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 1278.9 #9 (WDW Qual #110

November 9, 2014 4:40 PM  WDW Talk Land
Live at the meet up!
Great pic! Wish I was there!!! 4 more days :-) - Maleficent69  128.2 #66 4:45PM
What an awesome group of people.. Y'all have a great time.. - dxcmama  416.2 #24 4:45PM
Awesome!!!!💛💙💜💚❤️ - justGoofin  166.3 #58 6:25AM
Fun meetup pic! - jacdanfan  16058.8 #6 7:18AM

 1278.9 #9 (WDW Qual #110

November 9, 2014 3:56 PM  WDW Talk Land
The MW avengers have assembled.
A roll call would be fun. With where everyone is from too! - MicheyMouse  364.1 #744 4:16PM
Jennifer (msdiznee), Tracy (tracsant), Tiffany (CDKG), Maggie (Mrs I), Angelito (otilegna), Mandy (schramke), Caryn (disneycm), Andrea (Andrea84), Chris and Michelle (Indy and Marion), Susan (Tinkerbell1265), Patricia (5DL) - mrsincredible  1442.4 #7 6:53PM
Thanks!! Great pic of everyone! - MicheyMouse  364.1 #744 6:58PM
Yes. We assembled and laughed. We'll save the world tomorrow 😄 - 5disneylovers  1293.4 #8 5:40PM
Wow...this is great! What a fabulous pic and great group of ppl! 👊 - mickeynme  236.0 #41 8:47PM
Hope to meet u all one of these days btw!! 😊 - mickeynme  236.0 #41 8:49PM

 65.4 #4617 (DL Qual #1083

March 1, 2014 2:13 PM  WDW Talk Land
Elias is holding on to the old fast pass system.
Adorable!! - mickeynme  236.0 #41 2:14PM
He is so adorable! - mmddgp  2038.2 #3 2:16PM
Don't let go!!! 😍 - mrsincredible  1442.4 #7 3:06PM
I was surprised the machines were still there! He loved them! Too bad they'll soon be gone 😭 - elephanette  65.4 #4617 3:37PM
So cute !!! - skcanfield  595.0 #14 3:37PM

 1293.4 #8 (WDW Qual #153

September 6, 2013 5:02 PM  The Hub
Welcome back Indy our #1
I'll let you in on a little secret... He didn't go that far. #1 is always watching! 😉 - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1479.6 #6 9:35PM
Haha, totally read that in Roz's tone!! 😂 - mrsincredible  1442.4 #7 3:45AM
Yes welcome back . You were sorely missed. - Pooh147856  495.8 #20 5:07PM
Welcome back, Indy! - ally  509.0 #19 8:58PM
I'll let you in on a little secret... He didn't go that far. #1 is always watching! 😉 - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1479.6 #6 9:35PM
Haha, totally read that in Roz's tone!! 😂 - mrsincredible  1442.4 #7 3:45AM

 1442.4 #7 (WDW Qual #99

October 13, 2012 7:56 AM  WDW Talk Land
So excited!! Found matching Mickey fleece pull-overs for all of us and had them personalized with our names. They are on sale too, 30% off Disney online today - yay!! These will be so cute for celebrating the Christmas season at Disney!!
Did you mail mine to my home or my work? - lala03  76.6 #90 8:06AM
Haha! Mrs. I, you can just mail mine with Lala's. Thanks sister! 😜 - BagGal  345.8 #29 11:46AM
You're so good at this! Does mrI know about this? - Jalex239  379.9 #26 8:24AM
I just broke the news to him... very, very gently. LOL!! How can the man be angry with 30% off EACH shirt?! Haha!! - mrsincredible  1442.4 #7 8:33AM
Basically got 4 for the price of 1!! :) - mrsincredible  1442.4 #7 8:37AM
Where did u find it - 5disneylovers  1293.4 #8 1:54PM
Disney's website... you should check it out. They have alot of things on sale right now, and free shipping if you spend $75 - which I didn't get because I saved so much, I didn't spend that much!! :) - mrsincredible  1442.4 #7 2:29PM
Lol just 75 to get free shipping lol 😏 - 5disneylovers  1293.4 #8 3:43PM
Well, I guess some people do, haha!! Not this girl... cuz I saved a whole 'lotta money today!! WOOT WOOT!! :) - mrsincredible  1442.4 #7 4:17PM
How cute!! Those will be absolutely perfect for the holidays...Yayyyy! So glad you found them..can't wait to see your pics of u guys wearing them! :-) - mickeynme  236.0 #41 4:35PM
Oh no now I HAVE to go check out my Disney store app to see what's on sale. Oh I have a coupon from my preordered Cinderella DVD. - txdisneymomma  172.3 #55 5:03PM

 251.9 #40 (WDW Qual #453

September 12, 2012 9:54 AM  WDW Talk Land
A little bit of rain here at AK. Cloudy with a chance of meat balls
Lol ... :-D Sounds like your having a great day! ;-) - JessiBelle22  78.4 #88 11:35AM

 1278.9 #9 (WDW Qual #110

May 20, 2012 9:20 PM  WDW Talk Land
My wedding ring. On the inside I'll have Michelle's name, and she'll have mine. It's a beach themed waves on the ring.
Awwww!! Tht is so cute!!! Congrats!! 💍💍💍💍💍 - Cinderella12  45.6 #120 9:26PM
That's really nice!!! I'm so happy for you two!!! Enjoy your big day you two! - lakerck  165.1 #59 9:46PM
So romantic!😍 - ally  509.0 #19 7:31PM
Love it! - Ariel42  262.9 #38 7:44PM

 113.2 #3579 (DL Qual #997

April 12, 2012 2:17 PM  WDW Talk Land
So on the DL side they have this thing called "MW member of the day" where one person is randomly chosen each day and throughout the day you get to ask them questions. It's a good way to get to know eachother. I will be happy to be in charge and post who it is and notify the person the day before. If you think it's a good idea and are interested post below and let me know. I will start making a li  More...
Great idea! My txt feature is set up.:) - ally  509.0 #19 6:42PM
Yay for dvcfam4!! Glad to see you doing this over here for the wdw folks. :) - Mimmy  1442.4 #150 12:01PM
Agreed! It's a fun time and great to see it carry over to the WDW side as well! - donnievegas  1132.7 #204 12:08PM
I'll do it too! I am Nicole and my email is
- ncjal  333.6 #31 5:30PM
Please add me! - mrsincredible  1442.4 #7 6:05PM

 35.0 #139 (WDW Qual #1827

April 5, 2012 8:11 PM  WDW Talk Land
he was so close on the safari ride! its amazing how tall they are.
Great shot! - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #23 8:22PM
How fun to see him so close!😊 - ally  509.0 #19 8:22PM
Great shot! - lakerck  165.1 #59 10:10PM
Cool shot! - majickingdom79  77.3 #89 12:08AM

 46.4 #119 (WDW Qual #2616

April 1, 2012 9:48 AM  WDW Talk Land
Just wanted to mention that anyone posting live pictures is my hero!!!!
Aww! :) It's my pleasure, ty! - PixieDust76  93.4 #79 5:45PM

 165.1 #59 (WDW Qual #1371

February 12, 2012 2:39 PM  WDW Talk Land
Just got this key made at Lowes for our house! On the back of the key it says "hug me"
You two are starting such a wonderful adventure, you know what that means? We're going to send you the Grape Soda pin, thanks for being such great MWers! Send me your new address, please! 😊 - jacdanfan  16058.8 #6 6:14PM
Yay!! - Ariel42  262.9 #38 6:28PM
Awww.... Thnx! I'll send it to you when I'm done with this comment. - lakerck  165.1 #59 6:43PM
Yay! Your on your way to a Disney home! - majickingdom79  77.3 #89 4:14PM
I LOVE Winnie the Pooh I always give him a big bear hug when I see him!!!! - Cedeshenney  7.4 #316 7:22PM
Congratulations on your new marriage, new home & your key to happiness!! - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #23 9:56PM

 194.6 #48 (WDW Qual #634

February 1, 2012 7:22 PM  WDW Talk Land
Hello Everyone!!!! Tonight went so wonderful. I am so blessed to know this family and do such a great thing for them. There was laughter and tears, both sad and happy....They were ecstatic when we presented them with the Trip to Disney...we gave them the new conformation in their name, the plane tickets, rental car and the church gave them 3000 in spending money. I also converted all of our dining  More...
Thanks you was so worth it to see those smiles, you have no idea*+.*+.*+. - CinderellaPrincess85  194.6 #48 9:45PM
Thanks a lot now I'm sobbing again. The most amazing, generous, selfless acts EVER. I am inspired. - Tinkerbella2000  26.1 #152 7:58PM
Me too!! - Ariel42  262.9 #38 7:59PM
Me three! - mamatink  13.4 #219 6:07PM
Sometimes there are just no words are an inspiration - pbjc1  12.2 #229 1:08PM
This is so awesome! You two are the most generous people I know. Thanks for keeping us updated. - disneycm  822.5 #10 1:21PM

 16058.8 #6 (DL Qual #30

February 1, 2012 6:01 AM  WDW Talk Land
Good morning everyone! Took this pic at DCA a couple of years ago. It reminds me of an incredible family that resides on MW. When on vacation in November he posted so many wonderful pics for all of us to enjoy. Oh, there's one more thing ... we'd like to give Mr. Incredible, Jalex239, a Grape Soda pin. He earned it! Thank you, John!
I agree with you! This is a great idea you are doing! Keep up the work~ - Jazdaz88  66.1 #97 6:06AM
Hey Jacdanfan! I'm sure you know how much this means to me! Thank you so much for this RAK! You and Goofygal are what MW is all about! There are so many awesome MWers on this app that make it incredible! You and your wife are pretty incredible yourselves! - Jalex239  379.9 #26 6:13AM
Oh and I can't wait to return in the near future share our adventure with you all! - Jalex239  379.9 #26 6:15AM
Thank you! Can't wait for you to go back and post more great pictures. Your last trip was amazing! - jacdanfan  16058.8 #6 6:56AM
Yay!! Congrats!! - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #23 5:31PM
Congratulations! Good choice jacdanfan. - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1479.6 #6 6:18PM

 194.6 #48 (WDW Qual #634

November 27, 2011 10:34 PM  WDW Talk Land
Oh I forgot...This was Kate's face when I told her we were going back to WDW*+.*+.*+.
Priceless!! She's so beautiful - Schramke  746.9 #13 10:37PM
Thank you - CinderellaPrincess85  194.6 #48 10:49PM
Love it! Thanks for the laugh CP85! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1479.6 #6 10:36PM
You're welcome!!! - CinderellaPrincess85  194.6 #48 10:50PM
Thank you! She truly is my little Princess. Uppity got the story on her today*+.*+.*+. - CinderellaPrincess85  194.6 #48 7:19PM
She is such a cutie!!!! - dxcmama  416.2 #24 7:26PM

 194.6 #48 (WDW Qual #634

November 28, 2011 7:44 PM  WDW Talk Land
We have a new pirate YoHo!!! Davy Badbones, formally known as Madden*+.*+.*+.
OMG!! So cute! - Ariel42  262.9 #38 7:45PM
Lol, so cute! - ally  509.0 #19 7:45PM
You have a beautiful family - Schramke  746.9 #13 10:19AM
What a cutie pie! Great pic! - disneycm  822.5 #10 10:20AM

 1442.4 #7 (WDW Qual #99

October 5, 2011 9:40 AM  WDW Talk Land
On board Disney's Magical Express, headed to All-Star Movies. I can feel the magic already!!
Woohoo! Cute pic! - disneycm  822.5 #10 9:49AM
Awww handsome boy. Have a blast.  - Schramke  746.9 #13 9:54AM
Cute! Have a wonderful time! - PixieDust76  93.4 #79 10:41PM
Cute little guy!! I wish I could feel the magic too~ - Jazdaz88  66.1 #97 3:42AM

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