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573.0 #415 DL Qual #254 6-22-17 6:40PM
We were able to get these 6 collector's cards today thanks to a couple of mousewaiters who posted about them. It was a lot of fun visiting the stores to get them.
Thank you to @@@@Quiweez - PeppersGhost   573.0 #415 6-22-17 6:47PM Like(1)  Reply
- Quiweez  1472.7 #143 6-23-17 11:41AM
And thanks to @@@@NotReallyGrumpyBill - PeppersGhost   573.0 #415 6-22-17 6:49PM Like(1)  Reply
Yeah! That's great that you were able to get them all! It was fun figuring out the stores.  - NotReallyGrumpyBill  1173.9 #189 6-22-17 9:05PM
Fun! Didn't know about this! - carminaire   1171.8 #192 6-23-17 12:41PM Like  Reply
I can't wait to do this! - Thumper13   570.3 #419 6-23-17 4:46PM Like  Reply
2154.2 #91 DL Qual #53 6-14-17 5:27PM
Working one of my espaliers today. It was full of jasmine flowers so it was white but this is how it looks after pruning. Do you plant things in your yard to remind you of the park? We have bougainvillea, jacaranda, plumeria too. And of c  More...
I bought some Disneyland roses for Tom's service and now I'm going to plant them❀❀ and I have some big logs of wood that I want to cut and make like benches in DCA. - secretagentangel   15267.6 #6 6-14-17 5:35PM Like(7)  Reply
How lovely and the benches sound awesome! - grapesoda  2154.2 #91 6-14-17 5:36PM
What a thoughtful memorial - Sleepingbeautysmom  366.4 #731 6-14-17 6:48PM
My name is @misschurro and I approve of your espalier! 😍 Kinda love 'em! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Looks great - misschurro   10087.3 #12 6-14-17 5:45PM Like(2)  Reply
I have another twice the size! They look great when maintained but the hummingbirds and bees love the flowers so I let them go for a bit. - grapesoda  2154.2 #91 6-14-17 5:48PM
The Bee population in California is really low so the more people who plant bee  friendly plants helps the whole community. We had a beehive that unfortunately my neighbors burned😑 so now I'm putting in bee boxes and one hive can help a 5 mile radius of a community! πŸ˜€ - secretagentangel  15267.6 #6 6-14-17 5:54PM
3235.9 #56 DL Qual #35 11-10-16 6:57PM
I got free stuff. AP sticker for my bib. And she said there's an AP area at the finish line that will have something for us. Tote bag for signing up for emails with RunDisney. Lanyard, pin, and luggage tag for booking my hotel through Wal  More...
- teapotsandteacups   5673.6 #28 11-10-16 7:12PM Like  Reply
Do you have to be a AP member for tote bag? - lexagator   21.6 #7823 11-10-16 7:15PM Like  Reply
I don't think so. Just sign up to be on their email list. It was two separate conversations.  - Taunton  3235.9 #56 11-10-16 7:54PM
I love the freebies at the race expos!!! Hope you have a great race!!!  - encinitasrunner   380.6 #693 11-10-16 9:12PM Like  Reply
They said if you just have your AP on you at the end you can also get the goodies. - DLKenCA   3769.4 #50 11-10-16 9:14PM Like  Reply
1610.1 #134 DL Qual #58 4-24-17 10:24AM
Incredibly beautiful flowers next to Casey Jr.
  - Dianat710   212.9 #1994 4-24-17 10:30AM Like  Reply
They are beautiful! - DarthTinkerbell   1668.9 #127 4-24-17 10:41AM Like  Reply
- DarthFairy   1809.5 #115 4-25-17 3:37PM Like  Reply
- SnowKitty   262.5 #1383 4-25-17 3:49PM Like  Reply
114.5 #3542 DL Qual #913 4-19-17 5:51PM
Gorgeous day at the happiest place on earth!!
Love it thank you  - Grumpyfan   120.4 #3418 4-19-17 8:23PM Like(1)  Reply
- FrankenWeenieVelinee   5225.6 #33 4-19-17 6:33PM Like  Reply
Wow,  !!  - Hesti4EverAP   1020.2 #230 4-19-17 10:31PM Like  Reply
What a lovely picture  - RadiatorSprings4Ever   3864.6 #48 4-20-17 1:20AM Like  Reply
238.8 #1642 DL Qual #350 4-20-17 3:00PM
Celebrate the flowers (foxgloves) at Disneyland before Earth Day.
Miss 🦊 sure has a pretty stash of gloves!  - SassafrasDavis   1033.9 #227 4-20-17 3:41PM Like  Reply
Pretty  - mommyduchess   779.2 #301 4-20-17 3:46PM Like  Reply
Ooh pretty. This is a fabulous season for flowers all over SoCal. If you live here, check out Rancho Palos Verdes and the Lancaster poppy reserve. They are stunning 🌸🌺🌹🌷πŸ₯€πŸŒ» - Pachinko   64.6 #4627 4-21-17 8:03AM Like  Reply
Always love the Disney flowers - Winnie111286   41698.3 #2 4-21-17 8:56AM Like  Reply
1162.9 #194 DL Qual #133 11-1-16 4:51PM
#MWSS16 Hello!!!! This is the official Mousewait Secret Santa 2016 post!!!  Here's how it works. To sign up for the Secret Santa, DM me your email address.  I will email you a questionnaire and a more in-depth rule sheet.&nbs  More...
Thank you again for organizing and doing all the work that goes with this. I'll be joining again. May I give a bit of advice to anyone joining based on my experience? Don't be worried if you don't get your gift till later because the rules state a certain date when you should receive it .,that doesn't mean if you send yours Β  six weeks out that you're going to get yours. Some people don't ship till Β the end. And some are early birds. Whenever I get a gift early I hold it to open on Christmas day so then I post after Christmas what I received. So if you didn't get a thank you from your victim remember they might not open until Christmas. Or they might be out of town. That being said it's easier to send it a little early then waiting till the end because you never know what might come up. I had some gifts stolen off my porch waiting for the mailman so if I hadn't waited to the last date I could I had a chance to get a new present before Christmas. Anyway hope that helps everyone have a great secret Santa year.πŸŽ…πŸŽ… - secretagentangel   15267.6 #6 11-1-16 6:19PM Like(9)  Reply
Victim? 😳 - redsoxcarlos  7181.0 #21 11-1-16 8:55PM
Yep! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - secretagentangel  15267.6 #6 11-1-16 9:06PM
Received email but didn't get the questionnaire attachment .  Checked spam folder nothing there. Did I do something incorrect ?  thanks - Pgmlucky   284.6 #1172 11-3-16 8:14AM Like(1)  Reply
Same for me.  - ShariRenee  15099.2 #7 11-3-16 8:18AM
Ditto...I was waiting to see if it was just me. - boomom  874.6 #259 11-3-16 8:44AM
Being that this is my first time participating - when should a notification be sent if a SS gift hasn't been received?  - SKELLIGIRL   251.6 #1479 12-12-16 7:06PM Like  Reply
If you don't get a package from you Secret Santa by the day after Christmas, send me an email or DM.  I'll get in contact with your Santa and find out what happened.  A lot of things can happen, usually a package gets lost in the mail or your Santa was waiting on one last thing they ordered (which ran late, which made your package run late). There have also been porch thieves and the dreaded MW troll in the past.  In the event something shady happened, I call on a Elf and they help to make sure you get a present. @SKELLIGIRL does that answer your question? - GoofyMom77  1162.9 #194 12-12-16 9:30PM
@@GoofyMom77: Got it! I was just asking because a naughty neighbor took the SS gift I shipped out to my recipient ( as you know per our coorespondence) so made me a bit a cynical😌 Thank you! - SKELLIGIRL  251.6 #1479 12-12-16 10:57PM
Just sent my SS package today!  - PixiePrincessPolly   350.2 #783 12-12-16 8:56PM Like  Reply
4768.8 #38 DL Qual #45 5-7-16 10:57PM
I love this music! Can you name it? The first one to guess it wins a sticker!
It's the music outside the Haunted Mansion, isn't it? - TheRealAlice   247.3 #1541 5-7-16 11:10PM Like  Reply
Lol, it is outside. - MadameLeota  4768.8 #38 5-8-16 2:36AM
I now it's from Haunted Mansion (obviously) but I don't know the specific name. Anyone think they might know? I'm curious now! - TheWeirdWriter   333.2 #848 5-7-16 11:12PM Like  Reply
i think it is "Ghostly Music Box".  so hauntingly beautiful! - MsTikiMermadam   2530.2 #72 5-7-16 11:13PM Like  Reply
DING!, DING!, DING! We have a WINNER!   Pick any duplicate sticker that I have but you don't, but want! 😊 @@MsTikiMermadam - MadameLeota  4768.8 #38 5-8-16 2:39AM
thank you! - MsTikiMermadam  2530.2 #72 5-8-16 4:47AM
That was fun!  So very creepy - Ilovegoofy   541.7 #453 5-10-16 10:27PM Like  Reply
6634.7 #24 DL Qual #9 3-18-16 7:22AM
Good mornin'! This day in Disney history, March 18th, 1967: The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and The Blue Bayou Restaurant opened in New Orleans  More...
Tagged in: Disney History  
This ride is nothing less than perfection! Although, I will admit I really miss Paul Frees' dialogue when you go through the cove that takes you from the past to the present. I miss it every time..."No fear have ye of evil curses says you, Ayyyyeee....   properly warned ye be says I...   who knows when that evil curse will strike the greedy beholders of this bewitched treasure!"(Old ghost's voice)   "Perhaps he knows too much...   he's seen the cur-sed treasure...   he knows where it be hiding? Now proceed at your own risk...  ye may not survive to pass this way again!"I swear, I hear it in my head every time we sail through that cove and I would love for it to return someday, even just temporarily!☺️ - Nala   389.1 #673 3-18-16 9:24AM Like(5)  Reply
Oops, just realized I made a mistake while recalling it...  It's "he knows where it be hidden" :) - Nala  389.1 #673 3-18-16 11:02AM
Thanks for sharing that with us!  - Duchess_SMK  6634.7 #24 3-18-16 11:57AM
Hi! Love when you post! 😍  YES!! Money very well spent! 😱to the cost of the Louisiana Purchase!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Wow! Such a deal!  So many favorite parts on this attraction. The beautiful queue, the tapping , shooting star πŸ’«πŸ˜. As of this writing, I still have not been to . One of these days.  Thank you so much for doing this 😘😘 - misschurro   10087.3 #12 3-18-16 8:51AM Like(2)  Reply
Hi my sweet friend! I knew you'd think so! I love that we have a sticker together!  So neat!! I can't believe you still haven't done blue bayou! Perhaps we need to have a mommy lunch meet up next trip! It's fun! Thank YOU so much for all you do! Can't wait to see you in April! ((Hugs))  - Duchess_SMK  6634.7 #24 3-18-16 12:11PM
Great job as always SMK! - Tom   17731.7 #4 3-19-16 10:36AM Like  Reply
This ride with s my favorite too. As a young kid I only got to go to DL once. My parents bought me one of those 3D viewers with the POTC pictures. I used to look at those pics a lot wishing I could go back and experience it again. As an adult I'm making up for lost time 😜 - Tom  17731.7 #4 3-19-16 10:39AM
Love this! What a great post  - RoyalCourtComposer   372.6 #716 3-19-16 11:22AM Like  Reply
5953.3 #26 DL Qual #10 3-8-16 10:34PM
Mickey Mouse Easter pin, comes in an Easter egg tin! You can buy it on the shop Disney parks app! (PC: disneypinsblog)
So cute! - DarthTinkerbell   1668.9 #127 3-8-16 10:39PM Like  Reply
These would be really cute to hide as prize eggs in an Easter egg hunt!  - luxkitty  5953.3 #26 3-8-16 10:48PM
Very !!  - teapotsandteacups   5673.6 #28 3-8-16 11:22PM Like  Reply
Super cute! - mmddgp   1987.2 #3 3-11-16 11:58PM Like  Reply
- tina7321   411.1 #634 3-12-16 12:28AM Like  Reply