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7817.3 #3 DL Qual #9 8-6-14 8:10PM
The juju's. This was really fun to do in adventure land
Tagged in: TIPS  
there is a cost of 30$ up front to get the map and info to find the juju. The first 2 juju cost $10, the eye of mara was free, the piranha was free, the pineapple cost $7 for the was ok, the snake cost $7 for the snake venom juice which was good but sugary. The elephant was free, the parrot was free, the tiki mask cost $7.50 at the bar.  Too sugary i tossed it into the trash. Maybe one could ask for a drink substitution. Make sure you open the last envelope to get the questions to answer because the answers are in adventureland not at the Trader sams all the way out at the dl hotel. Total cost was around $62 for these. It was fun to do and I really needed the diversion. The CMs were a lot of fun helping you out.  - Plumiegirl   7817.3 #3 8-7-14 3:01PM Like(8)  Reply
These are really cool! Good job! - PrincessCindy   78.8 #3662 8-6-14 8:21PM Like(1)  Reply
This sounds like so much fun!  Thank you for sharing all the info as well! - angelaprkns   10.2 #8952 8-18-14 9:22PM Like  Reply
Great work! Very cool! - Mikesaxclar   477.3 #380 8-18-14 11:25PM Like  Reply
117.5 #3073 DL Qual #618 8-12-14 10:01AM
Good morning MWers. I apologize if im breaking any posting rules or putting this in the wrong place, but i was hoping that some of you could help this little girl with her birthday wish. Her name is Ali and she's 9 years old. Ali is autis  More...
I will send her a b-day card from Nevada :) no shells in the desert though, darn... - amyb1076   207.3 #1767 8-12-14 4:25PM Like(3)  Reply
Yes! I can have my daughter send her a postcard from the hotel from this past weekend. - MexiSnowWhite   27.5 #5408 8-12-14 10:22AM Like(2)  Reply
Thank you so much! - Pats_Fan  117.5 #3073 8-12-14 11:28AM
Absolutely!  - eviljules   844.1 #178 8-15-14 12:17PM Like  Reply
Love bump 👊❤️😍 - FrankenweenieVelinee   1275.8 #99 9-5-14 3:34PM Like  Reply
311.4 #729 DL Qual #2466 9-28-11 9:46PM
Here is a article about private after hour parties disney may hold for ap's that don't go that often. They may also hold events for ap's that go all the time. It's a long article but would be cool to get invited.
I'm an AP holder who has gone 272 times, I better get an invite  - Sweet_Irish_Cream   3763.1 #25 9-28-11 9:52PM Like  Reply
I think a lot of us qualifies for the second group. :P - JediStitch   429.7 #431 9-28-11 9:58PM Like  Reply
Thanks for sharing :) - Storybrooke   681.4 #238 9-28-11 10:12PM Like  Reply
Interesting how they think the people who go the most will reduce their time at the parks because they are invited to these special events. It would make me want to go more not less. It'd be awesome to get invited but I'm only at 48 visits! - JediKitty   687.1 #231 9-28-11 11:08PM Like  Reply
449.3 #414 DL Qual #1377 1-15-11 7:12AM
Check it out! We are excited. Got our brick sponsor replica and now we know the location of installation. Right in the front middle of the entrance! If u wanna do a sponsor brick email or 800-760-3566.
What is a sponsor brick exactly?  - tiggerella   18.6 #6498 1-15-11 7:14AM Like  Reply
So cool!! They are the bricks in between DL and CA. - iheartdisney   323.2 #680 1-15-11 7:20AM Like  Reply
If your still thinking about a brick the program ends 2/28/2011. So call Monday - Tealtownfan   852.2 #174 2-27-11 12:32PM Like  Reply
I think that that office is closed on weekends. But is a tollfree number - Tealtownfan   852.2 #174 2-27-11 12:40PM Like  Reply
1154.8 #116 DL Qual #391 12-20-10 9:38PM
This one is better.
Tina to the rescue!!  - Sweet_Irish_Cream   3763.1 #25 12-20-10 9:39PM Like  Reply
Ahhhhh now I see it  - DoubleTeam   15.7 #7084 12-20-10 9:41PM Like  Reply
Thank you Ms. Mouse! I'm so excited to go and see it in person now that I know where to look. - Bassplayerswife   161.1 #2390 1-10-11 12:58AM Like  Reply
Bump KPETEYMOUSE - HotDiggityDogDaddy   1113.1 #127 4-18-11 6:00PM Like  Reply
5.2 #15136 DL Qual #4524 1-5-11 8:49PM
How do u get a stone at Disney and how much are they???
They have pamphlets at city hall. Costs $150 to sponsor a brick for 10 years. You can get a wood or acrylic replica for an extra $35+tax. Ap discount applies. - bluefairy   643.3 #257 1-5-11 9:16PM Like  Reply
i think we should pitch in and get a MouseWait stone! - WickedWench   576.5 #295 1-5-11 9:18PM Like  Reply
Bassplayerswife that would be great. Thank you! - mrssumr   70.4 #3814 1-5-11 11:52PM Like  Reply
Unfortunately, no organizations or nicknames on the stones. You could, however, use admin's real last name, like "the _____ family" - bluefairy   643.3 #257 1-5-11 11:56PM Like  Reply
1-4-11 12:06PM
Last pic, I promise! I know, I should've "Dipticed" them! :). I'm a proud mommy!
Aww he's so adorable! Congrats! - patriciajz   329.6 #648 1-4-11 12:08PM Like  Reply
Omg!!!! The best pic yet! He's just precious! Just wanna kiss those lil cheeks  - MrsKnauer   40.6 #4646 1-4-11 12:11PM Like  Reply
He is so alert for a newborn. Great job. Hope you can grab some sleep - momofprincess   13.2 #7763 1-4-11 8:09PM Like  Reply
I need to stop looking at's making me want to get back on the baby train.... - WickedWench   576.5 #295 1-4-11 8:10PM Like  Reply
259.5 #1124 DL Qual #1046 1-2-11 6:24AM
Does anyone know if there is a place on here to swap recipes?!?! If not would anyone be interested?!?! I'm always looking for new one!!!
I hear City Hall has a selection of recipes. Try searching online as well. - StephiePooh   572.6 #297 1-2-11 6:30AM Like  Reply
What type of recipe are you looking for? I've been cooking and baking like crazy the past week and a half. I love itbut don't usually have time with work. - Winkie   233.2 #1421 1-2-11 6:35AM Like  Reply
I would love that Cinderella! Thanks I'll send them out right now! - Queenof2princesses   259.5 #1124 1-14-11 7:13AM Like  Reply
Hey guys I sent out the email with everyones address. Disregard the first one because I forgot some people. Sorry!!! Let the food swapping begin  - Queenof2princesses   259.5 #1124 1-14-11 10:08AM Like  Reply