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April 12, 2012 9:56 AM  WDW Talk Land
Hope everyone is having a great day! I have an update for those who read my posts a few weeks ago about having to choose between my trip to WDW or keep my awful job. I got a new job and i start it when i get home from WDW! Im so excited! No more being bullied or dealing with mean people at my work. I also get to take my son out of daycare and take him with me to work. Everything worked out perfect  More...
That's wonderful!! Congrats on the new job - Schramke  742.4 #13 10:04AM
I am so happy for you. You and your son desrve only the best!!! - Ariel42  262.9 #38 10:30AM
Thank you so much everyone!!!! I am overwhelmed by all of your responses. I feel so relieved and no stress. I'm very very happy!!! Thank you for letting me share this with you! - disneyworldsbiggestfan  72.0 #93 8:36PM
Everything happens for a reason! So glad things are working out for you! - disneychk  23.1 #163 6:36AM

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April 3, 2012 7:03 AM  WDW Talk Land
Good Morning EVERYONE!!!! 13 days til we are in WDW...18 until the Royal MK Wedding!!! It feels like I just told you all about the Royal Proposal at CRT. Where has the time gone?*+.*+.*+.
I know time is flying. I'm so exited for you. your living my dream wedding :) - mymosas  9.8 #264 7:25AM
That's so great,can't wait to see pics,its going to be amazing,wishing you both a lifetime of happiness:) - tracsant  1599.6 #4 7:34AM
I can't wait to hear and see it all! Best Wishes! - ally  509.0 #19 8:56PM
I cant wait to see pictures. So exciting! - Dizkid  505.8 #476 8:58PM

 72.0 #93 (WDW Qual #1434

March 30, 2012 2:12 PM  WDW Talk Land
Thank you everyone on here for making me smile when things are tough at work. This website helps me get away from the drama and mean people. Thank you to all who post pictures on here they cheer me up! You guys are all such great people!!!! Have a magical day and weekend!
It is a wonderful place to lift your spirits! I hope your weekend is wonderful! - DizneyGirl  1546.1 #5 2:20PM
THANK YOU AND I HOPE YOURS IS TOO!! :) - disneyworldsbiggestfan  72.0 #93 2:40PM
Mw really is filled with wonderful people,hope things get better for you,((hugs)):) - tracsant  1599.6 #4 2:47PM
Aww! I hope things work out for you! I will be keepIng you in my prayers. ✨✨ - majickingdom79  77.3 #88 4:35PM

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March 12, 2012 8:01 PM  WDW Talk Land
You know I realized something. I have more friends here then I do anywhere else. Why can't the world be filled with people like the ones found here. Sorry for putting you on the spot but look at Jacdanfan. I've never met someone who does so much for other people. I love this place. MouseWait, this hugs for you. And to you jacdanfan. Thank you for being you.
I agree completely! Jacdanfan is a great MWer and his wife, Goofygal is in the same category! Although I haven't met either one of them In person, I consider them both my friends! Thanks for posting this awesome hug for Gary! I'd like to extend it to Goofygal as well! - Jalex239  379.9 #25 8:36PM
Well said!!! 👏👏👏 I totally agree!! - TangledNdisneY  324.7 #31 8:40PM
Thank you, John. We feel the same about you. - jacdanfan  15413.6 #5 8:43PM
very well said - poohbear6382  37.5 #132 10:08PM
I totally agree! - disneycm  802.1 #10 3:28AM
Agreed! Two awesome people! - dvcfam4  113.2 #3554 2:24PM
Well said!! Before MW, I lurked on facebook, but none of my friends actually paid attention to what I was saying. I feel like everyone here is like my extended family.  If I'm having a bad day, all I need to do is log on, read a few posts, and I feel better.  Jacdanfan and GoofyGal are prime examples of what the true meaning of MW is about. Good people trying to encourage and uplift others with their love of all things Disney! Thank you everyone for making this Lupie feel like a million bucks on days when she feels like staying in bed and hiding. =) - eeyorefan107l  280.2 #35 8:49PM
If anyone came in here and asked what made everyone so special here, I think you hit it right on the head when you said that everyone listens and everyone cares. Unlike fb, people here are genuine and self sacrificing instead of self centered. - MunetMorelloMouse  20.5 #176 9:25PM
Totally agree - Hbrunelli  118.6 #69 5:10AM
Sorry, this is why....not way.... ;) - Scothran  112.3 #70 11:39AM
Agreed! Two awesome people! - dvcfam4  113.2 #3554 2:24PM

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March 8, 2012 7:45 AM  WDW Talk Land
I want to extend a huge THANKS to Admin and keeping MW going and upgrading the server. My hubby works with a major publishing company and keeps the servers up (along with the websites). This can be a tiring, time consuming, thankless job. So, thanks for all you do and time you take to do it, when you could be spending it with family or just relaxing!
😃👍👍 - majickingdom79  77.3 #88 7:53AM
Yes thanks so much for all u do! - essom71  14.0 #212 8:10AM
Thanks admin!! - Andrea84  754.5 #12 8:11AM

 14124.2 #7 (DL Qual #80

March 8, 2012 6:00 AM  WDW Talk Land
Good morning everyone! Well, it's awesome to see everyone back but looks like things are still a little off! Anyway, to keep this Disney related - check out the Disney Parks Blog to see some great pix of Cars Land which officially opens June 15! On a personal note, I have to give a huge shout out to CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad. She sent us a wonderful surprise package of pins from her collection. I  More...
What she said about CDKG! 👍 Will post a pic when the sun comes up. Nancy had a very bad day at work yesterday, maybe her worst. A wonderful friend and colleague was let go from the company. Nancy was devastated. Your wonderful gift really lifted her spirits. I can't thank you enough for your generosity and the kindness you have shown us. The pins will be a treasured part of our collection. And the Port of Seattle pin will go on my baseball cap with Hugo's pin. This is the hat I wear most of the time to Disneyland. Thank you for making our month! - jacdanfan  15413.6 #5 6:19AM
How cool that my POS pin can go to DL with you! It's almost as if a little piece of me gets to go! Almost... 😉 - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1479.6 #6 6:51AM
I'm so sorry about your co worker. I sure hope something better comes for them. God always has a plan. - MinnieNurse  331.5 #845 6:40AM
Thank you! - goofygal  14124.2 #7 5:36PM
That was really special thx! - goofygal  14124.2 #7 5:40PM
What's for dinner? - jacdanfan  15413.6 #5 5:42PM

 1278.9 #9 (WDW Qual #108

February 26, 2012 8:29 PM  WDW Talk Land
If you don't get the reference. A trip to WDW is in your future.
Love your Mickey vinyl! I really want the stitch counterpart😊 - majickingdom79  77.3 #88 8:40PM
Please note: The hat does NOT come with Mickey. It is from the Park 8 Sorcerer's Hat figure. I actually took it off the Park  figure and stuck it on Mickey's head and that's where it is staying. It just fits so perfectly with the figure theme. - IndyandMarion  1278.9 #9 8:47PM
I was wondering about that, I didn't remember seeing the hat when I saw it last week - majickingdom79  77.3 #88 8:52PM
It's the first ever open box variant! ;) - IndyandMarion  1278.9 #9 9:00PM
He looks very cool though! Like a twist of mickeys philharmagic! - majickingdom79  77.3 #88 9:03PM
Love it!!!  - Schramke  742.4 #13 6:06AM
Love it! - lakerck  165.1 #58 9:19AM

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February 13, 2012 6:54 AM  WDW Talk Land
So I want to share something my older son did yesterday we were watching tv and a disney vacation commercial came on and they get so happy and my son looked at me and said I want to go so bad and I said I am sorry hunny not this year we need to save money for us to move as I have a tear in my eye my son runs upstairs and get his bank and looks at me and says don't worry daddy I have some money to   More...
Sweet story,sounds like an amazing boy:) - tracsant  1599.6 #4 6:55AM
That is too sweet*+.*+.*+. - CinderellaPrincess85  194.6 #48 6:57AM
Thats too cute. Sounds like my older son too. - dvcfam4  113.2 #3554 3:40PM
What a thoughtful & considerate child. You are blessed!✨🌟✨ - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #22 3:41PM

 194.6 #48 (WDW Qual #623

January 30, 2012 4:11 PM  WDW Talk Land
So this is what will be happening...Ryan and I had the privilege of meeting a beautiful couple yesterday at church. They have recently suffered the loss of their 17 yr old daughter to a drunk driver. After learning that they loved Disney and last experienced a trip a few years prior to their loss I had a big thought. After counsil today with my uncle Michael aka Uppity, Ryan and I have decided to   More...
What a wonderful, kind, and generous gesture both you and Ryan have done for this couple. You're both incredibly awesome and deserve the best in life. Knowing how much Disney means to you I am astounded by your caring sacrifice! God Bless you both! - jacdanfan  15413.6 #5 5:14PM
Wow! You both are amazing! People like you show me and astound me that there are still people out there with kind and generous hearts! I believe that what you are doing for this couple is truly what inspired Walt Disney himself to build these parks! Bless you and what a way to pay it forward! I hope one day to do this as well for you have set an example to a new meaning of RAK :) cheers to you and your hubby! - majickingdom79  77.3 #88 5:27PM
Very generous! You're awesome people!!! 'll keep them in my prayers, they're going to have the trip of their lives :) - jallysajones  7.5 #312 9:52PM
That's amazing you guys are so generous! - mickeym0use  20.6 #174 11:03PM

 15413.6 #5 (DL Qual #31

January 31, 2012 6:55 AM  WDW Talk Land
I was talking to a nice CM at a DL pin store on Saturday. She said the Grape Soda pin was Disney's number one selling pin, ever! The meaning behind the pin touches everyone's heart. Oh, and there's one more thing ... This pin is for CP85! Did anyone seriously think my RAK was over? Goofygal did, heh heh.
Okay, here's the deal. I've been collecting Grape Soda pins for several months. When Goofygal and I did these 2 RAKs we combined our lists and have chosen many winners. After our 2 initial well deserved winners were announced we wanted to give the 3rd pin to CP85, obviously. Over the next several days we will be posting pics and comments. Winners will be announced in passing in the post, it will be obvious. At any rate we really appreciate the wonderful comments and hold all of you close to our heart. I cannot tell you how much happiness and joy this app and the MW family have brought us. Let the adventure continue! 😄 - jacdanfan  15413.6 #5 5:18PM
Oh wow! You guys are amazing people. Some of the sweetest people I ever meet actually. That's an awesome way to spread the magic  - Schramke  742.4 #13 5:25PM
Way to share the magic with everyone, you and goofygal are both so kind!! - Andrea84  754.5 #12 5:35PM
Always enjoy reading you and goofygals post as well as everyones, mw means a lot to me ,so thank you:) - tracsant  1599.6 #4 5:51PM
You two are the best! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1479.6 #6 6:06PM
Love my MW family!! Always brightens my day up when I check in!!! - Ariel42  262.9 #38 6:12PM
You guys are just amazing!! - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #22 6:46PM
Oh wow you two are great. So kind a generous. - Bakerjars  265.5 #37 6:50PM
WOW...You guys are the best!! - disneycm  802.1 #10 3:19AM
Thank you both for being here every day on the WDW side! You guys are awesome! - Jalex239  379.9 #25 3:55AM
Its been great to get to know you and goofygal on this app (and all MWers). It'd be great to meet you in person some day. Thanks for all your generosity! - DizneyGirl  1546.1 #5 7:26PM
WOW...You guys are the best!! - disneycm  802.1 #10 3:19AM
Thank you both for being here every day on the WDW side! You guys are awesome! - Jalex239  379.9 #25 3:55AM

 1546.1 #5 (WDW Qual #84

January 31, 2012 10:21 AM  WDW Talk Land
For WildforWalt
Adorable!! - Ariel42  262.9 #38 10:25AM
Very cute - Schramke  742.4 #13 10:32AM
Oh and my daughter is five in April too! This was her first haircut at 4 1/2. - DizneyGirl  1546.1 #5 7:02PM
So cute! Absolutely love it*+.*+. - CinderellaPrincess85  194.6 #48 7:29PM

 786.9 #11 (WDW Qual #692

December 2, 2011 2:00 PM  WDW Talk Land
*****DXCMAMA Congratulations you're the winner!!!! Please txt me your your address by 12-17-11 at 10pm est ****** It's time to announce my 2011 Merry Christmas MouseWait Family Give Away! As a way to show my appreciation for Mousewait and all the wonderful mwers, ill pick One Winner who will receive a magical gift box filled with some Disney Holiday Magic including a $75 Disney Gift Card. The win  More...
Incredibly generous gift. This is NOT a Random Act of Kindness. There is nothing Random about Uppity's generosity and kind spirit. Please add me, Santa. Thank you for the wonderful Act of Kindness.
- jacdanfan  15413.6 #5 5:55PM
Thank you for the generous RAK! Please add me. So thoughtful for your Mousewait family. - MagicalFamily  65.9 #97 2:03PM
This is awesome. Please add me. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for such wonderful RAKS. - purplelooney  11.1 #245 6:15PM
Congrats - TinkTinkTink  303.1 #33 6:32AM
Congratulations!!!!!! - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #22 7:57AM

 1278.9 #9 (WDW Qual #108

November 11, 2011 4:28 PM  WDW Talk Land
Amazing lights!!!
Great videos! Keep 'em coming. (Please!) - Subaduba  6.7 #338 5:22PM
Thanks indy for the pics and videos tonight! It made me get in the mood for christmas! A big thanks to you and marion for taking time to post live stuff on mw! You all make living outside disney a lil more tolerable. - Cydsmom  23.1 #162 7:40PM
Thanks. We try. I'll have photos up on the Outpost early tomorrow morning. - IndyandMarion  1278.9 #9 7:47PM
Wow, can't wait! Where is the best place to see the light show? - kimmouse  3.1 #1317 8:44AM
All around you. There really is no good or bad spot. - IndyandMarion  1278.9 #9 8:49AM
All around you. There really is no good or bad spot. - IndyandMarion  1278.9 #9 8:49AM

 44.2 #122 (WDW Qual #3457

October 27, 2011 9:46 AM  WDW Talk Land
RAK RAK I bought this while at WDW the first of October with the intent of giving it away as a RAK. Pin trading is one of our favorite things to do in the parks. To be entered tell us one of your favorite things to do in the Disney parks. Winner will be chosen Tuesday at random, good luck.
EAT!! Add me please :-) - justGoofin  166.3 #57 9:47AM
Oh cool! My daughter and I looked for these but couldn't find 1. Let's see....our favorite thing to do is look for hidden mickeys. - Cydsmom  23.1 #162 9:49AM
I found mine at HS =) - CinderellaPrincess85  194.6 #48 10:03AM
Thats where I saw them also! - Ariel42  262.9 #38 11:09AM
Congrats! - DizneyGirl  1546.1 #5 7:15PM
Congrats! I can't wait until fall so I can get 1 of these! Gotta love UP! - Cydsmom  23.1 #162 8:13PM

 20.8 #173 (WDW Qual #5003

October 13, 2011 12:35 PM  WDW Talk Land
Captain posed for a portrait! Oh captain my captain! Live. No wait on Pirates either!
Awesome, arrgg! - BuckeyeBrandi  35.6 #138 12:55PM
Yay! No wait! - justGoofin  166.3 #57 12:59PM
Cool picture!!! - bellatoris  28.0 #147 8:17PM
Missing him :( - mzdisnee  575.6 #15 8:19PM

 44.2 #122 (WDW Qual #3457

September 6, 2011 7:18 PM  WDW Talk Land
So I've been trying to figure out how to post pictures, a little help please....
Postcamera iconmedia centre or camera. Tip: post pic before text. If u write first, once you attach the pic the txt is erased and you have to re-type. - C-Ticket  42.0 #126 7:22PM
Got it, thanks C-ticket :) - Madcapusa  44.2 #122 7:41PM

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