178.2 #51 (WDW Qual #1165

Apr 29, 2016 11:30AM  WDW Talk Land
Tonight is a very special, very Disney Surprise Party. There will be Walt Disney World park music, food, and decorations. My friend is sending her parents to WDW for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Here is my special gift to them. I am standing over it with a blow dryer - hoping to speed the drying process along. I wish it was me heading down there.

That is so awesome! Do you want to be my friend? Lol. Seriously that is wonderful. I'm sure they will love it, I know I would. Have fun! - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 11:44AM
Lol you so funny!  - islandgirl58  461.1 #19 12:37PM
That is really nice - islandgirl58  461.1 #19 12:37PM
You did a phenomenal job! - mrsincredible  1316.0 #4 4:45AM
That's awesome!  - Monster23  1.2 #0 12:08PM

Thanked by:  ncjal 291.1 #28  
 1054.5 #7 (WDW Qual #103

Apr 29, 2016 2:26PM  WDW Talk Land
Finally official. Made ressies today. Two rooms at port Orleans riverside for 7 nights for 10 people. Me hubbie youngest daughter all 6 grand kids and my granddaughter to be. Still need to book second part of trip up at universal. So excited!!!

Yay!! Congrats on your trip. When are you going? - wdwmmousefan  13.3 #216 2:44PM
8-4 to 8-11 at disney and 8-11 to 8-14 at universal. 97 more days!!!! - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 2:53PM
Yay for your countdown. Sad that we will miss you by 2 days. We arrive at universal on the 16th.  - rink2  259.1 #35 5:45PM
Aww darn😪 - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 6:18PM
Yay!!!! So excited for you!!! - brittandkell  519.1 #417 3:17PM
So exciting!  So happy for you!  Wish I could join you! - mrsincredible  1316.0 #4 4:43AM
Yay! So exciting:) - Monster23  1.2 #0 12:04PM

Thanked by:  Winnie111286 15430.8 #3  
 4.2 #22929 (DL Qual #0

Apr 28, 2016 8:55PM  WDW Talk Land
Hello everyone! This is my very first post but I've actually been stalking the lounge for a few years now. I finally got the courage to post and figured it was a good day because just a few hours ago I booked a stay at the Pop Century Resort for Sept. 12-21! I'm a Disneyland CM so I know that park very well but this will be my very first trip to WDW and was hoping you all could help me out by answ  More...

60 days is when you can do your fp plus. You basically wear them and they are your park tickets and also your tickets in the park. You wave then by the Mickey band and it then lights up to let you in the parks :) if you book food plans, it keeps track of that also  - brodysmommy  433.4 #518 9:09PM
Wow, that's so cool! I did see them testing something similar at Space Mountain here a few months ago but it's back to normal now. Can you book FPs for all the days of your trip? Is there a limited amount one can get per day? Thanks for the help (: - FindingNeverland  4.2 #22929 10:41AM
Yay!!!!! We love pop century! Happy planning!! - brittandkell  519.1 #417 10:13PM
Thank you! Like I said, I've been stalking the lounge for a while so I saw all the pics from your recent trip! It made me extra excited, thank you for sharing (: - FindingNeverland  4.2 #22929 10:43AM
 and  to the .  I have maps from December and will be going in 10 days so if you need some just e-mail me at [email protected]  You can try and DM sometimes it doesn't work here.  - Pooh147856  360.5 #24 2:15AM
Wow, that's so exciting. Have a great time and stay safe. I'll email you right now (: - FindingNeverland  4.2 #22929 11:43AM
Welcome - Tazhalo1  77.3 #4071 11:55AM

 77.3 #4071 (DL Qual #1239

Apr 30, 2016 11:53AM  WDW Talk Land
Good afternoon getting closer I can't wait😀

 531.9 #17 (WDW Qual #163

Apr 29, 2016 10:35PM  WDW Talk Land
Received Disney Mail Today, Love When They Do This!

Disney mail is the best!  - disneycm  710.0 #11 3:05AM
that is awesome. Hope you had a great time. Will you do it again? Alone time? - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 3:09AM
So cool!!  I had no idea that they sent stuff like this until I got mine yesterday about our upcoming trip in December!  These little touches really make it real, and bring it all together. ❤️ - AngiMouse  99.7 #3646 9:07AM
Love Disney mail... Finally got one of those mickey card last trip... Dvc don't give those kind of stuff, which they should... - islandgirl58  461.1 #19 10:50AM
yes they should!!!! - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 11:16AM

 1054.5 #7 (WDW Qual #103

Apr 30, 2016 10:53AM  WDW Talk Land
Thoughts on BOG FOR BREAKFAST? I know you love it but can the breakfast be shared? It does count a on qs correct?

I made reservations at bog for breakfast , but ended up canceling... Let me know how you like it... - islandgirl58  461.1 #19 10:55AM
inreally want to try it! They have an 830 time for when we are there.  - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 11:16AM
I am at BOG at this very minute. I just asked our waitress and she said it is a qs credit. Said it's very nice too! - rink2  259.1 #35 11:06AM
Thanks. Breakfast is 24. And I hear you get quit a bit of food was wondering if it was enough to share? For instance one breakfast is ham egg and cheese sandwhich, what else do you get with it? - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 11:14AM
Does anyone who has been for breakfast have any pictures? I just have some picky eaters and we are traveling with 10, if it's a lot of food I don't want to waste it  - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 11:15AM

 267.9 #1217 (DL Qual #929

Apr 30, 2016 10:28AM  WDW Talk Land
Lunch at Yak and Yeti Restaurant. Chicken skewers served with Jasmine rice and mixed vegetables, shrimp tempura with Jasmine rice, Kobe Burger topped with gouda cheese and sauted mushrooms served with fries, and sweet and sour pork served with brown fried rice. Bottom line....we're all full and the food is all gone ?? Delicious

Looks pretty good - islandgirl58  461.1 #19 10:48AM
Looks amazing.  - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 10:50AM
Looks amazing - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 11:03AM

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 99.7 #3646 (DL Qual #799

Apr 29, 2016 7:13PM  WDW Talk Land
Look what we got in the mail today! I didn't know that WDW did this.....so cool! The whole thing is personalized for our December trip!

Exciting mail day! 😃 - Schramke  680.9 #12 7:42PM
It really was!  And so unexpected! - AngiMouse  99.7 #3646 7:48PM
Cool - Winnie111286  15430.8 #3 9:12PM
Thanks Winnie! 😊 - AngiMouse  99.7 #3646 9:22PM
Yay. It is super cool. Makes it real now. Enjoy - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 3:08AM
It really does!  I was wondering what kind of official stuff I would get in the mail, and when it would come.  Then, there it was!!  Made my day! - AngiMouse  99.7 #3646 9:09AM
Yay! Love Disney mail!  - islandgirl58  461.1 #19 10:49AM

Thanked by:  Winnie111286 15430.8 #3  
 291.1 #28 (WDW Qual #399

Apr 30, 2016 5:36AM  WDW Talk Land
Hey everyone! Long time no see! Miss you all, but life is SO busy with my daughter in her last month of high school (graduates june1) and my son working on earning his Eagle Scout(a LONG process) but anyway...got a new phone and trying mw out on it! Hope you are all well! 30 something days until our graduation trip! Yay!! (Honestly I lost count)

Hello!  Love your meme!  😊 Welcome back! - AngiMouse  99.7 #3646 9:05AM

 267.9 #1217 (DL Qual #929

Apr 30, 2016 6:18AM  WDW Talk Land
Oh my gawd! I finally got to see the Electrical Parade again! We lucked out, as we were walking into the park last night, the parade was just starting, so we got to see the whole thing with an awesome view. THIS, right here, is my childhood parade, that I grew up on at DL

Same here! Glad you got to see it! It truly is a magical parade  - brodysmommy  433.4 #518 7:23AM
Aww so special! - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 7:34AM
Love your collage. Great memories. For me spectromagic has that effect.  - rink2  259.1 #35 8:13AM
Me too!  I remember when I saw it for the first time at 8 years old sitting on the curb in the Hub!  I never forgot about it, and was so excited to find that it is at WDW!  I can't wait to see it again almost 30 years later. 😀 - AngiMouse  99.7 #3646 9:03AM

 259.1 #35 (WDW Qual #334

Apr 29, 2016 5:57PM  WDW Talk Land
Our African themed snacks on the trek. We had prosciutto, air dried beef, smoked salmon in a type of roulade, cheeses, pitta bread, slaw and fruit and fig cake. Prepared by chefs from Tusker House. Very tasty.

Sounds like something to think about for next trip. - Winnie111286  15430.8 #3 8:23PM
Cool.   Did you have agreat time  - 5disneylovers  1158.7 #6 6:06PM
That looks like so much fun!  Is it hard to get reservations? - AngiMouse  99.7 #3646 7:49PM
We booked on Tuesday for Friday. I think it would be wise to make an advance reservation for busier times. I think the price varies according to the time of day of the tour. We did 9.39 and by the end of the 3 hours it was hot. I'm sure you'll have fun.  - rink2  259.1 #35 8:17AM
It looks like so much fun.....I just got online and checked into it.  I think this is a definite must for hubby and me!  Thanks for sharing the info! - AngiMouse  99.7 #3646 9:02AM
Sounds like something to think about for next trip. - Winnie111286  15430.8 #3 8:23PM

Thanked by:  Winnie111286 15430.8 #3  
 267.9 #1217 (DL Qual #929

Apr 30, 2016 6:16AM  WDW Talk Land
Good morning everyone! I'm so excited we finally made it. From last night, our very first time stepping inside at Magic Kingdom. It was just for a few hours, but we had so much fun!

Have a great trip!! - brodysmommy  433.4 #518 7:23AM
What s great picture! Have a magical time. When you go back to Mk you all can go to the left and go to the firehouse. Inside you will all get a map, pack of sorcerer cards and instructions to fight the villains. Even if you don't play the game( is fun but takes time) you have the special cards to keep as souvenirs   - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 7:32AM

 259.1 #35 (WDW Qual #334

Apr 29, 2016 5:53PM  WDW Talk Land
We did the Wild Africa Trek this morning. It was wonderful - worth the cost. Our guides were so well informed and so much fun. Would recommend it.

I guess you did lol.  Great picture  - 5disneylovers  1158.7 #6 6:07PM
sounds amazing - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 6:21PM
Sounds good. - Winnie111286  15430.8 #3 8:21PM
So fun! - mrsincredible  1316.0 #4 4:46AM

 519.1 #417 (DL Qual #473

Apr 28, 2016 1:26PM  WDW Talk Land
Tabbie and I just got home from a field trip to a farm today and look what was in our mailbox!!! Thank you so much Disneygrandma1!!!! You are incredibly thoughtful!!!! Tabbie is SO excited!!! Thanks!!!

Such sweet gifts - islandgirl58  461.1 #19 2:16PM
Great gifts! So sweet of Heather.  - disneycm  710.0 #11 2:55PM
How nice - skcanfield  583.8 #13 6:54PM
I'm glad she likes it! I wasn't sure if she had those tsum tsums but I thought i'd send them in case she doesn't.  I hope Tabbie got some new cards she doesn't have yet. I wasn't sure if she collects pins but there's a couple to add to or start a collection. She's so cute! Great picture!  - disneygrandma1  531.9 #17 11:43PM
She loves it all!! She collects tsum tsums but didn't have those! We are new to the sorcerers of mk and just had a few cards but we love it and can't wait to go back and try it some more!  And yes she does collect pins and was so excited abt getting new ones! Thank you so much for everything!!!! She is making me laugh...still has her magic band on from spring break! My husband asked her if she was ready to take it off now...her reply was priceless "daddy, I'm not taking it off until I get a purple one THAT WORKS!" :) - brittandkell  519.1 #417 9:46AM
You're welcome! She's too cute! want a purple Magic Band too! My granddaughter adopted all our bands She wears them everywheres and she thinks her Mickey and Minnie Stuffies have to wear them too. I told my daughter we'll have no problem with her wearing a band in January, she'll probably try to take ours too! I'll have to send Tabbie some more pins and Tsum tsums.  I have alot of extras.   - disneygrandma1  531.9 #17 11:31PM
Heater that is so cute that your granddaughter does that with the bands. Can't wait to hear all about your trip.  - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 3:12AM

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This list needs to be updated! Just saying😬 - MadameLeota  4422.6 #33 9:51PM
FINALLY!  Thank you!  - MadameLeota  4422.6 #33 2:34PM
is this just a standing thing? Never changes? - DarthFairy  472.0 #467 8:06PM

 259.1 #35 (WDW Qual #334

Apr 27, 2016 12:48PM  WDW Talk Land
Beautiful day on Sunset Boulevard.

Best Ride Ever. Have fun. - Winnie111286  15430.8 #3 1:00PM
Love it!! Looks like gorgeous weather! - brittandkell  519.1 #417 2:42PM
Have a great time!  - disneycm  710.0 #11 3:28PM
They are adding a bar to the hotel! WDW news this past week. - jacdanfan  11749.9 #6 4:58AM
I read that too. You can see how it would fit but I'm hoping they would change the exit to prevent too much congestion.  - rink2  259.1 #35 6:40AM

 259.1 #35 (WDW Qual #334

Apr 27, 2016 12:50PM  WDW Talk Land
I think he's following us.....sshhh.

He needs love too 😂😂😂 - 5disneylovers  1158.7 #6 7:35PM
My favorite.  He can follow me anytime. - Winnie111286  15430.8 #3 1:00PM
HEY VADER, OVER HERE! - jacdanfan  11749.9 #6 4:54AM
- Pgmlucky  58.2 #4549 1:33AM

 2692.3 #54 (DL Qual #41

Apr 27, 2016 7:27PM  WDW Talk Land
So i just bought my ticket today at the base mwr/itt. Well i still need to exchange this to an actual ticket. However, i found out that when i linked this exchange cert to my disney experience account, I AM ABLE TO SELECT MY FASTPASS!!!!!! Ugh. I wish i knew it all along!!! I might be able to get fp for 7dwarfs ride. Its now gone for the entire days im there

When are you here?  We always find you can get on mine train last thing at night, about 30 mins before park close. Also check if you are here during the additional hours events. They have discounted the cost by 50% for AP and DVC. If you only have a short amount of time it maybe worth it to get you on the rides you want.  - rink2  259.1 #35 6:46AM
Short time. May 7-11 (11 is fly out day), so yeah. Not an AP for the moment. Still drbating... And yeah 7 dwarf is like quick during the closing hours - otilegna  2692.3 #54 3:25PM
yes!! I called Disney when my son got his for this last trip and Disney said we could link it to our account and he would be able to get FPs and anything else we did. we also got a Magic band off the web site and linked it to him on our account and he was able to use it after he exchanged it.. worked out very well for him. - Scothran  101.6 #71 6:56AM
I am sad coz i only found it this time. If only i knew that i can linked it before (i bought it like 60days before my trip - otilegna  2692.3 #54 3:26PM
yes!! I called Disney when my son got his for this last trip and Disney said we could link it to our account and he would be able to get FPs and anything else we did. we also got a Magic band off the web site and linked it to him on our account and he was able to use it after he exchanged it.. worked out very well for him. - Scothran  101.6 #71 6:56AM
I am sad coz i only found it this time. If only i knew that i can linked it before (i bought it like 60days before my trip - otilegna  2692.3 #54 3:26PM
Update: i got a 7 dwarfs FP on Sunday, but it is night time... Hope the cm will give me front row...  - otilegna  2692.3 #54 3:27PM
Just ask nicely, and indicate that you understand you might have to wait for a train or two before boarding.  I've ever been to WDW, but at DL, we always ask for front row on things and have never been told no.  I usually say "may we wait for the front row" when the CM asks how many are in our party.  Is it stricter at WDW?  Or this ride?  - Spoonful_O_Sugar  620.0 #338 3:50PM
The DL did nost of the time gave me the front seat at CA screamin (i always go there solo so yeah). I just go to reg line / fp so that i can go in front - otilegna  2692.3 #54 7:41PM

 101.6 #71 (WDW Qual #870

Apr 28, 2016 7:27AM  WDW Talk Land
I have a new countdown 175 days!!!!!

 For 175 days. Did you make ressies already?  - disneycm  710.0 #11 12:22PM
No not yet, my daughter is dancing and we aren't sure about the date of her dancing. And I just looked its 172 days... Wooohoo - Scothran  101.6 #71 3:08PM
   - jacdanfan  11749.9 #6 12:50PM
Nice!! - Andrea84  717.3 #10 4:05PM
 on the countdown!   - disneygrandma1  531.9 #17 7:18PM

 259.1 #35 (WDW Qual #334

Apr 29, 2016 5:50PM  WDW Talk Land
Great day at AK including this show. Loved it as always.

Love that show  - 5disneylovers  1158.7 #6 6:07PM
my favorite - mmddgp  1054.5 #7 6:20PM
I love the Animal Kingdom. My favorite thing to do is watch the gorillas. I have many pictures of them.  - jbzdogz  16.7 #189 6:58PM
Great show - Winnie111286  15430.8 #3 9:13PM

 3.4 #907 (WDW Qual #0

Apr 29, 2016 4:21PM  WDW Talk Land
Have you seen the Launch Bay at Hollywood? It's very well done!!

Cool!  - disneycm  710.0 #11 5:47PM
Cool  - 5disneylovers  1158.7 #6 6:08PM
Nice - Winnie111286  15430.8 #3 9:14PM

Thanked by:  Winnie111286 15430.8 #3  

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