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Annual Passholder Price Increase OFFICIAL POST: To avoid duplicate posts, please post ALL news, questions, and discussion about the Oct 4 changes to the Annual Pass program on this post. Thank you!The Disneyland Resort now off  More...
As someone who doesn't live in SoCal and uses my AP only a couple or a few times a year, the increase really doesn't bother me at all. I have a Premium AP. The current cost of that pass was $779. New Signature Pass is $849 and it includes free PhotoPass access. This is actually a better deal than what I currently have for me. (I did just renew my Premium for $719, so I won't be getting the new pass, anyway.). Not everyone lives locally and can be at the parks 200 days each year. I have never gone during the Christmas break because, frankly, the crowds have scared me off. That is why we do thanksgiving when we want the holiday vibe. Don't the holidays begin around November 11th each year?  So that is about two months' worth of holidays for those who wish to enjoy that time.  If I were to renew my pass next year, I would simply get the Signature pass. I don't need the highest level just for two weeks at Christmas. I understand those who aren't happy. But, I do think it doesn't have to be as horrible as everyone is making it out to be. Disney is a business. They are in the business of making money, right along with letting you make memories. The new normal for some may have to be to see Disneyland as the treat that it is for much of the country or world who does not have it in their backyard. Hopefully, our lives are full of so many things. Disney is one part of it. It shouldn't be everything. Not trying to tick anyone off here. I do think their timing stinks with this. But, just wanted to show  that there is another perspective and way of looking at this. 😊 - MeridaFan   3622.8 #37 10-4-15 10:51AM Like(17)  Reply
Yes this makes sense but for people who live in So Cal I fell the photo pass should be an option because I really never use it.  - AlyssaDisneyland  17.4 #0 10-4-15 10:54AM
AP prices have gone up every year. SoCal people have had the choice of two APs that no one in the rest of the world have been able to purchase. It is not a necessity for people to buy the most expensive pass for themselves.  So you do have other options that others do not. They also have given special discounted tickets to SoCal people throughout the year. I think those are great options for those who live down there and cannot afford the more expensive passes. Again? This is another viewpoint. And I realize there is only one SoCal pass available now. And I have no idea if they will continue with the other one indefinitely. Just trying to point out that there are actually some positives for some people here. Tourists bring in a lot of money to Disney. Lots of us enjoy using the Photo Pass system.  - MeridaFan  3622.8 #37 10-4-15 11:03AM
I just genuinely wish they had a kids AP, it just doesn't seem right that my 3 yo will be paying the same ticket price and can't go on anything other than Fantasyland rides.  - bellapistola   157.5 #2551 10-4-15 1:30AM Like(11)  Reply
That makes a lot of sense to me.  - MeridaFan  3622.8 #37 10-4-15 2:23AM
agree! - MsTikiMermadam  541.2 #364 10-4-15 2:47AM
The addition of the signature plus is what really bothers me here. Adding $300 more for Christmas when it was already a $200 premium over the deluxe? That's just ridiculous. I love going during Christmas so it's a big change for me. I'm glad I got our premium  passes a couple month before this change occurred. - BAMBAM   337.3 #0 10-4-15 12:36PM Like  Reply
Yes !this is what we are stuck between too !  - AlyssaDisneyland  17.4 #0 10-4-15 1:04PM
Does anyone have info about the lower pass levels being restricted to going to just one park on select days? - Jules1121   0.3 #86381 10-4-15 1:33PM Like  Reply
No one park days as of now. - Winnie111286  6079.0 #17 10-4-15 2:32PM
195.4 #2006 DL Qual #329 6-16-15 10:42PM
Who can name the most past rides and attractions at Disneyland and Dca? Ready set go!
Panning for gold.  - MeridaFan   3622.8 #37 6-16-15 10:57PM Like(3)  Reply
I knew someone would catch on. - richiii3  801.2 #220 6-16-15 11:03PM
The Soap Box Derbie. - richiii3   801.2 #220 6-16-15 10:54PM Like(2)  Reply
Wasn't the Soap Box Derby at Knotts? It was where Excellorator is now.  - Arielkitten13  195.5 #2003 6-16-15 10:58PM
If you MWaiters remember the Westward Ho Mcdonalds French Fry cart that used to be near Big Thunder Mountain. HAHA I can still picture myself holding a box of fries - buzzgoneyear92   195.4 #2006 6-16-15 11:14PM Like  Reply
195.4 #2006 DL Qual #329 6-16-15 11:18PM
Lets Go this: Who can name current attractions and Shows at the Entire Disneyland Resort Including DCA. I won't post so quickly this time You try.
We have a GameLand where this might be better suited 😊 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   5720.1 #18 6-16-15 11:20PM Like(2)  Reply
where is that??? - buzzgoneyear92  195.4 #2006 6-16-15 11:20PM
Let me guess: Trivilator - buzzgoneyear92  195.4 #2006 6-16-15 11:22PM
ready set Post!! - buzzgoneyear92   195.4 #2006 6-16-15 11:20PM Like  Reply
Why are you doing a duplicate post for this? If you go to the top under Navigate, click on Games and that is where this should be played. 😀 - caramiapoohAKAface   3900.2 #34 6-16-15 11:25PM Like  Reply
I moved it already guys plse chill - buzzgoneyear92   195.4 #2006 6-16-15 11:36PM Like  Reply
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10mb image with stickers  More...
Fun! And in Game land! - TinkerSchelle   1800.8 #86 4-24-15 2:40AM Like  Reply
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hello - shahid   131.0 #2959 3-27-15 2:51AM Like  Reply
sdfjsdfj - shahid  131.0 #2959 3-27-15 3:05AM
fhdlf - shahid   131.0 #2959 3-27-15 3:01AM Like  Reply
dfsdf - shahid   131.0 #2959 3-27-15 3:01AM Like  Reply

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Wow I've never made a list before. Thanks - disneybob49   340.4 #666 9-12-15 9:59AM Like(3)  Reply
I love Disneyland! - Melody_CM   7607.5 #8 8-28-15 11:30PM Like(1)  Reply
- MARVELus   189.1 #2079 9-21-15 9:59PM Like  Reply
The link never works for me to see the list. It always just take me back to the top of the lounge. Any ideas? - Quiweez   91.1 #3640 9-23-15 9:52AM Like  Reply
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hdflds - shahid   131.0 #2959 3-27-15 2:54AM Like  Reply
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Cotton candy
       - FanOfJack   143.7 #2763 11-12-14 2:41PM Like  Reply