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 88.3 #3611 (DL Qual #870

Apr 27, 2015 5:23PM  WDW Talk Land
How many Happy Haunts?

999 of course unless you brought your death certificate! - goofygal  8245.0 #6 6:10AM
haha, there's always room for one more!! πŸ‘» - ncjal  234.0 #32 1:39PM
what are you all taking about ? Fill a sister in.   - 5disneylovers  966.8 #5 6:29AM
Haunted Mansion - ncjal  234.0 #32 1:39PM

 1629.8 #87 (DL Qual #31

Apr 28, 2015 12:22PM  WDW Talk Land
Just seven more weeks till I'm back at WDW!

yay. Love the picture  - mmddgp  583.1 #10 1:08PM
That's so exciting!!  Awesome photo! - DizneyGirl  717.4 #7 1:39PM

 210.6 #38 (WDW Qual #391

Apr 27, 2015 8:03PM  WDW Talk Land
hello mw family wanted to stop by and say hello. I haven't been on in like forever. I Miss u guys trying to get good grades in college and studying keeps me away. Well I hope everyone is doing fine. sooooo...... whats everyone's countdown?? Have a blessed night.

Good night Yessy!  Sorry to say no countdown yet!   - Pooh147856  253.8 #28 8:19PM
94 days for us can't wait!!!! - disneygrandma1  7.6 #281 8:35PM
94. Where are you staying again and for how long?  - 5disneylovers  966.8 #5 6:30AM
94 long days!  And 193 longer days! 😳 - 5disneylovers  966.8 #5 6:31AM
56 days!  - ncjal  234.0 #32 1:38PM

 73.6 #3870 (DL Qual #3415

Apr 28, 2015 8:06AM  WDW Talk Land
Hi Everyone! Yesterday I tried to get a room discount for our September trip, and was unsuccessful. This morning, I logged into the website and BAM there it was! My room discount for September! Yippee! If you didn't get what you wanted yesterday, try again today! Good luck and have s great day!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

That awesome! Yesterday was a bit frustrating! - DizneyGirl  717.4 #7 8:25AM
Yes it was...but everything worked out! πŸ˜€ - DisneyCREWmom  73.6 #3870 1:33PM
For me too. I read people with existing reservations had an easier time than those making new ones. - DizneyGirl  717.4 #7 1:38PM
thanks I was on checking also after I saw this😘 still no decisions 😁 - mmddgp  583.1 #10 9:43AM
Good luck!  - DisneyCREWmom  73.6 #3870 1:33PM
That's fabulous!!  I'm happy you got it! - BagGal  235.8 #31 11:32AM
Thanks! What are your dates? - DisneyCREWmom  73.6 #3870 1:32PM
If that is "a little rain", I would hate to see "a lot of rain". πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ - PrincessAuroraMomma  527.0 #356 11:40AM

 93.8 #70 (WDW Qual #826

Apr 28, 2015 12:37PM  WDW Talk Land
πŸ˜† My daughters dance studio is going to WDW next June. I told her daddy this morning about it, he shook his head and said any way for you to get to Disney huh? Lol. And if he don't want to go and deal with dance stuff I'm sure I can find someone to go with us. I'm so excited!!! I think it would pretty cool to be able to perform at WDW. Now time to start fundraising for it. πŸ˜‰

Congrats! The very first we went to Disney was with my aunt and uncle and their girls who were in dance. It was so much fun. Although we didn't go to all the dance things it was fun traveling with the group. That is where our addiction began. Back then there was no wide world of sports they actually competed at the swan and dolphin. Happy planning and good luck on the fundraisers✨ - mmddgp  583.1 #10 1:08PM
Thank you!! Haley is too young to compete but she will get to perform at HS.  A friend whose daughter has been with another studio said we will have even more free time to go to parks because she isn't competing or doing a parade. I told my husband a few ago I wanted to go again next year. Lol. Guess we will. - txdisneymomma  93.8 #70 1:18PM
so exciting! My first trip to WDW ever was in high school with our marching band for their Magic Musical Days to play in the electric light parade! It was TRULY MAGICAL! And I believe that is what started my Disney LOVE!  - ncjal  234.0 #32 1:34PM
That's awesome and exciting! - DizneyGirl  717.4 #7 1:37PM

 583.1 #10 (WDW Qual #163

Apr 28, 2015 1:16PM  WDW Talk Land
Time for a break. Did a little yard work today trying to get out of my funk. Hope everyone is having a great day😘

aww, sorry you are in a funk! Feel better soon, friend! Sending you love and a virtual Starbucks drink! Cheers! πŸ˜˜β˜•οΈ - ncjal  234.0 #32 1:35PM
((Hugs)). Beautiful yard! - DizneyGirl  717.4 #7 1:36PM

 88.3 #3611 (DL Qual #870

Apr 28, 2015 8:40AM  WDW Talk Land
A little rain won't keep us away

Good job πŸ‘ - bearlove  97.2 #3485 9:13AM
aww cute. Have fun - mmddgp  583.1 #10 9:39AM
rainy day at Disney is better than being anywhere else! πŸ˜‰ - txdisneymomma  93.8 #70 12:27PM
wow, it sure is raining!  - ncjal  234.0 #32 1:35PM

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Cool admin. Hope I do better than the first one. Hope people that enter will be ready to play and the tournament moves along better - Goofytom  1109.4 #144 6:41PM
I will announce the December tournament date this week. - Admin 11:58PM
Can't wait! - sawman911  670.5 #258 6:30PM
I have the app so if anyone wants to play a game with me :-) - nelcamp90  32.3 #5302 7:12PM
Just invited you to play - Goofytom  1109.4 #144 1:21PM
There should be a droid version of this. I. would love to play  - bryanjung1997  1.1 #64902 2:19PM

 210.6 #38 (WDW Qual #391

Apr 28, 2015 4:33AM  WDW Talk Land
Good morning MW family. scored reservations yesterday at coronado springs with free dining from dec15-dec21. celebrating my son's bday. 100 days away for my first countdown and 199 for my second yay cant wait. any reviews on coronado springs. ive never stayed there before.

Good morning!  Yay on the scoring ressies! We love, love, love CSR! - DizneyGirl  717.4 #7 4:39AM
We love it. It is spread out but and nice relaxing walk to main building. Nice adult pool, nothing fancy but usual quite. Main pool has cool the among and lots for kids to do. Many bus stops to get to the parks  - TinkTinkTink  201.6 #39 5:33AM
That's great! - disneycm  629.4 #9 11:54AM
Yessy, we are staying at Coronado Springs in June. Will be our first time. Can't wait!  - ncjal  234.0 #32 12:01PM
Let me know how it goes yay!!!! - yessy  210.6 #38 1:27PM
Will do! 56 days!!!!!  - ncjal  234.0 #32 1:32PM

 73.6 #3870 (DL Qual #3415

Apr 27, 2015 7:14PM  WDW Talk Land
Hi Everyone! With today's crazy room discount/ free dining hubbub, I need to finish planning our Aulani trip, which is in 32 days!!! I booked the Makahiki character breakfast and dinner and dinners at Ama Ama and Roy's, and we get daily QS breakfast as part of our AP rate. Does anyone have any experience with these restaurants? Any advice? TIA!

Try eat during sunset time in Ama Ama, Hawaii sunset is breathtaking! - RapunzalK  196.4 #1950 8:34AM
QS breakfast is at Ulu cafe. - DisneyCREWmom  73.6 #3870 7:16PM
Try eat during sunset time in Ama Ama, Hawaii sunset is breathtaking! - RapunzalK  196.4 #1950 8:34AM
I heard the spa over there is really good, never try yet but definitely it's on my bucket list. - RapunzalK  196.4 #1950 1:13PM
Great idea! I'll look at the services. - DisneyCREWmom  73.6 #3870 1:30PM

 88.3 #3611 (DL Qual #870

Apr 28, 2015 10:43AM  WDW Talk Land
I think I need to hire a landscaper

Nice pic  - Schramke  496.0 #14 10:46AM
Love topiaries!  - disneycm  629.4 #9 11:52AM
Soooo cute! - islandgirl58  310.3 #22 12:21PM
Very cute and I feel the same way! Lol - mmddgp  583.1 #10 1:09PM

 3.2 #32504 (DL Qual #0

Apr 28, 2015 3:15AM  WDW Talk Land
Its official. Love Disney mail. 26 days and counting.

 Getting so close!  - disneycm  629.4 #9 3:25AM
Very exciting! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  985.8 #3 4:18AM
yay!!  - Schramke  496.0 #14 10:46AM
Yay you're so close!! - txdisneymomma  93.8 #70 12:27PM

 983.1 #4 (WDW Qual #91

Apr 28, 2015 6:29AM  WDW Talk Land
Leavin' on a jet plane to Dallas for work... if I can't be headed to Disney, at least I can read Disney! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ Enjoy your Tuesday friends!

Safe travels Maggie! Enjoy the read! - DizneyGirl  717.4 #7 8:27AM
Fly safe and enjoy your read  - bearlove  97.2 #3485 9:15AM
Oh, I need to find that book! Safe travels! - ncjal  234.0 #32 12:03PM
Have a safe trip and gotta have Disney in some form! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‰ - txdisneymomma  93.8 #70 12:26PM

 1128.6 #2 (WDW Qual #109

Apr 28, 2015 5:45AM  WDW Talk Land
Happy Sticker night ! This is tonight's theme as per Admins DL post ( thank you SAA) I'm #RAKING off 50 credits

Good morning! - goofygal  8245.0 #6 6:01AM
Good morning Nancy! - tracsant  1128.6 #2 6:32AM
- happygma2  30.6 #126 7:12AM
Good afternoon. - Pooh147856  253.8 #28 10:12AM
Please add me for πŸ‘† - islandgirl58  310.3 #22 12:21PM
Please add me - fab5  88.3 #3611 11:58AM

 985.8 #3 (WDW Qual #129

Apr 28, 2015 5:00AM  WDW Talk Land
Good morning everyone, it's single digit dance party time! Just 9 days until Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend and the Inaugural Pixie Dust Challenge!!! Who's ready?

I am! Wish it would hurry up and get here. Was not feeling too good yesterday. Hope I'm not catching something. - goofygal  8245.0 #6 6:04AM
Yay , good luck everyone ! - tracsant  1128.6 #2 5:01AM
9 day!! Whoop whoop! - justGoofin  146.3 #53 12:12PM
Good morning!  Yay to 9 days!  - islandgirl58  310.3 #22 12:19PM

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This list needs to be updated! Just saying😬 - MadameLeota  2373.1 #52 9:51PM

 88.3 #3611 (DL Qual #870

Apr 28, 2015 4:45AM  WDW Talk Land
Today's agenda includes EPCOT, downtown Disney....oh, and lots of rain. Ponchos are packed and getting ready to enjoy the day.

Have fun ! - tracsant  1128.6 #2 5:03AM
At least at EPCOT you can spend a lot of time in each pavilion, out of the rain! Have fun! - DizneyGirl  717.4 #7 5:12AM
have a great day  - Schramke  496.0 #14 10:47AM
Have fun!  - disneycm  629.4 #9 11:51AM

 61.3 #89 (WDW Qual #1047

Apr 28, 2015 7:32AM  WDW Talk Land
Headed to Animal Kingdom on this rainy day.

Have fun guys!! - mrsincredible  983.1 #4 7:54AM
Have a fun day. Thought it was Epcot.  - mmddgp  583.1 #10 8:01AM
We were there yesterday. Have fun - fab5  88.3 #3611 11:09AM
Have a wonderful time! - disneycm  629.4 #9 11:49AM

 527.0 #356 (DL Qual #285

Apr 28, 2015 7:08AM  WDW Talk Land
Today is open registration for the WDW Marathon weekend!! Anyone going to register? If so what will you register for? I am running the marathon, my husband the 1/2 and my daughter the kid's 1 mile. Registration opens at 12 pm eastern, sharp.

How exciting! Good luck to all of you! - DizneyGirl  717.4 #7 8:26AM
Not running since the 10k is on a Friday but I am going to try and volunteer for the marathon again.  Good luck to all the runners! - Andrea84  689.1 #8 8:41AM
Would like to, but it is way to close to the Star Wars marathon. - Lelundrial  555.6 #331 9:04AM
Ditto. I am so looking forward to running Rebel again! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  985.8 #3 9:38AM
My husband is giving up Star Wars for me, so I could run the marathon. If not for that we would be at Star Wars too. Good luck. - PrincessAuroraMomma  527.0 #356 11:42AM
Good luck - Pooh147856  253.8 #28 10:09AM

 717.4 #7 (WDW Qual #149

Apr 27, 2015 3:19PM  WDW Talk Land
Good evening! I'd like to officially introduce my first grand baby! Sawyer Grace, born 4/24/15. I spent the day with her and asked her if she'd like to come to Disney with me in September!

Oh she is adorable, beautiful congratulations again. I bet she said yes! So sweet.  - rink2  100.6 #64 3:28PM
Thank you! - DizneyGirl  717.4 #7 3:50PM
ADORABLE!!! - mrsincredible  983.1 #4 3:37PM
She doesn't even look like a newborn... her skin tone is flawless and she looks so big!!  Just gorgeous, Melissa!!   - mrsincredible  983.1 #4 3:38PM
Thank you! I did a bit of photo editing ;). She does look big in her photos. I posted a photo on FB where she's laying on her daddy's arm, it shows how small she is! - DizneyGirl  717.4 #7 3:52PM
- augustinek  25.2 #138 6:23AM
Thanks! - DizneyGirl  717.4 #7 8:28AM
 And tell her  To πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she is  - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  809.0 #202 9:54AM
Thank you :)! - DizneyGirl  717.4 #7 10:03AM

 61.3 #89 (WDW Qual #1047

Apr 27, 2015 8:06PM  WDW Talk Land
Mrs I... this cupcake was amazing. Chocolate pudding cupcake at Pizza Planet. Yummy!

- Pooh147856  253.8 #28 8:17PM
Sounds amazing!  - disneygrandma1  7.6 #281 8:25PM
Cute and - goofygal  8245.0 #6 6:02AM
What is on top? It looks yummy! - DisneyCREWmom  73.6 #3870 8:07AM

Thanked by:  mrsincredible 983.1 #4  
 147.6 #2643 (DL Qual #1542

Apr 26, 2015 5:31PM  WDW Talk Land
Stopped by Dtd yesterday and saw this beauty out in the water. I think it is really. Cool looking and I wanna do it. Anyone know the price involved in it?

No picture  - 5disneylovers  966.8 #5 5:33PM
If your taking about the car/boat then I think about $120.00 for 30 minutes.  But you have no picture so just guessing that is what you needed  - Pooh147856  253.8 #28 6:41PM
They're really cute! But, not $120 cute. - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  985.8 #3 7:04PM
Ouch!! πŸ’Έ - kayxobelle  219.2 #35 7:55PM
Yea it was the car boat.  - cooldisgrl_CM  147.6 #2643 7:04AM

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