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Oct 28, 2012 11:13 AM  WDW Talk Land
Okay, sharing time! What was the year of your first visit to WDW and what is your favorite memory/experience or ride from that trip?

My first visit was in 1983.  My parents took us, there was only MK and EPCOT.  We did a one day ticket to MK and had breakfast with the characters.  I'm not sure where the breakfast was, but it had Alice, Tweedledum and Goofy.  I remember thinking our waiter was dreamy! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 11:16AM
My first trip to WdW was November 2011. It is my personal gift for my 25th Birthday. Not planning to go but i did it (i started planning one month before. Filed my leave at work, upgraded my disneyland pass to Premier Pass, booked a hotel resort (Pop Century), and a flight). It was a short visit for me. 6days of fun at WDW! I AM HAPPY THAT THE CHRISTMAS decor is there! i saw MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE, Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights and other attractions/destinations not available at Disneyland - otilegna  1975.4 #66 1:15PM
I will add more! I am in WOW when i saw the Christmas lights at Cinderella Castle... I am shocked to see it is tall and magnificent! - otilegna  1975.4 #66 5:46PM
Sounds like the perfect visit! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:14PM
Agree! - mmddgp  491.0 #12 7:19PM
My very first trip to WDW was in 2001, only I went with work, stayed at the GF and didn't see anything else on property except the GF because my schedule was packed with meetings (torture, I tell ya!). For the next four years, our team held meetings there, and I didn't actually experience the parks until the 2nd or 3rd year (and those were just team functions here and there at dinner). In 2003, my brother and son Josh came (so he could help watch him while I was in meetings - this was the year before I got married); they saw all kinds of stuff while I worked back at the hotel. The next year, I remember sitting at EPCOT waiting for Illuminations after a team dinner there, and missing Mr I something awful. I made up my mind right then and there that I was tired of being teased, being so close year after year and missing so much, so the next year, and last year my team held meetings at the GF, Mr I and Josh came with me and we stayed the weekend after my meetings were over. It was the best trip ever!! Lots of firsts including character dining, rides I hadn't experienced, shows I had never seen. And, the castle was just beautiful!! That was summer of 2005. - mrsincredible  939.1 #5 2:40PM
That sounds horrible, being so close with no enjoyment, but it lead to something wonderful! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:40PM
Our first trip was in 2009. Drove 8 hrs one afternoon then finished another 8 hrs the following day. When we arrived at movies we checked in found the room Hubby and I argued for about 10 mins. Told him I was walkin back to Indiana. We cooled off by exploring movies. Took a little nap then headed to Mk for wishes. Cried while watching wishes my daughter then cried when we rode prince charmings carosel. We stayed 6 nights on the 6 night after epcot she looked at me crying saying I want to go home to my doggie please mom. Now she begs to go to WDW. Thanks for everyone for sharing thier stories and memories. - purplelooney  10.7 #226 3:28PM
Awww, that's so cute, she missed her doggie! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 4:54AM
1982 was our first time. We got married Dec 17th and went to WDW. - tomevans13  251.9 #28 11:21AM
2007 was my first visit. I remember being sooo unprepared for the shear size of WDW. I grew up near Kings Island (ohio) & thought it would be similar. Boy was I wrong!!! I cried at seeing the castle but I think Wishes stole my heart. - Maleficent69  124.7 #58 11:23AM
It truly is more than you can imagine! We keep thinking we'll visit Kings Island, hope we don't be disappointed! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:16PM
Our first trip was in 1993. My kids were 17, 14, 11. We stayed off property on lake buena vista. We were in awe. I think the ride to ride was space mountain. It really was about the shows, parades and fireworks. We loved discovery island, river country, pleasure island celebrating new years even though it wasn't new years and the comedy club. What great memories. Thanks dizneygirl for the question it's nice to go back to those days. Have a great day. Hope every one is safe - mmddgp  491.0 #12 11:36AM
Sounds awesome. I love old memories! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:18PM
My first trip was in July '07 with my husbands family (was fiancé at time and he couldn't go) I was in awe of it all and had a blast! One of my top faves was the safari(inside AK ;)). I went again 6 months later in feb '08 on our honeymoon best memory that trip was watching fireworks on our last night from the top of contemporary resort after eating at California grill. I fell in love with Disney World that first trip and plan to pass that love on to my kids. Have done pretty well with daughter so far. 😊 - txdisneymomma  88.6 #70 12:22PM
Disney honeymoon, how lucky you are! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:19PM
My first was in 1980. Just MK back then. It was our first big family vacation, and I remember the awe of being there. We stayed at the Contemporary and the Treehouses. It was so fun. =) - eeyorefan107l  280.2 #24 12:33PM
The Treehouses sound amazing, wish I could stay in one. It's weird to think back to a time where there was just MK. - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:22PM
The year was 1999! I was 11 and my aunt took me and a few of my cousins in mid Nov for a late bday celebration for me. The ride I remember most is ToT. I was so frightened but amazed!! And as a family we have never forgotten the moment when we got on the creepy elevator~ - Jazdaz88  66.1 #82 12:45PM
What an awesome birthday memory! Can't beat celebrating at Disney. - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:23PM
My first visit was in 2010. I have been to DL 30+ times. But I had never been to WDW. My best memory is going with my hubby and my daughters!! :) - Deppsfan  37.7 #111 12:47PM
So when are you going for your second time? :) - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:24PM
1976 and my dad riding all the coasters with me & my siblings. Found out years later that he detests coasters. My dad's a special guy. :0) - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #17 12:57PM
What an awesome dad!! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:25PM
My first visit was in 84 with 15 Girl Scouts. I went expecting to love 1st Future World 2nd World of Nations and enjoying MK. I was so wrong. If I could only visit one park it would be MK. The memory of riding the monorail when the fireworks wre going off still makes me smile - lala03  67.8 #81 12:58PM
I'm not sure I'd want to take 15 little girls. Yikes :-) - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:26PM
My first trip was in 1984 too! I was one of the 15! I remember sitting in one if the 360 degree movies at Epcot and wondering, "How did they make this?!!" It was so fun being there with my mom and 14 friends! Now, looking back, I think, "Wow! Lala was brave to take us all there!!" We drove for 3 days!! - BagGal  230.7 #30 9:01PM
Very brave! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 5:57AM
But we had "Fearless Leader" with us and 4 other moms. I'd do it again - lala03  67.8 #81 11:45AM
My first time visiting disney was in 1996. It was the 25th anniversary of wdw and the castle was decorated as a great big pink birthday My favorite memory from that trip was just being there. I was a young teen and i couldn't believe that we were actually going to WDW. It was only someplace i had heard about and dreamed about and then finally i was there. It was just an amazing feeling. The best part was when we got on a plane and didn't tell my little brother where we were the plane landed we said "Do u know where we are?? We're in Fla and we're going to disney world!" The look on his face was priceless. It was great having that first trip as a memory with my family. After that,we were hooked and have been visiting ever since:-) - mickeynme  171.1 #47 1:01PM
I remember the castle that year there were so many people that didn't like it. I loved it! I think it's amazing what they can do to the buildings there. - mmddgp  491.0 #12 1:25PM
I had never seen it before as the regular castle,so we just went with the flow! was new and different and really cool how they did that. I know many ppl weren't crazy about it,but i think it was suitable for that occasion now that i think about it - mickeynme  171.1 #47 1:28PM
Surprising a kid has to be a great experience. I just can't seem to do it. My kids know we go every year. They are already saying 'next Disney trip . . . . '. - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:29PM
Lol...the look on his face was priceless. The only reason i think it worked was because we had never ever been there it wasn't even a thought on his Maybe if you pack snow-wear and warm jackets in your luggage? I would try to trick my children. Throw them off a bit. LOL - mickeynme  171.1 #47 7:43PM
I love to do Disney surprises. We were able to do it 2 times for the whole trip an I lived it. Now I do it with little things like surprising them with special character dinning or water parks or cirq de sole, things like that. So much fun to try an make it different - mmddgp  491.0 #12 5:13AM
My first visit was 1976. I knew I was hooked when I waked through the gate and saw main street. At that time there was only the MK. - Pooh147856  229.7 #31 1:10PM
It's so easy to get hooked, not sure what took me so long, lol! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:30PM
Another note. It is my first time to travel to Florida as well! That is why I am so happy! Even if that trip was not well prepared, park hopper options and extra magic hours makes the most of it. - otilegna  1975.4 #66 1:18PM
My first visit to wdw was in 2006 . My hubby had surprised me. I never knew what wdw was until that august in 2006. I really never had a childhood until now. I am a little kid by heart. I had so much fun i was in tears. Then in 08 i became a DVC member. I cant get enough of wdw. I go every year. - yessy  207.2 #38 1:23PM
What an awesome memory! I love going every year and am thankful to get to go. - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:31PM
My first trip to wdw was (I think) end of January very beginning of February 2002, I was almost 3 and my sister wasn't even a year old yet. It's sort of hard for me to remember a lot of details from back then since I was so little but two of my favorite memories that I absolutely still remember are sliding down the film roll slide in the honey I shrunk the kids playset at MGM( there a picture I me on it and I took a picture of me doing the same pose my most recent trip to, I'll post them later) and of course meeting chip and dale, they were my "friends" as I called them then, they were the first characters I wasn't afraid of and after meeting them instantly loved all the other characters - nodell111  166.4 #50 1:26PM
Can't wait to see the pix. Chip and Dale really are some of the best characters to meet. I love the way they interact with the kids! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:33PM
My first trip was in 1982 . Space Mountain was the best ride then !!!!! - skcanfield  478.7 #15 1:46PM
Is it still you pick for best ride? - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:33PM
First visit 1990 I was 15 brother 17 and mom(always 21). Best memory was my mom yelling loudly on POTC on the small drop what did you kids do bring me on a water ride!!!!!!! Sooooo funny. - Bakerjars  239.2 #29 2:01PM
Lol! I can actually picture my mom saying this (although we didn't ride the ride) she is just like that! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:34PM
My first visit was in 2000..i was family and i had a great time.. my favorite memory was riding Dumbo with my baby sister it made her so happy..this is the only ride she enjoyed..this passed April i got to ride it with my little girls and they enjoyed it just as much as she did.. - dxcmama  259.3 #26 2:09PM
Dumbo is near and dear to my heart too. - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:35PM
My first trip to Disney World was in 1972. (yes I'm old!). My mom and Dad took my brother and me. We were from a very small town. We stayed at the Contemporary. Needless to say we had never seen anything like it. It was also my first plane ride. My dad and Mom probably return to Disney about 10 times. It was my Dad's favorite place. - Nasuti  3.2 #1047 2:24PM
No, not old. Def young at heart. I knew this would date me as well! I remember taking the monorail thru the Contemporary (we didn't stay there) and found that to be the weirdest thing. - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 7:37PM
Our first trip was 2011.  We're DL vets, on the first three days we did the "other" parks and saved MK for day four.  My son was having the worst anti-ride syndrom for the other parks.  The only things he was liking was the play areas and the puddle areas until we got to Small World.  He went on kicking and screaming, certain there was going to be a drop at the end.  He ended up going 3 times in a row and we got him onto other rides and he had a blast! We had planned for 2 days at HS, but ended up trading it for another MK day because he was having so much fun.  Our next trip is 2016. - GoofyMom77  643.0 #269 8:46AM
Lol - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 12:51PM
My first trip was in 1991. It was just my mother and I. We stayed at some off site hotel, and I remember wishing we had stayed on site. Splash Mtn was being built when we were there. Nothing really stands out as being awesome for that trip. When I first took my son for his 5th b-day in 2009 was way more memorable. Stayed at the Contemporary, and attended the xmas party. The funniest thing was when we were at AK, in the area where they keep all the creepy craliews. Was standing near the glass and I look up to see a spider the size of my foot. I nearly jumped back from the glass. My son continued to look at it and kept trying to get me closer. I said, "No I am fine over here." - Lelundrial  503.2 #373 9:31AM
Yikes! Something you are sure never to forget! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 12:52PM
My first visit was in Jan of this year 2012. Memory has to be it was my honeymoon and how much fun it was! I'm never going to forget about it - lakerck  164.5 #51 9:47AM
Sounds like heaven. Wish I had gone for my honeymoon. - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 12:53PM
1997, My senior year of high school we came down and got to march in the spectro magic parade....then went to universal to march in their morning parade (not as magical by the way!!) started my love for the disney parks!! - ccmom  187.5 #42 10:55AM
Wow, marching in the parade, how magical is that? I'm jealous. We marched at the blue bonnet bowl, would have much rather marched at Disney! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 12:54PM
07/2007. Best memory, walking onto our balcony and seeing zebra and a giraffe. It's the only time I have stayed at a deluxe resort and it was amazing. Since then I tend to focus more on the parks than the resorts. - Shunasee  182.6 #2108 12:04PM
AKL is amazing! But I agree with focusing on the parks! - DizneyGirl  681.6 #7 12:55PM
1974!! And I was hooked for life!! Kids were 9, 8 & 3. I have a great pic of them in front at MK. - lghr  48.8 #97 8:25PM

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