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The First Disneyland Weight Loss Program
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Happy Thanksgiving MouseWaiters! Chelsea, the kids, and I are extremely grateful to have you in our lives, and we hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends!Our 2015 SURPRISE Sticker is now in the MW Store  More...
Special, heavily-discounted Black Friday Sticker release tonight at 9pm in the MW Store (7 new Stickers). - Admin   11-27-15 11:33AM Like(3)  Reply
- UTDISNEYFAMILY  1859.6 #89 11-27-15 11:41AM
- secretagentangel  2924.9 #43 11-27-15 12:26PM
Happy Thanksgiving!  - luxkitty   3216.5 #41 11-26-15 8:53AM Like  Reply
You too @luxkitty hope you had a good one! - Admin  11-27-15 10:55AM
MUCHAS  señor! - MadameLeota   3633.0 #38 11-28-15 8:24AM Like  Reply
- thumpur   289.9 #953 11-28-15 2:56PM Like  Reply
697.0 #269 DL Qual #320 11-19-15 5:11PM
Just wondering how we can get this site going again. I admit that I haven't checked in as often as I should. I used to spend most of my MW time here! On a positive note, I haven't gained an ounce since my August vaca! It's a miracle!
Hello I would love for everyone to come back ! Congrats on not gaining weight! I'm finally getting to see a thyroid doctor so maybe she can find out why I'm not losing any weight!  I hope you stay around.   - disneyland4me   249.1 #1338 11-20-15 11:40PM Like  Reply
249.1 #1338 DL Qual #2239 9-14-15 8:59PM
is everyone gone
Oh man... yeah. CHUB33 seems desolate... =( I came back after being gone a long time, but no one's here. Awww, man... - spartanwoman   13.6 #8835 10-14-15 4:25PM Like  Reply
249.1 #1338 DL Qual #2239 8-14-15 4:50PM
How's it going?
Getting closer to Disneyland half marathon are you guys ready? I think I am  - disneyland4me   249.1 #1338 8-15-15 8:11AM Like  Reply
249.1 #1338 DL Qual #2239 7-19-15 2:27PM
How is everyone? 48more days before disneyland half marathon are you guys ready ?
46 days left!!!! I would like to loose 15 pounds before run  - disneyland4me   249.1 #1338 7-21-15 9:48AM Like  Reply
I still haven't started running again 😱😂 - Spoonful_O_Sugar   605.4 #328 7-22-15 2:51PM Like  Reply
Come on time to put the running shoes on and go  - disneyland4me  249.1 #1338 7-22-15 6:27PM
Woohoo!  Was dreading my first run but it wasn't as bad as I expected!  Thank you for the encouragement!  Let's do this! 🏃✨✨ - Spoonful_O_Sugar   605.4 #328 7-24-15 11:19AM Like  Reply
Great job  - disneyland4me  249.1 #1338 7-25-15 3:53PM
I'm excited!  Ran 8 miles lasts night. I'm training (slowly) for my first marathon!   - MXPrincess399   753.7 #242 7-28-15 12:38PM Like  Reply
Keep up the good work !! - disneyland4me  249.1 #1338 7-29-15 11:16PM
When is your marathon? - disneyland4me  249.1 #1338 7-29-15 11:17PM
249.1 #1338 DL Qual #2239 8-2-15 2:38PM
Hello how is everyone doing?
Doing well, how are you?  How is your training going?  I've had a few pretty good runs recently 😃 - Spoonful_O_Sugar   605.4 #328 8-4-15 8:51AM Like  Reply
Doing good thanks! Last week didn't do much because of rocky fire is about 20 miles away and the air has been bad. Today is much better so I'll start back up today.  - disneyland4me   249.1 #1338 8-5-15 7:57AM Like  Reply
Oh dear, I know how that is. Stay safe!  I had to do my last two long runs (and all my little short runs for two weeks) before my first half on a treadmill because of bad smoke.  Glad it's better for you!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  605.4 #328 8-5-15 5:46PM
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I love this App. I've used for a while. Easy to use and conveniently shipped to home! - ElectricMayhemMom   1282.8 #132 10-3-15 5:30PM Like(1)  Reply
welcome FREEPRINTS!  Thanks Admin for getting great stuff for us! - snowgrey   6.0 #15400 10-3-15 1:51PM Like  Reply
Just put in my first order.  - torino06   10.2 #10468 10-25-15 1:42PM Like  Reply
Just got my first order. Great photos.  - torino06   10.2 #10468 10-31-15 12:16PM Like  Reply
697.0 #269 DL Qual #320 7-4-15 2:32PM
Anyone there (here?)?????
Yes! 😂  Hi, MDM!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   605.4 #328 7-5-15 7:16AM Like  Reply
Hello - disneyland4me   249.1 #1338 7-8-15 1:27PM Like  Reply
Hi @Spoonful_O_Sugar and @disneyland4me!  This is a lonely place these days.  Maybe we should post in the Hub that it exists since apparently everyone has forgotten  - msdizmaui   697.0 #269 7-9-15 4:33PM Like  Reply
I know!  How is everything going @msdizmaui - Spoonful_O_Sugar   605.4 #328 7-10-15 12:53PM Like  Reply
I'm good.  Actually liking my job (although there's lots of stuff going, most of which isn't fun). I've been doing roller coaster dieting. Lost 10 in January, gained it back in February. Same with March and April. I've been good since May and have lost 13 lbs. Still have 8 or 9 to go. I'm in Atkins right now but going to try to transition to South Beach. How about you? Didn't you have some stuff going on? - msdizmaui  697.0 #269 7-10-15 1:11PM
That's great you've lost a bit and glad your job is going well!  I remember you did well on South Beach, didn't you? I've had a bumpy few years.  I lose when I'm stressed and gain when I relax.  I'm stressed right now, so I'm down a bit, but it's not really a "good" weight loss (like where I feel good)--I haven't worked out in a long time other than walking the dog, and I've been struggling with panic attacks and stuff.   It'll get better, lol.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  605.4 #328 7-10-15 2:07PM
249.1 #1338 DL Qual #2239 7-8-15 1:28PM
How is everyone?
Hi!  How are you?  Enjoying your summer?  🌺  we need to get things going in here again--I miss Chub33!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   605.4 #328 7-9-15 8:06AM Like  Reply
I'm doing good thank you! Trying to get my body back into shape! How are you? How is your training going for disneyland half? How is your new home? My summer is going well. Yes we need everyone too come back on chub33  - disneyland4me   249.1 #1338 7-9-15 8:36AM Like  Reply
@disneyland4me Thank you so much for the sticker!  So sweet of you!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   605.4 #328 7-15-15 5:27PM Like  Reply
249.1 #1338 DL Qual #2239 6-15-15 4:17PM
How is everyone?
Pretty good--moving this weekend, so life is a bit crazy.  Been walking a few miles each day with my dog though, so that's helped me feel more calm about the chaos.  How are you?  Is training going well?  - Spoonful_O_Sugar   605.4 #328 6-18-15 4:22PM Like(1)  Reply
I'm doing okay thanks! Training is good I've been riding my bike and walking for now.  Your Moving again good luck hope everything goes well. - disneyland4me   249.1 #1338 6-20-15 2:47PM Like  Reply
Thank you!  Time has gone so quickly. I'm really excited for summer bbqs and things 👍 - Spoonful_O_Sugar  605.4 #328 6-21-15 7:41AM
That's great! Enjoy your new home  - disneyland4me  249.1 #1338 6-21-15 9:56AM
Thanked by:   Spoonful_O_Sugar