2923.3 #43 (DL Qual #74

Nov 26, 2015 4:31PM  WDW Talk Land
Hi Everyone ! I've been MIA and justvlurking here for the past two months, but not doing more than thanking, I was on the DL side still a bit but just getting back into posting more. I meant to post this last night but better late than never! - Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I posted this photo as a gift for all of you to wake up to as a reminder of all the wonderful people we have in our lives,  More...

What a beautiful reminder! We are all different but share our love of Disney!  Happy Thanksgiving! - ncjal  279.3 #29 4:53PM
Nicely said . Happy Thanksgiving:) - tracsant  1460.7 #2 5:08PM
Happy Thanksgiving  - skcanfield  550.3 #14 8:04PM
Happy Thanksgiving!  - disneygrandma1  229.0 #38 9:42PM

 1089.1 #6 (WDW Qual #101

Nov 26, 2015 4:43AM  WDW Talk Land
✨Happy Thanksgiving, friends! May you be super blessed today and everyday!!✨ Crazy to think we have been planning this trip, our first trip to DLR, for over a year and it's finally here! Today, we visit family, gobble 'til we wobble, and finish packing! β€οΈπŸ—πŸ‘œ Tomorrow morning, we fly! ✈️

Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ¦ƒ - ncjal  279.3 #29 4:55AM
Happy Thanksgiving!  - disneycm  689.8 #11 5:04AM
Happy Thanksgiving  - 5disneylovers  1143.7 #5 3:54PM
How exciting! Have a safe flight. We will be at the parks on Monday of you are around. 😊 - MicheyMouse  352.1 #641 10:43PM

Thanked by:  jacdanfan 10969.1 #3  
 2385.0 #60 (DL Qual #44

Nov 26, 2015 3:29PM  WDW Talk Land
I got these BluRay combo for $9.99 each at BestBuy :) Glad i waited, (the line was not that long). If you all gonna go at BestBuy, check first on their app/website for the price. It is tricky! The stalls says the old price (24.99/27.99). Happy Thanksgiving to all :)

Yes. Thsts nice  - 5disneylovers  1143.7 #5 3:46PM
Wow! I'd love to have Cinderella!  - DizneyGirl  891.2 #7 3:46PM
Great deals!  - disneygrandma1  229.0 #38 10:03PM

Thanked by:  DizneyGirl 891.2 #7  
 312.9 #25 (WDW Qual #326

Nov 26, 2015 7:14PM  WDW Talk Land

How fun!! Love the collageπŸ’• - mmddgp  790.5 #8 7:20PM
Great collage - Pooh147856  336.7 #23 8:14PM
Hat's off to you and your family :) - otilegna  2385.0 #60 9:25PM
Awesome! - disneygrandma1  229.0 #38 9:54PM

Thanked by:  otilegna 2385.0 #60  
 374.3 #21 (WDW Qual #244

Nov 26, 2015 7:07PM  WDW Talk Land
here is our picture from thanksgiving dinner...had a fun night with Chris!

πŸ’œ - DizneyGirl  891.2 #7 7:12PM
How awesome. Glad you had a great time. Wonderful picture - mmddgp  790.5 #8 7:26PM
Always a good time with that guy! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1258.6 #4 8:11PM
Great picture! Happy Thanksgiving! - disneygrandma1  229.0 #38 9:54PM

 85.0 #79 (WDW Qual #5466

Nov 26, 2015 6:58PM  WDW Talk Land
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!  πŸ— - DizneyGirl  891.2 #7 7:12PM
Happy Thanksgiving  - skcanfield  550.3 #14 8:03PM
Happy Thanksgiving  - Pooh147856  336.7 #23 8:05PM
Happy Thanksgiving! - disneygrandma1  229.0 #38 9:41PM

Thanked by:  DizneyGirl 891.2 #7  
 374.3 #21 (WDW Qual #244

Nov 26, 2015 7:06PM  WDW Talk Land
thank you Indy Chris for taking me shopping lol...bought 5 charms tonight...just need belle tiara to complete my bracelet... got jasmine and belle today...also the castle...

 Shari this looks amazing! Enjoy - mmddgp  790.5 #8 7:27PM
- skcanfield  550.3 #14 8:01PM
- Pooh147856  336.7 #23 8:08PM
Looks amazing! - disneygrandma1  229.0 #38 9:41PM

Play Disneyland Trivia with your friends for FREE! See the list of TRIVILATOR usernames on this page. Play from any device with our new web version

Cool admin. Hope I do better than the first one. Hope people that enter will be ready to play and the tournament moves along better - Goofytom  1375.6 #123 6:41PM
I will announce the December tournament date this week. - Admin 11:58PM
Can't wait! - sawman911  2162.8 #69 6:30PM
Still waiting. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - MeridaFan  4073.5 #33 12:59PM
There should be a droid version of this. I. would love to play  - bryanjung1997  1.1 #66704 2:19PM
I end up deleting games while in progress due to opponents leaving me hanging FOR-EH-VER!!! - MommyandBash  333.1 #707 12:18PM
It happens, if you want start a game and I'll play you. I take a couple days off a week but I'll finish the games I start. - richiii3  1032.9 #173 2:20PM

 312.9 #25 (WDW Qual #326

Nov 26, 2015 6:51PM  WDW Talk Land
We met Mary Poppins for the first time today. While we were in the UK store, I bought this book and asked Mary to sign it. It's now one of my favorite souvenirs from this trip!

Aww that would be mine as well. I love Mary poppins - mmddgp  790.5 #8 7:35PM
Cute picture  - Pooh147856  336.7 #23 8:12PM
That's so awesome! - brittandkell  481.1 #424 8:13PM
Very nice! - disneygrandma1  229.0 #38 9:40PM

Thanked by:  DizneyGirl 891.2 #7  
 312.9 #25 (WDW Qual #326

Nov 26, 2015 6:44PM  WDW Talk Land
Thanksgiving dinner tonight at Biergarten was perfect. Loved it!!

Yumm! - DizneyGirl  891.2 #7 7:13PM
Looks great. Love that place. - alfrulz  18.6 #175 7:13PM
- Pooh147856  336.7 #23 8:13PM
Great pictures! - disneygrandma1  229.0 #38 9:40PM

Thanked by:  DizneyGirl 891.2 #7  
 312.9 #25 (WDW Qual #326

Nov 26, 2015 6:48PM  WDW Talk Land
We surprised the girls with Pick-A -Pearl at Epcot. They LOVED it! The ladies in Japan were so fun and sweet. They took great care of us and made it extra fun!

Awesome!  - DizneyGirl  891.2 #7 7:13PM
That is very fun! Did you get mountings for them? I love the charm cages - mmddgp  790.5 #8 7:24PM
So pretty! - brittandkell  481.1 #424 8:14PM
Love doing this! It's so fun! Beautiful pearls! - disneygrandma1  229.0 #38 9:39PM

Thanked by:  DizneyGirl 891.2 #7  
 398.6 #19 (WDW Qual #512

Nov 26, 2015 10:15AM  WDW Talk Land
Happy Thanksgiving from my little turkeys! DL on Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving! Cute pic!  - disneycm  689.8 #11 11:32AM
Happy Thanksgiving  - skcanfield  550.3 #14 1:16PM
Happy Thanksgiving!!  See you soon!! - mrsincredible  1089.1 #6 5:28PM
Have a safe flight! - timonT  398.6 #19 8:53PM
Happy Thanksgiving  - Pooh147856  336.7 #23 6:04PM

 2014.4 #75 (DL Qual #42

Nov 26, 2015 4:54PM  WDW Talk Land
Happy thanksgiving everyone. Many blessings to you all

Happy Thanksgiving & same to you :) - tracsant  1460.7 #2 5:07PM
Happy Thanksgiving!  - disneycm  689.8 #11 5:11PM
Happy Thanksgiving! - disneygrandma1  229.0 #38 6:59PM
Happy Thanksgiving  - skcanfield  550.3 #14 8:03PM

 140.9 #2840 (DL Qual #616

Nov 26, 2015 3:18PM  WDW Talk Land
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. I am thankful for you all. πŸ’ž

Happy Thanksgiving Syma!  πŸ— Thankful to have got to know you!  - DizneyGirl  891.2 #7 3:47PM
Happy thanksgiving  - 5disneylovers  1143.7 #5 3:47PM
Happy Thanksgiving!  - disneygrandma1  229.0 #38 7:39PM
Happy Thanksgiving  - skcanfield  550.3 #14 8:00PM

 891.2 #7 (WDW Qual #134

Nov 25, 2015 2:41PM  WDW Talk Land
RAK - 2015 Christmas surprise sticker to be revealed on Christmas Eve. Very limited edition. To enter tell me one of your favorite Christmas traditions from your childhood.

- DizneyGirl  891.2 #7 2:42PM
When I was a young child we would go to my grandparents for Christmas Eve. We would have dinner and then leave go to church and then go back to my grandparents for the rest of the evening. And EVERY Christmas Santa would come to my grandparents house and hand out our gifts after Church. Best times EVER!Thanks for the RAK!  - fluffandstuff  19.5 #7198 3:09PM
Sounds so magical!  - DizneyGirl  891.2 #7 4:32PM
Please add me !!! When we were young we would always get up very early. Everyone would have to wait until everyone was up & ready . Mom & dad had to have their coffee !! ( understand that now !!! Lol !!!) The wait was so hard !!! Great memories !!! - skcanfield  550.3 #14 6:32AM
Lol Steve! Too funny!!! Whe my kids were younger we had a very tiny house and my sons bedroom was across from ours and you know SANTA couldn't deliver presents with him there so my son would spend the night down in the basement in the girls bedroom. When they woke in the morning they couldn't come upstairs because they would have to go through the living room to get to our bedroom so they would use a broom handle and bang on the ceiling down their under our room to wake us up! Lol. We would all hater around the tree and after the first couple years of craziness and free for all and present opening be done in what felt like 5 min😁 we started doing one child at a time opening one present then the next and so on. We still do that to day with the grand kidsπŸ˜‰ - mmddgp  790.5 #8 6:55AM
Gayle that is a great story with the broom handle. Hahaha. We grew up doing one present for each child. We do that today with my kids makes it last a little longer and you get to see their faces when they open each gift  - Bakerjars  251.6 #35 7:38AM
Steve,  sounds like our Christmas morning now.  We make the kids wait until everyone is up and ready before heading down stairs!  - DizneyGirl  891.2 #7 8:31AM
Add me.  We have no family traditions. We did not celebrate anything too poor.   We started celebrating when we went to college.  Mom cooked because we came back from college.  We began to give gifts when we got jobs.  My parents still do not do gifts but will give our children money.   I love Christmas because I realized I could make my own tradition when I got married. My hubby grew up jehovah witnesses and didn't celebrate.  I didn't want our children to be those weird kids at school  So I started decorating putting up trees 11 years now.  All my family come to our house and we do gift exchanges.  It's just amazing to see how far our family has come.  Sorry so long.   - 5disneylovers  1143.7 #5 3:59PM
What an amazing story! Β πŸ’œ it! - DizneyGirl  891.2 #7 5:52PM
PATRICIA tradition is what you make it. There were many years we did not get from Santa for the same reason and times we got one or two refurbished presents from the Salvation Army. Our gift to each other were home made or good deeds we could for each other. My most cherished memories is not of what presents we recieved but the presence of the special people that surounded us during the holidays. Enjoy your new taditions PATRICIA you and your children will look back and have very fond moments.  - mmddgp  790.5 #8 6:31PM

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 550.3 #14 (WDW Qual #358

Nov 25, 2015 9:18PM  WDW Talk Land
Good night & Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!!!! God bless !!!!

Good night! and Happy Thanksgiving!  - disneygrandma1  229.0 #38 9:24PM
Happy Thanksgiving  - Schramke  545.8 #15 5:36AM
Good night. Happy Thanksgiving. - jacdanfan  10969.1 #3 5:17PM
Good night Happy Thanksgiving  - Pooh147856  336.7 #23 6:12PM

Thanked by:  jacdanfan 10969.1 #3  
 374.3 #21 (WDW Qual #244

Nov 26, 2015 12:29PM  WDW Talk Land
POR tree...

Beautiful! Yay, you're there!  - disneycm  689.8 #11 1:06PM
I need to learn the Snapchat. - islandgirl58  374.3 #21 4:36PM
πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ˜€ - disneycm  689.8 #11 4:38PM
- skcanfield  550.3 #14 1:14PM
Welcome home! Pretty tree. - jacdanfan  10969.1 #3 5:19PM
It's so beautiful there.  We stayed there last December  - Pooh147856  336.7 #23 6:09PM

 35.8 #125 (WDW Qual #1846

Nov 26, 2015 11:17AM  WDW Talk Land
Happy thanksgiving everyone !!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ¦ƒ - disneycm  689.8 #11 11:31AM
Happy Thanksgiving  - skcanfield  550.3 #14 1:16PM
Happy Thanksgiving! - jacdanfan  10969.1 #3 5:25PM
Happy Thanksgiving  - Pooh147856  336.7 #23 6:08PM

 156.6 #55 (WDW Qual #853

Nov 26, 2015 9:26AM  WDW Talk Land
Just stopped in to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving - Winnie111286  8911.5 #8 9:35AM
Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ¦ƒ - disneycm  689.8 #11 11:34AM
Happy Thanksgiving! - jacdanfan  10969.1 #3 5:27PM
Happy Thanksgiving  - Pooh147856  336.7 #23 6:07PM

 18.6 #175 (WDW Qual #2440

Nov 26, 2015 8:28AM  WDW Talk Land
Happy thanksgiving everyone. My wife is working this morning but will be home before dinners at my mothers. Have a blessed and thankful day.

Happy Thanksgiving!  πŸ— - DizneyGirl  891.2 #7 8:28AM
Happy Thanksgiving  - skcanfield  550.3 #14 9:14AM
Happy Thanksgiving! - jacdanfan  10969.1 #3 5:28PM
Happy Thanksgiving  - Pooh147856  336.7 #23 6:06PM

 75.5 #84 (WDW Qual #1058

Nov 26, 2015 7:59AM  WDW Talk Land

Happy Thanksgiving!  πŸ— - DizneyGirl  891.2 #7 8:29AM
Happy Thanksgiving!! 😘😘😘 - mrsincredible  1089.1 #6 8:57AM
Cute pic!! Happy Thanksgiving! - jacdanfan  10969.1 #3 5:28PM
Happy Thanksgiving  Love the picture  - Pooh147856  336.7 #23 6:05PM

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