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REUNION 6 RAFFLE INFO! When I witnessed the first MouseWait Reunion Raffle at the old Disneyland Hotel Lost Bar, it blew my mind seeing the generosity of a brand new community that donated, ran the Raffle, and bought tick  More...
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My first raffle was when we were at the DL hotel. There were so many things donated. I didn't know a soul, sat down, met some people and put my tix in a bunch of bags at the end where a lot of people had run out of tickets already and  I won shirts, a painting, toys, so much one of my new MWer friends had to help me take it all to my car. This last bash I won a lot and gave most  of it away And that was fun too!! But most of all I get excited to see people want to win my prizes that I donated, makes you feel great to give someone joy and support MouseWait!!! - secretagentangel   1345.5 #107 2-20-15 3:15PM Like(4)  Reply
Very generous of you. Sounds like fun. Where is the activity announced?  My kids say I'm tech challenged. Their right - susanray5  14.4 #0 2-20-15 5:55PM
The raffle brings out the best in everyone. I'm amazed by the generosity of the countless people who donate. I'm also amazed by the kindness of  those who purchase tickets & give them to others so that they may have a chance at winning. There are also those who enter for prizes only to give them away to someone else.I can't recall the coolest thing I've ever won but I do remember how excited the kids have been when I've brought them home something that was won.  - UTDISNEYFAMILY   1489.1 #93 2-20-15 4:22PM Like(3)  Reply
I heard your donating a car lol - pikarich  3460.0 #32 2-20-15 4:38PM
I'm donating a sock - philliprocks  992.2 #163 2-20-15 6:21PM
I plan on bringing something back from the New York Disney store for the raffle! - LuvsTigger   1056.3 #148 2-27-15 12:40PM Like  Reply
- jacdanfan  8042.9 #4 2-27-15 2:23PM
I was thinking of maybe grabbing a set of the Aulani ears for the raffle, one pink and one brown. - DarthTinkerbell   287.3 #907 2-27-15 1:51PM Like  Reply
- jacdanfan  8042.9 #4 2-27-15 2:23PM
Omg i know alot of people would love them.  - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  755.9 #217 2-27-15 3:11PM
4972.5 #18 DL Qual #9 2-27-15 6:44AM
Good morning and Happy Friday! Can I start you off with a warm beverage? . *sets out a plate of ✨✨  More...
anyone? 😂 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   4972.5 #18 2-27-15 6:55AM Like  Reply
*nibbles on a ✨✨ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4972.5 #18 2-27-15 7:05AM
Good morning - E-Ticket   1259.4 #113 2-27-15 7:09AM Like  Reply
TGIF 😃 Earl Gray and a chocolate croissant sound delish. 😋 - Darlingwendi   935.2 #170 2-27-15 7:51AM Like  Reply
*here ya go- 1 E.G. And a shoklette croysahhhhh. - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4972.5 #18 2-27-15 8:38AM
Went to be early last night, woke up and had some blueberry pancakes with my mama and kiddo.  Pic is on IG 😃😂 - Linzee   929.9 #172 2-27-15 1:36PM Like  Reply
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23.2 #6112 DL Qual #4726 2-27-15 10:41AM
hi everyone I have a question hopefully someone can answer. If you buy a two day ticket. can you upgrade it the second day to monthly payments on an annual pass?
Yes. Just make sure you upgrade before you leave. And congratulations! - philliprocks   992.2 #163 2-27-15 10:47AM Like(1)  Reply
That's how I got my pass last year. I bought the socal 3 day pass and on the 3rd day I upgraded to the payment plan. The AP start date will start on the first day you used your 2 day pass though - philliprocks  992.2 #163 2-27-15 10:51AM
Oh okay thank you so much :) - Sophia562   23.2 #6112 2-27-15 1:05PM Like  Reply
1276.8 #111 DL Qual #65 2-17-15 6:43PM
So I haven't posted in the lounge for a while...just thought I'd tell you all that I've got my mask on for Fat Tuesday! Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!! 🎉🃏🎭 to celebrate, I'm RAKing off a Crowd Lady sticker! Weeeee wooo! Please add y  More...
I'm sorry but I'll need to flag this because it should be in Disneyland talk, you know...since it's a RAK 😂 - Linzee   929.9 #172 2-17-15 6:44PM Like(3)  Reply
You're so right, @@Linzee...sometimes I forget the rules 😂 - MissMolly  1276.8 #111 2-17-15 6:45PM
I believe SIC posted a 101 on this very subject a few days ago 😃 - Linzee  929.9 #172 2-17-15 6:46PM
- DisneyFanZoe   1118.2 #135 2-17-15 9:17PM Like(2)  Reply
Added - Linzee  929.9 #172 2-17-15 9:20PM
Derp. - MissMolly  1276.8 #111 2-17-15 9:25PM
Is this still open?  If so, please add me!  Mahalo! - msdizmaui   634.5 #274 2-18-15 2:26PM Like  Reply
Msdizmaui, you won! Check your collection soon for your infamous Crowd Lady sticker 😉 Aloha - MissMolly  1276.8 #111 2-27-15 8:10AM
@@@msdizmaui Congrats!!! - Darlingwendi  935.2 #170 2-27-15 8:30AM
OMG!  Yay for me!  Now I can have Crowd Lady with me always...she can make me happy when I'm sad...I can vent to her when I'm upset.  Oh the places we'll go!  Mahalo Miss Molly! (I couldn't find her so I guess we're not BFF's just yet!) - msdizmaui   634.5 #274 2-27-15 12:23PM Like  Reply
178.8 #2162 DL Qual #306 2-27-15 8:52AM
@piratelife4me thanks for the stickers! Now I just have to figure out how to use them :)
Very nice of @piratelife4me !When you make a comment or reply, next to box is a clock icon and below it says 'stickers'. Click that and your collection will pop up- then choose from there. Have fun!!😊 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   4972.5 #18 2-27-15 9:23AM Like  Reply
Sent you a few   and a Churro fav ❤️😂😂😂 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4972.5 #18 2-27-15 9:28AM
Wow! Thank you for the tutorial and the stickers. Very sweet :) - bks4lou   178.8 #2162 2-27-15 11:21AM Like  Reply
1016.5 #159 DL Qual #174 2-25-15 7:47PM
I was allowed outside for the first time in over a month. It felt nice to be out in the breeze and the cool night air. I closed my eyes enjoying the peacefulness of the evening. Then, unexpectedly, right on time, I heard in the distance  More...
That is wonderful. 😃 - Darlingwendi   935.2 #170 2-25-15 8:32PM Like  Reply
I have missed these 👋 - Linzee   929.9 #172 2-25-15 8:33PM Like  Reply
Yay! - wonderlandgirl   338.6 #642 2-26-15 2:44PM Like  Reply
it looks like March 4th. - JungleBum   1016.5 #159 2-26-15 6:28PM Like  Reply
I'm working!  If it was the 3rd it'd be at my first home and your second home. But I'll be at your first home and my second home instead!  Hope to see you! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2279.7 #53 2-26-15 7:29PM
8427.5 #3 DL Qual #8 2-26-15 2:29PM
The computer was having problems in Radiation (my cancer treatment) and they were getting behind. I walked around to kill time waiting and was looking at the donation board, the who's who philanthropists. Well near the the bottom was the   More...
I love finding a touch of Disney in unexpected places. 😊 - Darlingwendi   935.2 #170 2-26-15 3:41PM Like(1)  Reply
I know I was stressing and then I saw Disney and exhaled. It's never far away - Plumiegirl  8427.5 #3 2-26-15 5:12PM
Thanked by:   Darlingwendi  secretagentangel  Dave  
338.6 #642 DL Qual #1706 2-26-15 8:37AM
Ducktales fans, a reboot is coming! In 2017 on Disney XD Scrooge, his nephews and all of your favorites will be back! Including Launchpad! I can't wait!
Here is a link to the article! - wonderlandgirl   338.6 #642 2-26-15 9:02AM Like  Reply
I'm a little worried that it will be updated. Or not good like a straight to video sequel. I hope I'm wrong - philliprocks   992.2 #163 2-26-15 9:34AM Like  Reply
Im excited but worried it will look like those new Mickey shorts where Goofy looks like a character out of Ren and Stimpy - wonderlandgirl  338.6 #642 2-26-15 9:46AM
The new Mickey shorts are awful! Goofy looks terrible! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  644.4 #267 2-26-15 2:22PM
Heard about this the other day. Pretty excited to see how it turns out . All awesome characters  - ChristopherRobin661   269.2 #1072 2-26-15 2:40PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   philliprocks  ChristopherRobin661 
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Phillip is on another list! My hit list! - SnoopMousyMouse   41.7 #0 2-27-14 1:41PM Like(2)  Reply
Them is fighting words - philliprocks  992.2 #163 2-27-14 1:57PM
It's not nice to hit  - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4139.5 #24 3-15-14 6:41PM
256.1 #1197 DL Qual #484 2-25-15 9:47PM
Someone is tuckered out from a day of fun -_- zzzzzz
😍 - PrincessDuckie   788.0 #205 2-25-15 10:14PM Like  Reply
Sweet boy! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   984.9 #165 2-26-15 12:09AM Like  Reply
5.2 #16179 DL Qual #5701 2-25-15 4:15PM
bugs life chilling
Cute photo! - Tinkaboudit   2249.4 #55 2-25-15 4:41PM Like  Reply
744.5 #222 DL Qual #111 2-22-15 8:04AM
Two things I am asking out of the MW community : 1 ) I am asking for ✨✨✨positive ✨✨✨✨uplifting energy ✨✨✨I will tell you in a second but first~~~> 🛅🚨🚙#BeSmart Please don't leave valuable items in your car when  More...
Good grief!  I'm so sorry that happened to you on your special day!  Here is my one fun fact that I hope helps to cheer you up:  Although the Haunted Mansion is located in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square and appears to be a typical antebellum manse, it was inspired by a home almost 999 miles to the north—Baltimore. The Shipley-Lydecker House was built in Baltimore in 1803.   - DisneyDavidEMT   1719.7 #79 2-22-15 8:08AM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks for sharing. Ya that's totally cool. Did you know that imagineers also were inspired by the Winchester Mansion in San Jose. Not the outside but the inside😬..thanks - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}  744.5 #222 2-22-15 8:19AM
oh! I have always wanted to go to the wichester mansion !! It seems sooo cool - anaggarciam  186.4 #2057 2-22-15 8:53AM
Sorry to hear that!  If you ever do the Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour at WDW, [WARNING:  SPOILER ALERT], among other areas/rides in the park, you'll be taken through the HM ride with a CM tour guide who shares SO much history on how the ride came to be, explaining all the wonderful details at every turn within the queue line as well as inside the mansion.  You'll even get a sneak peek of HM backstage where they show you how they pull off certain scenes in the ride, and how all the special effects work.  At one point, we were directly underneath the dining room scene and had to be quiet so riders couldn't hear us as they passed by above us.  It was one of the coolest and most unforgettable experiences ever! - mrsincredible   940.8 #5 2-22-15 5:47PM Like(1)  Reply
That's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}  744.5 #222 2-23-15 12:36PM
First of all I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you. Now let me humor you. When I was a young child we always took family trips to DL. Well this one time I got to ride alone with my grandfather on the HM. Just as we got to the grave yard the ride stopped in front of a tombstone with a ghost that would continuously pop up in front of us. My grandfather laughed so much because he thought it was just the funniest thing to watch me so scared. It wasn't funny to me then but now it makes me smile. HM is now my favorite attraction. - DisneyAnn   4.1 #21112 2-22-15 5:21PM Like  Reply
Awe that is such a great memory... - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}  744.5 #222 2-23-15 12:37PM
This post has been moved to The Hub - MouseWaitOfficialAccount   2-22-15 7:49PM Like  Reply
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