishIWereThere  293.6 #934 (DL) 
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293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 10-6-15 7:14PM
MeridaFan thank you for the sticker 😊
Thanked by:   eviljules  sawman911 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 8-31-15 1:30PM
evilemohand Thank you so much for the maps, I appreciate when they are offered as a RAK, for people like me who can't be at the parks.   More...
@evilemohand - misschurro   6132.1 #18 8-31-15 1:39PM Like  Reply
πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š - misschurro  6132.1 #18 8-31-15 1:39PM
Awesome glad they made it.... - evilemohand   914.6 #196 8-31-15 3:18PM Like  Reply
Thanx for tagging me @@HandMeAChurroImmaFaint - evilemohand   914.6 #196 8-31-15 3:19PM Like  Reply
Volcom - misschurro  6132.1 #18 8-31-15 3:28PM
Sorry..when I tag people it never works! Thanks again. - WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 8-31-15 5:34PM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 8-16-15 8:01AM
MeridaFan thank you SO much for the sticker! The Mansion is my all time favorite, thank you for being so generous
Aww. You're welcome!  I saw that you missed out on this, and I was pretty sure I had an extra. Enjoy!  πŸ˜Š - MeridaFan   4073.6 #33 8-16-15 10:18AM Like(1)  Reply
Very kind - suzieq65  103.5 #3495 8-16-15 11:30PM
@MeridaFan πŸ‘πŸΌ - misschurro   6132.1 #18 8-16-15 8:19AM Like  Reply
You're so cool @MeridaFan! - adisneyfamily   998.2 #183 8-16-15 8:23AM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 8-12-15 5:15PM
Thank you very much for the snow globe pikarich
Your welcome ☺☺☺☺ - pikarich   4978.2 #23 8-12-15 5:17PM Like  Reply
- Woodylover   40.5 #5080 8-12-15 8:08PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   pikarich  MyMouseMickey32 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-29-15 5:12PM
@@@LuvsTigger thank you for the sticker! Can't wait to use it
very nice! 😊 - Lilogirl1   125.9 #3069 7-29-15 6:17PM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-13-15 12:13PM
poorunfortunatesoul The RAK came today, and it is so awesome! Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity, it is very much appreciated.
@poorunfortunatesoul - DisneyGrandma   876.1 #204 7-13-15 12:37PM Like  Reply
oh nice!! Congrats  - misschurro   6132.1 #18 7-13-15 12:48PM Like  Reply
...You r so !!! 😊... Enjoy!!! ✨✨✨✨@WishIWereThere - poorunfortunatesoul   179.2 #2240 7-13-15 1:18PM Like  Reply
Cute  - princessb5   187.3 #2129 7-13-15 1:40PM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 6-16-15 5:50PM
MeridaFan thank you so much for the tunnel sticker. When I walk through it, I know I'm at my happy place. Thank you!
Thanked by:   Lilogirl1  22catsinhats 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 2-22-15 7:00AM
room41more thank you for the sticker. I appreciate it.
- WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 2-22-15 7:00AM Like  Reply
You're welcome!  - stitchinwonderland   57.5 #4401 2-22-15 8:22AM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 2-13-15 7:12AM
DisneylandOrBust Thank you SO much for the stickers! The Mansion is my favorite ever, I appreciate your generosity. Thank you!
- WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 2-13-15 7:15AM Like  Reply
Ooh those are all great stickersπŸ‘ - MinnieMyLove   207.2 #1882 2-13-15 7:54AM Like  Reply
My pleasure. Enjoy! - DisneylandOrBust   479.7 #0 2-13-15 11:53AM Like  Reply
I thanked you from a post last night. I'll say it again here.... Thank you for your generosity.  - HalfCaff  491.9 #412 2-13-15 12:23PM
You are more than welcome! - DisneylandOrBust  479.7 #0 2-13-15 7:00PM
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 2-2-15 2:05PM
DisLUVney thank you for the sticker
- WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 2-2-15 2:05PM Like  Reply
 and πŸ‘ @DisLUVney! - debbiev   1125.7 #156 2-2-15 3:37PM Like  Reply
You are very welcome :) - DisLUVney   625.9 #313 2-3-15 8:27PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   pikarich  hkpinay  DisLUVney  MsTikiMermadam 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 1-7-15 7:37AM
Good morning, I have an extra Hello sticker. If anyone would like to have it, just ask.
- WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 1-7-15 7:37AM Like  Reply
Add me please and thanks :) - pineapple   137.4 #61 1-7-15 8:02AM Like  Reply
Sent 😊 - WishIWereThere  293.6 #934 1-7-15 8:24AM
Thanks For the sticker  - pineapple  137.4 #61 1-7-15 9:26AM
Thanked by:   MsTikiMermadam  DarthTinkerbell  chads018 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 1-6-15 10:00AM
I have an extra Main Street cannon sticker, first to request it is the new owner
- WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 1-6-15 10:01AM Like  Reply
Please? Thank you :-) - ursulaismyfav   13.5 #8830 1-6-15 10:18AM Like  Reply
Sent! - WishIWereThere  293.6 #934 1-6-15 1:36PM
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 12-26-14 11:45AM
jacdanfan thank you for the stickers 😊
- WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 12-26-14 11:49AM Like  Reply
- debbiev   1125.7 #156 12-26-14 1:00PM Like  Reply
You're welcome! - jacdanfan   10969.1 #3 12-26-14 1:48PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   Willierose  hkpinay  jacdanfan  PrincessCindy 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 12-22-14 10:26AM
MyPunzel711 Thank you so much for the maps, I now have them all for the year. Thank you too, for the extra surprise. Your kindness is very much appreciated.
@MyPunzel711😊 - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1445.6 #111 12-22-14 3:34PM Like  Reply
You're welcome! :)  - MyPunzel711   33.3 #0 12-23-14 2:08AM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 12-3-14 8:09AM
luxkitty, you are amazing! You are always so very generous, thank you, and to all you mousewaiters who have so kindly gifted me stickers, and who's RAKs I have been fortunate enough to win, thank you all!
- WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 12-3-14 8:10AM Like(1)  Reply
@luxkitty Is so generous and kind 😘 - misschurro  6132.1 #18 12-3-14 8:17AM
HandMeAChurroImmaFaint 😘 - luxkitty  3216.5 #41 12-3-14 9:27AM
U R  - luxkitty   3216.5 #41 12-3-14 9:27AM Like(1)  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 11-29-14 8:03AM
PrincessCindy thank you for the very nice surprise
  - WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 11-29-14 8:03AM Like  Reply
Me too me too. Thank you for the 100 credits. Haven't gone shopping yet because I just got home from a meeting.  - Dizkid   373.3 #585 12-1-14 9:55PM Like  Reply
Yes, yes, yes.  - DarthTinkerbell   683.0 #278 12-1-14 11:14PM Like  Reply
You're all very welcome!!!  - PrincessCindy   120.8 #3174 12-2-14 6:51AM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 10-30-14 7:10AM
grumpyinphx thank you so much for the stickers! Your generosity is very much appreciated
- WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 10-30-14 7:13AM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 8-23-14 10:28AM
Paging HandMeAChurroImmaFaint--WOW! Saying thank you doesn't seem sufficient for all the extra special things you added to a RAK for Disney maps. I am truly touched!
So nice! I love pretzel crisps lol!!! - missariel33   2115.5 #70 8-23-14 10:29AM Like(1)  Reply
Me too! Have you tried the yogurt cilantro and chive dip!? 😱😱😍 - misschurro  6132.1 #18 8-23-14 1:38PM
From trader joe's - misschurro  6132.1 #18 8-23-14 1:38PM
Very nice of you HandMeAChurroImmaFaint! - debbiev   1125.7 #156 8-23-14 10:55AM Like(1)  Reply
Love the churros - MickeyLumboCM   1337.6 #127 8-23-14 1:40PM Like(1)  Reply
😘😘😘love the lumbos - misschurro  6132.1 #18 8-23-14 1:46PM
Oh YAY!! You got it! you are so very welcome. Enjoy 😘 - misschurro   6132.1 #18 8-23-14 11:03AM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 8-18-14 7:08AM
Thank you Xochi-FryingPanWhoKnew and draven898 love the stickers!
- WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 8-18-14 7:09AM Like  Reply
Nice collection - pikarich   4978.2 #23 8-18-14 9:41AM Like  Reply
Xochi added me for dravens very generous RAK - WishIWereThere  293.6 #934 8-18-14 5:31PM
Your welcome! I'm so glad you won - XochiFryingPanWhoKnew   87.2 #3751 8-19-14 7:59PM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 8-2-14 5:46PM
Xochi-FryingPanWhoKnew thank you for the Yeti sticker!
- WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 8-2-14 5:47PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   PrincessCindy  RadiatorSprings4Ever 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-30-14 11:32AM
@PrincessCindy thank you for the Monorail and Indy stickers! I greatly appreciate you kindness.
- WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 7-30-14 11:32AM Like  Reply
You're very welcome! :) - PrincessCindy   120.8 #3174 7-30-14 12:35PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   PrincessCindy  MeridaFanHasNoAP 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-26-14 6:32AM
Xochi-FryingPanWhoKnew thank you for the dole whip sticker!
Thanked by:   RatalouieNFranguini  PrincessCindy 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-23-14 6:29AM
Luxkitty, thank you for the stickers! You are so very generous!
Ur welcome! - luxkitty   3216.5 #41 7-26-14 9:40AM Like  Reply
Another generous MWer - SassyKittyMeow   448.2 #470 7-26-14 10:18AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   PrincessCindy  evilemohamd  brguest85 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-20-14 12:40PM
MeridaFan Thank you for the stickers. Very sweet!
Awesome !!! I β™‘ her !!!  - Eeyorelvr   111.4 #3362 7-21-14 11:12PM Like(1)  Reply
😘 - MeridaFan  4073.6 #33 7-22-14 9:27AM
You are very welcome. Enjoy! - MeridaFan   4073.6 #33 7-21-14 10:34PM Like  Reply
Awwh. You are always so kind Merida  - RapunzelledColey  135.4 #2926 7-22-14 12:18AM
Just sent you a few more, too, @RapunzelledColey. Enjoy! - MeridaFan  4073.6 #33 7-22-14 9:27AM
Thanked by:   PrincessCindy  MeridaFan  Eeyorelvr  TheHubs  verolly 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-15-14 2:36PM
gothicchic21 I got the happy pendant today, it made me very happy. Thank you!
Yay! :) hope you like it - gothicchic21   162.5 #2499 7-15-14 5:07PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   PrincessCindy 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-5-14 12:23PM
Xochi-FryingPanWhoKnew thank you for the sticker!
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-4-14 7:04AM
Paging MeridaFan thank you. So much for the stickers such a nice surprise! Thanks also to everyone who has gifted me stickers and who's RAKs I have won. I truly appreciate the generosity, thank you! 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-4-14 6:58AM
Paging MeridaFan, thanks for the wonderful surprise stockers!  And thank you to everyone who have so kindly gifted me stickers and who's RAKs I have one.
Bump for @MeridaFan - sewedna   564.9 #349 7-4-14 1:37PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   PrincessCindy  RadiatorSprings4Ever 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 1-17-14 7:43AM
Thank you Luxkitty for the stickers!! LOVE them!
She's so generous! - apesandmonkeys   6523.7 #16 1-17-14 9:35AM Like  Reply
πŸ˜‰ - luxkitty  3216.5 #41 1-20-14 12:43AM
Ur welcome! - luxkitty   3216.5 #41 1-20-14 12:43AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   apesandmonkeys 
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 9-10-12 12:19PM
🌟SoloMouseLover: I got the very generous RAK today, thank you so very much!🌟
Congratulations!😊 - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1445.6 #111 9-10-12 12:31PM Like  Reply
Happy you received it. Again sorry for the delay in sending.πŸ˜„ - solomouselover   319.1 #779 9-10-12 1:04PM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 9-2-12 11:33AM
If anyone is interested the Huffington Post travel section has a great article about early Disneyland with video of old attractions, even Rocket Rods. 😊
Thank you. I love vintage Disney. Reminds me of how old I am - IMissDisney   1205.7 #143 9-2-12 11:43AM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-27-12 2:42PM
✨Thank you Gigibunny2. Can't wait for my toes to glow.
You know what would look cute? Painting your toes with the glow polish and then using a dark polish to make polka dots. It'll look all glowy-polka-dotty in the dark. - LaneSparrow316   847.0 #210 7-27-12 3:12PM Like(1)  Reply
That would be cute. I'll try it. - WishIWereThere  293.6 #934 7-27-12 3:31PM
I usually snap a toothpick in half and dip the thicker end in polish to make the dots. They come out pretty uniform. :-) - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #210 7-27-12 3:37PM
Omg! I was just literally sayin I can't wait for Halloween stuff Si I can buy more glow polish! - NeverlandTink   423.1 #499 7-27-12 2:44PM Like  Reply
It looks cool! - WishIWereThere  293.6 #934 7-27-12 2:54PM
Glow in the dark toes?? Sounds very interesting - GoofyHauntedMansion   24.6 #6398 7-27-12 3:08PM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-21-12 10:52AM
Thank you DisneyVacationLover! My bear Samantha will love her bag too!
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-14-12 2:21PM
Thanks BTMReilRider I got the DCA map. It's changed so much since I was there last. Thanks πŸ˜„
So this is who he sent the map to haha:D - NethBeeyore   470.5 #442 8-27-12 12:03PM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-11-12 9:30AM
1⃣0⃣0⃣ finally... Yay πŸ˜„
Congrats!! - Pixieliz   310.9 #823 7-11-12 9:34AM Like  Reply
congrats. - dpaz310   36.1 #5303 7-11-12 9:34AM Like  Reply
Thanks!! - WishIWereThere  293.6 #934 7-11-12 9:37AM
Awesome! - Disneymother   225.3 #1639 7-11-12 9:46AM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 7-3-12 7:22PM
Is anyone still having problems with the trivia site? It won't load for me.
Yes. There was a thread about it earlier :( - VeloMouseGirl   549.8 #360 7-3-12 7:31PM Like  Reply
I guess I missed it. Thank you. - WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 7-3-12 7:37PM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 6-27-12 1:33PM
Is this a good deal? I don't know what the price is now. Thanks!😊
These are the current prices at the park - SplashMtn_Fan   506.9 #400 6-27-12 1:35PM Like  Reply
It's the same pricing at the parks :) - azcam08   212.8 #1811 6-27-12 1:36PM Like  Reply
No deal durn it. - WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 6-27-12 1:44PM Like  Reply
If these are current with the park, it seems we no longer get a discount for buying them online.  Used to be about a 10 or 15 dollar difference. - Stardecked   301.3 #879 6-27-12 1:59PM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 6-13-12 7:44PM
Thanks to all of you for posting all the red carpet pics. Enjoying them greatly.
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 6-8-12 1:53PM
Sitting making peanut butter cookies watching rides from the park...sigh. 😏
On YouTube lol! - WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 6-8-12 1:54PM Like  Reply
That's the life right there!! - AshleyLynn22   791.2 #226 6-8-12 1:55PM Like  Reply
I usually watch world of color while in the kitchen. But make sure to watch the world of color VIP section one on YouTube - maxinerenton   422.7 #501 6-8-12 2:01PM Like  Reply
Thanks I have not seen that one . - WishIWereThere  293.6 #934 6-8-12 2:10PM
You really do wish you were there! πŸ˜‚ - MagicalLand   414.2 #517 6-8-12 2:16PM Like  Reply
Sure do.... - WishIWereThere  293.6 #934 6-8-12 2:18PM
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 6-5-12 3:20PM
Why is the Haunted Mansion closed ?
The Hatbox ghost is attacking! Run for your lives!!!!! - theRealDisneygirlforevr   175.3 #2291 6-5-12 3:22PM Like(1)  Reply
O noooooo!!πŸ‘» - WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 6-5-12 3:24PM Like  Reply
The bride is on a rampage again. - Chumash28   1161.5 #149 6-5-12 3:49PM Like  Reply
What?! Again?! Constance,remember your blood pressure! - theRealDisneygirlforevr  175.3 #2291 6-5-12 3:52PM
Ghostbusters! - ScooterMike   1963.0 #78 6-5-12 3:50PM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 5-12-12 6:53PM
Golly Pirates of the Caribbean is on too. Sigh.
I'll ride it for you. - kristian   2002.4 #76 5-12-12 6:55PM Like(2)  Reply
Lol!!! - ninodj  198.2 #1983 5-12-12 7:25PM
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 5-12-12 5:54PM
Indiana Jones is on tv. I'd rather be riding it than watching it .
😳 me too! - Disneykidds_HaveWeMet   181.9 #2207 5-12-12 5:57PM Like(1)  Reply
I would but I don't know how to post a picture. My smartphone is smarter than I am. - WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 5-12-12 6:25PM Like(1)  Reply
Welcome and really like your name as well!! And agree I would love to be riding Indy!!! Only 2 more days!!! - CourtyAstroBlisters   783.3 #229 5-12-12 6:35PM Like  Reply
Have a fantastic time! - WishIWereThere   293.6 #934 5-12-12 7:01PM Like  Reply
293.6 #934 DL Qual #1013 5-11-12 9:49PM
I am new here and have a question. When I watch the fireworks I see a BIG tree. Where is that tree, if it is in the park? Thanking you in advance.
To all who come to this big tree, er, I mean happy app, welcome! - Melody_CM   9861.0 #6 5-11-12 10:40PM Like(1)  Reply
Welcome! Where do u watch the fireworks? I'm not sure what ur talking about. - Cinderella12   45.6 #111 5-11-12 9:59PM Like  Reply
mattercam....there is a big tree in the way lol - KissDclown  1089.1 #161 5-11-12 10:01PM
I was watching them on the matter cam because I live in Colorado and this is the only way I can see them. - WishIWereThere  293.6 #934 5-11-12 10:02PM
Howdy - Mouse4life   1293.3 #131 5-12-12 10:00AM Like  Reply
Welcome to the lounge! πŸ˜ƒ - Duchess_SMK   6250.0 #17 5-12-12 10:03AM Like  Reply