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CONGRATS to our June Credits Contest Winners: JediKtty, SorcererD91, formadi, jamixer, and Dodger818--you just won 5000 Credits each! THANK YOU to everyone who participated in June. The more you participate by entering wait times, and by   More...
Yay for all the winners!!! And thanks for all the wait times and quality content!  - secretagentangel   1696.3 #87 7-1-15 11:52AM Like  Reply
That is so exciting. Congrats to all!  - mmddgp   619.0 #10 7-1-15 12:24PM Like  Reply
Congrats! - Oinker34   1240.6 #124 7-3-15 12:21AM Like  Reply
4.9 #17780 DL Qual #0 7-2-15 10:19PM
Hi everyone!! I'm sort of new/long time lurker. I introduced myself years back and never came back on. I found it all very confusing. I recently upgraded the app for the paid version and would really like to get into it but I have a coupl  More...
366.3 #580 DL Qual #744 6-24-15 3:34PM
Mine,mine,mine! Can't wait to wear them.
@Dizkid would you believe I still haven't bought any yet?   Laming.  - Butterlina   1535.7 #99 7-2-15 4:30PM Like  Reply
You need a pair. Cute and comfy.  - Teresa Coleman   0.1 #102565 7-2-15 4:54PM Like  Reply
low or high tops?    Somebody told me to get Them little Metnaid ones as I am a petite flower. And Dave.  - Butterlina  1535.7 #99 7-2-15 4:56PM
Metnaid.  No wonder I find them always out of stock.  #crimeneeeeee - Butterlina  1535.7 #99 7-2-15 5:02PM
Cute! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad   1065.2 #3 7-2-15 8:36PM Like  Reply
@Butterlina They have high tops too. I am not wearing my orthotics any more, but when I did, I always brought them when I was trying on shoes, because it can change the size you buy.  - Dizkid   366.3 #580 7-2-15 8:44PM Like  Reply
Aha!   Well  I think I'll hit a mall tomorrow or Saturday. Thanks for the advice!  @Dizkid - Butterlina  1535.7 #99 7-2-15 9:11PM
356.2 #609 DL Qual #1131 7-2-15 7:55PM
"The Living Desert" is on TCM at 8:00. If you've never seen it try to watch it. Wonderful movie!
Thanked by:   Butterlina 
1535.7 #99 DL Qual #158 7-1-15 11:04PM
You're welcome.
I think Ben and Me is a rodent and some fella named Franklin.  - Butterlina   1535.7 #99 7-2-15 3:09AM Like(1)  Reply
😄  - DisneyGrandma  861.5 #197 7-2-15 8:31AM
And he has a hat?    - Butterlina  1535.7 #99 7-2-15 12:15PM
My wife and I are watching it now. Loving it - stevencato   208.4 #1812 7-2-15 7:49PM Like(1)  Reply
Depending how quickly or not I thumb type this the latest have about an hour and fifteen minutes to get ready.   - Butterlina   1535.7 #99 7-2-15 3:45PM Like  Reply
Are you ready???? - Butterlina   1535.7 #99 7-2-15 4:58PM Like  Reply
1535.7 #99 DL Qual #158 7-2-15 3:59PM
Well I just found some bargains at a shop. Disney themed shirts for $3.90. No Miss Espalier it's not going in Disneyland Talk 😜. The whole store (or should I say chain of stores) has great quality and low prices. It starts with  More...
@@HandMeAChurroImmaFaint - Butterlina   1535.7 #99 7-2-15 4:46PM Like  Reply
Haha!! I DID get a shirt at this shop. I forgot to pack it when we went a couple weeks ago 😫😫😫 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5404.6 #17 7-2-15 4:52PM
And $3.90?? Sheesh! Awesomely priced and whatnot - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5404.6 #17 7-2-15 4:53PM
$3.90, $5.90. And a whopping $7.90.    - Butterlina   1535.7 #99 7-2-15 4:57PM Like  Reply
42.7 #4802 DL Qual #1406 7-2-15 3:46PM
From lunch today. Chef Oscar and I. He is so cute!
Thanked by:   Ericksenator 
1535.7 #99 DL Qual #158 6-30-15 10:08PM
Share your thoughts.......Ok I will. I've been home for two days sick with the very lovely stomach flu. Wheeeeee. Whoooosh. But that's not the thoughts. Crimeneeee this SoCal kookoo weather. I'm actually glad I stayed home with   More...
Yes! My kitties drinking lots of water and getting closer to sitting in front of AC!  - secretagentangel   1696.3 #87 6-30-15 11:21PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   OhanaPhoto 
356.2 #609 DL Qual #1131 6-30-15 4:31PM
Can the batteries in Glow with the Show ears be changed, and if so how?
Yes. You unscrew the screw, lift the cover of the battery, and take out the old AAAs and replace them with new ones. Then, put the covers back and put the screws back in. Remember: lefty loosey and righty tighty! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper   672.2 #271 6-30-15 9:52PM Like(1)  Reply
1137.9 #143 DL Qual #107 6-30-15 7:06PM
I wanted to see if I could sneak one more ride on Peter Pan.😁
What's the wait?  - secretagentangel   1696.3 #87 6-30-15 7:07PM Like  Reply
It was 70 minutes but it looked longer! - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1137.9 #143 6-30-15 7:09PM
Thanked by:   MarshaMouse 
1535.7 #99 DL Qual #158 6-30-15 5:01PM
There once was a strapping young lad who had a passion for scraping convoluted undergarments that reminded him of baked goods. He scrapped that plan as the aforementioned finery seemed to be oddly magnetic. We are the world. We are   More...
Yeah, I miss being in the Lounge!! - islandRmand   128.0 #2969 6-30-15 5:54PM Like  Reply