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Sep 10, 2013 2:04 PM  WDW Talk Land
T-minus two hours until the first MNSSHP of 2013 kicks off!! Oh, how I wish we were there, right now!! This year, we'll head straight to HM when we arrive at 4:00, then POTC, and if we have time (i.e., it's 20 'til 6:00 or earlier - otherwise we'll just walk), we'll take the train at Frontierland back to Main Street to snag our place in line to meet Jack and Sally, while Mr I, aka Mr Cups, goes for snacks for us all to enjoy while we wait in line!! Will definitely be watching the earlier parade this year (hopefully near the hub for great fireworks position as well), so the boys will more likely be awake to see it!! What's your ideal game plan on special party nights? πŸŽƒ

I gotta find out if Sparrow will be out. Wonder if they'd bring Angelica out again. And introduce Barbossa! (The sparrow I'm looking for has honor though) - IndyandMarion  1278.8 #1 9:47AM
That would be awesome!! I think my cray-cray might show if I saw Kuzco, though. That will be an extra special treat for me besides Jack and Sally! - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 9:51AM
Sounds like the perfect plan for Mr. Cups and his sweet family!! What will you do after you meet Jack and Sally???? - BagGal  230.7 #30 2:07PM
Before the parade, I mean! 😎 - BagGal  230.7 #30 2:08PM
Well, you know I have already thought long and hard on our strategy, haha, so this is what I'm thinking... after Jack and Sally, spend from 7:00-7:30 in Adventureland, Frontierland, or Liberty Square trick or treating, and then head back towards the hub to find a seat and park it for the lkng haul. Boo parade starts at 8:15, 2nd Villains Mix and Mingle at 8:50, Celebrate the Magic Show at 9:15, and HalloWishes at 9:45. After that, I'm sure the kids will be knocked out, but regardless, we'll either be just as pooped and head back to the buses after the crowds have thinned out, or walk around for a while to enjoy the sights while the kids snooze in the stroller. - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 2:22PM
Decided to go back to MK on Sunday when the park opens and let the kids enjoy Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, so breaking the park up into halves over Friday night and Sunday morning. Will probably leave MK around 4:00pm Sunday because there is another MNSSHP that night. That's our DTD night and dinner at T-Rex. - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 2:24PM
I knew you'd have an awesome plan! What are your fast passes for Sat? Sun? Sat us TSM, Muppets, and what else? I'm so excited for you!!!!!! - BagGal  230.7 #30 2:24PM
Sounds fab!! Do your boys do pin trading? My munchkins love the pin store in DTD. - BagGal  230.7 #30 2:25PM
Saturday our FPs are for Muppets after lunch, GMR 3-4, and TSM 4-5. Park closes/Fantasmic at 6 that night. Going back to the resort later to walk the grounds at Pop and AoA, and get a snack and/or swim after. - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 3:26PM
Yep, you gotta have a plan with the party madness, haha! Honestly, I won't break our necks trying to get any other character signatures this year except Jack and Sally. If we see some that have short wait times, which isn't likely, we'll go for more. Jonah loves to pin trade! We'll let him trade as we bump into CM's. may even have to stop at the Confectionery before we go for a special Halloween treat. I'm thinking a caramel apple would be the perfect treat, and that's one I have never tried at DW before. - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 2:31PM
Yes!! A caramel apple sounds perfect!! - BagGal  230.7 #30 7:12PM
Um to just walk in the park then look at the hubs **walk straight or go into stores?** hubs , meh doesn't matter , then when we get to the hub , right or left ? Don't care , ok lets go .....and that's how it goes - tracsant  1058.2 #2 2:32PM
Oh yes, will be stopping at the first store on the left for party pins and souvenirs, either before or after Jack. Can't forget that!! - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 2:35PM
Haha, that's a good plan too!! 😜 - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 2:36PM
Tracy where do you guys usually go for fireworks at MK? - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 2:44PM
Honestly that's really when we hit the rides up and catch fireworks in between walking from spot to spot - tracsant  1058.2 #2 6:11AM
It does make it alot less crowded! I love MK at night when they have two parades. Always makes it easier to get on rides during one or the other! πŸ‘Š - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 7:22AM
Believe it or not, there are no FP's left between 4-7 the night of the party for the rides we wanted (mainly HM, because you MUST ride it during a Halloween Party!). So, I decided not to do any for MNSSHP, and save them for Sunday afternoon. After rope drop, we are heading straight to the new princess meet and greet so I can take pics like a crazy person (Mr I is thrilled). This is the new area opening this month where the old Snow White ride was. - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 2:34PM
After the princesses, we will choose Rapunzel's line since she's the only one we haven't met to date that will be there, we will spend our morning in Fantasyland, riding the most popular rides first to avoid lines, and stopping at Big Top Treats for a morning snack in between rides. After lunch at the Friar's Nook, we have our FP's for Buzz, Speedway, and Laugh Floor (though I don't anticipate a wait for it). And, will do People Mover, another first, no FP option. - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 2:41PM
People mover is one of my munchkins faves! We usually ride it a couple times in a row. I wouldn't think you'd have a wait. We met Rapunzel for the first time in Nov. They were out of FPs but Audrey had her heart set on meeting her and it was our last day. Needless to say, we waited almost 2 hours to see her. She did not disappoint!! She talked and talked to the girls about their barrettes. She told then Pascal loved to put things in her hair. She talked to them for at least 10 minutes. Audrey loved every second!! Can't wait to see your pics on the new Princess meet and greet!! - BagGal  230.7 #30 7:11PM
I figured with their meet and greet area being brand new and regal, there would be long wait all day, so that's why we plan to go there first! πŸ‘ - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 4:57AM
I'm sad we will be missing mnsshp this year. But happy since ill get to experince mvmcp. Have a great time next month! - islandgirl58  298.2 #22 2:49PM
We enjoyed MVMCP, too! - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 5:55PM
Can't wait! We have 2 nights of the mvmcp. The husband usually wants 2 nights so the first night he can just watch the parade, firworks. The 2nd party just enjoy...we did that mnsshp as well. Well worth the money! - islandgirl58  298.2 #22 10:43AM
I'm exhausted mrs I - I'm still on Main Street with tracsant lol!! - rink2  99.7 #63 2:50PM
Haha!! 😜 - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 2:52PM
It sounds like a lot but honestly besides a few trick or treat stations, QS dinner, Jack and Sally, and a late sweet treat, most of the party we'll be parked somewhere on our bottoms surrounded by thick crowds I'm sure. - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 2:55PM
Ill share the stroller with your little cutie pies! - rink2  99.7 #63 2:56PM
Oh so only Doing trick or treating , dinner , jack and Sally and a snack will be all you do? - tracsant  1058.2 #2 3:02PM
Yeah, once we get a seat for our first party event (Boo Parade), we'll just stay there until after the fireworks. If we don't get a good seat the first time around, we may try to move around in between the shows to get a better one. Just have to see how bad the crowds are. 2011 is was PACKED around the hub. We had a curb in front of the castle and by the time the 2nd parade started, Jonah was dead asleep and the people behind us were practically laying against us. Packed in there like sardines! - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 3:12PM
Getting some party merchandise and pins after Jack, before Trick or Treating. - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 3:13PM
I read everywhere that the second parade was less crowded, but that wasn't our experience in 2011 at all! - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 3:14PM
Last oct the last parade was more crowded. - islandgirl58  298.2 #22 4:27PM
That was my experience, too!! I hope this year by chosing the first parade, we'll have a better experience, crowd wise. - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 4:34PM
I'm thinking a lot of people in the beginning trying to ride rides, and get some candy. - islandgirl58  298.2 #22 4:54PM
I bet you're right!! - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 5:47PM
Any word on what Villains came out? :) - misseeyore  538.0 #337 5:10PM
The only additions this year that I have heard of are Jack and Sally (Meet and Greet), and Mike and Sulley (Dance Party). All the others are from previous years I would assume, but we'll hear more now that the parties have started! πŸ‘ - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 5:46PM
Maleficent, Hook, Frollo, Facilier, Wicked Queen (snow White). Cruella has been out before. Gaston will most likely be there as well. - IndyandMarion  1278.8 #1 5:47AM
Wow amazing planning! !!! I thought the train was going down for refurb during that time I hope I am wrong. - Bakerjars  239.2 #29 5:48PM
Really? That's a bummer... that was another first we added to the list this trip. If so, oh well. There's always next time! Let me know of you hear for sure on the refurb dates, and we'll just plan to walk back do MK that night. Thank you for the info!! πŸ‘Š - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 5:52PM
I can't spell on this cell to save my life apparently, lol! - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 5:57PM
We ar very disappointed too it is our traditional first ride - Bakerjars  239.2 #29 3:24AM
Put on nice clothes. Get to the party and go with the flow. That's it not more. Oh yay have fun. - 5disneylovers  946.7 #4 6:53PM
πŸ‘Š - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 4:33AM
Love your plans they sound perfect!!! Can you plan do plan which park which day..but I need to do more..I keep missing rides,shows and much more.. - dxcmama  259.5 #26 7:14PM
That's the only reason I get so detailed in my planning. We don't have alot of time when we go most trips, and like everyone else, we spend alot of money to be there. I just don't feel like we make the most of our time there without a plan. Not saying at all that those who don't plan every moment aren't making the most of their trips, just saying that's what works for me and my family. Having a plan keeps us on track every moment, maximizes our time and enriches our Disney experience. Sometimes I keep blocks of time open to have a little spontaneity in our trip , but I always have the time and a plan in the back of my mind at any given point! 😜 - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 4:49AM
Mrs I checked on all ears and railroad down for refurb sept 30-nov 30. :( more sad new Peter Pan down for refurb sept 30 - nov 13. Indy can you confirm any of this for us please? - Bakerjars  239.2 #29 3:28AM
I knew about Peter Pan. Ariel's Grotto is also down for refurb (not sure why since its so new). Didn't know about the train but thank you! We will make other plans this trip to walk vs ride back to Main Street. - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 4:23AM
Oh noooo didn't know about Ariel we were looking forward to it. Train has us bummed it is always our first thing to do. Your welcome for info. - Bakerjars  239.2 #29 4:50AM
Journey of a Little Mermaid is still open (the ride) but her meet and greet will be down. - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 5:05AM
I just did a little investigating. Won't say what or where but point being. I'm seeing Ariel's Grotto being open for meet and greets on future party maps for this year. I'll keep looking but it looks like she'll be there. - IndyandMarion  1278.8 #1 5:57AM
Awesome!! Thanks #1!! πŸ‘Š - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 7:03AM
Ill double check on the rehabs. But as far as JACK AND SALLY. You'll want to be in line no later than 530/6pm. Lines last night topped at around 2 hours. They were still meeting after the party was over. So get there. Get there early or don't bother. - IndyandMarion  1278.8 #1 5:09AM
Absolutely! I expected that. We are so there! πŸ‘ - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 5:31AM
As for the rest of the party. This year if give it about a 7.5. Rehashing the stage show and fireworks. The only thing new is some elements from the block party bash to look like candy corn. The biggest addition I've seen so far is Boo at the dance party. No word on my requests for Darkwing Duck, Sora or Kuzco. - IndyandMarion  1278.8 #1 5:11AM
Thanks for keeping inside tabs for us! It was be awesome to see Kuzco, love that movie, one of my favs! However, I know I have to be realistic about Jack and Sally, so willing to sacrifice this time. - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 5:36AM
will be awesome* - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 5:37AM
REHABS: Railroad: Sept 30th-Oct 20th. Pan: Sept 30th-Nov 13th. Have not seen (or even heard once) anything on the rehab of Ariel's Grotto? Where did you see this? - IndyandMarion  1278.8 #1 5:50AM
When I was making my Fast Pass assignments on the Disney site for MK on Sun 10/6, Grotto was greyed out and said down for refurb. Pan was also greyed out, and said under refurb. - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 7:05AM
Hum. Interesting. Ok. Ill look into it some more - IndyandMarion  1278.8 #1 7:42AM
Wow that's long for pan to be down. - islandgirl58  298.2 #22 10:45AM
Takes a lot of work to close of those bathrooms and change the queue. - IndyandMarion  1278.8 #1 11:09AM
Our plan this year is to skip trick or treating unless its convenient to where we are. We definitely want to meet Sally and Jack, watch fireworks and catch the 2nd parade. - leveretttltl  39.3 #108 7:03AM
Great plan!! - mrsincredible  939.3 #5 7:07AM

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Glad you like it! - Admin  12:19PM
I can't get past the first column.... 😫 - amyb1076  430.1 #450 9:27PM
Welcome to my life lol 98% of the time I can't either - BeatleMike  567.7 #319 8:27AM
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Like normal I am late to the party. Reading it now - Tealtownfan  886.5 #178 3:13PM
Got it! More than halfway thru it! It's a lot of fun!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨βœ¨ - TinkerSchelle  1410.8 #100 10:53PM
- mckelfam  33.0 #5190 8:46PM
Loooooved it! - melissa_ficent  318.5 #730 9:57PM

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I'm right there with you. I can't seem to figure out the game either. I do the exact same thing as you. Someone please explain the object of this game. I'm about to delete it.  - Kfeatherer  347.6 #616 6:26AM
I'm completely hopeless at this. I think I hit the goat once and still don't know how - montanapixies  43.4 #4669 12:42PM
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I will announce the December tournament date this week. - Admin 11:58PM
Can't wait! - sawman911  665.7 #254 6:30PM
I have the app so if anyone wants to play a game with me :-) - nelcamp90  29.9 #5419 7:12PM
Just invited you to play - Goofytom  1081.2 #143 1:21PM
There should be a droid version of this. I. would love to play  - bryanjung1997  1.0 #64950 2:19PM

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