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 310.1 #22 (WDW Qual #273

Apr 26, 2015 4:00PM  WDW Talk Land
Yup I did first charms Aulani, and minnie mouse pandora a bracelet...

Very nice, I like the Aulani charm! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  985.3 #3 4:07PM
Yes I had to get one. Every visit to the aulani resort I always pass by looking lol. I told myself next time...then after a while I gave in, and bought it lol - islandgirl58  310.1 #22 11:59PM
Super pretty! - tracsant  1127.3 #2 4:08PM
This is so beautiful! 🌺 I'm resisting starting a bracelet but I think I'm gonna cave soon, lol.  I saw that they have a RunDisney charm and that might be the one that gets me started, lol.  I love the Aulani one.    - Spoonful_O_Sugar  576.9 #319 5:37PM
I didn't know aulani had 2...charmilia,  and pandora both made one...charmilia is the one I have,  and it's bigger then the pandora charm.  - islandgirl58  310.1 #22 11:57PM
cool - 5disneylovers  966.7 #5 5:50PM

 73.6 #3872 (DL Qual #3414

Apr 27, 2015 7:14PM  WDW Talk Land
Hi Everyone! With today's crazy room discount/ free dining hubbub, I need to finish planning our Aulani trip, which is in 32 days!!! I booked the Makahiki character breakfast and dinner and dinners at Ama Ama and Roy's, and we get daily QS breakfast as part of our AP rate. Does anyone have any experience with these restaurants? Any advice? TIA!

QS breakfast is at Ulu cafe. - DisneyCREWmom  73.6 #3872 7:16PM
Ama Ama is amazing both breakfast and dinner. Roy's is really good, especially the filet and the chocolate soufflΓ© cake and pineapple upside down cake are a must! Malasadas are really good at Ulu for breakfast. Never tried Makahiki as we are not buffet fans (you can order from a menu here instead of buffet). My hubby loves the coconut shrimp at the stand by the pool. They now have dole whips and shave ice is really good. If you need more food options, Monkey Pod is my favorite and is just across the street and has happy hour (food and drinks). Have a wonderful time! - Andrea84  689.1 #8 7:38PM
Awesome! Thank you! Our goal is a daily dole whip! - DisneyCREWmom  73.6 #3872 7:46PM
Charaters breakfast the food is yummy...ama ama the food is pretty good as far been twice to the character will enjoy those restaurants... - islandgirl58  310.1 #22 11:50PM

 717.0 #7 (WDW Qual #149

Apr 27, 2015 3:19PM  WDW Talk Land
Good evening! I'd like to officially introduce my first grand baby! Sawyer Grace, born 4/24/15. I spent the day with her and asked her if she'd like to come to Disney with me in September!

Oh she is adorable, beautiful congratulations again. I bet she said yes! So sweet.  - rink2  100.6 #64 3:28PM
Thank you! - DizneyGirl  717.0 #7 3:50PM
ADORABLE!!! - mrsincredible  983.0 #4 3:37PM
She doesn't even look like a newborn... her skin tone is flawless and she looks so big!!  Just gorgeous, Melissa!!   - mrsincredible  983.0 #4 3:38PM
Thank you! I did a bit of photo editing ;). She does look big in her photos. I posted a photo on FB where she's laying on her daddy's arm, it shows how small she is! - DizneyGirl  717.0 #7 3:52PM
She is adorable!! - brodysmommy  402.2 #510 9:15PM
 Congrats!! - AKangie  12.3 #8662 10:28PM

 210.6 #38 (WDW Qual #391

Apr 27, 2015 8:03PM  WDW Talk Land
hello mw family wanted to stop by and say hello. I haven't been on in like forever. I Miss u guys trying to get good grades in college and studying keeps me away. Well I hope everyone is doing fine. sooooo...... whats everyone's countdown?? Have a blessed night.

Good night Yessy!  Sorry to say no countdown yet!   - Pooh147856  253.7 #28 8:19PM
94 days for us can't wait!!!! - disneygrandma1  7.6 #281 8:35PM
15 days 😊😊 - bearlove  97.1 #3487 9:01PM
Hi Yessy, I'm at 266 days πŸ˜ƒ - Schramke  496.0 #14 9:55PM

 5.3 #402 (WDW Qual #8069

Apr 27, 2015 7:52PM  WDW Talk Land
Well 41 days till we are at Disney. All reservations made and fast pass+ chosen. Can't wait for vacation.

- Pooh147856  253.7 #28 8:20PM
woohoo!! We are down to 46 days! - txdisneymomma  93.5 #70 8:40PM
So exciting - bearlove  97.1 #3487 9:01PM
It'll be here before you know it! Yay! - disneygrandma1  7.6 #281 9:29PM

 82.0 #3729 (DL Qual #938

Apr 27, 2015 3:32AM  WDW Talk Land
Today's agenda includes Animal Kingdom. Very excited about all the different things to do here.

Have a wonderful time!  - disneycm  629.2 #9 3:34AM
Enjoy !!! - skcanfield  491.5 #16 4:02AM
Have fun.  I loved Expedition Everest. - Winnie111286  3235.7 #37 11:28AM
Love it there!  - disneygrandma1  7.6 #281 8:31PM

 97.1 #3487 (DL Qual #823

Apr 27, 2015 7:27PM  WDW Talk Land
Feeling Nostalgic! my babys first meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie - 2009 she was almost 2

Aw too cute.   - 5disneylovers  966.7 #5 7:31PM
What a precious moment  - fab5  82.0 #3729 7:37PM
How cute! They grow so fast!  - disneygrandma1  7.6 #281 8:24PM
That is adorable Syma! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  985.3 #3 8:28PM

Our new Walt Disney World App for iOS is here! MagicSearch, upNEXT, new Lounge, and tons of other upgrades. Go get it here. You can see all of the new features and how tos here

thanks admin - Fantasmicfan1  1104.5 #145 9:42PM
  - jacdanfan  8428.1 #5 6:08AM
- Lilogirl1  78.7 #3777 4:26PM
Thanks! DW fans appreciate you! - LeighMouse  17.9 #0 7:58AM

 61.2 #89 (WDW Qual #1047

Apr 27, 2015 8:06PM  WDW Talk Land
Mrs I... this cupcake was amazing. Chocolate pudding cupcake at Pizza Planet. Yummy!

- Pooh147856  253.7 #28 8:17PM
Sounds amazing!  - disneygrandma1  7.6 #281 8:25PM
That does look yummy! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  985.3 #3 8:28PM

 82.0 #3729 (DL Qual #938

Apr 27, 2015 2:51PM  WDW Talk Land
Sometimes pool time followed by a nice nap is needed to rejuvenate . Boardwalk feature pool

You got that right :) - DizneyGirl  717.0 #7 2:53PM
- skcanfield  491.5 #16 2:55PM
Agreed!  - disneygrandma1  7.6 #281 8:25PM
That sounds like a great way to spend your afternoon! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  985.3 #3 8:27PM

 983.0 #4 (WDW Qual #91

Apr 25, 2015 10:23PM  WDW Talk Land

Yay!  You're almost there!  - disneygrandma1  7.6 #281 10:26PM
- Pooh147856  253.7 #28 10:27PM
oh my...SO close! Have you started packing yet ? - ncjal  233.9 #32 4:32PM
Girl I wish!  I'm packing tonight but not for Disney, for work.  I'll be in Dallas the next few days. 😒 - mrsincredible  983.0 #4 4:46PM
I hope weather isn't bad while you are there. Been crazy weather around Dallas and even down south where I am lately. - txdisneymomma  93.5 #70 6:50PM
Yay maggzz!!! - yessy  210.6 #38 8:04PM

 985.3 #3 (WDW Qual #129

Apr 27, 2015 11:37AM  WDW Talk Land
Really Disney??? I thought it was called "Walt" Disney World. FYI: General registration for the "Walk" Disney World Marathon Weekend goes on sale tomorrow at 12 Noon Eastern (9 am Pacific)!

Lol I thought FINALLY something I could maybe do & get some disney bling ! - tracsant  1127.3 #2 6:47PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌ - mrsincredible  983.0 #4 7:20PM
ha ha  - 5disneylovers  966.7 #5 7:32PM
Maybe they think they are being funny? 😳 - mrsincredible  983.0 #4 11:52AM
ha ha I love it. Reading is for suckers.  - 5disneylovers  966.7 #5 6:00PM
Lol I thought FINALLY something I could maybe do & get some disney bling ! - tracsant  1127.3 #2 6:47PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌ - mrsincredible  983.0 #4 7:20PM
ha ha  - 5disneylovers  966.7 #5 7:32PM

 93.5 #70 (WDW Qual #839

Apr 26, 2015 7:26PM  WDW Talk Land
A couple of people thought this info was helpful/ good to know. If there is a restaurant you want reservations for but it is all booked, go to You pick your restaurant and day you'd like and as soon as a reservation becomes available they will email and or txt you to let you know it's available. You click on the link they send and it takes you to the Disney website to book y  More...

Great info. Thank you 😊 - bearlove  97.1 #3487 8:33PM
yes great info!! Thanks for sharing  - brodysmommy  402.2 #510 10:21PM
Waiting on my new "buddies" to find me a different Akershus ressie... come on, buddies, show me the money!! πŸ˜‚ - mrsincredible  983.0 #4 4:25AM
πŸ˜‚ it 3 weeks for them to find mine. Β And once you book you can tell them booked but keep looking for reservations in case a better time comes up, and it doesn't cost any extra. πŸ˜‰ - txdisneymomma  93.5 #70 5:50AM
i guess it worth it  - 5disneylovers  966.7 #5 10:06AM
Was to me.  May not be to some, sometimes, sometimes I drop the ball with my forgetfulness soooo stuff like this very helpful. πŸ˜‰ lol - txdisneymomma  93.5 #70 4:50PM
Girl, you know it's worth it with my job, ugh! - mrsincredible  983.0 #4 7:22PM
ha ha yes ma'am  - 5disneylovers  966.7 #5 7:31PM

 73.6 #3872 (DL Qual #3414

Apr 27, 2015 8:23AM  WDW Talk Land
Hi everyone! I've been trying to get online or call WDW to add either free dining or a room discount for our trip in September, but can't get thru! Anyone else having a problem? I feel sorry for those people who are 180 days out today, trying to make dining ressies!

Ya freeloaders are clogging up the system.:P - Lelundrial  555.6 #332 12:12PM
Yep same here. I will try later tonight when things hopefully will calm down. I need hotel for August 14-20, sad dinning not available πŸ˜ͺ - mmddgp  583.0 #10 8:37AM
Skywalker did it at 6am. Sorry everyone is having trouble. Guess it's been known now that it's open to all  - TinkTinkTink  201.5 #39 12:23PM
I'm glad you got your reservation!!! - DisneyCREWmom  73.6 #3872 5:55PM
He took a room discount, took more off than the dinning. Been reading some horror stories with others experence with trying to get the free dinning  - TinkTinkTink  201.5 #39 6:45PM
Yes, I'm trying to get a room discount, too. I got a Tables in Wonderland card last year, which takes 20% off the bill, including adult beverages.  A room discount works better for us than free dining.  - DisneyCREWmom  73.6 #3872 7:00PM
Well!!!! I tried a little this morning and on line periodically through the day and could not contact with anyone. Now I just need a room since dinning doesn't apply to us:( - mmddgp  583.0 #10 7:07PM
Do you have an AP? You could get a Tables in Wonderland card- 20% off food. - DisneyCREWmom  73.6 #3872 7:18PM
The AP discount for your dates is 25% at Value resorts. Not sure if this would help you, but I thought I'd look it up.☺️ - DisneyCREWmom  73.6 #3872 7:26PM
I don't , I used to but then we started buying packages and you have to have tickets for all in the party the same so we stopped getting them.  - mmddgp  583.0 #10 7:30PM

 61.2 #89 (WDW Qual #1047

Apr 26, 2015 6:37PM  WDW Talk Land
Day 1 is in the books. The boys were exhausted by 1pm so we went back to the hotel, swam, relaxed and headed back to Epcot. The day was extremely hot, the park was crowded and my poor family did not enjoy Akershus at all. But no complaints, we are at Disney!!!

I don't think Akershus is for me either. But, I would still be happy to be at Disney! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  985.3 #3 7:06PM
Akershus was not for my family, but I've read tons of reviews where people totally love it. - fab5  82.0 #3729 7:37PM
Sorry about the restaurant. We are not adventurous eaters in my house, So we usually stick to quick service meals at wdw.  - ncjal  233.9 #32 4:30PM
Darn! We LOVE it there!!  - brittandkell  440.2 #450 6:46PM

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10. Bullseye

Of all time?!  Wow! - MeridaFan  3512.7 #33 3:00PM
Wow... I got some catching up to - evilemohand  632.2 #286 8:47PM

Thanked by:   valj84DisneyAddict   Boundin   eviljules   Tom  
 82.0 #3729 (DL Qual #938

Apr 27, 2015 10:35AM  WDW Talk Land
Kali River Rapids in Disney World... Grizzly River Run is better according to the littles

They are both fun on a hot day! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  985.3 #3 10:45AM
I'm a chicken and wore a plastic poncho which felt like the equivalent of a sauna suit lol - fab5  82.0 #3729 11:58AM
I haven't been on that one. Went on grr once when Cali first opened and got soaked! I don't like being wet (get cold really easily) so I have avoided that one - brodysmommy  402.2 #510 12:33PM
cool  - 5disneylovers  966.7 #5 5:51PM
If it is hot I don't mind getting soaked but I hat walking in wet socks and shoes so I bring flip flops in me bag, change while in line then change back after - mmddgp  583.0 #10 7:16PM

 82.0 #3729 (DL Qual #938

Apr 27, 2015 11:03AM  WDW Talk Land
Absolutely love this!

- Pooh147856  253.7 #28 2:42PM
Cute!  - disneycm  629.2 #9 3:48PM
Love it!!! - brittandkell  440.2 #450 6:43PM
Cute. Wild looking! - mmddgp  583.0 #10 7:09PM

Thanked by:  DizneyGirl 717.0 #7  
 3235.7 #37 (DL Qual #17

Apr 27, 2015 1:29PM  WDW Talk Land
Wanted to share this Castle Picture from yesterday with the sun shining on the top.

- Pooh147856  253.7 #28 1:40PM
!!!!! - happygma2  30.6 #126 2:01PM
πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— - brittandkell  440.2 #450 6:47PM

Thanked by:  DizneyGirl 717.0 #7  
 3235.7 #37 (DL Qual #17

Apr 27, 2015 2:37PM  WDW Talk Land
Here's a Castle shot from this weekend also.

- disneycm  629.2 #9 4:25PM
Nice  - 5disneylovers  966.7 #5 5:58PM
Stunning ! - tracsant  1127.3 #2 6:03PM
- brittandkell  440.2 #450 6:39PM

Thanked by:  tracsant 1127.3 #2  
 89.6 #72 (WDW Qual #858

Apr 26, 2015 9:03AM  WDW Talk Land
First 1/2 marathon. 3:18:28. Time to start thinking about RunDisney.

Congrats!  How exciting to have a RunDisney in your future!! - DizneyGirl  717.0 #7 9:07AM
yay! Good for you! Congrats!  - ncjal  233.9 #32 9:32AM
Ok, it's the day after the race. My legs are a little sore, bruised heel and a blister on my right foot. I'll call that a win. The guy who won did the half in 1:06.Β  - TheDad  89.6 #72 5:42PM
😳. Talk about fast  - 5disneylovers  966.7 #5 5:50PM
Not too bad! Hopefully tomorrow you will be feeling even better! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  985.3 #3 5:58PM
Congrats ! - tracsant  1127.3 #2 6:03PM

Thanked by:  kayxobelle 219.2 #35  
 491.5 #16 (WDW Qual #378

Apr 25, 2015 9:03PM  WDW Talk Land
Goodnight everyone !!!!! Sweet dreams !!!!

Goodnight Steve! 🌠 - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  985.3 #3 9:24PM
Good night!  - disneygrandma1  7.6 #281 9:24PM
good night Steve!  - ncjal  233.9 #32 4:32PM
good night  - 5disneylovers  966.7 #5 5:52PM

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