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 171.2 #47 (WDW Qual #569

Mar 28, 2015 5:30PM  WDW Talk Land
Hellooooo everyoneeeeeee....long time no see! are u guys?! I have been MIA from here lately (i have been on instagram more tho...shame on me for neglecting my disney home here!! what are ur names if you're on there?? Lol..i've been posting a TON of non-disney food pics from a recent foodie road trip! :)) I've also been studying non-stop so i don't get a chance to stop in here as much as  More...

hi, nice to see you again. Nothing going on with me. Our next trip is January. We have some mwers in Disney now. Sounds like you've been very busy. Hopefully you can relax on your days off. πŸ˜ƒ - Schramke  487.1 #15 5:43PM
lol..yes hopefully I can relax sporadically...lot of studying to do I relax here and there lol😊 thank you! And that's great that you're going in January! Something to look forward to...never too early to start the disney trip countdown πŸ˜‰ lol - mickeynme  171.2 #47 6:39PM
Hey you ! My IG name is the same as my MW name  - tracsant  1097.8 #2 5:47PM
I forgot that part. Mine is my Mw name as well.  - Schramke  487.1 #15 5:52PM
Helloooo...gotcha..thanksπŸ˜€ how are u?? Any new disney trips or news? Lol - mickeynme  171.2 #47 6:41PM
im good , next trip will be in July to DL. How about you ?? - tracsant  1097.8 #2 7:14PM
Hi we have a trip in 62 days!  We can't wait!! And I have IG but I'm not on it much. And my name is the same as MW too.   - happygma2  29.0 #127 9:04PM
Hiya, pal!!  Always miss you when you leave us. 😜 My sister and her two girls are going on a all girls road trip the second week of June to WDW, staying a week.  It will be my youngest niece's (3yo) first time!  Then Mr I and I have a trip planned with the boys to DL the first week of Dec, our first time!  Getting excited for both trips! - mrsincredible  967.6 #4 5:34AM

 492.6 #14 (WDW Qual #173

Mar 28, 2015 5:34PM  WDW Talk Land
We had the most amazing day at DL today!!!! Book signing, snagged 11:30 ressies at Blue Bayou, saw Brer Rabbit, sat in our favorite spot on Tom Sawyer Island and saw the wonders of Spring (ducklings).

Sounds like the perfect dayπŸ˜ƒ - Schramke  487.1 #15 5:40PM
Aww that sounds like a wonderful celebration day.  To Steph again - mmddgp  561.0 #11 6:28PM
Sounds perfect! - ncjal  225.0 #33 4:59AM
The perfect day! - mrsincredible  967.6 #4 5:29AM

 561.0 #11 (WDW Qual #167

Mar 28, 2015 6:42PM  WDW Talk Land
Blizzard beach. Putt putt at winter/summer land. We did the winter side

We don't see a lot of pix from there, thanks! Great collage. - jacdanfan  8338.9 #4 7:16PM
It was a great day today for it. It was cool this morning which was nice. We also like to do it at night but can only do it if we drive or rent a car, buses only run there as long as blizzard beach is open.  - mmddgp  561.0 #11 10:41PM
cool.   - 5disneylovers  957.0 #5 8:02PM
We always enjoy going there. 😍 - disneycm  626.3 #9 4:24AM
Cute collage! Never done the putt putt,  I would like to do that sometime!  - ncjal  225.0 #33 4:58AM

 561.0 #11 (WDW Qual #167

Mar 28, 2015 5:25PM  WDW Talk Land
The rest of the eggs. They were all so amazing.

If love to see these in person one day. Very pretty  - Schramke  487.1 #15 5:27PM
They are amazing. True artistry! - mmddgp  561.0 #11 6:29PM
Beautiful can't image how long it takes  - 5disneylovers  957.0 #5 8:49PM
- disneycm  626.3 #9 4:20AM

 86.3 #73 (WDW Qual #659

Mar 28, 2015 6:59AM  WDW Talk Land
A cupcake for breakfast??? Sure why not?

Best kind of breakfast! - tracsant  1097.8 #2 7:14AM
absolutely! The other day at DL my friend and I had ghiradelli sundaes for lunch-but we did get the one with peanut butter. πŸ˜‰ - MicheyMouse  340.5 #638 10:14AM
Ooooo....gimme lol - mickeynme  171.2 #47 7:41PM
wow  - 5disneylovers  957.0 #5 8:00PM

 86.3 #73 (WDW Qual #659

Mar 28, 2015 5:32AM  WDW Talk Land
Last day πŸ˜₯

Have a magical time! - DizneyGirl  695.8 #7 5:39AM
Awe, last days are always sad! Enjoy your last moments! Safe travels later!  - ncjal  225.0 #33 6:20AM
Great picture. Safe travel home. I wish we would have run into each other but we were alway in different areas.  - mmddgp  561.0 #11 6:06PM
Safe travels.  You have some amazing pictures.  Thanks for sharing  - Pooh147856  243.8 #29 8:35PM

 487.1 #15 (WDW Qual #263

Mar 28, 2015 4:23PM  WDW Talk Land
So thanks to the Disney store I ordered these. How could I pass up 28% off and free shipping. I saved almost $30 I'm a happy girl. Next is ak and I'm on a hunt for the studios one. But the only one on eBay is gold and I'm looking for silver. πŸ˜ƒπŸ’–

 I was considering buying those today too! - ncjal  225.0 #33 5:11PM
I tried to buy one earlier and it wouldn't let me use the code for those!! - kayxobelle  218.6 #35 5:14PM
I used the app and it took the code.  - Schramke  487.1 #15 5:29PM
ICompleted my collection while I was there this week with 10%. Anything helps - mmddgp  561.0 #11 5:29PM
That's great!! I can't find HS anywhere. But I won't give up I'll keep searching πŸ˜ƒ - Schramke  487.1 #15 6:33PM
Yea I dint even see it in Disney anywhere. They will probably come out with a new print soon - mmddgp  561.0 #11 10:47PM
Love them! πŸ’— - disneycm  626.3 #9 4:16AM

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thanks admin - Fantasmicfan1  718.8 #230 9:42PM
  - jacdanfan  8338.9 #4 6:08AM
- Lilogirl1  63.5 #4077 4:26PM
Thanks! DW fans appreciate you! - LeighMouse  17.9 #0 7:58AM

 86.3 #73 (WDW Qual #659

Mar 28, 2015 8:09AM  WDW Talk Land

- Pooh147856  243.8 #29 8:42AM
- jacdanfan  8338.9 #4 9:20AM
I can only tolerate this ride once a day because of the amount of exhaust fumes in the air. - Lelundrial  506.9 #373 3:49PM
- valj84DisneyAddict  23.9 #6071 11:15PM

 561.0 #11 (WDW Qual #167

Mar 28, 2015 8:42AM  WDW Talk Land
First stop

Oh great choice.  Have fun today Gayle. - Pooh147856  243.8 #29 8:47AM
Looks delish! - DizneyGirl  695.8 #7 8:48AM
- Schramke  487.1 #15 10:55AM
Yayy for tonga toast!! πŸ‘ - mickeynme  171.2 #47 7:42PM

 695.8 #7 (WDW Qual #148

Mar 28, 2015 8:48AM  WDW Talk Land
Use Happy28 at to receive 28% off, today only.

- Schramke  487.1 #15 11:01AM

 86.3 #73 (WDW Qual #659

Mar 28, 2015 12:35PM  WDW Talk Land
Parade time!

  That parade!!  - Schramke  487.1 #15 1:05PM
 !!! - jacdanfan  8338.9 #4 2:41PM
Awesome!  - disneycm  626.3 #9 3:34PM
- valj84DisneyAddict  23.9 #6071 11:13PM

 957.0 #5 (WDW Qual #157

Mar 28, 2015 6:42AM  WDW Talk Land
Happy Birthday to BagGal aka Schenley. Hope your day is magical. Sending MW love to you.

Thanks guys!!  Y'all are the best!!   - BagGal  230.8 #31 10:11PM
  - jacdanfan  8338.9 #4 7:12AM
- Andrea84  679.4 #8 7:25PM
Thanks guys!!  Y'all are the best!!   - BagGal  230.8 #31 10:11PM

 561.0 #11 (WDW Qual #167

Mar 28, 2015 9:53AM  WDW Talk Land
Ed said "see we made it to Hawaii "! Love the poly!

never been there, but it looks beautiful! - ncjal  225.0 #33 10:11AM
well, I HAVE been to Hawaii, so I guess that counts? - ncjal  225.0 #33 10:11AM
Lucky you! It's in my wish list. Maybe one day - mmddgp  561.0 #11 5:43PM
is the new trader sams open yet? That's one of our fav spots at DL!  - MicheyMouse  340.5 #638 10:11AM
Yes it is. I should have went in but we didn't.  - mmddgp  561.0 #11 5:42PM
I miss the waterfall 😩 Still a lovely resort though..just wish they would put some waterfalls around there somewhereπŸ˜€ long are u there for?? Have u eaten at o'hana for dinner or kona for breakfast btw? - mickeynme  171.2 #47 5:45PM
We at breakfast at capt cooks never have done the other two. We fly out @1025😒 - mmddgp  561.0 #11 6:26PM
Cool.  - 5disneylovers  957.0 #5 8:47PM

 492.6 #14 (WDW Qual #173

Mar 27, 2015 5:23PM  WDW Talk Land
I made Steph a bracelet with the 7 Kingdom Keepers books and a necklace with the two new books front and back. She is SO excited for the Ridley Pearson book signing tomorrow!!!!

That's so awesome!!  You did a fabulous job on the jewelry!! - mrsincredible  967.6 #4 5:49PM
Awe this is great. I'm sure she was extatic! - mmddgp  561.0 #11 5:59PM
Awesome job!! - dxcmama  267.1 #25 3:54PM
Wow, you are just so talented!  - txdisneymomma  91.2 #71 8:36PM

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Thanked by:   valj84DisneyAddict  
 2005.6 #65 (DL Qual #43

Mar 28, 2015 5:02PM  WDW Talk Land
Well, to celebrate Disney Store 28th anniversary, i am drinking a SBUX birthday Frappuccino (which is celebrating their bday too). The Birthday frap is DELICIOUS!!!!!!

Stephanie had one at DL today in honor of her birthday!! - mzdisnee  492.6 #14 5:28PM
It is sooo good... - otilegna  2005.6 #65 8:14PM
Yay. Great celebration! - mmddgp  561.0 #11 5:29PM
Did you buy any goodies?  - Schramke  487.1 #15 5:30PM
yep. Cannot pass the 28% discount... However the cd i wanna order online doesnt let me do the discount - otilegna  2005.6 #65 7:39PM
Cool  - 5disneylovers  957.0 #5 8:02PM

 561.0 #11 (WDW Qual #167

Mar 27, 2015 3:53PM  WDW Talk Land
A little peek

Nice, I just seen pics on fb that Steven Tyler is in Epcot. He was in Germany. Keep an eye outπŸ˜ƒ - Schramke  487.1 #15 4:18PM
Yes, I saw that too!!! Maybe you will see him. Today's his birthday. - kayxobelle  218.6 #35 4:33PM
Omg...would have loved to see him! Lol..Chris Evans (aka Captain America 😍 lol) was in MK and Hollywood Studios on the same exact days I was in each park...I was on the lookout for him the whole time!! Lol  - mickeynme  171.2 #47 7:46PM
I was not in FB all week so I had no idea. It would have been cool to see him - mmddgp  561.0 #11 6:17PM
The pics were cool. He spend time in Epcot and HS. Their were pics of him on rnrc and tot.  - Schramke  487.1 #15 6:30PM
Oh. Better than my view.  - 5disneylovers  957.0 #5 7:59PM

 957.0 #5 (WDW Qual #157

Mar 28, 2015 7:58PM  WDW Talk Land About time. This is where the price increase is going this year.

 225.0 #33 (WDW Qual #448

Mar 28, 2015 6:18AM  WDW Talk Land
Happy Saturday everyone! What are everyone's weekend plans? We are on Spring Break this upcoming week, so I am ready for some rest and relaxation at home!

- valj84DisneyAddict  23.9 #6071 8:30AM
Work today, then garden show after. Tomorrow bbq with my parents  - TinkTinkTink  199.9 #39 6:27AM
Sounds like a great weekend! Hope work goes by quickly so you can enjoy the rest! πŸŒ·πŸŒΉπŸ’πŸ”πŸ— - ncjal  225.0 #33 6:34AM
Working on my daughters school project then closing at work..but Sunday going to Busch Gardens  - dxcmama  267.1 #25 11:38AM
Yay for Busch Gardens! Hope the weather is pretty for you.  - ncjal  225.0 #33 11:41AM
Sitting at the airport now and won't be home till @130am. Had a great day today with breakfast at the poly, took a stroll to see the bungalos, visited the eggs at the grand, went to winter summer land to play putt putt, had lunch at wolf gangs, walked around world of Disney and bought a cute Minnie for my great niece 1st birthday. Tomorrow maybe relax and do some clothes.  - mmddgp  561.0 #11 5:51PM
Sad to hear your trip is ending, but THANK YOU for all the great pictures! Safe travels!  - ncjal  225.0 #33 6:37PM

 561.0 #11 (WDW Qual #167

Mar 28, 2015 9:07AM  WDW Talk Land
Took a stroll. They look amazing

So pretty! I could live there! 😍🌴 - ncjal  225.0 #33 9:09AM
me too - Pooh147856  243.8 #29 10:21AM
Definitely !!!!! - mmddgp  561.0 #11 5:53PM
Yes they do! - jacdanfan  8338.9 #4 9:44AM
very nice, poly is on my bucket list - Schramke  487.1 #15 10:54AM
Wowwww...I wanna stay here! Lol - mickeynme  171.2 #47 6:23PM

 561.0 #11 (WDW Qual #167

Mar 28, 2015 9:59AM  WDW Talk Land
Next up

OH MY GOSH....are you staying there?? - ncjal  225.0 #33 10:10AM
Heck no! It beautiful and outOf my price range. We came to see the eggs - mmddgp  561.0 #11 5:54PM
looks beautiful! - MicheyMouse  340.5 #638 10:12AM
Have fun! - disneycm  626.3 #9 10:52AM
Lovely 😍 - mickeynme  171.2 #47 6:22PM

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