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MouseWait's 7th Reunion/Birthday Bash ALL IN ONE INFO POST! We are still confirming locations/events, but the Reunion will take place November 18-20 at the Disneyland Resort. Please see Raffle info below:  More...
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For some reason the previous donation pages aren't working on mobile, but they work on the web version. I put the links on the Raffle Form so they can be accessed via mobile. Just press on the Raffle Form links in my post and you will see them, thanks! - Admin   10-13-16 8:17AM  Flag Like(4)  Reply
I may have lost my job but not my desire to donate!  I can't wait to put my donation together. I just wish I could be there for the meet up (maybe I should transfer to Anaheim Wyndham!?!) - msdizmaui   875.5 #235 10-14-16 12:39AM  Flag Like(2)  Reply
- teapotsandteacups   2311.6 #75 10-19-16 9:38AM  Flag Like  Reply
- DarthFairy   754.1 #288 10-19-16 5:15PM  Flag Like  Reply
Thank you for the sticker!!! @@@DarthFairy❤️❤️❤️ - SnowKitty  118.2 #3381 10-20-16 4:28AM   Flag   Like
You're welcome!❤️ - DarthFairy  754.1 #288 10-20-16 7:13PM   Flag   Like
25211.7 #1 DL Qual #1 10-22-16 8:20AM
Wait times not working and connection difficult
@@Admin - Winnie111286   25211.7 #1 10-22-16 8:21AM  Flag  Edit  Delete Like  Reply
And see what will happen when digital fps happens and you can't connect or battery dies 😥 - pikarich   6657.6 #19 10-22-16 8:29AM  Flag Like  Reply
Not working again @@Admin - Winnie111286   25211.7 #1 10-22-16 3:09PM  Flag  Edit  Delete Like  Reply
889.9 #229 DL Qual #154 10-20-16 5:55PM
How do you change fonts? I accidentally did it and can't read it now. Thanks
Ok I kept seeing an ad in the middle like the drop down menu disappeared but when I went to notifications and went to the bottom it appeared again.. thanks! I can see again!  - grapesoda   889.9 #229 10-20-16 6:06PM  Flag Like  Reply
25211.7 #1 DL Qual #1 10-19-16 11:36AM
Sending this to Support Land.  I am having a really hard time connecting or doing anything today on the Mobile or Web Versions.  Is anyone else having problems? 
@Admin - Winnie111286   25211.7 #1 10-19-16 11:45AM  Flag  Edit  Delete Like  Reply
I am too, 5 minutes to just load page 😢😢 - itsmyglassslipper   577.6 #390 10-19-16 11:45AM  Flag Like  Reply
Mine seems to be working now. - Winnie111286   25211.7 #1 10-19-16 2:58PM  Flag  Edit  Delete Like  Reply
I have not been able to post for a couple days now. But I have just now  - Donald1967   320.1 #867 10-19-16 5:09PM  Flag Like  Reply
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67.3 #0 Qual #3561 10-3-16 3:12PM
Does Mouse rank diminish over time? Last year at this time I was over 100, now I'm below 60. Just noticed that. Thanks! :)
It shouldn't but if you delete anything it will take points off. If you feel you lost points go to the tabs under the clock below , click  on support and let them know and they'll check into it. You can look at it also under MW store click on your history and see if it goes back that far and it usually I'll tell you when you got credits and spent credits. - secretagentangel   8878.9 #11 10-3-16 5:04PM  Flag Like  Reply
Thank you  @@secretagentangel. I submitted a request to support :)  - mumzymouse85  67.3 #0 10-3-16 5:33PM   Flag   Like
As a matter of fact yes , it tends to move around ,sorta depends if you stay active as an example you could be #17 but if you don't stay active you don't earn points and as other do post and continue the ranking gets moved around. - pikarich   6657.6 #19 10-3-16 5:49PM  Flag Like  Reply
And my example is I use to rank #17 but have move to #21 as there has been long periods of time that I didn't remain active and others passes me - pikarich  6657.6 #19 10-3-16 5:50PM   Flag   Like
Rank does change, even when you're active😂😂I think top 30 is always changing. You shouldn't lose points over time though.  - secretagentangel  8878.9 #11 10-3-16 5:56PM   Flag   Like
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7996.2 #14 DL Qual #4 8-24-16 9:50PM
Any other 📱 iPhone users having problems with Notifications? 🤔 If so, please state which iPhone or device you're using. Thanks!
California. iPhone number 6. App (that means application) crashes when I open notifications. - phillip...   1401.1 #140 8-24-16 9:59PM  Flag Like(2)  Reply
🙄 i hadda use the word 'state'. Is that the free app or Platinum? Same thing happens to me. - misschurro  7996.2 #14 8-24-16 10:11PM   Flag   Like
I, state your name lol  - TinyDancerTay  674.1 #331 8-24-16 10:57PM   Flag   Like(2)
I did it just now on a 6Plus and it came up right away - DisneyMom13   361.9 #694 8-24-16 10:10PM  Flag Like(1)  Reply
So you can see your notifications and DMs? - misschurro  7996.2 #14 8-24-16 10:11PM   Flag   Like
I posted to the lounge from my 6s and it never showed up. Not sure wassup? - tg4653   88.3 #3936 8-25-16 9:27PM  Flag Like  Reply
iPhone6 sometimes the app closes when I try to open Notifications, but not always. I have the free version. State - New Mexico  - disneyforme   794.1 #263 8-25-16 9:33PM  Flag Like  Reply
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357.7 #707 DL Qual #718 8-11-16 8:25PM
Dear #admin, please could we have an update that when we hit the back button we actually go back to where we were in the lounge. Sincerely, "tired of scrolling all the way down"
I think this posted teice😄 - secretagentangel   8878.9 #11 8-11-16 8:28PM  Flag Like  Reply
And I can't spell. Twice - secretagentangel  8878.9 #11 8-11-16 8:29PM   Flag   Like
No I just put this in support.  - DisneylandGirl  357.7 #707 8-11-16 8:29PM   Flag   Like
Get a quick overview of the new features in MouseWait 9 for iOS, our biggest update since 2009! Get the free version here, or upgrade to Platinum here
Just installed the MW app on my new phone yesterday. This will be very helpful for me since I am used to the android version. Thank you. - teapotsandteacups   2311.6 #75 3-15-16 11:41PM  Flag Like(1)  Reply
This was helpful.. But I'm still having an issue posting to pics to the lounge😑 - 1Minnie58   7.9 #13877 9-4-16 10:12AM  Flag Like  Reply
350.1 #729 DL Qual #429 7-17-16 6:21PM
Anyone else having a lot of trouble posting today from the parks? Seems like only a couple of mine made it through...
Darn Pokemon - FoolishMortal138   569.5 #396 7-17-16 9:06PM  Flag Like(2)  Reply
I was having a hard time this afternoon. When my photo finally posted, it posted twice😁 - dianaaa   440.2 #541 7-17-16 8:56PM  Flag Like(1)  Reply
I was even having some trouble with wait times. And my one post from the Parks timed out.  - redsoxcarlos   4288.8 #38 7-17-16 9:05PM  Flag Like(1)  Reply
Same kinds of experiences. Seems that the apps should behave a bit better when network connections are poor.  Many of my attempts to post just disappeared into the netherworld. - clawton   350.1 #729 7-17-16 9:10PM  Flag Like  Reply
Thanked by:   dianaaa  redsoxcarlos  FoolishMortal138