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 165.1 #47 (WDW Qual #647

Sep 14, 2014 4:33PM  WDW Talk Land
Parking Garage construction. Decor type walls going up!

Comming along - Pooh147856  174.1 #44 5:04PM
Does that mean its almost done? - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  864.1 #3 5:57PM
One can only hope. Makes me annoyed thinking about it - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 6:33PM
Must be the final touches! - DizneyGirl  592.2 #8 6:36PM
Thank you for keeping us updated on all things DW. It is much appreciated πŸ˜ƒ - bearlove  68.2 #3868 9:13PM

 592.2 #8 (WDW Qual #152

Sep 14, 2014 6:55PM  WDW Talk Land
RAK with a twist, read carefully. This is a wristlet with one outside pocket and a zippered inside pocket with several card slots, my mom makes these and they are awesome! Here's the twist and rules. I have a big announcement I'm making in a few days, try and guess what it is. 1. You can only add for yourself (and give to who ever you want; your significant other, daughter, sister, another MWer,   More...

Ooh that's exciting. Please add me. Hmmm you are pregnant? ? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ - bearlove  68.2 #3868 7:02PM
:) - DizneyGirl  592.2 #8 7:11PM
Add me please! You gonna run in a 5k! - BBNminnie  10.5 #226 7:15PM
;) - DizneyGirl  592.2 #8 7:35PM
You got a new job! - Ariel42  259.1 #23 8:30PM
You have decided not to get a "photography job" but to just start your own business and you already have several clients lined up(not just family and friends) πŸ“· - fluffandstuff  14.5 #7369 9:17PM

 165.1 #47 (WDW Qual #647

Sep 14, 2014 3:06PM  WDW Talk Land
Spending some time indoors today at Disney Quest!

My family did it last trip. They enjoyed it. - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 3:41PM
Different colors! Hope you had fun! - DizneyGirl  592.2 #8 6:46PM
Haven't done that yet ... next trip - bearlove  68.2 #3868 9:12PM

 1378.6 #91 (DL Qual #51

Sep 14, 2014 8:38AM  WDW Talk Land
We love and welcome you here in California!!

Omg. So cute. Have fun! - mmddgp  409.8 #17 9:00AM
Great photo! - disneycm  554.1 #10 12:50PM
Oh he's cute, great pic! - MinnieMousewife  737.2 #211 7:30PM
Look st those smiles 😊 - bearlove  68.2 #3868 9:11PM

 450.4 #13 (WDW Qual #169

Sep 14, 2014 11:19AM  WDW Talk Land
SOOO EXCITED!!! Finally got a car magnet!! Saw them all over FL last Nov but never saw them here in CA. YAY!!!! :)

Yay! We're waiting for ours to arrive! - codiejoe  165.1 #47 12:19PM
That's awesome! πŸ‘Š - mrsincredible  802.6 #5 12:45PM
Very cool! - Ariel42  259.1 #23 8:30PM
Cool - bearlove  68.2 #3868 9:09PM

 362.0 #546 (DL Qual #884

Sep 14, 2014 5:24AM  WDW Talk Land
The princess is ready for the day!

She's beautiful! You guys have a magical day! - DizneyGirl  592.2 #8 5:26AM
Oh how adorable !! Have fun :) - tracsant  938.7 #2 5:28AM
So cute! - Ariel42  259.1 #23 8:31PM
Pretty little princess - bearlove  68.2 #3868 9:08PM

 362.0 #546 (DL Qual #884

Sep 14, 2014 6:45PM  WDW Talk Land
Our Halloween window at Pop!

Gave up my OCD and let her do the window clings herself! She is very proud lol - brittandkell  362.0 #546 6:46PM
You have to do that for the kiddos. - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 6:48PM
Awesome. Decorations. - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 6:47PM
Love it! - Ariel42  259.1 #23 8:31PM
Very nice - bearlove  68.2 #3868 9:07PM

Download VOYAGEERS to your device today! Discover the VOYAGEERS Society, and the magical Main Street Realm in this action packed adventure for kids of ALL ages! Also available on iBooks and Kobo. Follow the VOYAGEERS on Facebook for more info and behind the scenes exclusives.

Got it! More than halfway thru it! It's a lot of fun!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨βœ¨ - TinkerSchelle  1162.5 #115 10:53PM
I got it for my Kindle yesterday, but haven't started reading it yet. It's hard to wait, but I'm saving it for the train commute when I go back to work in a week.  - grumpypapa  2063.0 #55 9:56PM
Thank you! - Admin  3:41PM
Like normal I am late to the party. Reading it now - Tealtownfan  852.2 #174 3:13PM
I can't wait for the next one to come out this week. - arianwenmcb  212.3 #1700 6:57PM

 362.0 #546 (DL Qual #884

Sep 14, 2014 8:09PM  WDW Talk Land
So far it's been a GREAT two days!! Time is going too fast though! Loving Memory Maker!! We have very few pics of all of us together! Magic Kingdom tomorrow!!! So many firsts! 7 dwarfs, fantasy parade, BOG dinner, Halloween decorations...I think we'll try to sleep fast! Lol

Thanks for sharing your pix, like being there with you! Looks like you all are having an awesome time! - DizneyGirl  592.2 #8 8:12PM
Great picture! - Ariel42  259.1 #23 8:30PM
Yes. Get some sleep. Loving the pic. Thanks - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 8:34PM
Cute family - bearlove  68.2 #3868 9:07PM

 1378.6 #91 (DL Qual #51

Sep 14, 2014 8:36AM  WDW Talk Land
I got Oswald hugs and kisses. Was so excited!!!

How fun! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  864.1 #3 1:02PM
Aww! - mmddgp  409.8 #17 9:01AM
Autograph? Was line long ? - E-Ticket  1078.0 #133 1:45PM
He does do autographs, we went at park opening (8am) he didn't come out until about 8:15-8:20 and once the line moved we met him in about fifteen minutes. I know the line was getting longer as time went on though (someone not long after me seeing him said he waited 30-40 minutes in the line). - missmimi90  1378.6 #91 1:55PM
Thanks missmimi - E-Ticket  1078.0 #133 9:01PM
Super cute - bearlove  68.2 #3868 9:07PM

 864.1 #3 (WDW Qual #124

Sep 14, 2014 2:22PM  WDW Talk Land
Happy Sunday everyone! This morning I ran the You Go Girl 10k in Tacoma. Half marathon finishers received a medal while 10k finishers received this cute necklace! While I didn't PR (there was a BIG hill just after the halfway point), I finished with my second best time of 1:09:28 (11:12/mile). It was a fun event and I love the purple race shirt!

Congratulations very nice - Pooh147856  174.1 #44 2:23PM
Congratulations, tiff! - islandgirl58  254.8 #26 2:48PM
Cute necklace - islandgirl58  254.8 #26 2:48PM
How fun! Congrats on your time! I need to start doing some more runs in my area. - Spoonful_O_Sugar  525.8 #336 9:02PM
Congratulations πŸ‘ - bearlove  68.2 #3868 9:06PM

 362.0 #546 (DL Qual #884

Sep 14, 2014 6:57AM  WDW Talk Land
Little ones first time on test track..."but does it go fast???" We just said kind of! Lol

It does go decently fast. Lol. My lil bro was scared then he loved how fast it went. He was more afraid of the "oncoming" semi truck. - codiejoe  165.1 #47 7:20AM
Well we weren't going to tell her that! Lol she said she liked it but doesn't want to ride it again! Haha - brittandkell  362.0 #546 7:58AM
Hahaha, that's what I have told Mr I. He's never been on it. Can't wait for him to experience it! - mrsincredible  802.6 #5 12:50PM
Sad thing is she was too short to show up in the pic!!! We have tried to bribe her al day to try it again! - brittandkell  362.0 #546 4:42PM
Oh man! Haha, that's funny! - mrsincredible  802.6 #5 5:51PM
Zoom, zoom! - DizneyGirl  592.2 #8 6:36PM
Love that ride! - augustinek  21.8 #146 7:50PM

 362.0 #546 (DL Qual #884

Sep 14, 2014 4:51PM  WDW Talk Land
Question...if you have memory do you get your ride photos? Like how do they know it's you to add them to your account?

It is supposed read your bracelets. I didn't have mem maker and I Haven't looked at photo pass yet so I don't know if any captured yet. - mmddgp  409.8 #17 5:23PM
It should already be on there if you have memory maker. They track you wherever you go. - dapserhouse  23.9 #138 6:28PM
In March, we were told our bracelets had to be scanned for the ride pics to show up on our memory maker. After each ride, we had them scanned. All our pics were on there except two. However, I called when we got home and they found them and added them! - BagGal  223.7 #31 6:58PM
Last may, i got all the ride pjotos on my memory maker automatically... Just make sure you are wearing your magic band, and the memory maker is linked! But if u wanna make sure its there, just stop by at the attraction's photo claim. Dont forget to write down ur photo number - otilegna  1779.1 #69 7:10PM
^^this!! We got some incorrect ones so if it's a photo you really want stop and have them check right then to make sure. - MinnieMousewife  737.2 #211 7:29PM

 362.0 #546 (DL Qual #884

Sep 14, 2014 1:37PM  WDW Talk Land
Had never been here was really great! Singers, movie...all great!

Yes love it there - Pooh147856  174.1 #44 2:22PM
Love the singers. They always give me goose bumps, especially when it is an American song like God bless America, proud to be American etc. - mmddgp  409.8 #17 2:29PM
Me too!!! They were incredible! The last song in the movie was awesome too! - brittandkell  362.0 #546 4:40PM
We love that! It's a must do every visit! - goofygal  6605.2 #9 4:41PM
Will be for us now too! - brittandkell  362.0 #546 5:07PM
Cooling of while enjoying a great performance - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 6:43PM
True!! It kind of started out to be a cooling off place but we ended up loving it! - brittandkell  362.0 #546 7:13PM

 207.8 #34 (WDW Qual #416

Sep 14, 2014 4:27AM  WDW Talk Land
Hey family! Sorry I have been MIA lately! Been SO busy with the kids school, work, and life in general! I had to start getting up at 4:30 am in order to get ready, and bring my son to his bus stop at 5:40 am! CRAZY I know! So now, I have been going to bed earlier, and obviously, having to miss out on things like MW, and other things! I am slowly trying to catch up with everything! I hope you are a  More...

Good morning Nicole! I hope you were able to sleep in. My middle schooler has to get up early this year, kinda stinks! That is just too early for me! You need to just pencil in a date for next year and see if you can make it happen!! - DizneyGirl  592.2 #8 5:19AM
Thanks Melissa! Funny, sleeping in has changed for me now. I was up at 6:30 this morning, but I felt like I was rested enough. Yes...definitely need to pencil in a date! - ncjal  207.8 #34 5:38AM
Good morning :) - tracsant  938.7 #2 5:27AM
Good morning, Tracy! πŸ˜ƒ - ncjal  207.8 #34 5:39AM
Β°oΒ° Welcome Β°oΒ° back - E-Ticket  1078.0 #133 1:43PM
Thanks! Great to be back!! - ncjal  207.8 #34 2:24PM
Hi ya. Welcome back you have a crazy life. Hope you are able to relax. School makes me crazy with all the projects. I'm glad when school is out lol. Less crazy schedule. - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 6:54PM

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- jacdanfan  6711.1 #7 7:44PM
- MadameLeota  1711.6 #73 1:06PM
I got the app just need the stickers now!!!  - WeAreNicePirates  25.5 #5588 6:43PM
I just jumped up to 40th - Chumash28  964.8 #154 9:30AM

 362.0 #546 (DL Qual #884

Sep 14, 2014 12:08PM  WDW Talk Land
BEAUTIFUL sunny afternoon!

Nice! - mrsincredible  802.6 #5 12:46PM
Wish I was there. - disneycm  554.1 #10 12:49PM
It does look very beautiful! - DizneyGirl  592.2 #8 6:47PM
Wish I was there - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 6:49PM

 187.7 #39 (WDW Qual #379

Sep 14, 2014 9:46AM  WDW Talk Land
Good afternoon mw family. I haven't been able to finish shopping but got some of the important stuff out of the way. my costumes came yesterday but still need my son's costume. he wants to be jack skellington. I've never been so behind with the shopping. 6 days to go. and still nobody in my family knows about my trip they will probably ruin it. love yall xoxo

Good afternoon yessy! Yay for 6 days!! Your countdown went fast. - disneycm  554.1 #10 12:43PM
Wow 6 days!! That's so exciting!! - mrsincredible  802.6 #5 12:45PM
Yay for 6 days - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 6:40PM
Good evening yessy, I'm so excited for you! - DizneyGirl  592.2 #8 6:42PM

 106.8 #58 (WDW Qual #673

Sep 14, 2014 3:22PM  WDW Talk Land
Good night mw

Good night - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 3:39PM
I always leave a note asking for extra and they usually leave us some. I love those containers because of the Mickey heads. I had a set but one cap broke :/ kept them in our Mickey bathroom shower and kept refilling them. - TinkTinkTink  191.5 #38 5:47PM
Oh and good night jeri - TinkTinkTink  191.5 #38 5:47PM
Goodnight jeri. - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  864.1 #3 5:54PM
Sweet dreams! - DizneyGirl  592.2 #8 6:39PM

 254.8 #26 (WDW Qual #275

Sep 14, 2014 2:44PM  WDW Talk Land
hope everyone is having a great sunday.

How are you doing? So far so good - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 3:48PM
I'm doing better today. Its like a roller-coaster. Hope all is well with you. - islandgirl58  254.8 #26 6:17PM
Yes. It's fast weekend - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 6:31PM
Thanks !!!! Hope you are too !!!!! - skcanfield  470.0 #12 3:59PM
Ty! - islandgirl58  254.8 #26 6:17PM
Happy Sunday Shari! It's been a good weekend, but went by too quick! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  864.1 #3 5:59PM
Yes, it's always the case when there is work the next day. Sooner then u know it vacation will be here for you. - islandgirl58  254.8 #26 6:19PM
Good evening Shari! Have a great week ahead! - DizneyGirl  592.2 #8 6:37PM

 17.9 #6625 (DL Qual #1900

Sep 14, 2014 4:03PM  WDW Talk Land
only 70 more days until i'm there super excited for christmas decorations!

Won't be long now! - mrsincredible  802.6 #5 5:40PM
The Christmas decorations are the best! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  864.1 #3 5:55PM
Me too First time for me I'm super excited - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 6:28PM
Yay for 70 days!! - DizneyGirl  592.2 #8 6:35PM

 3.4 #898 (WDW Qual #0

Sep 14, 2014 6:05PM  WDW Talk Land
Admit it

Hey goofy! - 5disneylovers  852.8 #4 6:32PM
Haha. I sang it!!! - fluffandstuff  14.5 #7369 6:33PM

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