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Sep 19, 2014 2:59PM  WDW Talk Land
CONFIRMED: HS Backlot Tour will be closing September 27th after 25 years. No announcement on what will be taking its place.

OMG!!!! I'm so glad we rode it today! Loved it! - brittandkell  371.6 #528 3:04PM
Gosh - hope they replace all these things quickly There will only be a half of HS open :( - rink2  76.3 #74 3:09PM
No!!😂 I won't be able to see it. It was close my last trip 😦 - islandgirl58  256.4 #25 3:10PM
Sad! I really liked it!! - disneyworldsbiggestfan  54.1 #89 3:12PM

 208.0 #34 (WDW Qual #418

Sep 19, 2014 2:19PM  WDW Talk Land
Islandgirl58 (Shari) THANK YOU for this beautiful calendar! I was TOTALLY surprised when I opened the mail and saw a package from Hawaii! 🌺🌸You are so sweet, what a special place we have here! I have developed such special friendships and I cherish each one!

Awesome! Shari sent me a calendar too and I love it! 😍😍😍 - disneycm  556.0 #10 2:48PM
Wonderful mail, congrats! - jacdanfan  6728.5 #7 2:26PM
So nice!! - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 2:52PM
Your welcome! I'm glad it got to you in one piece. - islandgirl58  256.4 #25 3:11PM

 371.6 #528 (DL Qual #759

Sep 19, 2014 9:30AM  WDW Talk Land
Well I guess this tells me maybe if we had to purchase the dining plan (instead of getting it free) it may not be worth it for us??...hoping they will let us trade some quick service for snacks!

Hmmm just thinking though...we did do 3 character meals and some other great table service! Idk how you know... - brittandkell  371.6 #528 9:41AM
We love the dinning plan...we get ot for the convenience more than anything - jamiesli  12.2 #204 9:49AM
That's a really good point too! And it was nice not having to think abt a food budget. I like getting everyone's thoughts on it because I truly can't decide. - brittandkell  371.6 #528 9:59AM
I know this sounds crazy, but we like the Deluxe Plan...  not because we love to gorge ourselves on food (okay, sometimes we do - it IS Disney, lol!), but because we can go most anywhere we want and order almost anything we want, and not have to worry about paying for the food after every meal.  Our trip is essentially paid for with the exception of souveneers by the time we get there.  I like not having to worry about that.  Normally, we would just get the Deluxe plan if there is a large group of us, like for example, my sister and I aren't doing it in November, and we didn't do it in April either.  But, because it's a special anniversary trip, I decided to upgrade to Deluxe with Mr I.  This way, we can enjoy nice desserts together and he can order steaks or whatever and we just don't have to worry about the cost when we're on vacation and celebrating.  Any snack credits we don't use, we load up on snacks and take home to enjoy after our trip! - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 10:58AM
Interesting for sure! - brittandkell  371.6 #528 11:51AM
We're on the Deluxe plan for our upcoming trip.  We are also flying from CA, so we have "extra" 'credits because we won't be on property until about 11am on check in and leaving around 2pm on check out.  Those credits are handy when booking some signature stuff like Le Cellier and the Spirit of Aloha show.  I could even book another 2credit place if I wanted to and just eat snacks up to the time of the reservation.  I think this will be the first disney vacation where we gain weight lol - GoofyMom77  474.3 #384 1:13PM
We had some qs left also because the one day we only had bagels and muffins for breakfast but we were able to get chips,candy bar and drink in its place at the food court. - mmddgp  411.7 #17 10:08AM
My little one doesn't eat much I she and I usually shared a QS... - brittandkell  371.6 #528 11:52AM
Is that an app you have? - TinkWannaBe  54.5 #88 1:30PM
Yes! It was great! It's called Dining Plan Dashboard - brittandkell  371.6 #528 3:02PM

 411.7 #17 (WDW Qual #209

Sep 19, 2014 2:58PM  WDW Talk Land
Fbf 06 also. Story. At MK we had seen Wendy and Peter tucked in the walkway of pirates of the Caribbean. Kaylee was so into tinkerbell and had her tinker bell outfit on. She immediately went running to Wendy. When Peter saw her, he said" Tink, where have you been? We have been looking all over for you? So much fun. I remember as though it was yesterday

 411.7 #17 (WDW Qual #209

Sep 19, 2014 2:47PM  WDW Talk Land
Fbf. From 06. Ed and the two 10 yr olds who in this picture were 3. Story:we spent the morning downtown ( which was wild and crazy) came home to swim. Payton decides to run and jump in the pool, no adults in there! Ugg. Then after swimming kaylee decides to run and hide at the hotel. We are searching and stoping Disney maintenance, I'm crying Ed is furious and then there she was! Me and the other   More...

That's crazy! They look so little! - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 2:52PM
That's what I was going to say! - brittandkell  371.6 #528 2:56PM

 12.2 #204 (WDW Qual #3772

Sep 19, 2014 9:03AM  WDW Talk Land

I think it's a good move not pre-purchasing water park tickets. If it's hot enough for you to go, you can buy them there. If not, you didn't waste the money. - TinkWannaBe  54.5 #88 9:08AM
That's what I was thinking. We have never been there in nov so I wasn't sure. But then I started second guessing myself. Thank you! - jamiesli  12.2 #204 9:16AM
I agree with this...  October 2011 was very chilly when we were there, way too cold to swim, but last year, October 2013, it was very hot.  You just never know that late in the year. - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 11:17AM
Crap! Now I'm nervous. We pushed our trip from sept to oct because sept looked TOO warm still (from AZ, I don't want the heat on vacation). Now I'm worried oct will be too cold for water parks :( - timonT  256.0 #26 2:03PM
We are going to pack our suits. - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 2:07PM
timonT, any temp below 100 will feel cool to you coming from AZ, lol! - jacdanfan  6728.5 #7 2:15PM
We are too. I'm just worried because we already paid for the water park option. It will be a waste of money if we don't end up going. I like to think we would have bought the hopper option anyway, so water parks was only an extra $26 - timonT  256.0 #26 2:16PM
Very true Gary, but ours is a dry heat. SO different than FL! - timonT  256.0 #26 2:17PM
Ok now I'm glad i didn't get them in advance! - jamiesli  12.2 #204 2:23PM
We were at Movies in 2011, not sure if that pool is heated... Jonah and Mr I swam, but it was too chilly for me. I'm sure it's just personal preference. - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 2:55PM
We have been sept oct and early nov and during the day most days it is warm enought for the water parks. It is at night when the sun goes down that it may be too cool but only when you get out because the water is heated at the hotels. You will be fine. - mmddgp  411.7 #17 2:30PM
Very true! - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 2:35PM
When my kids were small we usually visited in October /November - they always loved to have a swim when we got back to the hotel after the parks. The air was cooling but the water was warm and you could see the steam rising off the pool. I remember one night when the lifeguard made a comment - you must be English ... Or Canadian ! - rink2  76.3 #74 2:43PM

 256.4 #25 (WDW Qual #276

Sep 19, 2014 1:48PM  WDW Talk Land
NDR: need some major prayers, and pixie dust! the people who deal with my work schedule at work mess up my schedule. long story short, they made me volunteer to terminate my job, after 5 years. all due to the mess up in the staff office! now having too start all over on call. I will be fighting this with my union!

What in the world?! That doesn't seem fair at all!! Shari, I am so so sorry!! - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 1:58PM
It's not right. Something is fishy. - islandgirl58  256.4 #25 2:22PM
What??? Fight this one all the way!! Prayers and pixie dust for you! - ncjal  208.0 #34 2:11PM
Oh believe I will. Even if I need a, lawyer - islandgirl58  256.4 #25 2:22PM
Oh my goodness you poor thing. That's is horrible. Prayer and pixie dust! - jamiesli  12.2 #204 2:29PM
Oh Shari that's awful. I think you definitely need expert advice. It's not right. - rink2  76.3 #74 2:45PM

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Cool admin. Hope I do better than the first one. Hope people that enter will be ready to play and the tournament moves along better - Goofytom  875.5 #169 6:41PM
I will announce the December tournament date this week. - Admin 11:58PM
Can't wait! - sawman911  657.4 #251 6:30PM
Sounds fun!! - HappyPrincess  25.0 #5653 10:48AM
I have the app so if anyone wants to play a game with me :-) - nelcamp90  29.4 #5261 7:12PM
Just invited you to play - Goofytom  875.5 #169 1:21PM

 413.5 #16 (WDW Qual #295

Sep 19, 2014 2:36PM  WDW Talk Land
Thank you very much kalena(kayxobelle) for the great maps!! 😃💖

So cool! - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 2:42PM

 23.7 #139 (WDW Qual #2071

Sep 18, 2014 9:35PM  WDW Talk Land
NDR but I would like to ask for prayers for our family. I am an insurance biller in a medical office with one surgeon. And with all the changes he most likely will have to join a bigger group to stay afloat which will eliminate my job possibly by the end of this year. Today my husband and son were told their plant will close towards the end of next year. My hubby has been at General Mills for 29 y  More...

God Bless You - E-Ticket  1078.4 #134 10:11PM
I hope things work out for you and your family. I know from experience it's hard when you lose your job. Pixie dust for your trip next year✨✨✨ - rink2  76.3 #74 12:51AM
So sorry to hear. At least you have some time to plan and prepare for the future. Is there a chance for a company transfer? Hopefully things will work out. - jacdanfan  6728.5 #7 2:21PM
Oh no I'm so sorry to hear you guys are going through this...I've been there and it will be hard and very trying at times but it will work out. I will keep u on my thought and prayers! Hang in there. And u know u can always share with us. We will be there for you! - jamiesli  12.2 #204 2:27PM

 54.1 #89 (WDW Qual #1255

Sep 18, 2014 12:01PM  WDW Talk Land
One more of her birthday party! :)

Oh my goodness...  ADORABLE!! - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 12:06PM
Live the minnie theme party. Happy 1 st birthday! - islandgirl58  256.4 #25 12:03PM
So adorable. Happy Birthday - Pooh147856  174.6 #44 6:53PM
Happy Birthday. What a cutie! - jacdanfan  6728.5 #7 2:25PM

 1779.5 #69 (DL Qual #40

Sep 19, 2014 1:45PM  WDW Talk Land
Tracey (@justra23), thank you for an awesome surprise!!! ;) i guess u know how i love the Sorcerer Mickey!!! Lol. Again, thank you!

Very nice! - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 1:58PM
Congrats! Great RAK! - jacdanfan  6728.5 #7 2:16PM

 371.6 #528 (DL Qual #759

Sep 18, 2014 7:29AM  WDW Talk Land
I'm dying laughing!!!! She is trying to make herself look too short for splash mtn!!

Oh my word, that is PRICELESS!!  Look at that face.  Go get her another Princess doll, Mom...  bless her heart!!  LOL - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 7:30AM
Haha wait for it....the prize has already been chosen!! 😜 - brittandkell  371.6 #528 7:35AM
Lol omg. That is great. I hope she enjoys it. It is just the hill that is a little scary. Everything else is so cute and fun - mmddgp  411.7 #17 7:48AM
Hahahaha - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 8:58AM
Lol , so funny :) - tracsant  949.1 #2 8:57AM
Lol!!! - augustinek  21.9 #146 2:04PM
Absolutely priceless! - jacdanfan  6728.5 #7 2:11PM

 371.6 #528 (DL Qual #759

Sep 19, 2014 11:55AM  WDW Talk Land
Not so magical express...

Aww, thank you for sharing your trip with us! I loved seeing your adorable princess! It's never goodbye.. It's see ya real soon! - kayxobelle  199.6 #35 11:58AM
Awe I actually told myself I was going to post a lot of pics because I LOVED seeing all of YOUR pics! :) - brittandkell  371.6 #528 1:02PM
:( At least you can come back. - disneyworldsbiggestfan  54.1 #89 12:23PM
Safe travels! - islandgirl58  256.4 #25 1:42PM
Always the worst part of the trip. - augustinek  21.9 #146 2:01PM

 256.4 #25 (WDW Qual #276

Sep 19, 2014 10:58AM  WDW Talk Land
good morning! have a great day!

Aloha Friday!! - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 11:09AM
Happy aloha friday! - islandgirl58  256.4 #25 1:17PM
Have a great day to you too! - disneyworldsbiggestfan  54.1 #89 12:21PM
Ty! Started off pretty rocky, but it's still morning here. Hope your having a good Friday. - islandgirl58  256.4 #25 1:17PM
Good afternoon Shari! Have a great weekend! - disneycm  556.0 #10 1:35PM
Ty! Have a great weekend as well! - islandgirl58  256.4 #25 1:43PM

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Credits have been applied to everyone's account as of today! - Admin 11:40AM
I still have not received my credits from the birthday bash? - smanr24  81.0 #3631 6:01PM
I just called them to price out our potential trip in June. Chris was so nice and the MW savings are phenomenal! Still waiting on work vacation approval to reserve the room!  - HNL2SFO  205.3 #1794 1:26PM
What percentage saving are we looking at for being MouseWaiters? Is it better than a AAA discount.  - MoChuck  11.5 #8360 3:57PM
Hi Admin. Stayed at Hojo on 7/3. Filled out form. Hope you got it. - Winnie111286  1096.1 #132 10:27PM
I was wondering if I should fill out another form? I don't want to duplicate.  - Winnie111286  1096.1 #132 11:19PM
Hi @Admin. I'm hoping you process my form so I can have credits for tomorrow. - Winnie111286  1096.1 #132 1:59PM
- Yen-Sidious  37.3 #4801 8:46PM

 600.2 #8 (WDW Qual #150

Sep 18, 2014 11:30AM  WDW Talk Land
TBT - 2001 - Who remembers this?

Me, loved it! - justra23  5.9 #349 11:50AM
I have the same picture! I seem to remember it being quite controversial - rink2  76.3 #74 11:53AM
I remember that. - DizneyGirl  600.2 #8 1:40PM
I was still in the philippines that time... so, idk what to say.... but IN MY OWN OPINION, I AM GLAD THAT THE DISNEYFIED ADDITION IS GONE.i might be the minority here, but i like the simplicity of spaceship earth, and it looks better without the epcot sign. It just ruin the concept of future world... it looks imposing without the magic disney hands (just think about the washington monument here at dc, it is a simple obelisk, yet very imposing monument!) - otilegna  1779.5 #69 11:47AM
I do but glad it's gone!! - lghr  38.1 #106 1:40PM

 807.8 #5 (WDW Qual #97

Sep 19, 2014 12:47PM  WDW Talk Land
A few weeks ago, I had read that Wilderness Lodge's main pool, the Silver Creek Springs Pool, and waterside are closed for refurbishment through November, so I knew we would only be able to use the Hidden Springs Pool, the leisure pool in the Villas area at WL, during our stay in a few weeks. Today, I received a letter from the General Manger at WL informing me of the refurbishment and inviting u  More...

You are just lucking out all the way around! So happy for you. Couldn't have happened to a nicer couple😘 - mmddgp  411.7 #17 1:00PM
Awww, thank you, Gayle! 😘 This trip is already very special going from not planning to do anything at all for our 10year anniversary to all the surprises and magic that have happened since we decided to book a trip to WDW. It almost brings me to tears already and we aren't even there yet! - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 1:29PM
That's great! You two are gonna have a marvelous time on this trip. - disneycm  556.0 #10 1:39PM

 371.6 #528 (DL Qual #759

Sep 19, 2014 10:23AM  WDW Talk Land
And on our 10th and final time on star tours guess who was the rebel spy??? THIS GAL!!!

Yaaaaay they must have known! 🎉🎈✨ - rink2  76.3 #74 10:54AM
Aww! Yay!!!!! - BagGal  224.0 #31 10:56AM
AWESOME!!  And, I see she's munching on one of my fav treats of all time!! - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 11:11AM
We are bringing several home!! She LOVES them! - brittandkell  371.6 #528 1:05PM

 371.6 #528 (DL Qual #759

Sep 19, 2014 9:12AM  WDW Talk Land
Putting up the Christmas stuff...(already trying to talk the hubby in to a quick Dec trip;))

I want to soooooo bad! - mmddgp  411.7 #17 10:04AM
Maybe you and I should just do it then! Lol - brittandkell  371.6 #528 10:08AM
If only I could! I work retail and weekends and vacations are blocked from November till mid January 😢 - mmddgp  411.7 #17 10:12AM
Well I'm a nurse so maybe I can write you a note that says you have the flu or something and we'll sneak out! Hahahaha - brittandkell  371.6 #528 10:30AM
Hahaha! 👍 - BagGal  224.0 #31 10:54AM
Lol believe me I have thought of that also but in would feel so guilty knowing what everyone is going through back at the store I would not totally enjoy it. But thanks for the offer😘 - mmddgp  411.7 #17 11:20AM
The Osborne lights are my fave holiday decorations of all! They're amazing! - BagGal  224.0 #31 10:54AM
Me too!! - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 11:05AM
I have never seen these and is on my wish list - mmddgp  411.7 #17 11:20AM
Totally agree! I saw them when I came w my older daughter for the college program! - brittandkell  371.6 #528 11:44AM
Can't wait !! - tracsant  949.1 #2 12:14PM
YES, come back and see the holiday lights in action! :) - disneyworldsbiggestfan  54.1 #89 12:21PM

 371.6 #528 (DL Qual #759

Sep 18, 2014 8:42AM  WDW Talk Land
She survived!

Good job, little one!! - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 8:57AM
And I'm guessing this is the "prize" haha, new ears and a Mickey fan?!   - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 8:58AM
YAY!!! - disneyworldsbiggestfan  54.1 #89 12:29PM

 371.6 #528 (DL Qual #759

Sep 18, 2014 4:14AM  WDW Talk Land
MK for breakfast at crystal palace!

Have fun!  More Princess dolls to collect, Missy... what's it gonna be today?!  LOL - mrsincredible  807.8 #5 6:26AM
Aww! So cute. Have a yummy breakfast! - goofygal  6605.6 #9 6:26AM
Have fun today! - Andrea84  633.4 #7 6:41AM
Love that place! - disneyworldsbiggestfan  54.1 #89 12:28PM

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