368.7 #23 (WDW Qual #201

Feb 1, 2016 10:11PM  WDW Talk Land
RAK! Up for grabs a Lights, Motors, Action! pin as a soon to be farewell to this amazing show! To enter tell me one of your favorite rides, shows, or attractions at Disney World. Winner will be picked February 7th. Good Luck!
How awesome!! I love the great movie ride and the safari and so many others also. Lol. Thanks for doing this RAK!! - txdisneymomma  120.4 #66 6:51AM
I love this show, so sad it's going away. I love Jungle Cruise and Kilimanjaro Safari. Thanks Heather for this RAK! - DizneyGirl  936.1 #8 5:05AM
My favorite thing is the feeling that comes over me the moment I cross under the Disney World sign. Β It's literally like I'm transported back in time to a little girl and I don't have a care in the world from that moment on! 😍😍😍 - mrsincredible  1190.1 #5 5:25PM

 2032.0 #76 (DL Qual #45

Feb 2, 2016 3:04PM  WDW Talk Land
I'm just posting one more picture from our adventure Sunday. The rain had finally stopped and the clouds broke just enough to see the sun just set, while we were eating at Ariels Grotto. This was our view!
Beautiful! Almost worth the rain.  - rink2  200.9 #42 3:06PM
Gorgeous! - DizneyGirl  936.1 #8 3:33PM
Beautiful photo! 😍 - disneycm  701.7 #11 2:49AM
- Schramke  664.4 #12 8:36AM

 2822.0 #46 (DL Qual #26

Feb 2, 2016 3:09AM  WDW Talk Land
Mickey marshmallow wand. This thing is one of my favorite treats its seriously so delicious. Incase you never had one its marshmallow dipped in caramel dipped in chocolate covered in sprinkles and 2 lemon jelly beans. All the taste combined is just mouth watering. And I don't usually like marshmallow but this is definitely an exception. Never tried the other flavors
😍 - disneycm  701.7 #11 3:53AM
Wow! Now I'm hungry 😁 - DizneyGirl  936.1 #8 5:09AM
I HAVE to get one of these chocolate covered marshmallow treats very time we visit WDW! Yum...... - ncjal  288.4 #28 3:20PM
Yummy - dxcmama  333.4 #26 3:39PM

 949.0 #7 (WDW Qual #114

Feb 1, 2016 6:09PM  WDW Talk Land
I have some stickers up for grabs! Just comment under the sticker😘 ( this was our treats from the osborne dessert party)
- mmddgp  949.0 #7 6:10PM
May I please have this one? Thanks so much! =) - RylieFoundNemo1227  67.4 #4236 8:37PM
Sent😘 - mmddgp  949.0 #7 10:38AM
- mmddgp  949.0 #7 6:10PM
I would love a DJ! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1397.5 #3 6:47PM
Sent😘 - mmddgp  949.0 #7 6:50PM
  It's always so much fun when you see him in Cars Land!  - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1397.5 #3 6:58PM
Your welcome. I hope to see him one day - mmddgp  949.0 #7 7:22PM
Those treats look amazing!  - disneygrandma1  368.7 #23 9:33PM
They were really good. It was nice being out of the tight crowds for a while. We probably ate about 20.00 in snacks and drinks each and got a throw and spent, I think, 90.00 each😁 but for us it was a once in a life time thing.  - mmddgp  949.0 #7 11:50AM
Definitely worth it! - disneygrandma1  368.7 #23 6:52PM
They look delicious!! - brodysmommy  430.9 #508 11:26AM
They were good. I wish I would have tried a few of their special drinks. We were going to go back in but then never did.  - mmddgp  949.0 #7 11:51AM

 1478.4 #2 (WDW Qual #83

Feb 3, 2016 2:13AM  WDW Talk Land
I'd like to wish one of my favorite people & travel buddies CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad a very Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful day Tiff βœ¨πŸŽ‚πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰
TIFFANY! Have a wonderful day😘 - mmddgp  949.0 #7 2:43AM
Happy Birthday Tiffany! πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆ - disneycm  701.7 #11 2:55AM
Happy birthday πŸŽ‰πŸ°πŸŽπŸŽˆ - Tazhalo1  69.7 #4169 3:25AM
- disneyworldsbiggestfan  65.8 #90 4:36PM

 11004.0 #7 (DL Qual #93

Feb 3, 2016 6:05AM  WDW Talk Land
We want to wish our good friend Tiffany a very happy birthday! Hope you have a great day! See you in May!
Happy Birthday Tiffany!  - jacdanfan  11394.2 #5 6:16AM
Thank you Nancy!!! I will see you in a few months!  - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1397.5 #3 7:02AM
Happy Birthday!  - secretagentangel  4714.4 #28 2:42AM
Happy birthday πŸ˜„πŸŽ‰πŸ°πŸ· - Tazhalo1  69.7 #4169 3:25AM

 11394.2 #5 (DL Qual #55

Feb 3, 2016 6:39AM  WDW Talk Land
Wishing you a Magical and Happy Birthday Tiffany!
- goofygal  11004.0 #7 6:45AM
Thank you Gary!!! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1397.5 #3 6:59AM
Happy Birthday TiffanyπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ - 5disneylovers  1152.5 #6 6:51PM
Happy birthday!  - disneygrandma1  368.7 #23 9:10PM

 333.4 #26 (WDW Qual #443

Feb 5, 2016 6:05AM  WDW Talk Land
Castle pic from last week
πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— - brittandkell  487.5 #436 6:53AM
- disneyworldsbiggestfan  65.8 #90 7:17AM
Beautiful! 30 days til I see my castle in person. Can't wait!  - disneygrandma1  368.7 #23 10:56PM
Nice! - jacdanfan  11394.2 #5 10:32AM

 2680.1 #48 (DL Qual #39

Feb 2, 2016 4:33PM  WDW Talk Land
Thank you Gary and Nancy (@jacdanfan @goofygal) for the surprise care package... I finally able to get it (we need to have later customer service time here)... i love the shirt!!!! Where you able to grab these shirt??? Also the StarWars Pins!!! MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! I always never able to buy the sets on time, and i never got a chance to buy these when i went to wdw last may 2015. Again, th  More...
Those two are so incredibly generous.  Enjoy your gifts 😊 - bearlove  144.4 #2811 7:01PM
Aww that's so special. Enjoy - mmddgp  949.0 #7 4:54PM
That magazine looks so cool - mmddgp  949.0 #7 6:17PM
Those two are so incredibly generous.  Enjoy your gifts 😊 - bearlove  144.4 #2811 7:01PM
Awesome gifts!  - islandgirl58  453.0 #18 10:49AM

 1283.4 #134 (DL Qual #175

Feb 4, 2016 11:24AM  WDW Talk Land
Live. Cloudy, but beautiful as always.
Looks awesome!! - DizneyGirl  936.1 #8 11:40AM
 picture! - Pgmlucky  47.5 #4883 12:01PM
Better than snow. πŸ˜„ - 5disneylovers  1152.5 #6 4:04PM
Beautiful!  - disneygrandma1  368.7 #23 8:35PM

 2680.1 #48 (DL Qual #39

Feb 6, 2016 1:52PM  WDW Talk Land
Epcot's Spaceship Earth
 Have fun!  - disneycm  701.7 #11 2:09PM
My favorite!! Lots of pictures, please! - DizneyGirl  936.1 #8 2:25PM
Love it!  - disneygrandma1  368.7 #23 8:44PM
The flowers are gorgeous! - mrsincredible  1190.1 #5 5:38AM

 2680.1 #48 (DL Qual #39

Feb 6, 2016 5:53PM  WDW Talk Land
Main Street USA after the rain... It is pretty!
Yes it is!! - mrsincredible  1190.1 #5 6:12PM
Omg!! What a gorgeous shot!! Wow! - brittandkell  487.5 #436 6:53PM
It sure is! - disneycm  701.7 #11 9:19AM
Looks wonderful. Love Disney at night, just extra magical  - TinkTinkTink  262.2 #33 5:53AM

 2032.0 #76 (DL Qual #45

Feb 1, 2016 11:22AM  WDW Talk Land
Yesterday was fun... I wanna go back. Forget this work nonsense lol
Just call in and go πŸ˜‰ I'll meet you there!! - DizneyGirl  936.1 #8 11:57AM
I wish lol. Being an adult stinks  - missmimi90  2032.0 #76 12:54PM
Ain't that the truth! - DizneyGirl  936.1 #8 1:34PM
Take me too!!!!! - brittandkell  487.5 #436 11:58AM
πŸ‘ - DizneyGirl  936.1 #8 1:34PM
I agree! I wish I could take up permanent residence there and still have an income.  Wish I could win the lottery!  - disneygrandma1  368.7 #23 9:50PM
Right?! I always said if I won the lottery that I was buying one of those homes on the grounds of WDW. My friend had a plot there she was building on but was frustrated with the strict building plans (apparently owning a home on WDW property means there's many things you have to do or can't do to the house). She ended up selling to land plot 😳 - missmimi90  2032.0 #76 7:50AM
Cute pic! Looks like you are all dressed for the east coast weather , is it cold ? BTW awesome purse  - tracsant  1478.4 #2 8:52AM
It was somewhat cold but it was the strong winds that we're getting to me! That made it freezing along with the on and off sideways rain lol - missmimi90  2032.0 #76 9:04AM

 936.1 #8 (WDW Qual #129

Feb 1, 2016 2:17PM  WDW Talk Land
Best mail ever!! Thank you for your generosity Lelundrial! Love it all, the Star Wars marathon stuff is awesome!
Your welcome - Lelundrial  656.4 #305 3:16PM
Wow! That is awesome!!!  - disneycm  701.7 #11 2:21PM
Awesome RAK!  - disneygrandma1  368.7 #23 9:50PM
Very generous RAK indeed.  - bearlove  144.4 #2811 10:10PM

 936.1 #8 (WDW Qual #129

Feb 1, 2016 2:45PM  WDW Talk Land
The pins (up close) from Lelundrial's RAK! They are all so awesome!!
Wow!!!!!!  - Scothran  96.3 #72 3:29PM
Cute.  - 5disneylovers  1152.5 #6 3:46PM
I love! That butterfly one is my fav!! - justGoofin  161.8 #56 5:38AM
I give you a Disney dollar and a 60th anniversary Starbucks ornament, and the pins get all the attention. :P Glad you like them.  - Lelundrial  656.4 #305 2:44PM
LOL! I posted the entire RAK, but the picture didn't show the pins and their detail! Thanks again, I love it all!! - DizneyGirl  936.1 #8 2:55PM
Oh... I noticed the Starbucks ornament!  - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1397.5 #3 4:27PM
I was kind of shocked they were still there in January. I thought they would all be gone before the end of December.  - Lelundrial  656.4 #305 11:51AM

 2822.0 #46 (DL Qual #26

Feb 1, 2016 4:05PM  WDW Talk Land
Mickey shortbread cookie. Cutest cookie you'll ever want to eat haha ! It was tasty with a tall glass of cold milk with ice 😍😊
I love those!! - mrsincredible  1190.1 #5 4:23PM
It was my first time trying it !  - Hendizl  2822.0 #46 4:50PM
- Winnie111286  12324.7 #4 4:28PM
Never seen those! They look so good!! Where are they found? - disneyworldsbiggestfan  65.8 #90 8:39PM
Yes this also^^^^ we must know where to find this sugary yumminess!! Lol - txdisneymomma  120.4 #66 9:00PM
i got this one in downtown disney at this one store that sells all the candy and caramel apples  and cookie good they sell in the parks pretty  much any snack they make in the parks. they are also in the parks but i think at penny arcade probably  - Hendizl  2822.0 #46 10:10PM
Love these!! You're making me hungry!  - disneygrandma1  368.7 #23 9:32PM
haha - Hendizl  2822.0 #46 10:08PM

 936.1 #8 (WDW Qual #129

Feb 1, 2016 4:45PM  WDW Talk Land
Here's my nephew loving Goofy!
πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— - brittandkell  487.5 #436 4:49PM
Cute! - jacdanfan  11394.2 #5 5:00PM
He seems to be goofy fan, gorgeous picture.  - rink2  200.9 #42 10:29AM
Sooo sweet πŸ’œ - justGoofin  161.8 #56 2:08PM

 12324.7 #4 (DL Qual #5

Feb 2, 2016 8:38AM  WDW Talk Land
Got this cool pin from rhe DVC Office. Showed my card and they gave it to me.
How cool is that !? They really need to send these things to members who don't live anywhere near a Disney resort , DVC makes no sense half the time , if it were only up to me I would have sold most of my points by now .... End rant LOL ! - tracsant  1478.4 #2 8:50AM
Don't worry, I got you covered... I'm just a little slow on the package shipping side... - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1397.5 #3 9:01AM
I'm ranting with you today! I had an email about all the wonderful celebrations for the 25th! Not one co-incides with either of our trips! I thought I'd look at the commemorative merchandise but they don't ship out of the US and the link to the uk Disney store shows nothing DVC at all. I could go on- but I wont, my rant over😑 - rink2  200.9 #42 10:25AM
I still think that not shipping out of the United States is crazy!!!!! - mmddgp  949.0 #7 10:29AM
I know , we've been DVC members for 21 years this year and have never been able to order anything.  - rink2  200.9 #42 10:33AM
I will try to pick you up the pins in May and bring them across the pond myself in September! πŸ‡«πŸ‡· πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1397.5 #3 10:46AM
Thank you Tiffany!  - tracsant  1478.4 #2 12:56PM
Agree  - 5disneylovers  1152.5 #6 2:05PM
Tiffany that would be wonderful. You'll have to keep me up to date with your plans and maybe we could have a uk meet up too.  - rink2  200.9 #42 2:11PM
Where in the UK are you? Any recommendations for either day or overnight trips from London? What is a "can't miss" out of the city? - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1397.5 #3 2:14PM
I'm not thrilled with DVC either. Not what was promised at sign up. Guy was a jerk and not doing it anymore, but too late for us. We haven't been able to be a part of their Special things either. Going to WDW this weekend and nothing happening again. Didn't know about the Pin. Just happened to be there and it was offered to us. - Winnie111286  12324.7 #4 3:44PM
@tiffany. Let me know what kind of things you like - quirky English seaside, historic Royal castles, beautiful scenery etc! I will see what I can come up with.  - rink2  200.9 #42 5:30AM
Hope they still have these in December. Wish I could of known to check in Jan  - TinkTinkTink  262.2 #33 9:18AM
Never mind it's Disneyland. Don't know when we will be back there :( - TinkTinkTink  262.2 #33 9:19AM
Nice! - Andrea84  713.9 #10 4:12PM
Very cute!  - disneygrandma1  368.7 #23 6:48PM

 2680.1 #48 (DL Qual #39

Feb 2, 2016 4:27PM  WDW Talk Land
Thank you Heather (@disneygrandma1) for the RAK! I got it finally! (It took me some time to check the mailbox,,, work ends later than usual lately, and i always missed the customer service hours)... Again, tha k you for the bag and the surprise!!! (Too bad i cannot use the bag at work, coz the bag is COLORFUL! But i will use it outside of work!) the goofy gummies looks good, and stormtrooper pin i  More...
yay awesome. Today was a   Day for you!!! - mmddgp  949.0 #7 4:56PM
I'm glad you finally got it!! Enjoy!  - disneygrandma1  368.7 #23 6:47PM
Yah!! - brodysmommy  430.9 #508 8:16PM
Congratulations  - 5disneylovers  1152.5 #6 9:03PM

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