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anaggarciam  421.3 #505 (DL) 

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421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 11-18-15 1:34AM
Last ride of the night...
Missed getting on this time. Anyone know how long this ride will be there for before it returns to space mountain? - quote   151.0 #0 11-18-15 10:01AM Like  Reply
BEST RIDE, EVER!! - Superspacemountainfan   90.3 #3698 11-18-15 10:56AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 11-12-15 1:16PM
winners!! 1st and 2nd. Get a 4 and bonus winner get 2. Congrats to dineyemt entered for pikarich, evilemohand and philliprocks. Dm me your info to m  More...
 @pikarich @evilemohand and @philliprocks - anaggarciam   421.3 #505 11-12-15 1:17PM Like  Reply
..will send you info.... - evilemohand  912.9 #197 11-12-15 3:32PM
Thank you and David for the enter, will definitely enjoy thos, and thank you annaggarciam for this awesome rak - pikarich   4956.2 #23 11-12-15 1:21PM Like  Reply
I got you info. Will send with the hat. πŸ˜‰ - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 11-12-15 1:24PM
Gracia  - pikarich  4956.2 #23 11-12-15 1:42PM
Congrats! - DarthTinkerbell   682.6 #278 11-12-15 3:14PM Like  Reply
- Quiweez   184.2 #2173 11-12-15 3:46PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   pikarich  jacdanfan  DarthTinkerbell 
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 11-10-15 5:33PM
A typo last night and dlkenca reminded me that i had some of this free sandwiches. So ill rak some here. I know some don't eat Mcd's but some do. So ill have 2 winners with 4 coupons each. You can add for others and have 25 and dm availa  More...
Good one please add me (us family), mickey dees is the spot. Thank you  - pikarich   4956.2 #23 11-10-15 5:35PM Like  Reply
Please add me for @@@pikarich and family. No meat for this 🐭 w8r   - PixiePrincessPolly   93.2 #3689 11-10-15 5:40PM Like  Reply
Thank you - pikarich  4956.2 #23 11-10-15 8:00PM
Closing this rak tomorrow at noon! - anaggarciam   421.3 #505 11-11-15 7:58PM Like  Reply
- anaggarciam   421.3 #505 11-12-15 1:04PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 11-8-15 9:27PM
Dont forget to wish Captain America good luck on his upcoming secret mission! And get ready to welcome Spidy. Nov 11 is the last day to say hi to Cap πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
- tina7321   60.4 #4335 11-8-15 9:29PM Like  Reply
Thanks! Cute pictures! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1444.4 #110 11-8-15 9:49PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 11-5-15 12:37AM
#tbt. To last week, when Frollo paid respect to The Queen.
awesome pic!! Love the colors  - DisneyBallers   30.8 #5723 11-5-15 7:16AM Like(2)  Reply
- Poisen_Ivy   313.3 #805 11-5-15 12:38AM Like  Reply
Nice! - MsTikiMermadam   678.8 #282 11-5-15 11:33AM Like  Reply
Cool picture - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   58.4 #4382 11-5-15 7:26PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 10-30-15 7:24PM
It was a good race... But this one ended my winning streak πŸš—πŸ’¨
One of my favorite attractions by far - Kurt76   125.5 #3076 10-30-15 7:25PM Like  Reply
Sorry! But you captured a gorgeous picture. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1444.4 #110 10-30-15 8:00PM Like  Reply
- leopardditz2000   826.9 #215 10-30-15 8:04PM Like  Reply
- Bassplayerswife   445.8 #472 10-31-15 12:09AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 10-28-15 9:43PM
Heads up! Netflix is upping its game!!! 😍😍 forget sleep!! Movie time!
I watched this last night! I am so glad Netflix is adding more Disney movies  - MisSingAlong   98.6 #0 10-28-15 9:59PM Like(1)  Reply
I loved Lava - MommyandBash   331.5 #716 10-28-15 10:04PM Like(1)  Reply
We watched it this evening ! My daughter who's 8 said THIS IS THE BEST GIRLS NIGHT EVER !!! Lol  - jmza4   295.1 #31532 10-28-15 10:26PM Like  Reply
I watched it yesterday. But can I just say... WTH Disney?!? *SPOILER* sorta... a knife to cut it off? Really? Lol. And pretty sure the match girl was the most depressing thing in EVER! Still loved watching it all though. Just the first 3 were heavy hahaha - Poisen_Ivy   313.3 #805 10-28-15 10:47PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 10-28-15 5:42PM
I love to take pics like this! Love the clouds
Great pic! Thx - varela2892   28.0 #5990 10-28-15 6:19PM Like  Reply
Wow!! Awesome  - TinyDancerTay   250.0 #1321 10-28-15 8:09PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 10-28-15 10:36AM
Good morning! Loving my view! #live
Amazing... love the view  - Honeybunch   16.1 #7951 10-28-15 10:53AM Like  Reply
Great photo. - teach67   168.3 #2401 10-28-15 2:01PM Like  Reply
great view. I'd love to see that view everyday for a year - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   490.6 #415 10-28-15 2:15PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 10-22-15 12:11PM
#tbt back in 2012 to my "beary" first meet n greet with Duffy.
meh - Dave   13375.4 #2 10-22-15 12:55PM Like(2)  Reply
I can't bear this,  it's too cute  - pikarich   4956.2 #23 10-22-15 12:21PM Like(1)  Reply
Than you "beary" much sir! I found old back up cds from that year and my trip to dland on leap year  - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 10-22-15 12:41PM
So cute! - DarthTinkerbell   682.6 #278 10-22-15 1:12PM Like  Reply
Never a fan and don't miss him. - Winnie111286   8903.5 #8 10-22-15 2:14PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 10-17-15 4:39PM
Wow be best cosplayer ever!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what do you think?
This post has been moved to The Hub - MouseWaitOfficialAccount   10-17-15 4:45PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   HARR_E  toarrispirate 
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 10-16-15 1:33PM
One more down!!! Just 3 villains are missing but they will have to wait 'till next year. ❀️❀️❀️
I'm dying to get Maleficent and Hades would be cool too!! Wish me luck. Be there in two weeks for a quick one day flash in the pants. Can't wait! 😊 - MoChuck   145.6 #2751 10-17-15 8:06AM Like(1)  Reply
Good luck.  - Bassplayerswife  445.8 #472 10-17-15 8:41AM
... Always the queens way ❀️❀️❀️ - poorunfortunatesoul   178.6 #2247 10-16-15 1:35PM Like  Reply
Awesome! And look at the picture you drew! Simply amazing. - DarthTinkerbell   682.6 #278 10-16-15 10:47PM Like  Reply
I am sure you'll find them all! Nice pic  - MisSingAlong   98.6 #0 10-17-15 11:09AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 10-16-15 11:27AM
By far the most fun meet and greet that i have had with Thor!😍 we had a discussion on what better to be muscle strong or mind strong. I think my points on mind strong won the argument! Ana 1 - Thor 0 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Cool shirt! - catlikesmouse   90.0 #3704 10-16-15 12:02PM Like  Reply
Thanks!! Giving some love to Loki!  - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 10-16-15 3:29PM
But did he approve of it? - philliprocks  1296.1 #130 10-16-15 4:19PM
Too cute!  Darn!  I missed you by a day :( - cabungirl   261.2 #1217 10-16-15 3:59PM Like  Reply
Did you get the Thor Tsum Tsum?! - cabungirl   261.2 #1217 10-16-15 4:00PM Like  Reply
Yup i did! Too cute!  We gotta plan a day πŸ˜‰ - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 10-16-15 4:15PM
Cuties! - FrankenweenieVelinee   2753.1 #45 10-16-15 8:24PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 10-12-15 7:39PM
I never get tired of this parade! Belle's is my favorite
I'm obsessed with this parade to the point where I have found the main song by owl city and have it on my running play list.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it's seriously an amazing parade!  - CourtyAstroBlisters   783.3 #229 10-12-15 9:07PM Like(2)  Reply
I love that song too. It makes me happy 😁 - Bassplayerswife  445.8 #472 10-12-15 9:27PM
Totally makes me happy ... And feel like I'm at DL for a moment!!  - CourtyAstroBlisters  783.3 #229 10-12-15 9:30PM
- leopardditz2000   826.9 #215 10-12-15 8:22PM Like  Reply
  - poorunfortunatesoul   178.6 #2247 10-12-15 9:44PM Like  Reply
Just like the song .... "When can we do this again"  - AlyssaDisneyland   50.1 #0 10-12-15 10:05PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 10-8-15 7:55PM
I was playing around with this app and i love the changes to the picture!
- leopardditz2000   826.9 #215 10-8-15 8:06PM Like  Reply
- tina7321   60.4 #4335 10-9-15 2:47PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 10-6-15 4:25PM
Spent some time with the villains today.
I've never seen Jafar or Judge Frollo! I'm so excited to be going to MHP on Monday for the first time  - happylittlethoughts   23.8 #6499 10-6-15 4:30PM Like(1)  Reply
You forgot my picture  - pikarich   4956.2 #23 10-6-15 4:57PM Like  Reply
Omg i cant miss that meet and greet!! 😱 but my character locator doesn't show @pikarich! @pikarich - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 10-6-15 5:08PM
Great collage!! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1335.6 #128 10-6-15 7:49PM Like  Reply
Awesome!! You got all really good pic. Hope you are enjoying you day at DL - MisSingAlong   98.6 #0 10-6-15 7:59PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 9-27-15 10:22PM
So here its the finished pair of minnie ears that will be donating to the birthday bash raffle! I like how they turned out! And yup they will glow in the dark!   More...
You made these?? Beautiful!  - Bo22   394.0 #553 9-27-15 10:26PM Like(1)  Reply
Yes, i hand painted them it was fun project  - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 9-27-15 10:28PM
Those are SO cute! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1444.4 #110 9-27-15 10:23PM Like  Reply
Thank!! - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 9-27-15 10:29PM
- DarthFairy   332.5 #708 10-3-15 4:13PM Like  Reply
Beautiful - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   58.4 #4382 10-3-15 4:17PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 9-26-15 5:03PM
Share Your Thoughts...
Man it's hot today - Goofytom   1373.5 #123 9-26-15 5:04PM Like  Reply
🎢 Won't you let me take you on a sea cruise..🎢 - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   58.4 #4382 9-26-15 5:11PM Like  Reply
- minniemonika   184.7 #0 9-27-15 8:59AM Like  Reply
 Got to eat something... - CoachDisney   144.0 #2778 9-27-15 9:21AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 9-21-15 7:18PM
"This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Halloween Halloween Halloween!!"
- dsnylvr1975   22.8 #6647 9-21-15 7:21PM Like  Reply
- leopardditz2000   826.9 #215 9-21-15 7:51PM Like  Reply
- carminaire   771.5 #235 9-21-15 8:19PM Like  Reply
This is such a clear pic. Nice job πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜ - MisSingAlong   98.6 #0 9-21-15 8:47PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 9-18-15 1:44PM
Gotta love mickey!! Lol i just love
🎡 I put a spell on you 🎡 - BAMBAM   464.2 #0 9-18-15 1:46PM Like(3)  Reply
🎢 And now your mine. Mine, mine, mine. ALL MINE!!!🎢 I had to do this..I could not resist πŸ˜‚ - MisSingAlong  98.6 #0 9-18-15 1:55PM
  - valj84DisneyDeppAddict   248.1 #1348 9-18-15 1:47PM Like  Reply
Scary cute Mickey - catlikesmouse   90.0 #3704 9-18-15 4:51PM Like  Reply
I can't wait to see him! - nicealex77   713.3 #261 9-18-15 5:06PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 9-17-15 4:00PM
Got almost all of them. Pluto kept on leaving lol but i just love their Halloween costumes
  Great job!!!  - DisneyDiva333   111.5 #0 9-17-15 4:29PM Like  Reply
great pix! - MsTikiMermadam   678.8 #282 9-17-15 4:32PM Like  Reply
Great collage! - jacdanfan   10814.4 #3 9-18-15 5:05AM Like  Reply
Love their costumes too! - brguest85   218.9 #1720 9-18-15 8:12AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 9-14-15 5:00PM
I just got around downloading the pics from the last AP event. And i just love this one!! Ducky kisses!! And yes daisy stepped to the side! Lol
Cute pic! - Disneyrockstar   184.2 #2170 9-14-15 7:38PM Like  Reply
he signed your drawing?   - MsTikiMermadam   678.8 #282 9-15-15 3:16PM Like  Reply
Yup he did. Thats why he kissed me he even write donald duck #1 lol - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 9-17-15 3:54PM
Nothing better than ducky kisses ❀️❀️❀️ - rinosprincess   9.7 #10782 9-15-15 4:17PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 9-11-15 6:36PM
Grizzly Peak, great place to cool off
- leopardditz2000   826.9 #215 9-11-15 8:52PM Like  Reply
- YoPirate   842.0 #212 9-12-15 6:32AM Like  Reply
Great pic! - varela2892   28.0 #5990 9-12-15 8:28AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 9-10-15 8:30PM
I let my dragon loose today at dtd. But came back on my way out lol which of those awesome sculpture is you favorite? Mine its a tie between the dragon and the beauty and the beast
I am pretty partial to miss dragon myself. Awesome photo! Love that sky  - FoolishMortal138   367.8 #595 9-10-15 8:36PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 9-10-15 7:27PM
Clouds were beautiful today for pictures! Tower of terror and Carthay Circle
  - Dianat710   38.0 #5200 9-10-15 7:38PM Like(1)  Reply
😍cool pic - DarthFairy   332.5 #708 9-10-15 7:38PM Like(1)  Reply
- Duchess_SMK   6250.0 #17 9-11-15 11:02AM Like  Reply
Awesome! - Stacia   32.0 #5613 9-11-15 11:06AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 9-10-15 12:40PM
Nice day to take a sail
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- fvbmermaid   237.6 #1472 9-10-15 12:49PM Like  Reply
- LindseyanaJones   241.2 #1541 9-10-15 12:51PM Like  Reply
Beautiful  - Tealtownfan   1015.6 #178 9-11-15 10:56AM Like  Reply
- Pgmlucky   31.7 #5637 9-11-15 3:05PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 9-2-15 7:26PM
Castle view from mondays AP event
😍😍😍😍 - DisneyDreamer18   194.2 #2040 9-2-15 11:23PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 9-1-15 3:23PM
Great day to snap cool pics!!!
- sawman911   2161.9 #69 9-1-15 3:27PM Like  Reply
- DarthFairy   332.5 #708 9-1-15 3:33PM Like  Reply
  - leopardditz2000   826.9 #215 9-1-15 8:55PM Like  Reply
- PrincessAsh   267.1 #0 9-1-15 9:12PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 8-30-15 3:09PM
As luxkitty posted the upcoming marvel tsum tsums. I most exited about this tag! Darn look all of the possible tsum tsum coming! 😍😱
They better release them all too!  - luxkitty   3215.3 #41 8-30-15 3:23PM Like  Reply
Yup they better! @luxkitty Lol i would love that loki and groot! Heck all of them! - anaggarciam   421.3 #505 8-30-15 3:26PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 8-25-15 7:06PM
Love this view! 😍
Wowzers, this is a most excellent photo! - DarthTinkerbell   682.6 #278 8-25-15 7:09PM Like(1)  Reply
The wyld Stalyons agree. Most excellent! - philliprocks  1296.1 #130 8-25-15 7:15PM
@philliprocks Duuuuuude. πŸ˜‰ - DarthTinkerbell  682.6 #278 8-25-15 8:33PM
wow! Love the sky - FoolishMortal138   367.8 #595 8-25-15 7:18PM Like(1)  Reply
- TinyDancerTay   250.0 #1321 8-25-15 9:21PM Like  Reply
- RoyalCourtComposer   302.2 #871 8-25-15 10:39PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 8-10-15 5:45PM
Yey! I was able to sign us up for the AP event on the 31st! Now i wonder what characters we will see?!I want to prepare my sketchbook/autograph for that day! Maybe halloween or to early?! The princes? Oh so many options! What characters h  More...
I heard a ninja gonna be there  - pikarich   4956.2 #23 8-10-15 6:37PM Like  Reply
But i can get you to sign my autograph book later!! Lol - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 8-10-15 6:43PM
I hadn't seen Dale before my last visit! And, I loved seeing Cruella on Main Street  - MommyandBash   331.5 #716 8-10-15 6:43PM Like  Reply
We never get any invites 😭 lol after seeing this I googled it & it lead me to . Registered for Sept 1st . we expire in October.  - therealJackandSally   201.4 #0 8-11-15 10:10AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   snowgrey  hkpinay  Winnie111286 
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 8-8-15 9:25PM
Which one is you favorite float? Mine its Belle's my favorite movie, brings so many memories with mom and the float is breathtaking!
- minniemonika   184.7 #0 8-8-15 9:26PM Like  Reply
Sorcerer Mickey's float! - SorcererD91   2480.5 #54 8-8-15 10:30PM Like  Reply
- princessb5   187.3 #2129 8-8-15 10:50PM Like  Reply
- valj84DisneyDeppAddict   248.1 #1348 8-8-15 10:53PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 8-7-15 7:18PM
All set and ready for paint the night!
  - WishIWereThere   293.5 #933 8-7-15 7:20PM Like  Reply
Love the horns and the shoes! You guys are adorable! - SarahAnne   1.0 #0 8-7-15 7:20PM Like  Reply
- MinnieMyLove   207.2 #1882 8-7-15 8:45PM Like  Reply
- DisneyLov3r   38.4 #0 8-7-15 9:03PM Like  Reply
I finally got one!!! - DisneyLov3r  38.4 #0 8-7-15 9:03PM
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 8-7-15 5:21PM
A pic from earlier today of pirates / dream suite from top of tarzan treehouse.
😍 - PrincessDuckie   883.9 #201 8-7-15 5:24PM Like  Reply
That's my dream  - MinnieMyLove   207.2 #1882 8-7-15 5:27PM Like  Reply
what a beautiful shot! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet   1335.6 #128 8-7-15 10:21PM Like  Reply
- MsTikiMermadam   678.8 #282 8-8-15 3:24AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 8-7-15 1:41PM
So.... It seems that @dlkenca reduced the population on this town to 38..... Waiting for more pins!
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - pikarich   4956.2 #23 8-7-15 1:45PM Like  Reply
Shhh. Don't tell people I take the whole town over to Westward Ho. - DLKenCA   2578.7 #49 8-7-15 2:01PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 8-7-15 10:00AM
Nice day so far! Loving the views
Cool picture. - DLKenCA   2578.7 #49 8-7-15 10:05AM Like  Reply
Great shot - disneybob49   451.4 #466 8-7-15 10:28AM Like  Reply
very nice!  - Lilogirl1   125.8 #3071 8-7-15 12:06PM Like  Reply
Love this photo - Bibba   455.8 #458 8-7-15 12:08PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 8-7-15 8:15AM
This carriage wont move!! Hurry up foolish mortal!
Yayyyyy. Have fun!!!!!!! - valj84DisneyDeppAddict   248.1 #1348 8-7-15 8:21AM Like  Reply
I LOVE your shoes!! Are they Toms? - debbiev   1125.2 #156 8-7-15 8:24AM Like  Reply
Yes they are toms, and i painted them  - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 8-7-15 9:18AM
They are  @anaggarciam - debbiev  1125.2 #156 8-7-15 10:04AM
You're shoes rock!!! - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   58.4 #4382 8-7-15 2:06PM Like  Reply
Crafty - DarthFairy   332.5 #708 8-7-15 3:53PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 7-31-15 7:18PM
Im way to happy! I got this on the mail today!! I love the new additions to my MARVEL collection!! 😍😍😍 this were sdcc exclusives pins based on Skottie Young art! 😍😍😍
Very cool! - mmddgp   790.2 #8 7-31-15 7:41PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 7-26-15 4:45PM
So i got contacted to do a custom munny world disney theme i came up with this Genie, first time working on this kind of medium but im happy on how it came out, accents were made with clay.
  - CoachDisney   144.0 #2778 7-26-15 5:34PM Like(1)  Reply
Wow!  That is awesome! - MeridaFan   3906.9 #35 7-26-15 6:19PM Like(1)  Reply
  - MommyandBash   331.5 #716 7-26-15 6:47PM Like(1)  Reply
I love it! Seriously! Great job πŸ˜ƒ - eviljules   1375.9 #122 7-26-15 5:43PM Like  Reply
- anaggarciam  421.3 #505 7-26-15 6:15PM
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 7-23-15 4:59PM
My pin haul for the day! Success! Won the Rapunzel by singing... Poor CM its his fault that he suggested the singing so he had to suffer my singing voice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. And thanks to @cabungirl for the diamond trade
pin haul days make me smile! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎ - luxkitty   3215.3 #41 7-23-15 5:01PM Like(1)  Reply
Yup plus the 3 tsum tsum and new shirt... Gotta love pay day! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 7-23-15 5:20PM
oh and thanks for convincing me that I need that Johnny pin! πŸ˜‚ - luxkitty  3215.3 #41 7-23-15 9:33PM
Nice looking haul. I need that Rapunzel pin so bad but can't stand mystery sets! - JoshTheJunkyardJamboreer   344.9 #666 7-24-15 12:09AM Like(1)  Reply
It was fun to wing lol just poor cm the suffered my singing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 7-25-15 12:47AM
My G-Daughter loves Rapunzel. Even if she 16. Me too - suzieq65  103.5 #3494 7-25-15 1:38AM
  Is one of those Captain pins mine? 😁😁😁😁😁❀️❀️ - valj84DisneyDeppAddict   248.1 #1348 7-23-15 8:05PM Like  Reply
Yup one it all yours!!!  - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 7-23-15 8:12PM
  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - valj84DisneyDeppAddict  248.1 #1348 7-23-15 8:28PM
Nice haul - ThorIsMyThunderBuddy   86.4 #3767 7-25-15 12:49AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 7-23-15 2:10PM
Beautiful day!
Great shot. I Like how the water flows to the base of the Matterhorn.  - mlatour   347.2 #655 7-23-15 2:17PM Like  Reply
Agree - Winnie111286   8903.5 #8 7-23-15 2:24PM Like  Reply
Wouldn't it just be magical if there where mermaids in that water just hanging out? Lol! - PrincessDaisy   324.8 #749 7-23-15 5:01PM Like  Reply
- tinksmom   346.6 #658 7-23-15 10:08PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 7-21-15 8:42PM
Xmas in July!! πŸŽ„
Soooo great!!!!!!πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ„πŸ’‹ - valj84DisneyDeppAddict   248.1 #1348 7-21-15 8:43PM Like  Reply
- valj84DisneyDeppAddict  248.1 #1348 7-22-15 7:48AM
This is great! We missed the parade! - MellieKay   264.6 #1189 7-21-15 8:45PM Like  Reply
Oh, how I miss this parade - MickeyLumboCM   1337.6 #127 7-22-15 5:14AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 7-12-15 4:08PM
Grizzly rapids! Its a nice day!
- DarthTinkerbell   682.6 #278 7-12-15 6:34PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 7-12-15 11:03AM
Beautiful day at DCA
- WhatTiggersDoBest   621.3 #318 7-12-15 11:05AM Like  Reply
- chads018   228.5 #1608 7-12-15 11:49AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 7-9-15 3:26PM
Dont you love this view?
- RhondaR   231.6 #1567 7-9-15 3:36PM Like  Reply
Great picture - MinnieMyLove   207.2 #1882 7-9-15 3:39PM Like  Reply
My favorite view - Winnie111286   8903.5 #8 7-9-15 4:38PM Like  Reply
- CoachSteve   127.1 #3051 7-9-15 8:17PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 7-9-15 11:11AM
Love this place! Cm Noel was awesome he noticed my sketchbook and asked to see it after class and got some great compliments!
Hey I sat in a row behind you. That was pretty cool of him! - Amanda Beth   287.7 #967 7-9-15 11:19AM Like(2)  Reply
He was cool! He gave me his sketch too.   - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 7-9-15 11:24AM
Geez. That's awesome! - MeridaFan   3906.9 #35 7-9-15 12:08PM Like  Reply
very cool !! Love it !!  - jmza4   295.1 #31532 7-10-15 11:23PM Like  Reply
   what did you end up doing with your sketch/autograph book? - MsTikiMermadam   678.8 #282 7-11-15 2:47AM Like  Reply
So far i have them all in one of thos portfolio binders. But i did find someone to help me put them in spiral binding  - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 7-11-15 3:15AM
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 7-4-15 2:30PM
Celebrating with Mr. America himself!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 6-29-15 11:27PM
I finally got this cute pins on my hands!!! New marvel mystery pack. Can wait to collect all 14! 😍😍
Just got these in this past weekend. Love the little Hulk! - BaseballMickey_CM   7352.0 #11 6-29-15 11:39PM Like  Reply
Cuties!  - luxkitty   3215.3 #41 6-29-15 11:50PM Like  Reply
Definitely gonna be getting these while in Disney!! - Disneymomab   34.0 #5463 6-30-15 3:22PM Like  Reply
So cute! - PrincessTiannaBeignet   326.0 #740 6-30-15 10:08PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 6-29-15 11:16PM
From earlier today at peter pan's line.
Tagged in: Attractions  
Looks spooky. - DarthTinkerbell   682.6 #278 6-29-15 11:24PM Like  Reply
Wow!  This is very cool! - msdizmaui   697.0 #268 6-29-15 11:26PM Like  Reply
- MARVELus   237.1 #1482 6-30-15 3:54PM Like  Reply
Gorgeous!! - grimhilde   10.7 #0 6-30-15 4:49PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 6-8-15 7:43PM
So while drinking a pick me up at Main Street Starbucks. A cm told me about this little wood box on one if the bookshelf, he said to open it and i found a stack of notes! He said they often go thru those and read them and I thought it was  More...
Neat tip! Never go in there, but now I'm intrigued.  - MommyandBash   331.5 #716 6-8-15 7:53PM Like  Reply
There were notes there dating late 2013. They take the note out when full but leave a mix of older notes too - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 6-8-15 8:36PM
Very interesting  - grimgrinninggoof   68.7 #4129 6-8-15 8:30PM Like  Reply
This is so cool!! - leopardditz2000   826.9 #215 6-8-15 10:09PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 6-2-15 7:42PM
Yeah yeah Cap... Keep on writing thor is there! Lol πŸ˜πŸ˜β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰βš‘οΈπŸ”¨
@ThorIsMyThunderBuddy Lol you buddy thor was funny today! Lol - anaggarciam   421.3 #505 6-2-15 7:52PM Like  Reply
tooo funny.....thank you. - Plumiegirl   9747.2 #7 6-2-15 9:12PM Like  Reply
like over there - Plumiegirl   9747.2 #7 6-2-15 9:33PM Like  Reply
Ooo are you wearing the Hydra takeover tank? - TakeMeToNeverland19   25.9 #6226 6-2-15 10:43PM Like  Reply
Yeah the glow in the dark tank - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 6-3-15 5:29AM
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 6-1-15 8:52PM
Im having a major meltdown right now! I have spend so much time and work on my sketch/autograph book and today the binding of it came apart. My "helpful " friend told he could glue it and now its all messed up im so heartbroken. Im trying  More...
What a bummer. Your autograph book is beautiful. I hope you can figure out a way to rescue it.  - BRabbit   710.3 #262 6-1-15 9:18PM Like  Reply
Try Kinko's. If you get someone GOOD, they can probably cut the edge off and do a spiral bind. I used to work there and as long as it's not some "Temporary" person they might be able to help fix it. They should have a machine that can cut the edge off and make it nice and clean. At least put all your drawings in a nice little binder. - DLKenCA   2578.7 #49 6-1-15 10:05PM Like  Reply
It took me couple of hours but i was able to separate them. My trusty x-acto knife and paper trimer helped. Rith now i have them on a portfolio binder but it to small. Ill have to buy new ones :/ i had to act fast they were getting stuck together and stained i just need to re do couple of them  - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 6-1-15 10:37PM
aww I want pics with rabbit and thumper!! Lucky  - micamouse89   103.1 #3502 6-1-15 10:59PM Like  Reply
Oh no!!! My heart is breaking for you! Those drawings are so cute! - ThorIsMyThunderBuddy   86.4 #3767 6-1-15 11:43PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 5-24-15 12:45PM
Part two of my paint the night parade collage
Looks like a lot of fun!!  πŸ˜€πŸ‘ - RapunzelledColey   135.4 #2925 5-24-15 1:34PM Like  Reply
πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š - PrincessDuckie   883.9 #201 5-24-15 1:53PM Like  Reply
Awesome collage!  - snappy   412.7 #518 5-24-15 3:31PM Like  Reply
This is FANTASTIC! Great job on the collage! I'll be @ Disney on Wednesday this week for three days. CAN'T WAIT to see this and the fireworksπŸ˜„πŸ˜„ - SKELLIGIRL   41.2 #5041 5-24-15 4:19PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 5-24-15 7:36AM
Im just in love with paint the night!
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Looks amazing - palomine96   20.6 #6993 5-24-15 7:43AM Like  Reply
Your pics are amazing! Can't wait to see this parade! - meikoami   14.3 #0 5-24-15 7:44AM Like  Reply
are these from Friday? Where did you end up watching from? Also and more importantly, it was super cool to meet you and thank you for hanging out with me! - ThorIsMyThunderBuddy   86.4 #3767 5-24-15 12:12PM Like  Reply
Yeah it from friday's first parade, i was by its a small world in an awesome spot just between the pretzels and ice cream cart lol.  - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 5-24-15 12:28PM
You got some great photos. How long did you wait for it? I got a pretty decent spot by the fire house literally like 5 minutes before it started  - ThorIsMyThunderBuddy  86.4 #3767 5-24-15 12:39PM
Great pictures.. - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   58.4 #4382 5-24-15 10:01PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 5-24-15 6:13AM
Hi! Im just now recuperating of a long couple of days lol I successfully lasted 36 hours at the parks! Then 9 hr sleep and then 8:30 hour shift at work.... Lol it was fun experience! Met awesome mwers. I got so many compliments on my sket  More...
Sounds like some great times! - MeridaFan   3906.9 #35 5-24-15 6:57AM Like  Reply
Sounds like the perfect visit!  So happy for you.  - PrincessDuckie   883.9 #201 5-24-15 8:26AM Like  Reply
Disney is always a good experience :) - princessvg   46.1 #4823 5-24-15 10:52AM Like  Reply
Wow way to dive in with booth feet. I'm sure Walt. Would have approved. - disneychef   11.3 #0 5-24-15 10:59AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 5-22-15 10:58AM
Some of todays adventures 5 down! 19 to go
Looks like you've accomplished a lot so far - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1444.4 #110 5-22-15 11:50AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 5-22-15 3:27AM
What a view!
- luxkitty   3215.3 #41 5-22-15 4:16AM Like  Reply
BEAUTIFUL!! - MinnieTinker   555.5 #356 5-22-15 5:42AM Like  Reply
Awesome picture!!! - DISNYLV   176.8 #2272 5-22-15 7:13PM Like  Reply
So pretty!  - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad   1258.5 #4 5-22-15 7:47PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 5-22-15 2:45AM
I got this beauty! 😍 #24hrevent #live
nice! - MsTikiMermadam   678.8 #282 5-22-15 2:48AM Like  Reply
If I leave now to line up will there still be enough for me - KingVictorious   15.0 #8320 5-22-15 2:49AM Like  Reply
Probably no...unless you have a wristband. - dizneedude   956.0 #187 5-22-15 2:51AM
Just for this first 2000 - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 5-22-15 2:54AM
Wow, that is very limited... Compared yo the 50th handed out at the gate - MickeyLumboCM   1337.6 #127 5-22-15 3:00AM Like  Reply
How many were given at the 50th? - luxkitty  3215.3 #41 5-22-15 3:01AM
Thousands! Everyone got one going thru turnstiles.  - goofygal  10449.0 #4 5-22-15 3:05AM
#ebay. That - KingVictorious   15.0 #8320 5-22-15 3:02AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 5-21-15 8:50PM
#live they are giving out wristbands to people lining up it will be handled in color groups. As of right now cm said you can park at mickeys and friends. And stay there as long as you store back all you stuff by 1 am. Pumba will open at   More...
'What are the bands for? And color groups?', asked the NorCal Churro, at home. - misschurro   6070.8 #18 5-21-15 8:56PM Like(1)  Reply
I guess their way of controlling the line to get in at 2 am to the parks  - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 5-21-15 9:04PM
If you lived down here HandMeAChurroImmaFaint, could you do the 24 hour event? - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1444.4 #110 5-21-15 10:03PM
Can you please tell me the different colors they had so I can pretend I got one - philliprocks   1296.1 #130 5-21-15 10:11PM Like  Reply
- RadiatorSprings4Ever  1444.4 #110 5-21-15 10:16PM
I guess they just used them to manage the people and keep a kind of control over the giveaways  - anaggarciam  421.3 #505 5-21-15 10:22PM
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 5-18-15 6:09PM
So does anyone have any info on special meet and greets for the 24hr event? I want to prepare my sketchbook/autograph for it but not sure what characters we will see.
The MW CMs will be having a meet and greet at their respective work locations. - CM_Shadowgamer   2515.7 #52 5-19-15 12:14AM Like(1)  Reply
It'll be a lot of surprises! Last year they brought Lotso out! I was so bummed I missed seeing him! - thatgirljenn   1682.2 #98 5-18-15 10:30PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 5-17-15 7:20PM
Wow 24 hrs awake... But i had a blast today got to meet awesome mwers today!! And since i couldn't post live here is a collage of the day!
Glad you had a fun day! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1444.4 #110 5-17-15 9:15PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 5-16-15 8:11AM
Pretty decent line forming for the tomorrowland AP preview
- grimgrinninggoof   68.7 #4129 5-16-15 8:58AM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   HauntedMansionDiva 
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 5-10-15 3:28PM
winners!! Congrats to @bassplayerswife for @frankenweenievelinee and @dlkenca for @nicealex77. Please DM me you complete name to update my guest lis  More...
Sooo thrilled!!  Especially since my sweet friend will be going too! Thank you so much @Bassplayerswife and @anaggarciam - FrankenweenieVelinee   2753.1 #45 5-10-15 4:18PM Like(1)  Reply
Yay!! Congrats ladies. Have fun and post pics if you can. πŸ˜ƒ - Bassplayerswife  445.8 #472 5-10-15 9:35PM
@@FrankenweenieVelinee And @@nicealex77 Congrats!!! - MinnieTinker   555.5 #356 5-10-15 3:29PM Like  Reply
Love her - MickeyLumboCM   1337.6 #127 5-11-15 10:12AM Like  Reply
Congrats! - brguest85   218.9 #1720 5-13-15 12:29AM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 5-7-15 9:50AM
.... I got the notice from 1iota today that i have tickets for the taping of kelly & michael at disney on sunday 17 at 7:30. I have gone to many tapi  More...
This is such an awesome RAK no one wants to be 1st  because of the curse lol. Please add me :) - nicealex77   713.3 #261 5-7-15 10:38AM Like  Reply
Β I would of added sooner but had to make sure my wife and I didn't have anything planned that weekend.Β Also had to make sure my parents could watch the kids. - CoachDisney   144.0 #2778 5-7-15 10:53AM Like  Reply
Please add me for @@@@@@@nicealex77 for your generous RAK!   Thanks. Have fun! - SBsnowwhite   511.5 #396 5-8-15 6:10AM Like  Reply
Please add me! Thank you for this RAK! - PrincessTiannaBeignet   326.0 #740 5-8-15 5:49PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 4-21-15 4:11PM
Love this two 🐻🐻
Adorable - keepmovingforward   213.2 #1801 4-21-15 4:21PM Like  Reply
Cute! - PrincessAsh   267.1 #0 4-21-15 5:54PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 4-20-15 9:34PM
It was a fun day! Quick trip after work but fun!
Thanked by:   WishIWereThere 
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 4-20-15 8:52PM
From earlier some sugar coma! Lol
Yum!! - leopardditz2000   826.9 #215 4-20-15 9:32PM Like  Reply
- Lilogirl1   125.8 #3071 4-20-15 9:40PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 4-20-15 5:24PM
#live enjoying light crowds!
Love your horns! πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ˜ˆπŸ’šπŸ’œ - Atora   2702.0 #46 4-20-15 5:46PM Like(1)  Reply
great horns! - MsTikiMermadam   678.8 #282 4-20-15 9:19PM Like(1)  Reply
Have fun - Winnie111286   8903.5 #8 4-20-15 7:01PM Like  Reply
Enjoy !!! - Lilogirl1   125.8 #3071 4-20-15 7:21PM Like  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 4-15-15 3:22PM
I customized a run disney lanyard that i had to get one ready for the 60th i love how it came out
Pretty - katiesarahmommy   264.4 #1191 4-15-15 3:36PM Like(1)  Reply
Great job! - WishIWereThere   293.5 #933 4-15-15 4:49PM Like(1)  Reply
421.3 #505 DL Qual #198 4-12-15 6:31PM
Finally with stitch!! 😍😍🌺🌺🌺
Yay! Great collage.