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Apr 7, 2013 8:49 AM  WDW Talk Land
Looks like we have a few new members... So lets do around of introductions and also when our next trip to Disney is.... I'll start--- I'm rob and my fience' kim(bikermouse) got engaged a year ago at chef mickey's and our next trip is for summer 2014

Hi guysπŸ‘‹ I'm Mandy I live in PA and my next trip is in November 2014. It will be our first time experiencing Christmas in Disney and were going with 15 friends. I can't wait!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ’– - Schramke  469.4 #16 9:06AM
Hi everybody my name is Lisa...I live in Williamsburg next trip is in 9 boyfriend if 9 years is going to propose at Disney world...he won't tell me when or where..can't wait!!! - dxcmama  261.0 #26 9:49AM
That sounds exciting cant wait to hear all about it. - Bakerjars  239.2 #29 11:16AM
Congrats can't wait to hear about it! - disneyworldsbiggestfan  62.6 #85 4:40PM
congrats in advance - nanay2jdr  28.1 #127 6:05PM
Very exciting! Sounds like an extra special trip, enjoy! - Andrea84  668.3 #8 6:12PM
Oh my goodness!! This is BIG news!! You MUST update as SOON as you can!! β€πŸ’ - ncjal  221.8 #33 6:48PM
That's fantastic!! Please, please post a pic!! That's so exciting!!!!!! - BagGal  230.7 #31 8:42PM
Awesome. Keep us posted. - 5disneylovers  947.3 #4 8:47PM
Hello everyone . My name is Teri and I have a trip to Disneyland the first week of May. And a Christmas trip to WDW the first week of December. I'm always a solo traveler and have a blast every trip - chancesr  241.0 #1370 10:18AM
Forgot to say I live in Santa Cruz, California - chancesr  241.0 #1370 10:19AM
Hi everyone I am Maryrose from Chicago and I will be there in 123 more days August 8th. - Pooh147856  231.5 #30 11:32AM
Hi everyone! I'm Natalie and I live in Long Island. Right now I don't know when our next trip is since we just got back on Monday from our trip but we are hoping to go on a Disney cruise and then go to wdw - nodell111  166.4 #50 11:35AM
Hi everyone! I'm Marlee and I live in SoCal. We are hoping to go to Walt Disney World for the first time in early June 2014. We are going to Disneyland sometime in the next couple of weeks! - Cinderella12  45.6 #100 12:41PM
Hi there, I'm Susie & married to (JP) EXP626 for 9+ yrs. We live in NE Indianapolis IN. Going to WDW in 39 days for JP to march in SWW parade. Then mid October for family vacation!!! I am very blessed :-) - Maleficent69  124.7 #58 1:06PM
I'm Patricia. We live in PA. We are going to WDW aug 3 - 5disneylovers  947.3 #4 1:18PM
Hi I'm Dwan from southeast Texas. I have two kiddos married to my Prince Charming for 5 yrs. we honeymooned in Disney then took our daughter this past sept on her 4th bday. Going again June 2015 for her brothers first trip with my brother and his family. Can't wait to go with family again. - txdisneymomma  88.6 #70 1:44PM
Hi my name is Tessa and I am from Louisiana and our next trip is set for December 2013. - tdarden  10.1 #236 1:47PM
I'm Eileen from California. Just got home from WDW yesterday. Not sure when we will be going back. Hoping to go to DL in June. - Disneyaddict  374.7 #550 1:47PM
I'm Maggie, from Northwest Arkansas. Just got back from DW on Friday, next trip the first week of June! - mrsincredible  940.9 #5 1:58PM
Hi I'm Shari...I'm from Oahu trip November 2013... - islandgirl58  298.2 #22 2:33PM
My name is Tanya and I'm from fort Walton beach, FL we just got back from Disney 2 weeks ago and r next planed trip is June 2014 - Tazhalo  72.8 #77 2:54PM
Hello, Melissa here. Iowa (brrr). Our next trip is in 47 days!! We'll arrive in 49 days! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 3:09PM
I'm Caryn, from northern Indiana. Hope to be going to Disney this November at Thanksgiving. - disneycm  623.1 #9 3:37PM
I'm glad to hear from all of you .... Anyone else want to introduce themselves ? - firestorm64rt  38.9 #110 4:01PM
Hi my name is jeri from mid il hope to go this year in dec - jeri814  118.2 #59 4:06PM
I am Nicole from South Carolina. We went to Disney last April, and are HOPING to go this November, if November. - ncjal  221.8 #33 4:08PM
Hello everyone, I'm Tiffany from Seattle. I'm at Disneyland now and will be back in WDW in 214 days for the Wine & Dine! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  968.3 #3 4:32PM
Hello, I'm jess from Puyallup near Seattle WA. My next trip was suppose to be oct. but I got pregnant so not sure when I'll be able to go. I have a 7 year old who I normally take once a year. - disneyworldsbiggestfan  62.6 #85 4:40PM
How are you feeling these days? - ncjal  221.8 #33 6:50PM
congratularions - nanay2jdr  28.1 #127 6:55PM
Not so good! I'm on a pump that gives me meds every hour but I still throw up. :( kinda weak, but they say in 3-4 weeks I should bounce back. :) thank you for asking very sweet of you! - disneyworldsbiggestfan  62.6 #85 8:44PM
Congrats. - 5disneylovers  947.3 #4 10:23AM
oh I am so sorry...please know I am thinking about you all the time!! Take it easy!! - ncjal  221.8 #33 3:18PM
Congrats! - lakerck  164.5 #51 9:54AM
Hi! I'm Schenley and my hubby & I have been married for 13 1/2 years. We have 2 girls, 6 and 9. We were at WDW for 9 days in Nov and we will go again next year. We were thinking about March, but I'm nervous about the crowds. It might be Nov instead. - BagGal  230.7 #31 4:47PM
Also, my amazing mom is Lala03!!! - BagGal  230.7 #31 4:54PM
Oh yeah, March/April is ca-razy!! I speak from experience now, whoa!! - mrsincredible  940.9 #5 5:42PM
Yeah, DO NOT go during spring break if you can avoid it!! - ncjal  221.8 #33 6:51PM
Nov it is. Thanks ladies! - BagGal  230.7 #31 8:37PM
I heard nov is beautiful!!! - disneyworldsbiggestfan  62.6 #85 8:45PM
We've been in Nov a couple times. It IS beautiful and the weather is usually perfect. Crowds are low too. The first half of our trip, we usually just walk right on to rides. The second half is much more crowded though. - BagGal  230.7 #31 4:13AM
Hi, I'm Ally!πŸ‘‹I'm from west Texas and I'm married, with 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 children and 6 grandchildren. I am the director of a nonprofit. My daughter and I are planning a trip driving 5 grandchildren to WDW in the fall. Not sure of the exact dates yet, but probably September. - ally  509.2 #11 5:02PM
My name is Judy. I have been married for 34 years. Next trip is Aug 11, 2013. I live in PA. Love all things Disney. - jbzdogz  11.9 #211 5:06PM
I am Lisa. I live in Summerville, SC. My daughter and I just came up with a tentative plan to do a girls trip in 241 days, for her 21st birthday. - poohbr1205  21.1 #154 5:16PM
I'm Andrea from Denver, CO. Our WDW countdown is at 20 days and we have 41 more days till DL, can't wait! - Andrea84  668.3 #8 5:57PM
Hi everyone, my name is Sophia near Toronto Canada. Going on our first WDW trip on May 31. Celebrating our daughter's 4th bday and her defeating brain cancer! - nanay2jdr  28.1 #127 6:04PM
What a wonderful thing to celebrate!! - ncjal  221.8 #33 6:49PM
That's a fantastic thing to be celebrating! - ally  509.2 #11 8:13PM
That's awesome congrats and have a magical time!!! - disneyworldsbiggestfan  62.6 #85 8:46PM
Hi i'm Carol from melbourne, Australia. Married to Adam ( aka puddy77) on MW), we have a 5 yr old son named Tyler ( my lil prince), a 5yr old cat called pusspuss & 2 goldfish called mickey & minnie. Regular DL travellers & going to WDW oct 15-29 this yr..... 189 days - bubbaschoice  54.1 #93 7:23PM
Hi, I'm Cindi aka Luvthemouse, from New Mexico, we are taking our first trip to WDW this Saturday and staying for ten days. - luvthemouse  180.0 #2140 7:34PM
Yay!!! Your going to have sooo much fun! - disneyworldsbiggestfan  62.6 #85 8:47PM
Hi I'm Chely. I'm from So Cal and I've been an AP for the last 3 years. Just got engaged at Disneyland while getting a characture last month. We are planning an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding and our honeymoon for Oct. 2014 at WDW. Hence the fact I started lurking on the Florida app. Me and my fiancΓ© (I love saying that) try to go to Disneyland at least twice a month. I love seeing all of your posts and pictures. - mouseStachelover  144.5 #2684 8:04PM
Congrats on the engagement! - Andrea84  668.3 #8 8:25PM
Hi! Everyone. My name is Tami and I live in Northern Calif. my husband and I have two grown sons and two beautiful granddaughters that we are raising. They are 15 and almost 6. My husband, Ron is totally, thru and thru a dinsey world addict!! He is like a little boy when it comes to Disney!! Our next trip is in 48 days! And our little gdaughter will be celebrating her 6th bd there. This will be her 4th visit. Lucky girl. Oh and I love MW. Everyone is so nice here! Thank u!! - happygma2  26.4 #132 8:35PM
Hi, my name is Susan and I'm from Arlington, MA (just outside Boston). I've been going to WDW since 1976 (yikes!) With a few trips to DL in between. I have a beautiful niece named Ava that I hope to take to WDW in August 2013 for her first of many visits. - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #17 8:38PM
Chris (or Indy, either works) from Orlando, FL (About ten minutes from WDW). Not sure where the wife is at the moment....Drunkerbell, know anything? Anyway. Lot of people on here make me out to be some high toned and fancy photographer. I'm a professional photographer by trade, and over all sarcastic goofball. Next trip might be tomorrow afternoon. (So don't get hopes up about it, cause I doubt it'll happen) - IndyandMarion  1278.8 #1 8:51PM
Wifey - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #17 10:24AM
Hello there. I am Angelito. Lives in San Diego, CA (till May 2013). Then I will move up to Orange County, CA (Closer to Disneyland)... My next trip to WDW is still unknown... I might go back 2016 or 2021. We will see... - otilegna  1988.7 #66 9:45PM
Hi I'm Bobbi from Houston! My family and I just got back from WDW celebrating my daughter's 4th bday. Our next trip is planned for June 2014. (Unless our 4 yr old talks us into going sooner - it usually doesn't take much to convince us!) - bduncan  4.7 #455 3:11AM
Hi I'mw Amanda, from New Bedford,Ma my next trip to WDW is in exactly 30 days & it will be my 5th trip & my boyfriends lost count on his visits! This will be our last trip for atleast 2 years because of him going back to school, we are super pumped for this trip its going to be us & 6 of our family & friends!! Let the count down continue!! =) - AB1288  15.9 #177 6:44AM
Sounds exciting. You'll have to celebrate again when he's done with school. - 5disneylovers  947.3 #4 7:54AM
Hi, I'm Nick from Michigan! We will be going to WDW in just 36 DAYS! Super excited! - GoofyFanGuy  5.5 #378 7:57AM
You'll beat us there by 2 days :-) - Maleficent69  124.7 #58 6:47PM
Hello, I'm Gayle from Ohio. Just got back @ a month ago from a hubby and me trip to DW. Next trip will be my six grandkids and us, aug or sept. on my bucket list is DL and Hawaii. Some day! - mmddgp  493.4 #12 9:38AM
Hello My name is Delinda, live in Texas. My husband's name is Jay. Our next trip to WDW is Dec. 2013. - Texas1112  7.6 #279 10:19AM
Hello , my name is Steve . Looks like my next trip won't be until 2014 !! :-( - skcanfield  478.7 #15 6:31PM
Same here! Wanted to go this Nov, but just made an unexpected trip to see MIL which cost too much! Oh well, we can wait together!! - ncjal  221.8 #33 6:33PM
Hi my name is Lisa and we live in PA (not nearly close enough to FL!!!) We just went in January and hope to go Jan or Feb 2014! - DisneyLisa78  43.1 #103 7:31PM
Hi I am Jennifer from Texas! Our next and first WDW trip is in August! - heartdisney  3.9 #616 6:26AM
When in aug - 5disneylovers  947.3 #4 6:34AM
Hey everyone!!!! I'm Marcia! I don't know when my next trip to WDW is :( But if everything goes well I'm hoping to go to DL in November for my birthday :) - lakerck  164.5 #51 9:55AM
Hello everyone! My name is Stacey and I am married to Brian for 13 years. We have two children ages 12 and 11. We have been blessed enough to visit wdw every year since 2008! We love it!!! We have stayed at the pop, movies, sports, French quarter , and the boardwalk. Our next trip to paradise is this coming September! We cannot wait!! - shewsluvwdw  58.0 #90 11:17AM
Hey everyone! I'm Mikayla, a Disney-obsessed college student, have been going to WDW since I was 4. I joined MW last year and love everyone here. My next trip is in July!! - ariel116  98.4 #65 1:07PM
From western NY! - ariel116  98.4 #65 1:07PM
Hello! My name is Samantha! But you cam call me Sam. My next disney trip is to Disneyland Paris in May with my dad! - samndawn67  21.8 #151 1:36PM
Hello, my name is Jimmy. The wife and I are planning a trip to WDW Oct 2014, and maybe a trip this summer to DL. - TheDad  89.1 #69 3:19PM
Hello my name is yessica. Our next family trip to our happy place(WDW) is in 72 days june 22-29.ill be going with my two kids my hubby and my two cats. We r staying at animal kingdom lodge in concierge level.that's my home resort in the DVC and my favorite one. - yessy  207.3 #38 5:00PM

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Like normal I am late to the party. Reading it now - Tealtownfan  886.5 #178 3:13PM
Got it! More than halfway thru it! It's a lot of fun!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨βœ¨ - TinkerSchelle  1417.0 #100 10:53PM
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Cool admin. Hope I do better than the first one. Hope people that enter will be ready to play and the tournament moves along better - Goofytom  1087.4 #143 6:41PM
I will announce the December tournament date this week. - Admin 11:58PM
Can't wait! - sawman911  665.7 #255 6:30PM
I have the app so if anyone wants to play a game with me :-) - nelcamp90  29.9 #5428 7:12PM
Just invited you to play - Goofytom  1087.4 #143 1:21PM
There should be a droid version of this. I. would love to play  - bryanjung1997  1.0 #64994 2:19PM

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I think I'm too dumb to figure this game out! I have no idea what's going on. I throw for dogs and sometimes the miners fall over and sometimes they don't. Then it will randomly say hit the goat, which I do and nothing happens. I've tried playing for literally an hour hoping I would catch on and I'm not gettin it. Can someone far more intelligent then I am give me a hint as to what is supposed to be happeneing? πŸ˜ƒ - BellesLibrary  403.0 #499 9:39PM
I'm right there with you. I can't seem to figure out the game either. I do the exact same thing as you. Someone please explain the object of this game. I'm about to delete it.  - Kfeatherer  347.6 #618 6:26AM
I'm completely hopeless at this. I think I hit the goat once and still don't know how - montanapixies  43.4 #4669 12:42PM
- jacdanfan  8085.8 #4 7:44PM
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Well give it a try. - tinkhardt  0.5 #75295 9:38PM

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216 woot! - goofydad909  1970.2 #67 10:20PM
Wow!  That's impressive!  I'm still in the single digits. - DisLUVney  572.1 #316 9:39PM
Okay I'm at home playing this game and I'm already frustrated!!! But boy oh boy I L❀️VE this games sound effects!!! GREAT JOB @AdminπŸ‘πŸ˜Š - WaltSentMe  324.9 #698 5:52PM
Glad you like it! - Admin  12:19PM
I can't get past the first column.... 😫 - amyb1076  430.2 #452 9:27PM
Welcome to my life lol 98% of the time I can't either - BeatleMike  567.8 #319 8:27AM
Lol but it's addictive 😁 - amyb1076  430.2 #452 8:05PM

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