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Oct 26, 2016 4:47AM  WDW Talk Land
Happy Wednesday to all you MouseWait enthusiasts!!

Happy Wednesday!  - disneycm  748.0 #11 9:40AM
Have a great day  - Schramke  718.8 #13 11:07AM

Thanked by:  DizneyGirl 1200.7 #8  
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Oct 26, 2016 7:28AM  WDW Talk Land
Good morning! Up at 4:50 am, hit the road at 9:00 am. One hour ahead of schedule, yay!

Aww yay. Have a wonderful safe magical trip. Are you stoping over somewhere tonight.  - mmddgp  1498.3 #3 8:04AM
We are headed to Paducah, KY, but we are just going to stop when ever we are ready. If we make it there great, Β if not that's okay. We usually make hotel ressies ahead of time and sometimes it's further than we can get πŸ˜• We will arrive in Kissimmee Friday and have no plans until 730pm, so we can take our time on the road, no pressure for timelines. - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 8:14AM
That's awesome. Have fun. Be safe.  - mmddgp  1498.3 #3 9:39AM
Thanks Gayle! - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 9:50AM
So excited for you guys! Safe travels:) - Monster23  25.5 #0 8:22AM
Thank you !  - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 9:50AM
Safe travels. - Bakerjars  264.1 #36 10:48AM
Yay!! Safe travels πŸ˜ƒ - Schramke  718.8 #13 11:07AM

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Oct 25, 2016 9:06PM  WDW Talk Land
Show and tell…

We missed it! What was there? - goofygal  13241.2 #7 9:06PM
Jack, storybook land, shrunken head mug, and one I couldn't make out. Plus rerelease of Halloween stickers  - Schramke  718.8 #13 9:08PM
Phooey! We are watching Westworld and lost track of time.  - goofygal  13241.2 #7 9:14PM
The day of the dead decoration in a red dress was the other one. - Lelundrial  837.1 #246 9:05AM
- Schramke  718.8 #13 9:06PM
- disneycm  748.0 #11 9:45AM
- Bakerjars  264.1 #36 10:49AM

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Oct 24, 2016 8:00PM  WDW Talk Land
Hi friends! So how's everything and everyone?

Hi PATRICIA good here. How are you. Miss you. This is a great picture! - mmddgp  1498.3 #3 8:05PM
SUPER cool pic! 😊 - AngiMouse  167.5 #2541 8:47PM
Great pic! - Monster23  25.5 #0 1:31PM
Omg don't ... move .... there's ghost around you  - Hendizl  2887.1 #52 11:53PM
 Don't move a muscle..... - Radio-Man  212.4 #43 10:27AM

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Oct 26, 2016 7:04AM  WDW Talk Land
This is a very peaceful and quiet spot in the middle of Frontier Land somewhat near the Country Bears. If you know where to look, you can almost always find serenity!

- DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 7:30AM
Pretty.  - disneycm  748.0 #11 9:41AM

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Oct 25, 2016 6:48PM  WDW Talk Land
Missing evenings on the river

- disneycm  748.0 #11 3:33AM
Pretty! - Monster23  25.5 #0 8:23AM

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Oct 25, 2016 7:01PM  WDW Talk Land
Does WDW MW not have wait times like the DL MW?

There are not enough people in the Wdw parks to enter so I think admin disabled that feature. The Disney World official app has accurate wait times though. - Andrea84  741.0 #12 4:08AM
Yep, when I was there last I updated as much as I could. There just is not always someone there to update it. - Lelundrial  837.1 #246 7:38AM

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Oct 25, 2016 1:33PM  WDW Talk Land
18 hours!! 18 hours!! Hope I can get good rest tonight, otherwise tomorrow will be a long day!

Eeeek!! So close. I always have a hard time sleeping the night before we leave. Hopefully you'll be able to! - Monster23  25.5 #0 2:42PM
I need a good night's sleep for 10 hours on the road tomorrow. - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 2:47PM
Woohoo! So excited for you. Let the magic begin. Hope you do better with sleep than I do. I never sleep well the night before.   - disneycm  748.0 #11 3:04PM
I've been up since 430am, so that'll probably work in my favor πŸ˜‰ - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 3:51PM
  - disneygrandma1  1025.8 #9 8:38PM
Thanks! - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 4:42AM
  I wish I was going back. I hope you have a GREAT time! - Radio-Man  212.4 #43 7:00AM
Thank you! - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 7:31AM

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Oct 26, 2016 7:02AM  WDW Talk Land
This is a very quiet spot somewhat near the Country Bears. I you know where to look, you can find serenity almost anywhere!

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Oct 25, 2016 10:11AM  WDW Talk Land
New Dumbo 75th Anniversary Pin for the cutest little Elephant anywhere

Super cute - mmddgp  1498.3 #3 12:09PM
πŸ™‚πŸ˜ Very nice❗Is it numbered in the backβ“πŸ˜€β° - Radio-Man  212.4 #43 12:57PM
Very cute!  - disneycm  748.0 #11 2:59PM
Nicole needs that! - mrsincredible  1384.8 #5 3:43AM

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Oct 25, 2016 9:03AM  WDW Talk Land
When you go to Mickeys Halloween party with your boyfriend dressed like a chick and our good friend with the most awesome costume, there is endless attention from other people throughout the night LOL. I'm so used to this!

Those are awesome costumes! - TakeMeToNeverland19  30.4 #6309 9:16AM
- DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 9:47AM
You guys look great!  - disneycm  748.0 #11 2:59PM
Very nice! - mrsincredible  1384.8 #5 3:42AM

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Oct 25, 2016 3:56PM  WDW Talk Land
Finding Dory out today... did you get yours?! πŸ’™

No! I didn't realize it came out today and my kids have been asking when we can get it. Guess I better go to the store this week. Thanks Maggie! - txdisneymomma  144.6 #62 7:31PM
πŸ‘πŸΌ - mrsincredible  1384.8 #5 3:40AM
No.  I'm busy ok  - 5disneylovers  1256.1 #7 7:59PM
πŸ˜‚ - mrsincredible  1384.8 #5 3:40AM
No, I'll wait and get it for Christmas  - Schramke  718.8 #13 8:33PM
πŸ‘πŸΌ - mrsincredible  1384.8 #5 3:41AM

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Oct 25, 2016 6:15PM  WDW Talk Land

Weeee!  - disneycm  748.0 #11 3:32AM

 1498.3 #3 (WDW Qual #69

Oct 25, 2016 6:11PM  WDW Talk Land
Ed doing the "DAB"

Lol! That's AWESOME! - txdisneymomma  144.6 #62 7:09PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - disneycm  748.0 #11 3:32AM

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I finally made a list besides wait times.wait times has become almost impossible with the crowds,reception blows.but thank you for all you do@@@@Admin - DarthFairy  754.9 #288 7:43PM
!! CongratsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ - SnowKitty  118.2 #3382 5:06PM
  Well done and congratulations.  Now I know how some people have so many stickers.  Keep up the good work:-) - beentoall  1340.4 #0 2:55AM
And they share - suzieq65  158.7 #2688 9:06PM
I finally made a list besides wait times.wait times has become almost impossible with the crowds,reception blows.but thank you for all you do@@@@Admin - DarthFairy  754.9 #288 7:43PM
!! CongratsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ - SnowKitty  118.2 #3382 5:06PM
!!! And I thought working up to 73 credits was good lol - sunvalgifts  171.7 #2476 12:21PM

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Oct 25, 2016 10:11AM  WDW Talk Land
Took the kids to their school book fair last night and just had to get this for me!

Great find!  - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 11:29AM
That's awesome!! - mmddgp  1498.3 #3 12:08PM
That's nice! - Monster23  25.5 #0 1:31PM
Score! πŸ˜€ - disneycm  748.0 #11 2:57PM

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Oct 25, 2016 12:58PM  WDW Talk Land
Construction on Thunder Mountain!

Oh wow!  - disneycm  748.0 #11 2:59PM

Thanked by:  disneygrandma1 1025.8 #9  
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Oct 24, 2016 2:51PM  WDW Talk Land
I picked Chloe up from school this afternoon and this is how she greeted me "Why can't we leave tomorrow?"  I wish ;) We are pretty excited, you wouldn't think so since we go annually. The girls are disappointed to hear we are going to skip a few years after this trip. I know this trip will be an amazing trip with lots of new memories. Wish me luck, because I have a swollen nerve in the ball   More...

Oh my goodness MELISSA that so sounds like me this trip. Mine is in my heal and in the morning I can barely walk on it and after hours it was very sore. I did rub arthritis strength aspercream on it in the morning  - mmddgp  1498.3 #3 3:46PM
And took it into the parks with me and would do it again through the day. Best of luck to you I know exactly how you feel, I don't wish sore feet on anyone ✨✨✨ - mmddgp  1498.3 #3 3:47PM
I've never had sore feet,  it should make things interesting. I'm a fast walker too, I have such a hard time walking slow, which would probably help.  - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 5:40PM
Gale sounds like plantar fasicitis. I have a lot of recommendation to help heal that pain. If I followed my own advice  mine would be better - Bakerjars  264.1 #36 6:29PM
lol ROBYN. I haven't seen a dr yet but I think that's what I have as well. I know part of it is my extra weight, I need to work at that better. I even bout a new or of shoes from fit to run in Disney springs and they didn't help too much and IGot blisters on the opposite foot. I am just a total mess  - mmddgp  1498.3 #3 7:21PM
Gayle have you tried to really stretch out your calves?  Mr I dealt with it for a few years and is pain free now after introducing stretching morning and night. - mrsincredible  1384.8 #5 7:35PM
I know that sounds weird since that isn't where your pain is, but it relieves tension on your arch and heel when you stretch your calves.  - mrsincredible  1384.8 #5 7:36PM
Yep stretching. As Mrs I said. Students on edge of step and let your heel hang over the edge do this a couple times a couple times a day. Also there are splints they sell at CVS or target for your foot to sleep in. Freeze a bottle of water and after work just roll your foot on it. Also there is a video on you tube for tapping your foot. That has made me almost pain free. Trust me I work as a nurse and I do 12 hour shifts, all of these things go have helped me tremendously. I can DM you my cell if you need more details. - Bakerjars  264.1 #36 3:06AM
Hubby has plantar fasciitis. He does stretches regularly and it works! - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 7:03AM
Oh no! Sorry about your foot! Pixie dust that it feels better soon.  - disneycm  748.0 #11 5:26PM
Thanks! - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 5:40PM
Oh no! I hope it gets better before you get there! I can relate tho I have had a problem with my big toe and I'm running in W&D soon. It's always something! - goofygal  13241.2 #7 6:00AM
Thanks! Oh goodness, I hope yours isn't too bad . . . that's not good, bad toe and running ;) - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 6:11AM
Oh no, praying your foot will get better before your trip.  - dxcmama  393.5 #23 6:11AM
Thanks Lisa! - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 6:47AM

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Oct 24, 2016 5:49PM  WDW Talk Land
Astro Orbiter time!! Let's go for a spin!!

I have never been on that - mmddgp  1498.3 #3 7:22PM
I've never been on it either!   - disneygrandma1  1025.8 #9 9:36PM
Love it. I especially at night.  - teaching76  36.1 #0 10:38PM
This is so awesome in the dark! - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 6:13AM
I've only been on the one at DL - Monster23  25.5 #0 6:20AM

 1200.7 #8 (WDW Qual #109

Oct 23, 2016 5:18AM  WDW Talk Land
Happy Sunday! We hit the road in 3 days!! Woo hoo!

Happy Sunday and woohoo! β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄πŸš• - disneycm  748.0 #11 6:15AM
Are you packing?  - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 6:04PM
Got several things laid out ready to pack. Waiting until it gets closer to see the weather. May need another sweatshirt or jeans.   - disneycm  748.0 #11 11:44AM
I'm taking jeans and a jacket.  - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 2:20PM
Yay  - 5disneylovers  1256.1 #7 7:01AM
😊 - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 6:04PM
Yay! Have a fun trip! See you soon! - goofygal  13241.2 #7 5:57AM
See you soon! - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 6:12AM
Yay!!! So exciting!  - dxcmama  393.5 #23 6:12AM

 1498.3 #3 (WDW Qual #69

Oct 24, 2016 8:48AM  WDW Talk Land
Good morning. This was a magic shot from the mnsshp. You stood in a space, acted scared, stood still for 5 seconds and behind you was a cm that walked behind you with a wand from one side to The other as they snapped the picture. Pretty cool!!!!

Great pic!  - disneycm  748.0 #11 11:39AM
Looks like a fun photo op! We don't do photo pass anymore, so we miss out on these cool shots! - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 2:49PM
Hey if you get a chance when you are at the halloween party, infront of haunted mansion there was a photo op by the Hearst and in back there was a woman ghost sitting on the bench and interacting with the crowd and I wanted to get her picture but when we were done and went around to take it she was goneπŸ˜ͺ can you get her picture for me please😘.  - mmddgp  1498.3 #3 3:54PM
I will definitely try!  - DizneyGirl  1200.7 #8 6:53PM
Thanks 😘 - mmddgp  1498.3 #3 7:22PM
Love it  - 5disneylovers  1256.1 #7 7:49PM
  So very cool and so very SCARY!! - Radio-Man  212.4 #43 6:06AM

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