892.3 #7 (WDW Qual #133

Apr 6, 2013 2:41 PM  WDW Talk Land
I just wanted to double check with the experts! So CRT and Akershus are the only 2 places to dine with Princesses, right?

Yep, as far as I know! Which one you thinking of for this trip? We did CRT in Nov/Dec, so doing Akershus for the first time for breakfast in June. - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 3:01PM
Well, guess what? The birthday girl changed her mind, LOL! I couldn't get into CRT any days for any meals and Akershus we've done, I really want to do something new, since we are only doing 3 TS (due to allergies). Anyway, the birthday girl decided she wanted a character meal with Pluto, so I booked 'Ohana breakfast, which is a first for us, so excited!! - DizneyGirl  892.3 #7 5:16PM
Ohana's breakfast is the best!!! Hope you Iike it! - DisneyLisa78  44.5 #112 6:37PM
You'll love Ohana, we did it our first time in Dec. - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 7:15PM
Glad to hear it's so great! Was Pluto there? - DizneyGirl  892.3 #7 7:33PM
We did ohanas for first time in September and we will be going back! Loved it!! We saw LILO, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto! - txdisneymomma  118.1 #66 7:50PM
Awesome!! - DizneyGirl  892.3 #7 7:54PM
I am not an expert, but as far as i know, that is the only Princess Character Dining i have been too. The princess of Akershus are Funnier, but the Belle of CRT was wearing her blue dress when i saw her there - otilegna  2385.2 #60 3:11PM
They were funny!! At Akershus, Snow White kept telling us jokes. She was too cute! - BagGal  314.5 #25 3:17PM
Have you dined at either of them, Diz? We've done both, loved them both. We did CRT twice and Akershus once. They are similar except that the castle is two credits. It IS special to eat inside the castle, but Akershus is special too. My girls loved the princess parade at Akershus. Both have similar food and both include the photo pkgs (CRT is Cinderella of course, Akershus is Belle in the yellow dress). - BagGal  314.5 #25 3:14PM
Oh! Cinderella is at 1900 Park Fare (dinner). We loved the characters, but were pretty disappointed with the food. - BagGal  314.5 #25 3:15PM
Oh yeah, duh!! We did that one last Ike and I totally forgot, lol! The food at night is not that great but the characters were awesome! - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 3:37PM
time, not Ike. My phone has a mind of its own, lol! - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 3:38PM
We did CRT in 2001 (I'm pretty sure it wasn't character dining then, as I know we didn't see any) and we did Akershus in 2010. - DizneyGirl  892.3 #7 5:17PM
And we've done 1900, loved it, but was hoping for something new. - DizneyGirl  892.3 #7 5:17PM
And 1900 park fare at the GF. Food is better at CRT, but the last time at akershus the kids got to parade around with the princesses. Both great experiences. Still have to try 1900 Park Fare - Disneyaddict  374.7 #584 3:43PM
1900 Park was a fun experience at dinner. The step sisters were so funny and it was sweet to see Cinderella and the prince dance! - DisneyLisa78  44.5 #112 6:39PM
Yes it's the only place to dine with them all the classic ones. - 5disneylovers  1144.0 #5 6:46PM
So is 1900 all the Cinderella characters only? And at all meals? - ally  509.0 #17 7:11PM
In the morning, it's Pooh, Tigger, Hatter, Alice, and Mary Poppins. - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 7:12PM
Night time is Cindy, Charming, and the Steps. - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 7:13PM
Night time... Check the menu. There were 5 of us and we were all disappointed with the food. The characters were AWESOME, but we probably wouldn't go back because of the food. - BagGal  314.5 #25 8:19PM
Yep, I second that. - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 4:56AM
Oh I am in agreement with the disappointing food - 5disneylovers  1144.0 #5 7:13AM
Thanks! And so at lunch and night is it just Cindy, and all, or other princesses too? - ally  509.0 #17 7:14PM
Never mind- thanks!!! - ally  509.0 #17 7:14PM
I believe they only do breakfast and dinner at 1900 Park Fare. Night is just Cindy and her family. To see a variety of princesses, try CRT or Akershus. - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 7:17PM
We dined there for dinner and it was just the Cinderella characters. - Lelundrial  615.0 #323 9:01PM
So glad we booked Akershus for DD 4th bday on June 6. She will love the interactions. Her hair is still short from last year's chemo so I hope her hair stays together from her BBB the previous day at MK. - nanay2jdr  28.1 #138 6:15AM
She will have the most magical time! We are eating breakfast there on June 5. - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 6:18AM
We will be at MK on the 1st and 5th , HS 2nd and maybe 7th. Epcot 3rd and 6th. AK on the 4th. Maybe well bumped into each other. - nanay2jdr  28.1 #138 6:27AM
You will love it all! Sounds like some great plans! - DizneyGirl  892.3 #7 6:31AM
We will be at AK on the 4th!! And half a day in the morning at HS on the 7th!! - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 6:51AM
@MrsI - I'm going to have to send you an updated schedule, lol. Has yours changed? - DizneyGirl  892.3 #7 6:38AM
Not yet... I may look at it again this week, but won't change the park days. Maybe just the ressies within those parks. 😜 - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 6:50AM
Oh I don't believe you have a schedule mrs I. I have not seen it - 5disneylovers  1144.0 #5 7:14AM
Haha, oh ye of little faith. This is Mrs I we're talking about!! 😜 - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 7:17AM
LOL!! - BagGal  314.5 #25 7:40AM
Ah-hem. I'd like a copy of the schedule too. I'd like to see where "we're" going each day. Please. :) - BagGal  314.5 #25 7:18AM
Haha, all my trips are running together at this point (I know, awful problem to have, lol!), but I'll try to do it from memory as we are currently in the car headed to Tulsa Zoo for the afternoon! - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 7:21AM
Another quick Monday thru Friday trip, 6/3-6/7. Staying at Caribbean Beach, celebrating Jake's 2nd bday, Josh's HS graduation, Jonah's Kindergarten graduation, and MIL, FIL, Logan (our nephew), and Jake's first visits! Arriving late Monday night thru Sanford. - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 7:23AM
Oh that's a mouthful sister. - 5disneylovers  1144.0 #5 7:25AM
Day 1: Tues, 6/4, AKL Boma for breakfast, AK in the am, lunch at Rainforrest, some pool/nap time back at the resort, bus ride to MK, ferry to Wilderness Campgrounds, dinner show Hoop Dee Do Review. - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 7:26AM
Day 2: Wed, 6/5, breakfast at Akershus, EPCOT in the am, lunch at Le Cellier, pool/nap time back at resort, dinner at Ohana, then back to EP for Illuminations. - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 7:28AM
Day 3: Thurs, 6/6, breakfast at Chef Mickey's, am at MK, lunch at Crystal Palace, pool/nap time back at resort, dinner at BOG, Wishes and evening in MK. - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 7:30AM
Day 4: Friday, 6/7, breakfast at Hollywood ad Vine (where my Jake will meet Jake!!), am at HS, lunch at 50's Prime Time, then heading back to airport. - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 7:31AM
I'm tired from reading and thinking about eating lol. - 5disneylovers  1144.0 #5 7:33AM
Haha!! Good thing I have 2 months to rest my barking dogs!! πŸ‘£ - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 7:37AM
There we go. Thank you!! So many things to look forward too... Jake meeting Jake, the grey stuff at BOG, Hoop de Doo, and lunch at Le Cellier?!?! (5DL's fave and one of my two faves) Oh, we can't wait to join you! 5DL and I will meet you at Boma on Tue. Right my friend? - BagGal  314.5 #25 7:40AM
I am counting on it!!!! - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 7:43AM
O course it's a eating date. Oh yeah. I'm coming hungry. You'll love le cellier. - 5disneylovers  1144.0 #5 8:03AM
My daughter keeps comparing other steaks to Le Cellier. She'll take a bite and say, "It's good, but not as good as the steaks at Disney World!" She's spoiled now!! Actually, I am too!! - BagGal  314.5 #25 8:09AM
We have never tried it!! What should we order? Appetizer, Entre, Dessert, cuz we got the Deluxe Plan, oh yeah!!! 🍴 - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 8:21AM
Your Set. Order every thing. - 5disneylovers  1144.0 #5 8:42AM
Deluxe plan...awesome! I ordered the cheese soup, the filet, and the creme brulee. The filet was one of the best of my life, if not THE best. Robert ordered a fish that he loved too. Lala had the filet like I did. They bring you pretzel bread that is to die for! Also, my girls ordered the chocolate mousse and it was a chocolate mousse moose! It was adorable!!! You're going to love it!!! - BagGal  314.5 #25 10:50AM
Mrs I if you need to plan some more we go october 12 to the 19th and the only plan i have is day we arrive hotel, pool, and t rex dinner. We will be doing CRT just dont know when. I dont know how you stay soooo organized. Amazing - Bakerjars  251.6 #35 12:13PM
I wanna come too!! Don't forget meeeeeeeee😟 lol - mickeynme  173.9 #51 12:23PM
Wow mrs i...i love your ressies!! Ohana and chef mickey's and le cellier....awesome! You'll love le cellier...it's so yummy! And o'hana dinner....OMG..lol - mickeynme  173.9 #51 12:27PM
Haha, well I don't know how I keep them all together either. Thank goodness for Excel. I make alot of notes!! :) - mrsincredible  1097.0 #6 2:01PM
Wow! You are so organized. We could meet at AK for sure. - nanay2jdr  28.1 #138 6:41PM
Wow that IS organised !! We arrive on Wednesday for a stay at OKW and the only thing planned is Magic Express! You can see I'm not a planner! - rink2  141.6 #60 12:37AM
Thanks everyone for All the info. - DizneyGirl  892.3 #7 4:27AM

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