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Jul 14, 2012 6:55 PM  WDW Talk Land
Question for everyone here: I would love your input! I would like to take a trip to Disney w/my family for either Halloween or Christmas. In the future,not too soon unfortunately:( Lol. Anyway, I would love to know which is the best Mickey party to go to and which one is the best and most fun at Disney and which one is simply not to be missed?? I've been hearing rave reviews about both of them & I would love to know what to plan for future reference. Thank u in advance for your Disney expertise! Lol

Both Halloween and Christmas time are amazing times of year to go the parks are really awesome then, as for the parties MNSSHP is great but i havent heard amazing things MVMCP and I doesn't look to good, but if you want to go for Christmas and skip the MCMCP right after Christmas is a great time to go, there are crowds but it's all worth it, and if you go between December 23 ad January 3 you just have to stay for new years eve which is AMAZING! There is no MVMCP party around that time though but you can still see the candlelight processional, te Osborne lights, snow on main street, the Christmas parade and all the amazing decorations, plus like I said new years eve is amazing! The fireworks are awesome and it's like one huge party all day! So my vote goes for around Christmas time when MVMCP isn't around but the decorations are up and you can stay for new years but if you want to go for a party MNSSHP is great, you get to dress up and get candy(yes even the adults) plus the parade and fireworks are great! - nodell111  166.4 #49 11:02AM years sounds fun too!! Oh my my my..We have a lot to think about and consider! I heard new years was amazing too..and I would love to see the it really crowded then?? I'm getting votes for around the 2nd wk in december,but now new yrs sounds very - mickeynme  170.9 #47 11:23AM
Yes it's crowded then but it is so worth it! When we went for new years mk was open till 1 plus emh till 3! It was lots of fun even with the crowds - nodell111  166.4 #49 8:18AM
I have been for both Halloween and christmas but have gone ahead of time. For the mnssh it actually begins in sept and is a great time to go we go @ 20th every year low crowds good weather. The Christmas at MK starts @8 th of nov. decorations are up thru out the parks but you will not be able to see Osborne lights at studios or light processional at Epcot at that time though. I'd you want to go when all events are happening check out the dec schedule on Disney world site. I have talked to people who work and play in Disney and they say the second week of dec is the best. Wish I could go in dec. I work retail so vacations are closed from nov 8 thru jan 15. Maybe some day. Have a great time. Both event times are magical no matter which one you decide - mmddgp  479.7 #14 11:12AM
We did MNSSHP last year and loved it!! This year doing MVMCP for the first time. I would say you should experience them both at least once, well worth the cost. Also, do your research and go when it isn't crowded. The closer you get to the holiday, the crazier it will be. - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 7:07PM
Best time to go for Christmas is the week of 12/8. Best time for Halloween is last week of Sept or first week of October! :) - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 7:09PM
So I have read, anyway. :) - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 7:12PM
Ooo thank u thank u thank u..thank u so much for the're the best! Lol. I wish I was planning a trip for soon tho gosh darn Hope u enjoy your upcoming trip. When r u going again? - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:21PM
We're going 11/29-12/4. Going to MVMCP our first night on 11/29. Starting our vacay off with a bang!! NF - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 7:49PM
Oo nice! Haha. That's great! What does NF mean btw in your comment? I'm still learning what things mean here. Lol - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:56PM
LOL!!! NF should have been a smiley face, my phone change it as I was posting, haha!!! - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 7:59PM
Oooo hahaha. Gotcha! Lol..I was like NF? What do I know at Disney that has NF? LOL! - mickeynme  170.9 #47 8:05PM
LOL!!!! - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 8:14PM
Thank u for the laugh! Love all of the fun and laughs here. Feel like I met all of u already! Lol..nice to make new friends:) - mickeynme  170.9 #47 8:28PM
I agree!!! :) - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 3:56AM
We have only gone to MNSSHP. I love Christmas time and would love to during that season to DW. But it hasn't worked out for us. So my vote is MNSSHP ... We all love it! It's a great time of year, the weather was great too. - JessiBelle22  78.4 #75 7:35PM
Yea,I heard that the weather is gorgeous. Nice and comfortable. We've always gone for summer,but we're getting fed up with the humidity,so that's a huge plus. Lol. I know it's supposed to be really cute at Halloween:) Thanks so much for the info! Glad u had a great time and hope u get to go too obe yr for MVMCP! :) - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:42PM
Typo. one yr. not obe yr. - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:44PM
Been to both and we liked MNSSHP better and less people great weather and we could still swim! I had just my 4 yrd old girl and we went to the xmass Party this past dec she was 6 and she like the other better. Still fun but not as cool - cheekymouse  34.9 #118 9:18PM
Yea,I always hear people say that the Halloween one is "cooler" lol. I def want to see it! I know that they're both completely different and that each has their good points and bad points,so it's so tough to choose! Lol. Have to decide which one to experience first,then do the other one the following yr maybe. Or a wknd for one and a wknd for the other in one yr? :) lol - mickeynme  170.9 #47 10:23PM
Ya, Iam afraid Iam going to be no help either because both times of the years are awesome!! The Halloween party and parade are outstanding!! I have gone twice!! However Disney at Christmas time is spectacular too! We go in late September or for Christmas right after thanksgiving. 👍👍😃 - toogrumpy  141.5 #54 9:20AM
Yea?? Oooo..everyone seems to love both so much!! Lol. This makes the decision harder. Hmmmm. I have to decide on a really good plan to tackle Thank u so much tho for your input tho! It reinforces my belief that both are great choices and that no one is really disappointed with either one:) - mickeynme  170.9 #47 9:38AM
There are no little ones,except for my nephew. But we just want to know which one is best overall for everyone? If u could choose one,which one would u choose? :) - mickeynme  170.9 #47 6:57PM
So both are great and not to be missed?? Thats what i thought. Lol..I was trying to choose,but I don't think I can do it!! Such a tough decision. One per yr I guess. Lol. We usually go in the summer but have always wanted to try the holidays. We heard they do the holidays absolutely fantastic! - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:15PM
I guess most would say Christmas is better if you really could only choose one. But, we LOVE Halloween, and seeing it Disney style was just beyond anything we could have imagined. We will definitely go again when my youngest is old enough to enjoy it. I am sure I'll feel the same way after experiencing Christmas, lol!! - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 7:22PM
Yes that's what I heard! The characters are all dressed up and some of the cast members,etc. I really want to go one yr! Sounds so adorable. But christmas is amazing too. Everything is decorated everywhere,fake snow,and hot chocolate,etc. So I guess Christmas first?? Lol - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:32PM
No wait, I meant to type Halloween. Im getting excited thinking about possibly going! Lol! So Halloween first?? Lol - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:45PM
LOL!! You won't be disappointed with either choice, I promise!! :) - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 7:54PM
Good! I DEF do not want to be I don't think that Disney is capable of disappointing me tho! Or any of us here for that matter! Lol - mickeynme  170.9 #47 8:00PM
I've only done MNSSHP & I've heard it's better than MVMCP. However, I really want to experience all of the other things that happen at WDW only Christmastime! Of course Halloween is also the time for the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival (awesome)! I'm with mrsincredible, at some point you need to experience them both! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.9 #3 7:20PM
Yes,the international food and wine festival! I'm a big food lover,so that's a big attraction for Hmm..maybe a wknd for one and a wknd for the other?? That way I get to go back twice in a period of about 2mnths. Hmmm. Lol - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:34PM
The Food and Wine Festival is really popular with the locals, so weekends (Friday and Saturday nights) can be REALY busy! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.9 #3 7:51PM
REALLY. - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  957.9 #3 7:53PM
Ahaa. Emphasis on the really. Gotcha. Lol. So avoid during weekdays and stick to weekdays for that event. Understood. Lol - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:57PM
Go to the DIS website to look up crowd indexes, and DizneyGirl can help you figure out which park to go to on which days when you decide your dates (she is a member of Touring Plans where they post all that info). There is so much out there...for examble, Monday is the busiest day for MK, second only to Saturday, avoid it like the plague on Saturday, lol!! So many details and great info out there to take advantage of!! - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 8:04PM
Realllyyy?? Omg..I have to write this all down! I didn't know any of this and I have been an avid Disney lover for a long time! Lol. U guys are awesome. I wish I would've joined here sooner. It would have made my life so much easier on previous trips! Lol - mickeynme  170.9 #47 8:23PM
As soon as I have an idea of when in the future,I will make sure to DEFINITELY reach out to u guys. It won't be soon,but hopefully soon enough! :) - mickeynme  170.9 #47 8:26PM
We've only done MVMCP, but we loved it! Everything was so festive and beautiful. Plus, there were almost no lines. Cast members weren't even making us get off, they'd just let us ride some of the rides again and again! - BagGal  230.6 #30 7:21PM
Really? I thought it would be very busy! When did u go? - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:23PM
I guess when everyone is at the parade,the lines for the rides open up? Lol - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:24PM
We pulled the kids out of school and went the Wed before Thanksiving. Crowds were VERY low Wed-Fri and started to get busier once the weekend came around. By Mon, it was noticeably busier, but still not as busy as August. When we went to MVMCP, we practically had the park to ourselves! The only long line we experienced was the one to have your photo taken with all of the dwarves. That was over an hour wait! Happy planning! - BagGal  230.6 #30 7:40AM
Btw, I've always heard to ride rides during the parades due to short lines, but we never want to miss the parades either! :) - BagGal  230.6 #30 7:42AM
Ahaa..gotcha! See,that's the main thing. Working around everyone's schedules,school,work,etc. So that's a big factor. All of this info has helped immensely tho. I'm really glad I have MW to ask these questions to.should have joined here The input of other Disney-lovers really helps! Thank u so much. You have been a wonderful help:) - mickeynme  170.9 #47 8:45AM
Yea,we usually go on the rides during the parades during the day. If we get to see the parade at least one day while we're there,then we're We more ride and food fanatics:) thank u! - mickeynme  170.9 #47 8:48AM
See,the problem is..obviously it would be too much to go at both times of yr. I mean,that's two vacations. Too Unless we just escaped to Disney for like a wknd,but what's the fun of rushing a Disney vacation?? I'm trying my best to choose which one to do first. Then we'll do the other party the following yr. Oh decisions decisions! If only all decisions were this fun tho:) lol - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:29PM
That's what we did... Last year, when we went to MNSSHP, we hadn't been since 05. I really wanted to go back right away, so I talked my hubs into going this year for Christmas. It was not easy, believe me!! But, now he is just as excited as I am about going again. We still have 136 days left, ugh! He doesn't know it yet, but I'm gonna try to talk him into going to DL next year, lol!! - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 4:00AM
Ahaa..see,there's a method to our madness! My parents and brothers are Disney-lovers,but my bf used to say it was childish,etc.I took him one time recently and now i see it's growing on him and he speaks about it in a more positive manner now. My evil plan is working..hehehe.LOL! I'm in my late twenties and I'm such a big kid. Not that there's anything wrong w/that as we discussed! Lol. Anyway,sneak some hints in every now and then about DL and I'm sure it'll work out as u intend it to! LOL - mickeynme  170.9 #47 9:03AM
I laughed out loud at the "he doesn't know it yet" haha - mickeynme  170.9 #47 9:05AM
LOL, yeah...he is a tough one to win over, but he knows the saying, 'Happy wife, happy life!'. LOL!!!!! - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 9:34AM
Haha..I like that!! Happy wife,happy life! I'll remember that saying for future reference. I will chant that to him - mickeynme  170.9 #47 11:20AM
Another thing that I heard was that Christmas can be filled to capacity. Our friend went on Christmas day, and they wouldn't let him and his family in because the park was filled. I have never heard of that before. That's crazy! Lol. Way too busy, so I was wondering if the whole holiday season there is like that? Is it really that crowded? - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:37PM
No, the whole season isn't like that...the earlier you go, the better. Just have to make sure all the decor is up. MK is the only park that starts to decorate easrly Nov, and finishes up by Thanksgiving (prob due to the televised Christmas parade). So, to see decor everywhere, you need to go after Thanksgiving. That's why we chose the dates we did (11/29-12-4). It was only recently that I found out they actually record the parade the first Thur-Sat of December, and you want to avoid MK at all costs those days. Plus there is a huge cheer competition going on the first week of Dec. Didn't know that, and they take ove the Value resorts and our super LOUD. So we moved from AoA to POR just this last week to try and avoid some of that. Next time we go for Christmas, I will def choose the 2nd week of Dec (this yr it's the week of 12/8 (Sat-Fri). - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 4:07AM
It really does pay to do the research before you pick your dates, anytime of year you go. To me, crowds (big ones) can make or break the experienc at times. So I like to go when they aren't too crazy. The MVMCP and MNSSHP will always be a little crazy, because they are that good/popular, but the earlier in the season you go, the more you can cut down on some of that. We could have really blown it choosing the dates we did this year, and ended up at the MK on parade taping day, or been up all night due to cheer noise at Art of Animation, but I was able to move things around a bit and feel very good about our itinerary now! :) - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 4:16AM
Oh no no cheering competitions! Lol. is one to get any sleep during one's Disney vacation w/all that noise?? It's too much! Lol. I always used to wonder when the televised parade was filmed. We always thought it was live whenever we watched. Only recently did we learn it wasn't. Came as a bit of a shock to Thank u SO much for the hints. Truly appreciate it!! - mickeynme  170.9 #47 9:10AM
I feel good about your itinerary too based in what I saw! LOL. Looks great. Should be a blast. I can sense your anticipation. I shall live vicariously through you as u look forward to your upcoming Disney trip! Lol. Until I can actually go. Hence my MW addiction:( - mickeynme  170.9 #47 9:13AM
Typo. Based *on what I saw. Gosh darn - mickeynme  170.9 #47 9:14AM
I am getting there slowly but surely!! Wishing the summer away, lol!!! - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 9:37AM
I think Christmas is the best over all for everyone ! Both are great , but if I had to chose one , it's Christmas !!!! - skcanfield  477.4 #15 7:39PM
Yea?? Hmmm...I want to do both but perhaps I'm leaning toward Christmas first? Lol. Is it really really crowded tho? - mickeynme  170.9 #47 7:50PM
Not at all if you go early in the season. Week after Thanksgiving and 2nd week of December are your best bets for the lowest crowds (of the entire year even)!! :) - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 7:55PM
Really now? Ooo my I better write this info down..LOL. Very valuable info. Thank u so much!! :D - mickeynme  170.9 #47 8:01PM
The first 2 weeks of Dec are great. The weather is so nice. I've been several times and it is so beautiful. The decorations - totfav  8.9 #254 9:12PM
The first 2 wks are good? I'll def keep that in mind..thanks so much! - mickeynme  170.9 #47 10:13PM
Second week is best!! No parade taping, no loud cheerleaders at Value resorts!! NF - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 4:17AM
And there is that NF again, hahahahaha!!! My phone really doesn't like homemade smiley faces I guess, LOL!!!! - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 4:18AM
Second wk. Got it. I wrote it down and made a mental note to myself (not that that will help LOL. Gosh darn that NF! Your phone isn't a happy phone? Lol. I'll know that u mean a happy face now whenever I see an "NF" at the end..ha - mickeynme  170.9 #47 9:18AM
LOL!!!! - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 9:39AM
I've been to WDW at both times of the year and Halloween is less crowded. Christmas is really beautiful but it's really crowded. - Tinkerbell1265  442.0 #17 7:54PM
Yea,I heard that too. I think that both have their pluses and minuses. I wish I could choose easily. I think my family is leaning toward Christmas....decisions decisions! Lol - mickeynme  170.9 #47 8:06PM
Thank u all for sharing what u think and for all the help! I really appreciate it. Thank u all SO much:-) - mickeynme  170.9 #47 8:58PM
First 2 weeks of Dec is best. - totfav  8.9 #254 9:17PM
Thank u for the info!! - mickeynme  170.9 #47 10:14PM
We love and celebrate Christmas and have been to the parks during the holidays. WDW is gorgeous during that time of year with it's decorations and the Osborne Family Spectacle. You can watch the parade and the Candle light processional at Epcot without doing the mvmcp. We would love to do that one some day but we really enjoy trick or treating, checking out the rarely seen characters at MK during Halloween plus we take full advantage of dressing in costumes as a family. We find it to be a little bit more worth the admission price to do MNSSHP! - JetsamsTwin  379.9 #18 9:44PM
Oh wow. Both sound amazing actually. I really wanted us to see the decorations at disney at christmas. I heard it's gorgeous as u said. And the candlelight ceremony at epcot would be really nice. I seem to be getting more votes for Halloween tho. Lol. Hmm. Maybe a visit during Christmas and then just go to MNSSHP? We'll see. Have to discuss it,go over the details,see who wants what,everyone's schedule, Thanks so much for the input! You have been really helpful:) - mickeynme  170.9 #47 10:29PM
We did Halloween first, and I have no regrets. My 5yo was at the perfect age, we all dressed up as the Incredible family (hense my MW name and profile pic, lol) and had a blast getting pictures with rare characters and villians, and trick or trating. The parade and fireworks show was the absolute best I have ever seen. Love, love, loved it!!!!!!!! - mrsincredible  928.2 #5 4:22AM
It really does sound really cool! I'm highly considering it. Oh man. If only all decisions were so much fun to I don't need to decide anytime soon,but I think it's better to be prepared way ahead of time than not at all. I'm THAT Disney-obsessive. Lol. Thank u again SO much for the help and much-valued advice!! :D - mickeynme  170.9 #47 9:22AM

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