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 1597.3 #87 (DL Qual #45

Jan 29, 2015 1:00AM  WDW Talk Land
Very excited for the new stuff DLR is getting to the 60th! Diamond anniversary overlay on the castle and Carthay Circle, brand new World of Color experience that I am so stoked about, new Immersive fireworks spectacular with projection mapping all over the park and Paint the Night parade will be coming to DL with extra floats and elements of Main Street Electrical Parade (I'm super excited about t  More...

I am very excited also! Hope to make it out there at the end of the year to see everything. - Andrea84  657.9 #8 3:18AM
Oh wow! When Disney does it ,they do it Big!..and i love how they still want it to be personal for each guest!..always wanted to see Disneyland, sounds like a great time to plan for it! - disnianadan72  3.7 #672 5:20AM
This all looks amazing. How long will this go on for DL? I know when they did special events for DW it lasted at least a year or so. - mmddgp  479.3 #14 6:46AM
It starts 5/22, but they didn't announce an end date. Maybe it will only be for the summer, maybe all of 2015, maybe something else. They might not even know. Look at how the Frozen Summer at HS was extended! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.1 #3 7:01AM
Thanks I just remember the DW birthdays/anniversary pretty much went a whole year, kinda was hoping. Maybe I could squeeze a trip in next year - mmddgp  479.3 #14 7:08AM
Sooooo excited to see it!!! Just gotta set my date!!! Trying to coordinate with extended family is difficult but if we can make it work it will be awesome!! I think for the 50th it was most of the year...that year we went in November and it seemed like they still had all of the celebration stuff... - brittandkell  438.0 #436 7:47AM

 1050.0 #2 (WDW Qual #115

Jan 29, 2015 6:16AM  WDW Talk Land
TBT to these sleepy Tinkerbells ( my nieces 1st visit to WDW)

So cute in their matching Tinker Bell costumes! But, aren't you missing one? - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.1 #3 6:25AM
Yes lol they had a double stroller and a single one so she was off in her single stroller enjoying her freedom - tracsant  1050.0 #2 6:29AM
"Enjoying her freedom", aka the lucky one! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.1 #3 7:02AM
You got it πŸ˜‚ - tracsant  1050.0 #2 9:05AM
Awe - mmddgp  479.3 #14 6:42AM
That pic is absolutely precious!!! I love seeing all the cute sleepy kids in their strollers! I guess it shows they're worn out from all the fun! - brittandkell  438.0 #436 7:45AM
So adorable - Pooh147856  223.1 #32 8:47AM

 498.5 #378 (DL Qual #243

Jan 28, 2015 9:02PM  WDW Talk Land
Saw a post on FB that WDW recalled the purple monorail Epcot mug, sold at Starbucks. The link was on the your WDW store's page. I wish I had bought those, they are major collectibles now.

Why were they recalled? - brodysmommy  388.4 #517 9:39PM
The monorail on the mug is purple which was involved in an fatal accident in 2009. They will make a new mug that probably looks the same but has different colors. - Andrea84  657.9 #8 3:21AM
Meanwhile not many people would have known that if it wasn't for them pulling the mugs. I remember hearing about the accident, I don't recall the color detail of the monorail involved. - Lelundrial  498.5 #378 8:58AM
Wish I had gotten one !!!! Real collector item now !!!!! - skcanfield  477.1 #15 5:48AM
Me toon - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 7:42AM

 39.3 #107 (WDW Qual #3384

Jan 29, 2015 6:20AM  WDW Talk Land
Hat circa Saturday. For some reason I expected them to take it all down in a day or two, not so slowly piece by piece.

Yes I really thought that also. - mmddgp  479.3 #14 6:43AM
Me too seems painful - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 7:41AM
Not much progress since last picture - Pooh147856  223.1 #32 8:48AM
Looks like Godzilla thought it was ice cream. - Lelundrial  498.5 #378 8:55AM

 116.4 #59 (WDW Qual #712

Jan 29, 2015 5:32AM  WDW Talk Land
Good morning mw

Good morning - skcanfield  477.1 #15 5:45AM
Good morning - dxcmama  256.7 #27 5:56AM
Good morning jeri. - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.1 #3 6:25AM
Good morning Jeri - Pooh147856  223.1 #32 8:52AM

 938.9 #4 (WDW Qual #154

Jan 28, 2015 7:12AM  The Hub
Good morning in 5 days I will May dining reservations yay. What are some of your favorite spots. I have Ohana cape may tony tutu Italia Sanaa hoop dee doo review sci fi not doing 50's prime to try new ones. Need 2 for DTD for our Saturdays we will eating 15 nights. Go

DTD raglan road, trex( kids love it there) house of blues - mmddgp  479.3 #14 7:41AM
Love all you other choices also! We have been thinking of tutu itialia also - mmddgp  479.3 #14 7:43AM
I second Raglan Rd - DizneyGirl  674.7 #7 6:54PM
Wolfgangs!! - C-Ticket  39.3 #107 2:29PM
There will also Be a couple new ones I would live to try the boathouse when it opens - mmddgp  479.3 #14 7:03PM
Only going if they take the dining plan - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 8:28PM
Yea it will be interesting to see what does - mmddgp  479.3 #14 8:21AM
We don't eat much at DTD but we love Raglan Road , can't say enough good things about it !!! - tracsant  1050.0 #2 8:44AM

 206.4 #38 (WDW Qual #375

Jan 26, 2015 5:25PM  WDW Talk Land
how could I find when my mw anniversary is without downloading the DL mw app??

If anyone had a chance can they check mine please...I want to say 2010 - TinkTinkTink  195.7 #40 7:20PM
Dec 24 2010 - mmddgp  479.3 #14 7:26PM
Thank you!!! I knew it was I'm almost to 5 years!! - TinkTinkTink  195.7 #40 7:44PM
Your welcome. That's so Cool! I don't Even remember how I found it but so Glad I did - mmddgp  479.3 #14 7:54PM
I think we saw it on San Diego news one day. Well Skywalker did and had it a little longer jan me and then finally got me hooked. He's mia on here now :/ he will poke in once in a while - TinkTinkTink  195.7 #40 6:21AM
May 3rd, 2012 ;) - DizneyGirl  674.7 #7 5:43PM
I have the DL app and checked for ya! - DizneyGirl  674.7 #7 5:44PM
Thanks wow since 2012 nice. - yessy  206.4 #38 5:55PM
Check mine too on this name - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 6:00PM
Patricia yours is July 3 2012😘 - mmddgp  479.3 #14 7:32PM
Mine is like Nov 9th 2009 I think. - IndyandMarion  1275.1 #1 7:32PM
November 8th πŸ˜„ - missmimi90  1597.3 #87 12:47AM
Ok now I'm curious to when mine is??? - disneyworldsbiggestfan  61.5 #86 7:22AM
Aug 22, 2011 😘 - mmddgp  479.3 #14 8:20AM

Download VOYAGEERS to your device today! Discover the VOYAGEERS Society, and the magical Main Street Realm in this action packed adventure for kids of ALL ages! Also available on iBooks and Kobo. Follow the VOYAGEERS on Facebook for more info and behind the scenes exclusives.

Like normal I am late to the party. Reading it now - Tealtownfan  886.5 #177 3:13PM
Got it! More than halfway thru it! It's a lot of fun!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨βœ¨ - TinkerSchelle  1258.6 #110 10:53PM
- mckelfam  32.7 #5179 8:46PM
Loooooved it! - melissa_ficent  318.5 #726 9:57PM

 206.4 #38 (WDW Qual #375

Jan 26, 2015 11:26AM  WDW Talk Land
good afternoon mw family. I hope u guys are having a wonderful day. so I have noticed new mwers and I would love to know who u are. I'll start introducing myself. My name is Yessica Wild. I have 2 beautiful kids ages 11 and 9 and a wonderful husband. I also have 2 cats Minnie and Bruno I'm a Northcarolidian. I'm a DVC member since 08. My favorite resort is Animal Kingdom Lodge and I go to WDW 2 t  More...

My name is Patricia I'm in PA. Married and mom to 2 boys ages 12 and 2. One princess 10. Im a home care nurse that works to pay for vacation. Love being a DVC member. - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 3:36PM
My name is Lisa..I'm married to a crazy Disney lover(thank goodness) we have 3 girls 10,7and 6..I live in Virginia, work at a local Hallmark not DVC member yet but our annual pass holder try and go about 3 times a year to Disney world - dxcmama  256.7 #27 3:40PM
Would love to work at A Hallmark! I need to work at a hallmark! - mmddgp  479.3 #14 7:34PM
It is a lot of fun..we just got a lot of new disney stuff in - dxcmama  256.7 #27 8:49PM
I Get anxiety going I'm There! Lol I want too many Things! Enjoy - mmddgp  479.3 #14 5:32AM
Hi my name is Jerri and live in Washington State with my amazing hubby and 4 month little guy. We love all things Disney and are DVC members. We go to DL a few times a year since we are annual pass holders and will be back to WDW next year. I love this app and hope to meet up with some mouse waiters on one of our trips. πŸ˜ƒ - acesdisneygirl  143.3 #2695 7:22AM
Hello! My name is Jess. I live near Seattle WA. I have an almost 9 year old son and a 1 1/2 year old daughter. I am not married but we are planning to be hopefully in the next few years. I'm a huge disney fan but haven't been back to wdw for 4 years. πŸ˜” I'm a stay at home mom and I watch two kids part time. I start back to school April 1st for my nursing pre recs. - disneyworldsbiggestfan  61.5 #86 7:40AM

 12.8 #200 (WDW Qual #4530

Jan 29, 2015 5:17AM  WDW Talk Land
Good morning! We are doing some early Disney planning for our trip in October (it's never to early for planning Disney though right πŸ˜‰) every year we like to switch it up a little and try a new experience. This year we are upgrading our dining plan to table service to. We were absolutely amazed at how much food came with our quick service meals the first time. Is table service the same as quick   More...

How exciting! No never too early to plan! We travel with 8 always, two rooms and you will Always be charged tip but it will be on two Separate bills. You will have a ts qs and snack on each room per day for each person. I have some Picky eaters also but there was always something there they ate. Happy planning. Also you are going in oct, is it earlier? During food and wine at Epcot ? If so you can use snack options for food at the kiosks. Big Bang for your snack options - mmddgp  479.3 #14 6:58AM
We have 2 picky eaters. We love the dining plan because we like paying ahead and being able to have anything on the menu. I like being on vacation and not worrying about the cost of what I want to eat just eating. Appetizers are not included you get dinner dessert and a drink ( non alcoholic beverages). It's not too much food for us. So it works for us. The picky eaters eat and we have no problem - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 7:36AM
Yes you'll be charge gratuity automatically. You all can eat in the same restaurant at the same time and pay your own gratuity. Instead of one large group. - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 7:39AM
My bff and I vacation together every year and we do dining with our own families - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 7:40AM

 4.7 #451 (WDW Qual #7921

Jan 28, 2015 6:35PM  WDW Talk Land
Ndr but my youngest son started a learn to play hockey sponsored by Sidney Crosby tonight. He got all the equipment for free. He had a blast

How adorable! Glad he had a great time. Have fun watching him! - mmddgp  479.3 #14 7:10PM
Most important is he is having fun, nice of Crosby but we are not fans of his here lol. Go Red Wings (sorry had to). But love seeing the kids out there playing hockey - TinkTinkTink  195.7 #40 8:26PM
That's awesome. They look so cute.ust be fun to watch. Them at that age - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 5:28AM

 280.2 #24 (WDW Qual #1537

Jan 28, 2015 10:39AM  WDW Talk Land
Good afternoon MW! I've been away too long. I hope everyone is well. We're counting down to our trip in October. My granddaughter and I will be spending our birthdays at WDW. I'm so excited! Have a great day! =)

Good afternoon! Yay for the countdown! - disneycm  618.5 #9 11:47AM
Good afternoon welcome back. - Pooh147856  223.1 #32 12:56PM
Goodnight - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 8:27PM
My, what Birthdays you will have! Excited for you! - disnianadan72  3.7 #672 5:26AM

 39.3 #107 (WDW Qual #3384

Jan 28, 2015 2:26PM  WDW Talk Land
from monday

In light if complaints regarding the small number of inverted coasters at Disney, the Epcot monorail has since been refurbished to please those requests. - C-Ticket  39.3 #107 2:27PM
I can't. I'm done. Did you just. - IndyandMarion  1275.1 #1 7:30PM
They added a monorail loop!!! That is an awesome SUNNY BLUE SKY though - otilegna  1856.0 #73 3:27PM

 295.3 #21 (WDW Qual #269

Jan 28, 2015 12:16PM  WDW Talk Land
Good morning! afternoon! enjoy your day!

Good afternoon Shari enjoy your day - Pooh147856  223.1 #32 12:54PM
Ty! I hope your enjoying your afternoon! - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 2:20PM
Hi there! Hope you are well. How is everything? Yay, Wednesday's over and we're closer to Friday! Haha, my husband is working super long hours and has a really long commute right now and weekends are more important than ever before! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  563.2 #316 4:47PM
Yes the weekend is almost here once again...the month is going by fast. Hoping the year don't! Weekends are mostly only time to spend with my hubby...due to getting anxiety under control I'm not working. Hoping I can go back sometime this year. - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 4:54PM
Aloha & good evening Shari! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.1 #3 7:12PM
Enjoy rest of your evening! - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 7:18PM

 479.3 #14 (WDW Qual #194

Jan 28, 2015 1:26PM  WDW Talk Land
My special purchase was delivered today. (Vera duffle, tote and Hipster). Can't wait to use it. I got 30% off and free delivery, it was like getting a piece free😘

Pretty, love them all! We brought back a vera for my mom last visit. Everyone loves it. - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 2:19PM
So awesome!! I love them all!! I love using a hipster at the parks! - brittandkell  438.0 #436 2:35PM
Me too. I Always have a cross body. I bout the smaller one an used it last year but it was a bit small for all day in the parks but it was perfect for a trip to DTD - mmddgp  479.3 #14 2:57PM
Very nice Gayle! Bought that print for the granddaughter when we were there last month. - Pooh147856  223.1 #32 3:22PM
Bottom left is exactly like mine!! It is my official park bag/purse... fits everything I need when I'm in the parks and then some, I love it!! - mrsincredible  928.0 #5 5:19PM
I got that one for my mom for Christmas! It's so much nicer in person! - kayxobelle  214.9 #37 6:06PM
I know Maggie I remember when you got it and wish I had got That size. I thought about it when we were there in oct and left with out it. So now it is mine. Can't wait - mmddgp  479.3 #14 7:18PM

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Credits have been applied to everyone's account as of today! - Admin 11:40AM
I still have not received my credits from the birthday bash? - vegashappyhaunts  98.1 #3449 6:01PM
I just called them to price out our potential trip in June. Chris was so nice and the MW savings are phenomenal! Still waiting on work vacation approval to reserve the room!  - HNL2SFO  205.4 #1827 1:26PM
What percentage saving are we looking at for being MouseWaiters? Is it better than a AAA discount.  - MoChuck  13.5 #8027 3:57PM
I have done this form multiple times and I never get the points :( - Disney4life  59.2 #4152 10:43PM
Please send a ticket into support and let them know. - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4703.6 #20 8:45AM
They helped me get the points. - Winnie111286  2333.1 #50 10:21AM
- Calypso  857.9 #187 12:38PM

 938.9 #4 (WDW Qual #154

Jan 26, 2015 6:28PM  The Hub
So how far us Vegas from dl ?

Thinking of going in nov when I take my mom on her trip - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 8:11PM
You should. You will be near by. - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 8:38PM
So I'm planning to drive to Disneyland for the day on November 7. - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 9:31AM
It's between 4-5 hours j drive to Vegas allot and depends on traffic but it's not a bad drive at all. If your staying down here let me know You can use my employees discount on a room and we can meet up that would be fun - Hendizl  2537.1 #44 9:18PM
I will - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 7:06AM
You could always fly from Vegas to John Wayne international, Vegas to Disney was like two hours I believe. - IndyandMarion  1275.1 #1 5:47AM
Oh. How far is it from the airport - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 7:07AM
About 1 hour depending on traffic. - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 2:23PM
You should price, and see which way is easier for you. Bus, plane or driving. - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 2:27PM
SNA is only 20 min from DLR. (LAX is 1 hour plus depending on traffic.) - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.1 #3 7:17PM

 39.2 #108 (WDW Qual #1497

Jan 28, 2015 8:34AM  WDW Talk Land
Haven't been on here in a while. I hope everyone is doing well!!

Yay for your countdown! We will Be there around the same time Happy planning - mmddgp  479.3 #14 9:13AM
Yay. All is well - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 8:50AM
I haven't been around either :( too much going on! So fun to check in and see everyone's countdowns and plans! Woo hoo for 53 days! - brittandkell  438.0 #436 2:50PM
Wow, you're getting close! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.1 #3 7:13PM

 957.1 #3 (WDW Qual #124

Jan 28, 2015 4:35AM  WDW Talk Land
Good morning everyone! We are down to double digits until Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend at DLR. for those of you in training (you know who you are...), your "long" run should be up to at least 5 miles at this point. How's it going? Happy Wednesday everyone!

Not happening this year like I hoped :/ but I'm shooting for 2 years...lots of $$$ to save up - TinkTinkTink  195.7 #40 5:19AM
Good Morning Tiffany, are you doing the double digit dance ?! Time is really flying , now only if July would get here !!! - tracsant  1050.0 #2 5:30AM
Good morning Tracy! At least we get more information on what to look forward to in July today! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.1 #3 5:36AM
PROOF OF TIME: If you believe you will finish the half marathon in less than 3:15 hours, proof of time is required for start corral placement. Deadline to submit proof of time from a race 10k or longer is February 1, 2015! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.1 #3 1:44PM
I'm going to be doing my first race soon... The 10k Avengers in November. Good luck!! - missmimi90  1597.3 #87 3:04PM
Good luck to you! 10k is a great distance. - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.1 #3 7:13PM

 116.4 #59 (WDW Qual #712

Jan 28, 2015 4:04PM  WDW Talk Land
Good night mw

Good night - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 4:26PM
Good night Jeri - Pooh147856  223.1 #32 4:29PM
Goodnight - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 5:51PM
I NEED the bottom right! Would someone please send it to me? Thanks! Goodnight jeri. - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.1 #3 7:09PM

 938.9 #4 (WDW Qual #154

Jan 27, 2015 10:13AM  The Hub
Do you know if there is a bus that goes from Vegas to Disneyland?

There is bus from LV to LA. From LA to Anaheim will still be 1- 1 1/2 drive to Anaheim if there is traffic. - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 10:49AM
So will be the same no matter if you drive or take a bus. - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 10:50AM
Yes but I won't get lost. - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 11:35AM
Use your gps... - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 12:27PM
Girl in flying to Vegas why gps lol - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 1:40PM
Saying if you drive from LV to LA. - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 1:50PM
Yes but it won't have gps I'm going to mapquest. I will buy one for the trip then good idea - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 1:51PM
I'm flying to Vegas driving to Disneyland your not confuse I'm on string drugs lol - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 1:52PM
Strong drugs. He he - 5disneylovers  938.9 #4 1:52PM
Lmao! - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 2:12PM
But yes driving around after LV gps will come in handy. - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 2:13PM
I checked GREYHOUND FOR a bus from Las Vegas, NV To Anaheim, CA (Disneyland HOME). Tgere is a bus, HOWEVER IT IS A LOT OF STATION STOPS!!! 6 STATION STOPS. 6HRS of Bus ride! - otilegna  1856.0 #73 3:36PM
Holy moly! - islandgirl58  295.3 #21 3:40PM
Shari, i got curious about it and im like TONS OF STOPOVER. - otilegna  1856.0 #73 3:42PM
If YOU prefer flying. You can fly from Las Vegas (McCarran) to Long Beach airport (flying with jet blue). After that hire a shuttle to Disneyland... - otilegna  1856.0 #73 3:41PM

 1050.0 #2 (WDW Qual #115

Jan 28, 2015 5:35AM  WDW Talk Land
❀️❀️MW VALENTINE ❀️❀️ We have 1 week from today as the deadline to mail out all packages . I have already received emails from a couple of you that you have sent & received , thank you for that btw. So please if you all will send me an email letting me know so I can keep track for everyone , also you can comment on here if you have sent & received . Thanks everyone & have a fantast  More...

Sent and received. The package is sitting there, taunting me! - timonT  286.5 #22 1:25PM
Today purchasing - Betsyboo  21.1 #153 6:26AM
Sent and received. The package is sitting there, taunting me! - timonT  286.5 #22 1:25PM
Mailing mine out this weekend! ❀️ - ncjal  219.9 #34 3:09PM

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