664.4 #12 (WDW Qual #189

Sep 28, 2012 7:29 AM  WDW Talk Land
Good morning everyone. I was thinking we seem to have a lot of new people who joined our family. I thought maybe we could do another post with our name and where were from to get better acquainted. Hope you guys don't mind this. Guess ill start…I'm Mandy and I live in PA…Welcome😃

Hello! I'm Jessica, I live east of Dallas, Texas! :-) - JessiBelle22  78.4 #82 7:47PM
My name is Christine and I live in PA also. Welcome!! - Ariel42  262.9 #32 7:37AM
Where in pa are you ? - 5disneylovers  1152.5 #6 8:53AM
Outside of montgomeryville near 202 and 309 - Ariel42  262.9 #32 9:33AM
@5dl I'm about 20-25 mins from Bethlehem 😃 - Schramke  664.4 #12 9:47AM
Cool!! - Ariel42  262.9 #32 10:22AM
We are all pretty close. - Bakerjars  251.9 #36 1:11PM
Howdy neighbor. - 5disneylovers  1152.5 #6 7:45PM
Good morning, I'm Tracy and I'm from Long Island NY:) - tracsant  1478.4 #2 7:37AM
Hi neighbor!(even though I don't think you live that close to me lol) - nodell111  166.4 #54 2:58PM
Suffolk county - tracsant  1478.4 #2 7:28PM
Nothing's too far on Long Island , it's the traffic that kills lol - tracsant  1478.4 #2 7:29PM
Yeah that's true hey I'm in Suffolk county to! - nodell111  166.4 #54 6:01AM
lol what is this a DA meeting?(DISNEY ANONY-MOUSE) lol okok im henry im from los angeles california - Hendizl  2821.9 #46 7:46AM
It does seem that way lol, but we tend to do this from time to time to get to one another and try to have lurkers come out and introduce themselves , in case they are to shy to make their first post - tracsant  1478.4 #2 7:54AM
I thought it would be nice to meet all the newbies 😃 - Schramke  664.4 #12 8:17AM
I think it is a great idea :) - Hendizl  2821.9 #46 2:41PM
My name is Tessa and I am from Louisiana. - tdarden  10.7 #243 7:50AM
I'm Irma from deep south Texas ( 7 miles from the Mexican border). BagGal is my daughter. :D - lala03  76.5 #84 7:57AM
Oh didn't know that - 5disneylovers  1152.5 #6 8:54AM
Your soft soap girls mom? I'm honored to meet you - nodell111  166.4 #54 2:58PM
Haha!! Fist bump 👊 Iron Woman! 😉 - BagGal  340.9 #25 3:37PM
I'm Lisa and I'm from SC. - poohbr1205  21.2 #167 8:07AM
Hi I am Michelle from Southern California. - MicheyMouse  359.3 #645 8:13AM
My name is April and I am from Minnesota. - Alicewndrlnd  3.1 #1375 8:14AM
Hello! My name is Tiffany and I'm from Seattle. - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1397.0 #3 8:34AM
Hi my name is Patricia. I live in Bethlehem, PA. - 5disneylovers  1152.5 #6 8:54AM
Hi my name is Robyn and im from PA. - Bakerjars  251.9 #36 8:55AM
Hi neighbor! ! - Ariel42  262.9 #32 9:34AM
Hi neighbor. I was thinking maybe we could meet at disney on ice this year if we go on same day, that is if you and alicia were going to go. - Bakerjars  251.9 #36 1:13PM
We might go. When are you thinking of going? - Ariel42  262.9 #32 1:40PM
My name is Robyn too! I am in So Cal about 30 mins from DL - DSNYCheeks3  866.1 #216 11:02PM
Hello i love your name. - Bakerjars  251.9 #36 4:39AM
Good morning y'all! My name is Dwan and I'm from Texas south of Houston. - txdisneymomma  120.4 #66 9:09AM
Gm! My name is Shari, and I'm from Oahu, Hawaii... - islandgirl58  452.9 #18 9:12AM
That's where I want to go one day - mmddgp  948.7 #7 10:38AM
Hello, I'm Tiffany. I am from everywhere LOL (that will make sense later). Welcome, welcome*+.*+.*+. - CinderellaPrincess85  194.6 #45 9:13AM
GM I'm Thad from Indianapolis - PrinceChar03131969  36.4 #126 9:14AM
My name is Gina and I'm from upstate NY!!!! Welcome!!! - ginastuckey  35.7 #127 9:15AM
Went to college at Syracuse university - 5disneylovers  1152.5 #6 7:49PM
Where in ny do you live? I'm live near Binghamton - firestorm64rt  41.9 #117 2:10PM
Hello I'm Bella and I live in Ohio. - disneygirl17  22.2 #160 9:16AM
Hi! Maryrose from Chicago. - Pooh147856  355.1 #24 9:20AM
I love Chicago. Do you live near downtown? Downtown is amazing. Love the deep dish pizza and al's Italian beef too:D - mickeynme  177.5 #52 6:02PM
I'm Tom and live in Parma Ohio with my wife Wendy - tomevans13  251.9 #35 9:27AM
Ohio is very nice! I visited there before. Love Ohio. I love the suburban,country feel to it..lol - mickeynme  177.5 #52 7:00PM
Hello! I'm Andrea from Denver, CO! - Andrea84  713.9 #10 9:46AM
Hi I'm Diane and I'm from sunny Florida *doing my best pagent voice* - justGoofin  161.8 #56 9:49AM
Lol! Now I am reading themalllike that!! - MicheyMouse  359.3 #645 3:08PM
Hi! I'm Caryn from Nappanee, Indiana. - disneycm  701.5 #11 9:49AM
Hello, I'm Dawn I live in Texas. - donaldduck1975  31.9 #134 9:51AM
Hi , I'm Steve & I live in Ohio !! - skcanfield  563.4 #15 10:24AM
Hello everybody..im Lisa and i live in Williamsburg VA... - dxcmama  333.4 #26 10:29AM
Hello everyone, I'm gayle and I live in Ohio. - mmddgp  948.7 #7 10:37AM
My name is Judy and I live in Pa. - jbzdogz  16.2 #191 10:39AM
Hi. I'm John and my family lives in South Florida. - JetsamsTwin  379.9 #21 11:14AM
My name is Tina and I live in Western New York. - MagicalFamily  65.6 #90 11:57AM
Hi! I live near Dallas, and yes, Lala03 is my mom! :) Yay for MW! 👊 - BagGal  340.9 #25 12:03PM
Hello...my name is Sherry and I am from Westfield Indiana.I grew up in Central Florida and I want to go home!!! - disneygirl71  4.0 #600 12:06PM
Hi everyone I'm Natalie and I live in Long Island New York! - nodell111  166.4 #54 12:08PM
That the perfect place for Iron Man/ Woman! I ❤ NY! - BagGal  340.9 #25 3:43PM
Ugh... That's not that! - BagGal  340.9 #25 3:44PM
Hi everybody!! I am Heather from Indianapolis and PrinceChar03131969 is my loving husband. - Sirabi74  13.3 #214 2:21PM
Hi! I am Nicole and I live in South Carolina. I grew up in Connecticut, and moved to SC almost 3 years ago. I LOVE living in the South! If I ever move again, it will be farther South!! =) - ncjal  288.4 #28 2:50PM
Closer to wide I'm guessing? Lol - nodell111  166.4 #54 3:01PM
*wdw not wide I hate spell check - nodell111  166.4 #54 3:01PM
YES much closer!! Would be a 24 hour drive from CT, we are now about an 8 hour drive! =) - ncjal  288.4 #28 3:11PM
I'm Brooke. I am from Mississippi. - nightmaresally  10.7 #242 3:03PM
Hi I'm Robin and I'm from PA - disneylover68  6.5 #342 4:35PM
My name is Robyn too! - DSNYCheeks3  866.1 #216 11:04PM
Hello another Robyn here. - Bakerjars  251.9 #36 4:42AM
Hello all, My name is Jimmy and we are from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma just about a 24 hour drive to WDW or DL - TheDad  90.0 #77 5:11PM
Hello! I'm Gary from Murrieta, CA. Our weather this weekend is suppose to be about 20 deg higher than normal. Expecting it to be about 105 by Monday! - jacdanfan  11394.2 #5 5:27PM
That's crazy!! - Ariel42  262.9 #32 5:31PM
Ohh you are like my neighbor! - otilegna  2672.1 #48 5:35PM
Wow! Better stay in the air condition and drink a mug of Beverly!  - disneycm  701.5 #11 5:37PM
Make that a six pack! 😉 - jacdanfan  11394.2 #5 5:40PM
The illuminating Beverly! - otilegna  2672.1 #48 5:55PM
I too cannot stop drinking true Beverly! - JetsamsTwin  379.9 #21 1:53AM
I live I Murrieta, also! - ErinluvsJack  24.7 #153 2:12PM
*in* - ErinluvsJack  24.7 #153 2:13PM
I am Angelito (otilegna is my MW username) and i live in "America's Finest City", San Diego, CA! - otilegna  2672.1 #48 5:37PM
Got that right! We're originally from San Diego. Lived there over 40 years! - jacdanfan  11394.2 #5 5:39PM
Wow that is sooo long! - otilegna  2672.1 #48 5:56PM
Hi everyone! My name is stephanie from NJ. Originally from NY and proud of it:-) I go back and forth between the two a lot to visit family members and have lived other places. However,i would love to live within driving distance of WDW as many of you here do=) Welcome to all new members!! Come out and say hi=D - mickeynme  177.5 #52 5:59PM
YAY for New York!! Die hard Yankees and Giants fans here even though we live in SC now!! - ncjal  288.4 #28 6:36PM
I'm with you on the giants,but we are not yankee fans in our house..lol..mets all the way:-) lol..i'm glad to see such great ny spirit though coming from south carolina! =) - mickeynme  177.5 #52 9:52PM
haha, well, living in CT, we had either NY or Boston really close to us, and we do NOT like the Red Sox....so we chose Yankees as our team. It is nearly impossible to find anything Giants or Yankees related down here....have to look online or make a trip up North again!! - ncjal  288.4 #28 5:23AM
Online for sure you'll find something! Those teams are way too popular worldwide for you not to find something...lol - mickeynme  177.5 #52 11:26AM
Hi I am Kim from southern Indiana. - purplelooney  10.7 #241 6:41PM
I don't know how I missed this post... I blame it on Balloony; he's so starved for attention, he got me all distracted, lol!! I am Maggie from northwest Arkansas. 😄 - mrsincredible  1189.7 #5 7:12PM
 - JetsamsTwin  379.9 #21 7:30PM
Balloony! Starved for attention..hahaha...you make me laugh:D - mickeynme  177.5 #52 7:30PM
I was in Rogers today. - TheDad  90.0 #77 8:31PM
Really??? I work in Rogers!! What brings you to AR? - mrsincredible  1189.7 #5 10:09PM
Work, I work for a plumbing, hvac - TheDad  90.0 #77 6:33PM
Hi i'm Kim from Chicago - kimerella  3.0 #1562 7:22PM
Hi kim! Welcome to MW:-) - mickeynme  177.5 #52 9:58PM
Hello Kim! - JetsamsTwin  379.9 #21 1:54AM
Hello and welcome! - disneycm  701.5 #11 3:56AM
Thank you for the welcomes!! I've been a long time "lurker" and figured its time to start posting :-) - kimerella  3.0 #1562 6:19AM
Yayyy...once you start posting and commenting,you can't stop! Lol..It's addictive on here..beware:D But oh so fun!! Enjoy=) - mickeynme  177.5 #52 11:27AM
Love chicago btw..are u far from downtown? Downtown is awesome - mickeynme  177.5 #52 11:29AM
Im not too far from downtown. Maybe 20 minutes depending on traffic. It really is nice down there. - kimerella  3.0 #1562 11:44AM
Hello all! I'm Stacey from Middleport NY. (Buffalo/Niagara Falls area) You all are so friendly here...helping me over my post- vacation blues. :) - sacrosby  5.6 #387 10:35PM
I'm Sandy from Eugene, Oregon - Sandy  245.8 #1403 12:36AM
My name is Joanne and I'm from West Tx. - ally  509.0 #17 4:30AM
My name is Brad and I'm from KY - BBNMickey  20.9 #168 6:13AM
Hello! I'm Desirée, I live in the DFW area of Texas. - DesiBelle9  25.5 #149 7:17AM
I'm Amanda and I'm from NM - talentedtoejam  3.9 #620 7:33AM
I'm Wendi and im from sacramento, CA - brodysmommy  430.8 #508 8:22AM
I am in Modesto!! Hi Wendi. We are close. - Deppsfan  37.7 #123 1:14PM
My name is Christie - Deppsfan  37.7 #123 1:15PM
My name is Jen and I live in Pittsburgh, pa. Go Steelers! :0) - LOVEMICKEY  16.0 #8273 11:47AM
Oh yeah , Go Steelers !!!! - skcanfield  563.4 #15 11:52AM
My name is Christie and I live in Modesto,California - Deppsfan  37.7 #123 1:10PM
I'm rob and this is my fience' Kim we are from a small town called glen Aubrey near Binghamton,NY - firestorm64rt  41.9 #117 2:07PM
Hi! I'm Erin from Murrieta, CA. - ErinluvsJack  24.7 #153 2:15PM
Hi all!! I am Jennifer and an oddball from the west side of Missouri! Didn't see any body else from this state... - fantasmicgrl  3.2 #35666 6:19PM

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