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disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 (DL) 

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250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-21-15 11:29AM
Thank you secret santa KsKating!I love everything you sent me. Happy holidays to you and your family
Bump - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 12-21-15 1:39PM Like  Reply
KsKating - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 12-21-15 6:43PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   GoofyMom77 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-21-15 9:35AM
hello everybody I have a question I bought this back in September and my daughter just put it on for the first time the other day and the button fell off I cannot find my receipt would I still be able to take it in and exchange it for ano  More...
Bump  - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 12-21-15 10:10AM Like  Reply
@BaseballMickey_CM - UTDISNEYFAMILY   2009.5 #86 12-21-15 10:29AM Like  Reply
hi! What I would do is find a location that carries it in the right size. Then explain to the Cast Member what happened and your situation without a receipt. Unfortunately there isn't a way to look up your purchase from back then, but if you ask nicely, they should let you exchange it.  - BaseballMickey   7892.8 #11 12-21-15 12:22PM Like  Reply
Thank you for information! Have a great day  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 12-21-15 12:59PM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 10-1-15 9:51AM
Has anyone been in the park when there doing Christmas parade taping? How was it
Bump  - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 10-1-15 3:55PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 9-14-15 8:59PM
is everyone gone
Oh man... yeah. CHUB33 seems desolate... =( I came back after being gone a long time, but no one's here. Awww, man... - spartanwoman   17.2 #8196 10-14-15 4:25PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 8-14-15 4:50PM
How's it going?
Getting closer to Disneyland half marathon are you guys ready? I think I am  - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 8-15-15 8:11AM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 8-2-15 2:38PM
Hello how is everyone doing?
Doing well, how are you?  How is your training going?  I've had a few pretty good runs recently πŸ˜ƒ - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 8-4-15 8:51AM Like  Reply
Doing good thanks! Last week didn't do much because of rocky fire is about 20 miles away and the air has been bad. Today is much better so I'll start back up today.  - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 8-5-15 7:57AM Like  Reply
Oh dear, I know how that is. Stay safe!  I had to do my last two long runs (and all my little short runs for two weeks) before my first half on a treadmill because of bad smoke.  Glad it's better for you!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 8-5-15 5:46PM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 7-19-15 2:27PM
How is everyone? 48more days before disneyland half marathon are you guys ready ?
46 days left!!!! I would like to loose 15 pounds before run  - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 7-21-15 9:48AM Like  Reply
I still haven't started running again πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚ - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 7-22-15 2:51PM Like  Reply
Come on time to put the running shoes on and go  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 7-22-15 6:27PM
Woohoo!  Was dreading my first run but it wasn't as bad as I expected!  Thank you for the encouragement!  Let's do this! πŸƒβœ¨βœ¨ - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 7-24-15 11:19AM Like  Reply
Great job  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 7-25-15 3:53PM
I'm excited!  Ran 8 miles lasts night. I'm training (slowly) for my first marathon!   - MXPrincess399   802.6 #237 7-28-15 12:38PM Like  Reply
Keep up the good work !! - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 7-29-15 11:16PM
When is your marathon? - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 7-29-15 11:17PM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 7-8-15 1:28PM
How is everyone?
Hi!  How are you?  Enjoying your summer?  πŸŒΊ  we need to get things going in here again--I miss Chub33!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 7-9-15 8:06AM Like  Reply
I'm doing good thank you! Trying to get my body back into shape! How are you? How is your training going for disneyland half? How is your new home? My summer is going well. Yes we need everyone too come back on chub33  - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 7-9-15 8:36AM Like  Reply
@disneyland4me Thank you so much for the sticker!  So sweet of you!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 7-15-15 5:27PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 6-15-15 4:17PM
How is everyone?
Pretty good--moving this weekend, so life is a bit crazy.  Been walking a few miles each day with my dog though, so that's helped me feel more calm about the chaos.  How are you?  Is training going well?  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 6-18-15 4:22PM Like(1)  Reply
I'm doing okay thanks! Training is good I've been riding my bike and walking for now.  Your Moving again good luck hope everything goes well. - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 6-20-15 2:47PM Like  Reply
Thank you! Β Time has gone so quickly. I'm really excited for summer bbqs and things πŸ‘ - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 6-21-15 7:41AM
That's great! Enjoy your new home  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 6-21-15 9:56AM
Thanked by:   Spoonful_O_Sugar 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 5-28-15 2:32PM
Hello everyone hope all is well. So may is almost over less than 100 days left before disneyland half marathon so when are you going to start training?
- disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 5-28-15 2:32PM Like  Reply
I think I'm starting next week with my pup πŸ˜ƒπŸΆ  We both need to lose a few!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 5-29-15 3:55PM Like  Reply
Hi!  I pretty much never stop training because I do half marathons several times a year.  - MXPrincess399   802.6 #237 6-1-15 10:26PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 5-11-15 6:14PM
Hello how is everyone
Doing well, thanks!  How were the races?   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 5-12-15 5:06PM Like  Reply
So much fun thanks for asking! I can't wait until disneyland half marathon. Your running that one right?  - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 5-12-15 6:50PM Like  Reply
Yes, we are signed up for the 10k :)  Thank you so much for the stickers!  I love them!  My collection showed that you sent several of the same ones, so I figured it was a glitch and made sure to send the extras back.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 5-13-15 1:25PM
Thank you so much for the sticker - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 5-13-15 7:36PM Like  Reply
You're welcome!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 5-13-15 9:06PM
Thanked by:   Spoonful_O_Sugar 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 3-11-15 5:23AM
Hello! How is everyone doing?
What happened to everyone?  - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 3-25-15 10:10AM Like  Reply
I don't know!  I took a social media break for 2 months but now I'm back :) Hope all is well!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 4-15-15 6:18AM Like  Reply
Doing well thanks. Are you running tinker bell half marathon?  - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 4-19-15 7:48PM Like  Reply
Unfortunately, no, I'm not going to be able to take work off that week.  Boo.  We might be moving again in the next few months, so also trying to save a little right now.  Haha, but I'm signed up for the September 10K and will probably try to buy a bib for the half.  You are running Tink, right?  It's such a fun race weekend!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 4-20-15 2:17PM
Yes I'm running I can't wait then again for disneyland half marathon! I hope everything goes well with your move.  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 4-20-15 4:44PM
Thanked by:   Spoonful_O_Sugar 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 2-6-15 5:36PM
Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been on that much life is so crazy right now. I don't know if I'm coming or going some days. How is life treating all of you?
Hi!  Things are good, but had a weird/stressful work day and very glad it's Friday!  Hubby is on board to commit to eating better with me, which is great--that'll help a lot with stress management  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 2-6-15 8:36PM Like  Reply
I'm glad you're husband is on board with you about eating better! I hope you have a great week and stress free :) - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 2-8-15 9:11AM
@disneyland4me Did you get signed up for DDD today?  We are in for the 10K!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 2-10-15 5:21PM
My daughter was sick and missed almost a week of school last week. Looks like I caught it😞 Taking everything I can and trying to get rest, work permitting. Bummed, I'm suppose to go to Vegas this weekend! - ElectricMayhemMom   1571.8 #113 2-10-15 7:17PM Like  Reply
Oh no!  Tis the season, unfortunately.  Hope it is fairly mild and that you're better in no time!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 2-10-15 11:04PM
Thanks!  - ElectricMayhemMom  1571.8 #113 2-11-15 10:36AM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 1-17-15 2:50PM
I'm looking for this bag! Any ideas where I can find it?
Online. - Princessana08   75.5 #4121 1-17-15 2:53PM Like  Reply
Ok thanks  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-17-15 3:03PM
No pink just red - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-17-15 3:06PM
Luxkitty you find all kinds of things have you seen this? - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 1-17-15 4:08PM Like  Reply
Yeah has the red one. I've also seen it on  - luxkitty  4086.6 #38 1-17-15 10:27PM
Thank you for replying back  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-17-15 10:36PM
*turns on store intercom* @@luxkitty can you please respond to a MWer who has a question regarding shopping.πŸ˜‚ - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1902.0 #96 1-17-15 10:11PM Like  Reply
I'll send my team out to locate @luxkitty - misschurro...  7280.1 #14 1-17-15 10:14PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘€πŸ“’HandMeAChurroImmaFaint - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1902.0 #96 1-17-15 10:28PM
πŸ“’ @luxkitty πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 1-17-15 10:19PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 1-10-15 8:55AM
Just wanted to say it's nice to see everyone on chub 33 again. I hope you all have a great weekend :-)
Have a great one as well. I'm working closing shifts all weekend😩 so please have some fun for me, lol - ElectricMayhemMom   1571.8 #113 1-11-15 12:07AM Like  Reply
It was just you and I posting in here for awhile, lol.  Nice to have everyone back!  Hope you have a wonderful Sunday πŸ˜ƒ - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 1-11-15 7:38AM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 1-8-15 9:46AM
Hello everyone! How is 2015 going so far?
Hi! So far so good, can't complain. How's yours?πŸ˜ƒ - ElectricMayhemMom   1571.8 #113 1-8-15 7:12PM Like  Reply
Hello doing well thank you. Kid's go back to school next week and then I can start doing my long walks:)   - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 1-9-15 9:39AM Like  Reply
Going great!  I switched from Jenny Craig to South Beach...lost 5lbs so far.  Goal this year is 20 - a whole lot better than the 40 I was looking at on Jan. 1st last year!   - msdizmaui   753.8 #262 1-9-15 5:01PM Like  Reply
Doing well, thanks! Decompressing after the holidays, lol.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 1-9-15 5:41PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 1-1-15 1:29AM
Happy New Years!
To you, as well! πŸŽ‰ - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 1-1-15 3:53PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   Spoonful_O_Sugar 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-16-14 8:20PM
Secret Santa aka Hendizl. Thank you so much for everything! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year
haha, cute.  Pluto is cuddling the candy πŸΆπŸ˜‚ - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 12-16-14 8:22PM Like  Reply
Teehee. That IS cuteπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - misschurro...  7280.1 #14 12-16-14 8:36PM
@Hendizl - misschurro...   7280.1 #14 12-16-14 8:37PM Like  Reply
ya just wanted to make sure he made it safe to his new owner haha :) - Hendizl   2862.9 #49 12-17-14 8:00AM Like  Reply
Thank you :) - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 12-17-14 9:46AM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-12-14 6:49PM
How is everyone doing?
Busy, but good. Ready to get back to eating healthy and working out, but I'm gonna wait until the holidays are over.  How are you doing?  Any disney runs planned for this next year?   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 12-14-14 3:05PM Like  Reply
Doing good thank you!  Yes I'm going to run tinker bell 10k and then do disneyland half again. How about you any runs next year?  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 12-14-14 5:50PM
Hopefully the DL half this year!  I want to do the Tink 10k or half, and if I can get an affordable-ish bib from one of the travel agencies listed on the RunDisney website, I probably will try for that.  Waiting until after the holidays to commit, though.  It's so expensive, but such a fun hobby!  I'll definitely do a few local races to keep motivated!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 12-15-14 2:37PM
i sent my gift did you receive it ? - Hendizl   2862.9 #49 12-15-14 10:24PM Like  Reply
She posted an adorable pic in the Hub :) @Hendizl - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 12-16-14 11:25PM
Yes I did thank you. - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 12-17-14 7:19AM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 11-27-14 8:52PM
Happy Thanksgiving everyone
Hope you had a good holiday! 😊  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 12-1-14 9:45PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   Spoonful_O_Sugar 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 11-3-14 6:57PM
How is everyone doing?
I'm so-so. I think I gained 10lbs last week eating Halloween candy at work!  Why do I do it!?!?!? - msdizmaui   753.8 #262 11-5-14 3:40PM Like  Reply
I feel the same way! Why why why - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 11-6-14 10:08PM
Doing ok, having a bit of a challenging and emotionally draining day at work today and dreaming of DL, lol.  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 11-6-14 1:49PM Like  Reply
I hope everything is OK! I hope you have a better day tomorrow :) - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 11-6-14 10:04PM
Thank you!  Today is better, thankfully! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 11-7-14 3:47PM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 10-1-14 2:56PM
Just checking in to see how everyone is doing?
Hi there!  I haven't been exercising...been swamped at work, but doing well otherwise!  How are you doing?   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 10-3-14 8:18AM Like  Reply
Doing OK thank you! I haven't been exercising either! I have been so busy taking care of everyone else I just don't have time for me right now! I hope by November things will slow down so I can exercise before I gain more weight.Β  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 10-3-14 4:05PM
Thanked by:   sawman911 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 9-6-14 9:10AM
How is everyone doing?
Fairly about you?  I've lost 5 of the 8 lbs I gained in my week at DLR (and the week after I got back!).  Almost back at my DLR weight and then on to the last 4 to make my goal once and for all! - msdizmaui   753.8 #262 9-6-14 8:50PM Like  Reply
Great job on getting back  to your weigh loss. I'm doing well I took a week off after run Disneyland half now time to get back into things need to focus on loosing some weight. Have a great week - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 9-7-14 9:23AM Like  Reply
Doing well, thanks!  Just kinda plugging along with life, lol.  Had a cold so I haven't been running much but I've been walking with my dog--it's nice to slow down a little bit and enjoy life. :) - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 9-10-14 4:50PM Like  Reply
Glad all is well! Are you doing any Disney runs that are coming up? - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 9-11-14 5:28PM
Hoping for Star Wars and Tink, but not registered yet!  Life and schedules are really up in the air right now.  Sigh... Really hoping to get to DL during Halloweentime, though!  Good news is that I tried on a pencil skirt that I couldn't zip up last spring, and now it fits!  Pretty happy about that.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 9-11-14 8:15PM
Thanked by:   sawman911 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 9-1-14 8:07PM
Had the best weekend in Disneyland. I ran my first 10k and half marathon! Best feeling ever! How was your weekend?
So proud of you!  Congratulations!  πŸ‘βœ¨πŸ’ͺ - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 9-1-14 9:28PM Like  Reply
Thank you! I hope you'll be able to run the next one" - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 9-2-14 9:17PM
Thanked by:   Spoonful_O_Sugar  NikkiMickey 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 8-15-14 9:44AM
It's almost time for Disneyland half marathon!! Is everyone ready?
So wish that I could do one of these...not sure about the half marathon.  I think I'm only a 5k kind of gal! - msdizmaui   753.8 #262 8-15-14 10:33PM Like  Reply
I always wish I would have trained more!  - MXPrincess399   802.6 #237 8-16-14 1:27PM Like  Reply
You've got plenty of time!  Just have fun! - msdizmaui  753.8 #262 8-16-14 2:51PM
Me too on the training! I hurt my foot about two weeks ago and been trying to take it easy so it will be better for the half - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 8-16-14 6:56PM
Sadly, we made the decision today to not go due to work commitments (Hubby started a new job recently and the next three weeks were already going to be nearly impossible for me to escape for a few days).  Oh well, it happens...we are excited for the Star Wars runs in January though, so hopefully that works out!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 8-17-14 9:01PM Like  Reply
I'm sorry! Things happen for a reason. I hope you can run in January. Did you sing up for Tinkerbell run? - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 8-18-14 6:44PM
Thanks, yes, we have a lot on our plates right now, and you're right: these things happen for reasons we're not aware of!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 8-18-14 8:18PM
I am doing the 10k this year (upgrading from the 5k the past two years). I'm ready to GO! I've been hiking, walking, jogging, and have lost some extra lbs doing so!  - lovetheland7   177.9 #2323 8-19-14 11:07AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   sawman911 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 8-2-14 9:37AM
Hello everyone hope all is well. I'm getting kinda nervous for the Disney half marathon is going to be my first so my question is if you ran a half marathon what was your time
Hi there!  I was right around 3 hours last year.  I trained for a 2:30 finish, but it didn't work out that way with the heat and because it gets slow going through the parks.  I just slowed down and tried to enjoy the experience and I decided not to worry too much about my time.  Please try not to be too nervous--the race is so fun and everyone is friendly and helpful and people (complete strangers!) will be cheering so loud for you; it is a very inspiring and motivational experience.  A DL race is a great one for novice runners because people are there to have fun and celebrate health and fitness. :)  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 8-2-14 10:29PM Like  Reply
I think time is my biggest worry! Are you running this half? - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 8-3-14 5:46AM
I am planning on it!  My work situation is a bit difficult right now, and I may not be able to get away that weekend, but I'm hoping to!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 8-3-14 10:08AM
I'm always just under 3 hours.  - MXPrincess399   802.6 #237 8-5-14 1:51PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   sawman911 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 7-20-14 2:55PM
Hello how is everyone doing?
I'm okay I guess. Still frustrated by my plateaus!   I'm 8 lbs from my 40# goal and it's torture!  I stepped up the exercise (did 4 mile walks 3x's his week in addition to the elliptical and dog walk) bit still only lost like 3 ozs!  How's everyone else doing? - msdizmaui   753.8 #262 7-21-14 12:07AM Like  Reply
I know it's frustrating but keep going!  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 7-21-14 12:42PM
Doing well trying to train 5-6 days a week to get ready for the Disneyland half marathon. I haven't lost any weight I'm must be doing something wrong but that's OK.  - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 7-21-14 12:41PM Like  Reply
I lost a whole 0.8 last week!  Whoo Hoo!  I've within 8 lbs of my goal weight (4 and I'm back in the 120's!) but it's like pulling teeth at this point....hey...that's an idea.  How much do teeth! - msdizmaui   753.8 #262 7-21-14 8:20PM Like  Reply
Lol, I once grew my hair real long so that I could donate it.  I ended up cutting 15 inches off, and got on the scale the next morning--I had lost a few pounds in 24 hours.  I had no idea how much my hair weighed! It was so funny!  πŸ˜‚   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 7-22-14 8:49AM
My hair is too short.  Too bad that there's not a blood drive in town today! - msdizmaui  753.8 #262 7-22-14 2:48PM
Ran my best 3 mile time in at least 5 years this morning, so I'm feeling encouraged right now.  How is your training going?  I have the same experience with my weight loss stalling--seems like when I start running a lot and for longer distances, I stop losing.  I don't know why, either.  I could eat less, but I'm starving after anything longer than 10k.  Maybe I'm just overeating.   I think several other people have said they have similar experiences, so you're not alone!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 7-23-14 3:56PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   sawman911 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 7-4-14 8:27AM
Happy 4th of July
Be safe and healthy.  - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #396 7-4-14 2:34PM Like  Reply
 Happy 4th to you too! - msdizmaui   753.8 #262 7-4-14 8:40PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 6-16-14 3:43PM
Hello how is everyone doing? I'm getting nervous about the Disney half marathon. I have never ran that far. I hope I will be able to finish in time.
Hi!  I'm doing well.  Had a few REALLY lousy runs last week, but did my first long run of my training program today (5 miles) and felt good and finished strong.  So I'm encouraged.  Don't worry about not having run 13 miles yet: build up your mileage slowly. Most training programs for beginners and intermediates seem to only have one or two 13 milers in the whole thing.  I was really nervous about that last year, too.  I had only ever done an 11 miler outside, and my 12 miler had to be done inside on a treadmill because we had a huge forest fire and it wasn't safe to exercise in the smoke.  I was very nervous about the distance, but I did fine.  Are you using Jeff Galloway's program?  His will prepare you wonderfully--trust it on race day!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 6-16-14 6:13PM Like  Reply
Glad all is well! Thank you for the information. Good luck with your training! I just need to stay positive.  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 6-16-14 7:52PM
P.s it might also help if I lose 15-20 pounds :) - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 6-16-14 8:53PM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 6-6-14 12:20PM
Help please! I just broke my husbands Firefighter Mickey. Dose anyone know if I can still find this one in the park. Thanks
Anyone - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 6-6-14 10:09PM Like  Reply
Oh no! I wish I could answer you, but, I don't know. Good luck!!! - Boundin   778.3 #253 6-6-14 10:20PM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone! - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 6-8-14 4:20PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 4-19-14 8:10AM
Hello how is everyone doing? Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.
I'm having a great weekend. So far so good.  - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #396 4-20-14 2:16AM Like  Reply
Doing good. Feeling down on myself because my sciatic nerve is really hurting. My leg is going through bouts of numbness so I can't get out and do my walking.  I walk everyday, Friday and today are the first days in over a month and half that I haven't been able to. - LuvsTigger   1675.4 #105 4-20-14 4:58PM Like  Reply
I'm sorry that your hurting. I hope you can get back into your walks soon. Have a great week. - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 4-20-14 7:24PM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 3-1-14 6:30PM
How is everyone doing?
My week was bad very bad. I ate so much junk food. I hope to get back on track this week.  - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 3-1-14 8:29PM Like  Reply
I posted that I lost an amazing 1.2 lbs!  Frustrating!  I'm doing good...stayed on plan for the most part, but I didn't exercise much.  At my age I guess I have to, or the weight just isn't going to come off!  Here's to an awesome new week! - msdizmaui   753.8 #262 3-3-14 1:40AM Like  Reply
Yes here's to a better week - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 3-3-14 8:00AM
I traveled this weekend. It is so hard when I travel. I'm hoping for a good week, I'd love anything over a pound.  - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #396 3-3-14 9:15AM Like  Reply
I'm with you over a pound this week please - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 3-3-14 1:50PM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 2-21-14 8:01PM
Happy Friday! How is everyone doing?
It's Saturday now but Happy anyway! Have a great weekend! - vernswifevickie   400.5 #579 2-22-14 3:35AM Like  Reply
Yesterday was an awesome Saturday.  I finished everything that I was supposed to at work, didn't get yelled at by a single customer (the previous days this week hit an all time high in that category), AND topped it off with a great walk in the park with my son!  My weekend starts now! - msdizmaui   753.8 #262 2-23-14 1:21PM Like  Reply
You work for a cell phone store, right?  Customer service is always tough, but I bet that's an especially "interesting" area...people are so weird about their phones!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 2-24-14 4:39PM
Yes, I manage a Sprint store.  I was a bank manager for many years - even when I turned down loans or refused to cash checks, I never had customers yell at me like they do now!  People are SO emotional when it comes to their phones.  Our favorite is "I use my phone for business and I'm losing thousands of dollars....", and they're wearing shorts/t-shirt and rubber slippers (and the phone doesn't ring once while we have it in for repair).  Crazy! - msdizmaui  753.8 #262 3-9-14 3:33PM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 2-15-14 4:23PM
Hello everyone just checking in to see how things are going. I'm doing great on my working out but my eating is another story.
Hi there!  Glad your workouts are going well!  I'm stressed because we are moving, and my workouts are nonexistent and my diet consists of leftover stuff from the cupboards or fast food 😩 but we are moving to a house that's only two blocks from my work (instead of an hour and fifteen minutes away), so there will be time for working out and cooking healthy food soon!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 2-15-14 6:19PM Like  Reply
Moving is my least favorite thing to do. I hate moving. Things will get back to normal in a few weeks.  - Mrs.mouse  543.6 #396 2-16-14 3:11AM
I'm with you, disneyland4me!  My workouts are great but I keep snacking at night!  UGH! - D55CR   249.9 #1395 2-18-14 2:35PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 2-9-14 8:47PM
Hello I hope everyone has a great week :-)
Same to you! - D55CR   249.9 #1395 2-10-14 12:14PM Like  Reply
My week officially starts tomorrow (I'm off Sun/Mon), so technically this is still my weekend!  Have a good one everyone! - msdizmaui   753.8 #262 2-10-14 3:27PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 1-31-14 3:59PM
Happy Friday! How is everyone doing?
I was sick earlier this week, so that has slowed my loss this week. I'm hoping that I have some loss.  - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #396 1-31-14 5:19PM Like  Reply
I hope your feeling better!   Have a great weekend - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 2-1-14 7:50AM
Happy Friday!! I'm so glad it's Friday! It's been a long week. I did crappy trying to stay on plan and gained 2.6 pounds this week. But today is a new day and I'm back on track. And back to counting points. We're going to Disneyland tomorrow. :) - vernswifevickie   400.5 #579 1-31-14 6:53PM Like  Reply
Sorry you had a crappy week hopefully next week will be better. Have fun at Disneyland!  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 2-1-14 7:47AM
Friday was tough for me.  Bad day at work = need to eat equally bad stuff!  Thank goodness the worse I did was dry roasted peanuts and Fruity Pebbles (and NOT See's candy and Taco Bell!) - msdizmaui   753.8 #262 2-9-14 12:46PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 1-28-14 1:15PM
I'm going to do the Dumbo Double Dare in August anyone else running?
I'm going to do both races, but I won't get the DDD medal.  I'm excited!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 1-29-14 6:12AM Like(1)  Reply
I'm excited to! I have never ran a 10 k or half marathon. - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-29-14 8:10AM
I'm doing the Half.    - D55CR   249.9 #1395 1-29-14 7:19AM Like(1)  Reply
Good luck! - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-29-14 8:14AM
Thanks!   Same to you!!!! - D55CR  249.9 #1395 1-30-14 3:19PM
I'm skipping them this year as I spent so much $$$doing Tink weekend. I might volunteer though. I've never volunteered for any of the Disney runs before but I think it would be a great experience. I'd also like to volunteer to help out in the Sparkle Skirt booth at the expo.  - vernswifevickie   400.5 #579 1-29-14 5:08AM Like  Reply
That would be fun to volunteer at the expo - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-29-14 8:07AM
When is it exactly?  How do you get all the info? - msdizmaui   753.8 #262 2-9-14 6:39PM Like  Reply
It's Labor Day weekend, and you can sign up for email reminders from the RunDisney website.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 2-9-14 8:12PM
All sold out, so there go the plans to plan the once a year big vacation around it (awwww, darn).  Of course I've never even made it to the early morning walk around DCA, so I didn't like my chances! - msdizmaui  753.8 #262 2-10-14 3:28PM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 1-25-14 9:22AM
Good morning everyone. Getting ready to go for a 6 mile walk. What are you doing today?
Sitting at my WW meeting thanking the stars for this group!  - QallieQ   8.7 #12422 1-25-14 9:44AM Like  Reply
Staying home with my third cold since Sept. :( I think I'll go for a walk this afternoon and maybe do some light stretching/Pilates/yoga.  I'm so tired of being sick, but I know that if a few colds are my big worry then I'm pretty lucky.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 1-25-14 11:32AM Like  Reply
I hope you get better soon!  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-25-14 11:52AM
I hope you feel better soon - vernswifevickie  400.5 #579 1-25-14 2:53PM
I'm at home pretending that I'm not getting a cold.  - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #396 1-25-14 1:55PM Like  Reply
I hope you feel better tomorrow - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-25-14 5:58PM
Did a 6 mile run/walk and now I'm having a pajama day :) - vernswifevickie   400.5 #579 1-25-14 2:53PM Like  Reply
Great job :) - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-25-14 5:58PM
Thanked by:   QallieQ 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 1-20-14 11:50AM
Hello everyone question for all that did half marathon may I ask how long it took you to do it
Anyone - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 1-21-14 7:14AM Like  Reply
I ran the Labor Day DL half in about 3 hours.  I was a bit disappointed because I trained for a 2:30 time, but it was SO hot and humid that  I slowed way down.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 1-21-14 9:17AM Like  Reply
Congrats I think you did great. I'm going to do my first half in August and my goal is 3 hours.  - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-22-14 7:16AM
Awesome!  You're going to have so much fun!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 1-22-14 8:46AM
3:30:06  - QallieQ   8.7 #12422 1-25-14 9:46AM Like  Reply
Congrats on your run - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-25-14 11:54AM
I did my first at WDW on 1/11 and was so humid I thought I may not make it.  I finished in 3:38.....but at least I finished.  I just figure I can only improve from here!  Haha - D55CR   249.9 #1395 1-29-14 7:24AM Like  Reply
Great job! - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-29-14 7:43AM
Thanks.  I hope to better this time around.  - D55CR  249.9 #1395 1-30-14 3:20PM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 1-5-14 3:05PM
Question. Need to find a good shuttle service from John Wayne Airport any suggestions. Thanks
Anyone? - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 1-5-14 3:40PM Like  Reply
I just brought my son in on Thursday with Super shuttle. It was just under $14 including tip for him to 1600 S. Harbor Blvd (essentially the Disneyland front gate crosswalk). Easy enough for an 18 year old to do. I reserved and paid about 2 hrs ahead of time via phone/Internet! Hope that helps! - TinkerSchelle   2046.1 #82 1-5-14 4:06PM Like  Reply
Fibs!! You cannot possibly have a child that is 18! - misschurro...  7280.1 #14 1-5-14 4:16PM
Thanks! - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-5-14 4:23PM
When you got to the shuttles area just ask. They were $10 last April.  The shuttle could be a super shuttle or what ever they have but it was quicker than the  Disneyland Express - E-Ticket   1472.5 #120 1-5-14 7:14PM Like  Reply
Thanks for info! - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 1-5-14 7:39PM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-25-13 6:52PM
Missariel33 thank you so much for the Secret Santa gifts.I love them all! I hope to meet you in the park one day I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Missariel33 is so sweet!! Great gifts!! - CinderellE-79   1025.5 #191 12-26-13 12:09AM Like  Reply
Just saw this ! Glad they got there safe! And thank you!!!! - missariel33   2115.6 #76 1-3-14 12:25AM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-12-13 4:49PM
Thank you so much SBsnowwhite:-)
Yes, me too,  I love this card!!! SBsnowwhite is awesomesauce!!!!! - secretagentangel   6448.3 #20 12-12-13 5:59PM Like  Reply
Bump - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 12-12-13 7:42PM Like  Reply
You are very welcome!  When I saw these cards I fell in love and knew they were perfect for the card exchange! - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 12-12-13 9:39PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   SBsnowwhite 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-7-13 11:52AM
Look what was in the mail today. Thank you Churro
Bump for churro - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 12-7-13 1:46PM Like  Reply
Churro - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 12-8-13 9:18AM Like  Reply
Oh you are so welcome--a few days late πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - misschurro...   7280.1 #14 12-10-13 6:01PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   CinderellE-79  babebahn 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 10-20-13 7:29PM
Hello everyone question I'll be doing my first 5k in January just wondering what is your average pace per mile?
Hi there!  For a 5K, I average 11 minutes per mile in cool weather (I do slow down a bit in the heat).   - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 10-21-13 9:38AM Like  Reply
Thanks for the info. - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 10-21-13 11:29AM
I'm a "turtle runner" so my pace is somewhere between 14-15 min/mile. - D55CR   249.9 #1395 10-21-13 2:46PM Like  Reply
That's my pace right now. I think my goal is 12-13 min/ mile. I hope - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 10-21-13 4:27PM
What's this "running" you speak of?πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ sorry I'm so not a runner. I have a good pace when I press play on my workout DVD!!!  - ElectricMayhemMom   1571.8 #113 10-21-13 9:20PM Like  Reply
LOL....well, that counts, too!  - D55CR  249.9 #1395 10-23-13 2:13PM
I am with EMM.. Not a runner but congrats in advance on the 5k!! - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2831 10-22-13 6:58AM Like  Reply
I'm not a runner but I'm going to give it a try. - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 10-22-13 10:24PM
That is awesome!!.. I bet once you begin it may become a lifelong habit!...what 5k are you doing? - Twinklelashes  146.4 #2831 10-23-13 8:06AM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 9-6-13 12:26PM
Happy Friday everyone so I signed up for my first 5k run in January! I'm very excited but scared too. Hopefully this will help me lose weight and get back into shape. Any of you ladies doing the Tinkerbell run in January?
You should check out Chub33 Land on here. There are a lot of people with similar goals :) - Geekery   409.4 #562 9-6-13 3:04PM Like  Reply
I'm running the Half Marathon.  - MXPrincess399   802.6 #237 9-6-13 6:26PM Like  Reply
I did the 5k at the Tinker Bell last year and it was a blast!  You'll love it.  Right now I'm training for the half marathon at WDW in January.  Ran 7 miles yesterday - my furthest distance yet. So I'm half way there!  - D55CR   249.9 #1395 9-9-13 3:26PM Like  Reply
Congrats on 7 miles! Good luck with your training. - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 9-9-13 6:59PM
You are doing so well.  You are such an inspiration.  - Mrs.mouse  543.6 #396 9-9-13 9:05PM
I haven't done any of the runs .. But congrats on your commitment!!.. You have chubb33 cheerleaders here! - Twinklelashes   146.4 #2831 9-10-13 7:32AM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 8-14-13 1:23PM
Good afternoon everyone. I know I don't post often but I need some help. I have gained so much weight I am so mad at myself can you share what has worked for you to lose weight. I am up to try anything to get back on track. Thanks
I'm in the same boat :-( I wish you lots of patience & will power! - sbminnie   134.8 #3021 8-14-13 2:21PM Like  Reply
Good luck to you - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 8-14-13 3:10PM
Are you looking for a weight loss plan? I know that lots of people are very happy with Weight Watchers. For me, what works is eating a clean, balanced diet, reducing my calorie intake, and getting regular aerobic and anaerobic exercise. - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 8-14-13 2:35PM Like  Reply
may I ask what your calorie intake is for a day - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 8-14-13 3:09PM
I don't really count that closely anymore (I pay more attention to food quality and portions), but I think it would be around 1,200-1,400 if I'm wanting to lose. I'm eating more right now because I'm training for the half marathon and I need more calories to do that. Hope that helps! You might check with your doctor next time you're in for a check up and see what he/she recommends since everyone has different needs. - Spoonful_O_Sugar  627.5 #336 8-14-13 5:15PM
I like to follow the WW plan to lose because I feel I still have a lot of food choices, just have to watch portions. Although overall to eat better, I'm also trying to add more fruits and veggies with each meal. I try and workout minimum 3 days a week but 6 days is my goal with 1 rest day. I've always done better with home workout DVDs/videos (yes, I just dated myself) then when I signed up for the gym. Right now I have about 7 Jillian Michaels DVDs that I rotate. Circuit training has gotten me more tone than when I would just to cardio. You have to find what is most enjoyable and satisfying to you so that you stay motivated to do it. Wishing you success on your journey! - ElectricMayhemMom   1571.8 #113 8-15-13 9:29AM Like  Reply
I'm doing Weight Watchers too... Because I needed a blueprint to learn to eat healthy after spending most of my life on one silly diet or another. - vernswifevickie   400.5 #579 8-15-13 11:27AM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 7-16-13 3:19PM
Thank you OTILEGNA for the RAK. I love them
glad it came to you before i left california - otilegna   2783.0 #51 7-29-13 8:36PM Like  Reply
Who is the vinylmation on the right? - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   538.0 #403 7-29-13 9:00PM Like  Reply
it is the tattoo man from under the big top series - otilegna  2783.0 #51 8-1-13 8:25PM
Thanked by:   otilegna  HiddenMickeyFanatic  foundpluto  sultan 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 7-12-13 8:52AM
Look what was in the mail today my RAK. Thank you Princessb5.
How nice :) congrats!! - CinderellE-79   1025.5 #191 7-12-13 12:39PM Like  Reply
wow!!! Congrats! Very generous! - wendytink   364.1 #648 7-12-13 4:34PM Like  Reply
Aww just saw this! So glad it arrived safely :) - princessb5   190.9 #2153 7-15-13 10:54PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   HiddenMickeyFanatic  princessb5 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 5-21-13 1:25PM
My trip to Disneyland is in 12 days. When is your next trip?
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 4-26-13 3:11PM
Just booked our hotel room headed to Disneyland June 2-4 :)
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-28-12 7:18PM
To SBSnowwhite Thank You for Christmas gifts. I love them!
I'm glad you got them and like what I picked! It was fun shopping for your gift, and I threw in the star cookies since they are a traditional stocking gift at my house. Hope you had a great Christmas and a happy new year!! - SBsnowwhite   522.6 #418 12-28-12 8:10PM Like  Reply
Happy New Year to you and your family :) - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 12-28-12 8:17PM
How sweet! - FrankenweenieVelinee   3448.0 #44 12-28-12 8:14PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   SBsnowwhite 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-20-12 8:17AM
It's here the day we leave for Disneyland. Waiting for my kids to get out of school at 11:30 and get on I-5 for 8 hours to the happiest place on earth :)
Yay! Safe travels. - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 12-20-12 8:22AM Like  Reply
Thank you!! - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 12-20-12 8:25AM
Have an amazing trip! - NellTinkerBell   322.8 #819 12-20-12 8:48AM Like  Reply
Thanks! - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 12-20-12 9:04AM
Woo hooo how exciting!! Have a safe drive - Linzee   1350.8 #138 12-20-12 9:37AM Like  Reply
Yay!!! C'monnnn 11:30!!!!! Safe travels :) - misschurro...   7280.1 #14 12-20-12 9:38AM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-17-12 9:50PM
Good evening everyone!I'm going to Disneyland on Thursday cannot wait but 2 kids are getting sick any home remedies for cough at night????
Rub some vicks on chest and bottom of feet. My mom would warm up in her hand and put on and always seemed to help me. - stevesdisneyprincess   147.7 #2802 12-17-12 10:09PM Like(2)  Reply
You took the words out of my mouth lol good advice don't forget the Vicks on the feet :) - annjay07  170.8 #2447 12-17-12 10:14PM
Yes this!! Especially the bottom of the feet. - Deltachiq  1244.3 #146 12-17-12 10:14PM
Peppermint tea with no caffeine. With honey and lemon. - MeridasHair   346.5 #711 12-17-12 10:01PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks! - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 12-17-12 10:07PM
This but I prefer chamomile caffeine free and lots of fresh squeezed lemon juice and sugar. - aidensmama  340.3 #729 12-17-12 10:21PM
This all sounds so cozy. I wish I was under blankets with warm feet and a warm tea with honeyβ˜•. I usually give my kids warm honey with a few drops of lemon it, I'll have to try the Vicks on the feet. - phillip...   1362.0 #136 12-18-12 9:11AM Like  Reply
Thanks for all of the wonderful tips! Crossing my fingers :) - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 12-18-12 12:19PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 11-7-12 1:11AM
Hello question has anyone tried slim fast if so does it work?
I have not, many people in here do weight watchers, and seem to like it and have been successful with it. - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #396 11-7-12 8:15AM Like  Reply
I was able to do it when I was in my early 20s. I lost about 40 lbs. can't remember how long it took. I've been up & down all my life. A few years later when I had tried lose some wait again...I found Slim Fast really hard. A shake just wasn't cutting it. That's when I turned to WW. - ElectricMayhemMom   1571.8 #113 11-7-12 6:13PM Like  Reply
I tried it a couple of times over the years, but it doesn't work well for me. It's very hard to stick with it (you get bored of it really fast), and for me it's too processed. I do much better on real food. - D55CR   249.9 #1395 11-8-12 2:37PM Like  Reply
I don't think I'd be able to do slim fast--it seems too sugary and I need solid food for more than one meal a day, lol. Some people love it though! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   627.5 #336 11-8-12 8:12PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 10-27-12 10:59AM
Look what was in the mail today my RAK I won thank you so much! I love it.
Thanked by:   ShariRenee 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 8-19-12 7:58PM
Hello everyone question I need to get away for a day from my life so I want to go to disneyland for the day. So the problem is my husband things I dont need to go there by myself but I need too. So do I get on a airplane and fly down for   More...
I'm no family therapist, but I think getting on a plane without telling him would be a serious issue in the relationship. - MickeyFan   1205.7 #153 8-19-12 8:07PM Like(2)  Reply
you're probably right but I still need to get away! - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 8-19-12 8:12PM
Communication.... - KissDclown   1089.1 #177 8-19-12 8:15PM Like(2)  Reply
That's so hard. Being a mom is tough and many think being at home you don't need a break but for your own sanity I know you do. I say be open with him, maybe start by writing a letter saying what you feel and hoping you can talk about it more. - MarshaMouse   5036.1 #27 8-19-12 8:46PM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone! I think I'll take sewgirl advice and take a spa day and wait intill december and go to disneyland with my family! You guys are the best and I hope to meet some of you soon! - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 8-19-12 8:54PM Like  Reply
Good luck! My daughter is a stay at home mom I know its tough. Let your hubby know how you feel. He might surprise you. - sewgirl  342.6 #723 8-19-12 8:59PM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 7-27-12 3:37PM
So happy just booked are trip to disneyland. Staying at HoJos december 20th-23rd cannot wait :)
βœ¨πŸŽ…βœ¨πŸŽ„βœ¨πŸŽ…βœ¨πŸŽ„βœ¨ πŸ‘ - Dizkid   459.6 #492 7-27-12 3:42PM Like  Reply
Fantastic time of year to visit! - madsdad   1868.2 #98 7-27-12 3:48PM Like  Reply
I hope so because I finely talked my husband into going :) - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 7-28-12 9:02AM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 7-9-12 5:27AM
Been up all night waiting to hear from my husband who is at a wildland fire in the mountain where we live.Just got a txt from him that he's ok thank god been so worried. So thank you all fire fighter's for all you do.
I'm glad your hubby is ok! Hang in there :o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.2 #154 7-9-12 5:37AM Like  Reply
Thanks - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 7-9-12 5:59AM
Happy to hear he is fine!! Firefighting is a courageous profession!!πŸš’ - Willierose   2351.3 #71 7-9-12 5:49AM Like  Reply
Courageous profession yes it is and that's one thing about him that make me love him even more each day :) - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 7-9-12 6:06AM
My future job! I plan on Going in once I get out of the military. My gf's dad is a captain for LA city. Glad your husband is safe. - nickb92  69.6 #4265 7-9-12 9:51AM
Glad he is well. Prayers to all the firefighters and the families whose land and homes are in the path. - sewedna   578.9 #365 7-9-12 11:46AM Like  Reply
Glad he is safe. Tell him THANK YOU for all he does . My hubby is a FFπŸš’! - smileslikeChesh   25.7 #6635 7-9-12 1:12PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   leopardditz2000  TeacherCraig 
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 3-20-12 9:19PM
Hello everyone their was a post this morning about a missing person dose anyone know if she was found.
I was thinking the same thing - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.2 #154 3-20-12 9:22PM Like  Reply
?????? - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 3-20-12 9:35PM Like  Reply
Shes fine, she posted shes ok. - donnievegas   1132.7 #169 3-20-12 9:37PM Like  Reply
That's good! Thanks for replying back - disneyland4me  250.4 #1385 3-20-12 9:40PM
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 3-20-12 9:02AM
I'm glad everyone is ok. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family. HUGS
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 3-5-12 11:04AM
Ok I have a problem need you help please. so my I'm going to take my kids to disneyland in may and they want me to ask my mom to go. so the problem I have is I have asked her two time now to go with us and has not gone. do I ask her again  More...
Why not? The worst that could happen is she says no again, right? - cynDOLEwhip   1175.7 #157 3-5-12 11:05AM Like(3)  Reply
If she says no again, would that make her a two timer? πŸ˜‚ - Villescas8  607.0 #346 3-5-12 11:08AM
Kidnap her and take her to Disneyland! Jk - karshla   68.7 #4291 3-5-12 11:07AM Like(1)  Reply
Have your kids ask her. - anirahc   5.4 #18141 3-5-12 11:12AM Like  Reply
Yes, ask her. My mom would rather be asked then not, she's turned us down plenty of times - Linzee   1350.8 #138 3-5-12 11:31AM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 2-10-12 8:34PM
I just need to say this was the WORST birthday ever.
I've had those before. I just re-do it a week later, nice excuse to celebrate again lol. - madsdad   1868.2 #98 2-10-12 8:48PM Like(3)  Reply
Great attitude! We love Bday weeks! - bugsmom1208  221.4 #1762 2-10-12 9:05PM
Well then, I hope you have a very Merry Unbirthday tomorrow!! - Alicewhoareyou   2710.2 #54 2-10-12 9:42PM Like(3)  Reply
I'm so sorry. Hopefully this year is a great year. - maxinerenton   422.7 #542 2-10-12 10:15PM Like  Reply
My mom always knows wat to say luv you ")) - Belle88   23.5 #6975 2-10-12 10:18PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 1-24-12 3:29AM
I would like to say thank you to my husband and kids for giving me the stomach flu!
Ah, that's sweet. What did you get them? J/K. Hope you get well soon. - MrMike   534.8 #410 1-24-12 5:12AM Like(2)  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 1-5-12 12:41PM
so I'm thinking about flying to disneyland in february for the day do you think that's crazy?
I think it's crazy that you can fly - Mouse4life   1681.4 #104 1-5-12 12:43PM Like(5)  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - SueBayou  2019.0 #85 1-5-12 3:36PM
"i believe i can fly..." - misschurro...  7280.1 #14 1-5-12 3:36PM
No one here will think its crazy. Do it!! - jaysmom   11.5 #10405 1-5-12 12:43PM Like(3)  Reply
i agree.. we will NEVER tell you not to go - misschurro...  7280.1 #14 1-5-12 3:37PM
Okay Fillmore! The 60's weren't kind to you were they. πŸ˜‚ - Wizard   81.6 #3998 1-5-12 4:16PM Like  Reply
Go for it! Try for a weekday to avoid the weekend crowds. Have a great time at the parks. - parkfan2   40.4 #5349 1-5-12 4:18PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-31-11 4:33PM
Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and ,Happy New Year
Happy new year! - thisgirllovesdisney   14.7 #8974 12-31-11 4:34PM Like  Reply
Happy New Year! - Becky   551.2 #387 12-31-11 4:41PM Like  Reply
Happy New Year!!! Great view!!!!ξŒ’ξŒ’ - scbcrew   138.7 #2966 12-31-11 4:55PM Like  Reply
Happy New year !!!!! Awesome pic :) - Cinthya   3.6 #28483 12-31-11 5:00PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-23-11 1:31PM
I wish I wasn't 7 hours away from DISNEYLAND!
And I thought 4 hours was long! But hey it's worth it - JackandSally4   69.1 #4280 12-23-11 1:33PM Like  Reply
Me too :( - DisneyRose   247.7 #1426 12-23-11 1:33PM Like  Reply
Me too - blesd3xs  38.6 #5445 12-23-11 6:35PM
6 for me too. - Mouse4life   1681.4 #104 12-23-11 6:35PM Like  Reply
Me too - blesd3xs   38.6 #5445 12-23-11 6:35PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-7-11 11:46AM
Hello everyone just made my reservation at hojo's for this weekend. This will be my first time staying at hojos. I'm so excited! I haven't been to disneyland in over a year. I hope to meet some of you :D
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 12-3-11 8:31PM
Hi MW family! Hope everyone is having a great night! I'm going to drive 7 hours next sunday the 11th to disneyland I cannot wait. I haven't been for year and half. I hope I get to meet some of you!
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 10-17-11 1:46PM
Good afternoon everyone. Hope everyone is having a great monday! Question thinking about going to disneyland first weekend in december is that a good weekend?
That's the weekend of the candlelight processional so it might be busier than normal for that time of year. - DisneyBrideΒ°OΒ°   448.9 #506 10-17-11 1:56PM Like  Reply
Bump - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 10-17-11 6:31PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 10-14-11 10:20AM
Got my RAK I won in the mail today :)
That is so neat!! If I had One crafty bOne in my body I would make one for my girls! We go in 3 weeks. Congrats on the win!!! - RCmom   5235.3 #25 10-14-11 10:22AM Like(1)  Reply
Hope you enjoy it :) - krash2501   128.1 #3128 10-14-11 2:21PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 9-19-11 2:15PM
Is goofy's kitchen the only place that has p&j pizza?
 - mozbaby   132.2 #3069 9-19-11 2:18PM Like  Reply
Peanut butter and jelly pizza?  - SeafoamPink   170.5 #2449 9-19-11 2:21PM Like  Reply
Pretty sure its only at Goofys Kitchen...its Goofys - yellowtonka   244.7 #1459 9-19-11 8:28PM Like  Reply
That's true! I guess I'll just have to go to goofy's just to have p&j pizza Lol - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 9-19-11 8:38PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 9-16-11 2:38PM
Dose anyone know if disneyland will have fireworks during the week of november 28th?
Christmas fireworks. - michelIe   422.1 #544 9-16-11 3:07PM Like  Reply
Woooo!!! Yep, Christmas and snow!!! ξ€³ξ€³ - DisneyFanZoe   1249.3 #143 9-16-11 3:10PM Like  Reply
no, it should be everyday - Armenda   1173.6 #159 9-16-11 6:26PM Like  Reply
I hope it's everyday! - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 9-16-11 6:32PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 9-8-11 10:02PM
No power in southern california?
Didn't effect me or atleast I didn't notice - GodOfWine   512.6 #434 9-8-11 10:04PM Like  Reply
San Diego and south oc is out of power. - Pixarprincess   544.5 #395 9-8-11 10:04PM Like  Reply
Same pitch black in Laguna Niguel. - Nicole   380.2 #610 9-8-11 10:28PM Like  Reply
Nicole is right! My boyfriend texted me asking if I had power cause I'm in aliso viejo. But we were fan. Had no idea lagina niguel wasn't even out! Hahaa. - niickayy   23.3 #7007 9-8-11 10:34PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 9-4-11 9:51PM
All I have to say tonight is THANKS webcam for the fireworks! It made my nite.
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 9-2-11 10:14AM
Help me! If you had to pick one. Drive 8 hours and stay at disneyland hotel or fly down and stay across the street.
Drive, that way more room for souvenirs.  - TigerLily76   265.4 #1248 9-2-11 10:17AM Like  Reply
Drive! DL Hotel! - JessicaRabbit33   670.3 #312 9-2-11 10:17AM Like  Reply
Drive & hotel. WAY better. - princesssparrow   51.3 #4848 9-3-11 12:34AM Like  Reply
Drive - I love a good ROAD TRIP!!! - Boundin   778.3 #253 9-3-11 12:41AM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 8-25-11 3:38PM
Has anyone used long beach airport? How is the drive to disneyland from there. Thanks
Not bad, it is a smaller airport just depends on traffic that day. - chris.   2511.4 #62 8-25-11 3:44PM Like  Reply
Always fly from there if I can. Short lines and easy access to the 405 freeway. Much better than LAX or SNA. - sr_citizen_space_ranger   70.3 #4240 8-25-11 4:19PM Like  Reply
20min drive...John Wayne is closer. Long Beach is much smaller than John Wayne and easy peasy. - toph   2418.2 #65 8-25-11 11:36PM Like  Reply
Love long beach airport! - hippoluver   280.3 #1089 8-25-11 11:50PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 8-25-11 8:17AM
I'm finally hit 50 :D
Yay!!! - SJCSharkie   315.5 #852 8-25-11 8:19AM Like  Reply
Wooooooooooooooooooooot. - Dreamer   276.1 #1135 8-25-11 8:20AM Like  Reply
Congrats! - Becky   551.2 #387 8-25-11 8:30AM Like  Reply
Nice, congrats!! : ) - Ericksenator   377.9 #616 8-25-11 8:33AM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 8-14-11 10:44AM
Dose anyone know if I can still buy the firefighter vinylmation? My husbands 10 year anniversary is coming up as a firefighter and I want to get him one if I still can. Thanks
Yup! They are still available at Dstreet! - MonorailLover1959   694.6 #296 8-14-11 10:45AM Like  Reply
Thanks MonorailLover1959 - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 8-14-11 11:11AM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 8-11-11 8:41AM
Good morning hope everyone has a magical day:D
Good morning Hope your day is magical also - Tealtownfan   1152.2 #162 8-11-11 8:43AM Like  Reply
Morning :) - patriciajz   334.4 #751 8-11-11 8:51AM Like  Reply
Good Morning!!! - Pixieliz   310.9 #882 8-11-11 8:51AM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 8-10-11 10:21PM
Hello everyone do any of you work from home if so what do you do.
I'm a mom of two, and I babysit my best friend's son five days a week. Not a "job" persay, but it's definitely work! Lol! - TandAlly   213.5 #1872 8-10-11 10:23PM Like  Reply
I'm also a mom of 2. I was thinking about babysitting or cleaning houses for extra income. - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 8-10-11 10:27PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 8-3-11 6:34PM
I always drive from northern california when I go to disneyland but this time I'm thinking about flying down. So I was wounding if you get better deals booking flight and hotel together or separate? thanks
Together!! I was a homebased TA and I can say that's always better - Romec123aKaSmartyPants   751.8 #264 8-3-11 6:35PM Like  Reply
If you have AAA check there or look at Expedia, Travelocity, etc. My car is old so I rent & drive down. This last trip I should have flown & rented! - ythdudette   1527.5 #115 8-3-11 6:37PM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 8-3-11 9:31PM Like  Reply
I've only flown and rented from discovery car rental in Burbank. they have good deals but that was a few years ago. - mochamistie   273.2 #1173 8-3-11 9:34PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 8-2-11 7:40PM
Hello MW family. Please help me choose halloween or christmas time to go to disneyland?
Christmas time right when it starts tho so there's less crowds - TikiJOSEsWingman   332.4 #761 8-2-11 7:41PM Like  Reply
I've only been during Halloween and we love it!! But I've heard Christmas time is amazing, it's really just your own preference. - KAA   357.4 #673 8-2-11 7:43PM Like  Reply
I've only ever been at Christmas. So Christmas gets my vote - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   538.0 #403 8-2-11 8:16PM Like  Reply
Christmas :) - tiggermother   47.9 #4990 8-2-11 8:17PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 7-25-11 5:04PM
Hello everyone question? I have a family member that's in the army and she wants to buy my kids tickets at her base. I'm I going to be able to use them if she not going?
I don't think so, they have to show their military ID at Disney. - KAA   357.4 #673 7-25-11 5:12PM Like  Reply
They may not check but there is always the possibility that they will ask for a military ID. - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.2 #154 7-25-11 5:12PM Like  Reply
When she purchases the tickets on base they will give her a voucher and that voucher has to be redeemed by the service member at the ticket booth. After that anyone can use the tickets - luvmygreenarmyman   571.1 #369 7-25-11 5:26PM Like  Reply
Ok thanks guys. I'll have to tell her not to buy them. - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 7-25-11 5:29PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 7-17-11 9:36PM
Good evening hope everyone had a great weekend.
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 7-6-11 3:24PM
Has anyone order there annual pass online and how long did it take for you to receive it by mail thanks
about 2 days. - GoofyJoe   1906.6 #95 7-6-11 3:24PM Like  Reply
It took a few days. Less than 5 if I remember correctly. It's pretty quick. - LilSterner   5749.2 #23 7-6-11 3:26PM Like  Reply
Thanks guys 4 info - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 7-6-11 3:28PM Like  Reply
Got an eticket. Took about 5 min via email - BRabbit   796.0 #243 7-6-11 3:35PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 7-6-11 3:18PM
I can't believe POTC will be down when I go in september :(
How long will it be down? - TandAlly   213.5 #1872 7-6-11 3:18PM Like  Reply
Down huh? How come? I gotta look this up. - CadaverousPallor   268.4 #1228 7-6-11 3:20PM Like  Reply
Aw man i'm there then that sucks lemons big time - DiznefanHi   298.7 #960 7-6-11 6:12PM Like  Reply
Shoot, this is my hubbys fav and we will be there in oct - Disneylove21   55.7 #4665 7-6-11 7:03PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 7-3-11 6:50PM
Hello MW family question for you. What works the BEST 4 a bad sunburn?
I always used aloe.... - RyanP   242.9 #1484 7-3-11 6:52PM Like  Reply
Aloe gel. - TikiJOSEsWingman   332.4 #761 7-3-11 6:52PM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone I'll keep using the aloe gel:) - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 7-3-11 7:06PM Like  Reply
If no aloe gel is available, vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle works wonders, just doesn't smell all that great. - Ms.Mouseketeer   1008.8 #193 7-3-11 7:09PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 6-27-11 9:04PM
Question has anyone stayed at Del Sol Inn?
Anyone - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 6-27-11 9:33PM Like  Reply
If you go on search an type del sol inn there should be a post about peoples reviews I know I have probably asked and other people have As well. I'll try bumping it for you. - Momof2princesses   153.5 #2708 6-27-11 10:31PM Like  Reply
I have. It's close and nice. The breakfast is limited, but it's nice for the value. - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #396 6-27-11 10:58PM Like  Reply
Thanks Mrs. mouse for info - disneyland4me   250.4 #1385 6-28-11 8:29AM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 6-27-11 8:08AM
Yay I'm finally at 10 :)
Congrats - cyndaws   258.0 #1313 6-27-11 8:11AM Like  Reply
Yay, congrats!! - Ericksenator   377.9 #616 6-27-11 8:12AM Like  Reply
Congrats ! ξŒ’ - DisneyByMarco   1406.9 #128 6-27-11 8:13AM Like  Reply
Way to go - StephiePooh   572.7 #367 6-27-11 8:13AM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 6-9-11 2:30PM
Hello everyone I have a problem. I did my first RAK last week and she still hasn't received it. I feel so bad so I'm going to sent some other things to her. This time I'm going to mail it certified. I have NEVER had this happen to me.
I know how you feel. I sent a RAK to someone weeks ago and still haven't heard from that person even though I sent her a message after I saw they were still posting on here. Idk if they ever got the package or not. :-( - KrystalColors   323.8 #808 6-9-11 2:35PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 6-2-11 8:46PM
 - Candace   1737.8 #102 6-2-11 8:48PM Like  Reply
&& - Experiment818   1647.2 #106 6-2-11 8:49PM Like  Reply
Not this AGAIN???  - Zooter   1405.8 #129 6-2-11 8:51PM Like  Reply
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] .....take THAT you iphone people you!! - SpencerPhreak   114.6 #3399 6-2-11 8:57PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 6-2-11 7:51PM
?? - DizGeek   453.6 #499 6-2-11 7:52PM Like  Reply
 - Candace   1737.8 #102 6-2-11 7:53PM Like  Reply
?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? - Spiderbeth   215.1 #1849 6-2-11 7:56PM Like  Reply
You could only afford one dollar sign Captain?? - DizGeek   453.6 #499 6-2-11 7:56PM Like  Reply
250.4 #1385 DL Qual #2260 5-29-11 9:18AM
WINNER WINNER is TandAlly txt me you info.