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Jul 17, 2012 4:23 PM  WDW Talk Land
I'm planning my upcoming trip for September & was wondering if anyone has any tips for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party? It will be my first time! I can't wait!

I wish I could help but I've never been.😒 Cute pic! - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #18 4:25PM
Are you and your friend going this year? - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1258.5 #4 4:51PM
Yes! But we're not doing the MNSSHP. Too expensive for us. - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #18 5:04PM
And my friend Sue (party pooper!) doesn't want to do it. - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #18 5:06PM
Party pooper is right! We haven't done it since 2003, so I thought it was time to attend the party again! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1258.5 #4 5:59PM
I'm going to work on her - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #18 6:03PM
You're going at a great time!!Β  We had the time of our lives last year!!Β  If you want to get a picture with all 7 dwarves, go to the park early (they let guests in at 4:00 with a party ticket if you aren't there all day), and hang out about an hour before party time in that area.Β  We went over about 4:30 last time and Woody and Jessie were there.Β  So we stood in line (because we were waiting anyway) to get autographs and pictures of them.Β  They started the line for the dwarves as soon as Woody and Jessie left, since we were there, we ended up being 4th in line!! - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 4:27PM
Then, my hubs went and got us some drinks and popcorn, and we sat down in our place in line and enjoyed our snacks while we waited. They didn't come out until right at 7:00, but as soon as they were in place, we had our picture taken and had the rest of the party to enjoy... by the time we left, the line had grown so much the CM estimated it would take the last person in line an hour to reach them. - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 4:28PM
Also, they say to ride rides and see characters during the first parade (so it's less crowded for you), and then see the second parade (which they say is less crowded). Be careful with this advice, we took it, and regretted it. The second parade was SO crowded, and it was late - my 5yo fell asleep 10 minutes before it started and missed the whole thing. :( - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 4:30PM
Parade and fireworks is a must-see!! They are some of the best I have ever seen. Also, the Villians show is good... if you want to get a picture with one of the villians after the show, you need to strategically place yourself where they will come down afterwards. Watch the first show, and find the placement of the character you want most (you will likely not have time to get pics with more than one or two - it is, as our dear friend Indy has stated, "like an ant farm gone crazy" around the hub during the party!! - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 4:32PM
So, once you know where they go after the show, then place yourself there to watch the next one. You'll be at the front of the line. That's how I got Cruella's picture. She and the Queen of Hearts go to your right of the castle, or did last year anyway. - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 4:33PM
Let me know if you have any other questions, I will be glad to share our experience and more of my perspective on things!! :) - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 4:35PM
We attended last year and we absolutely loved it! We we're there in the first week of Oct the park was not very crowded and the weather was amazing! We are from the Midwest so temps in the 80's in Oct was awesome! MNSSHP was a great party! Our daughter was 10 and loved the whole thing! The best thing was the picture opportunity with the Vilians you don't see them very often (never!) so that was cool. I remember Gaston was really good. The rides at night were really fun and the haunted mansion was so much perfect!! And to top the night off the fireworks and parade made the whole thing perfect. I highly recommend going we are headed back this year can't wait. I hope you enjoy!!!! - PrinceChar03131969  36.4 #123 4:35PM
What night did you go? We were there the first week of October last year, too! :) - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 4:45PM
We went last year and we had a blast. We actually spend the whole day at the park from 9 am thru 12 am . Make sure you get a map to be able to go to all the candy stations to collect candy. Also eat before 7 pm because you will be very busy and time will fly and then when u get hungry everything will be closed. Get some snacks just in case. We also got to ride space mountain 3 times in a tow and splash mountain lot of times too. You will have so much fun. - yessy  224.9 #39 4:40PM
Oh yeah don't forget the haunted mansion. For the fire works don't dot to close to the front try to sit in the middle so that ur pictures and video will come out prrfect. Trust me I sat in the really front and I had to lie down on the floor to try to get pictures of the castle. The villains will also have their own show so font miss the times they give them. - yessy  224.9 #39 4:43PM
Don't sit to close***** spell check. - yessy  224.9 #39 4:44PM
It was SOOOO crazy around the hub!! I agree, once you get the villians pic you want, sit back away from the castle for the parade and fireworks. It's so much better!! :) - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 4:46PM
Yeah I couldn't get a full shot of the castle I was kinda uncomfortable. But man I had a blast. For the parade I was able to sit on the sidewalk with the kids. I hot great shots but again my hubby ruined the video with his shaking and the really bad close ups. - yessy  224.9 #39 4:49PM
Got** - yessy  224.9 #39 4:50PM
Haha, we're gonna have to come up with a code word for "shaky video hubs" because mine is on here now, LOL!!! :) - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 4:51PM
I had the best time ever despite the crowds... Oh, I miss it so much!!! - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 4:51PM
SVH....that's the code. - yessy  224.9 #39 5:04PM
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 5:28PM
We had so much fun last year. We got to ride everything with almost no wait during the parades but this year we are going to catch the 2nd one. The fireworks are awesome! - girlonfire  54.1 #102 5:27PM
Mrsincredible covered most of it well. Get there early around 4 to 4:30pm and don't miss the parade! - JetsamsTwin  379.9 #20 5:40PM
I LOVE YOUR PICTURE!!!. - yessy  224.9 #39 5:46PM
Aww thank you! - TangledNdisneY  324.7 #24 7:43PM
YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Thank you! Wasn't sure what time we should get there. Are only certain attractions open? Do you have to show your ticket at 7 if you're already there? I am so excited! - TangledNdisneY  324.7 #24 7:45PM
You'll receive the wrist band and no need to show the ticket. Guests who don't have a wrist band won't be allowed beyond a certain point. You'll see CMs turning non party guests away! - JetsamsTwin  379.9 #20 10:32PM
Yep, around 4 or 5, (if you're already in the park) they have a station near Tomorrowland set up where you can go get your bands. If you are outside the park, they will let you in with your party ticket (no need to use a park ticket) starting at 4:00. - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 3:00AM
Mrsincredible made it sound so awesome!! I wanna go now!!!! - ariel116  99.3 #70 8:15PM
That's because it is aesome!!! :) - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 3:01AM
Awesome* so excited, I can't type, ha! - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 3:01AM
Haha I'll definitely have to see it for myself sometime!!! - ariel116  99.3 #70 7:21PM
It's an awesome time. You will love it. We have been several times and mrsincredible gave you some great advise. We have done it two way spent entire day at mk and only went for mnsshp. One food hint make sure you eat at least by 5. Alot of the food places close when the park closes and re open at 7. If your going only for the event follow the circle and stop at all the special photo stops , look at you special map and make sure you get to see the stage shows parades dance party and fireworks and of course all your candy. Once you show your ticket when you arrive you will get your wrist band and then there is no need to check back in. If your spending the day there you can pick up wrist bands at any time. Any other questions just ask. Sept is a great time to go also. If you have annual pass , certain days you can get a discount. Have a great time. We are going in sept also but we e not doing Halloween this year - mmddgp  790.4 #8 8:24PM
What special photo opps were there? We only saw Cinderella's stage coach. Where there more I missed??? - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 3:06AM
They have characters tucked inside buildings and archways along the way and it is usually ones you don't see daily. I'm sorry I'm having a little brain freeze can't remember who we saw last but there were a couple areas in adventure land I guess it is really just character greetings but they are fun. And yes the Cinderella coach is amazing - mmddgp  790.4 #8 6:45AM
We found the coach, it made an awesome picture!! :) - mrsincredible  1089.0 #6 5:00AM
Ok, so the girls LOVED my husband. So when he said trick or treat they gave him double the amount of candy! :) I LOVED the ghost on Haunted Mansions front lawn, please do not miss her. She is hilarious. The parade is also a do not miss.... :) Where else can you see the hitchiking ghosts and the ballroom scene played out in a parade?! - celebrationasheley  18.0 #178 9:30PM

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Like normal I am late to the party. Reading it now - Tealtownfan  1015.6 #178 3:13PM
Got it! More than halfway thru it! It's a lot of fun!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨βœ¨ - TinkerSchelle  1874.4 #85 10:53PM
Weeeeee - MommyandBash  332.7 #708 10:29PM
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