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Jul 2, 2012 8:56 PM  WDW Talk Land
I wanna hear some funny stories about your experiences on a Disney ride/attraction! I'll begin! Okay well my mom, my little brother (10 yr), and me decided to go on Dinosaur. Dino is one of my fav rides, and my dad always goes on it with me! But on this day, my da slept in and didn't come to AK. So we are in the preshow and this is my brothers FIRST time on the ride. Once he sees the jeeps he chickens out, so I have to go on alone now! I was okay with that until I saw I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN LINE. Like seriously? The only one. Not a person in sight. UNVELIEVABLE! It was my only day at Ak so I HAD to go on! I begged one of the cast members to go on with me and they said they would've if they could've - but let me tell you .. Dinosaur is SO MUCH SCARIER when your completely and UTTERLY by yourself! AHHHHHH 😳

My father decided to take flash photography on POTC. The ride was stoped and an announcement was made to stop taking flash photos. Then when we got off the ride my little sister only being five at the time told the nearest cast member that her daddy was the one taking pictures. - ShaggySmith  10.4 #245 10:39AM
I like that one! - islandgirl58  372.7 #21 10:55AM
LOL - Lelundrial  614.8 #324 11:32AM
LOL, that one made me laugh!!! - ncjal  278.8 #29 6:18PM
Hahaha this cracked me up. - yessy  224.9 #39 6:26PM
Wow. Very hilarious. Those kids will tar you out all the time. - 5disneylovers  1143.5 #5 6:07AM
This is so funny. - Westcoast  152.5 #2646 1:49PM
Well it was the year of a million dreams and we got to Hollywood studios just as it opened my aunt told the family that our first stop was tower of terror and we needed to get their Β quick and she would catch up so we was on a mission when a cast member tried to flag us down my uncle knew that what my aunt said goes so he wasn't interested in stopping to see what he wanted he wanted to get to TOT as he was told but us kids wanted to know what the CM wanted so we stopped and he asked if he we wanted to be the VERY first people to ride TOT oft that day , so we rounded up the family , took a few shortcuts and we was the very first people on it and it was just our fam so of course we HAD to buy the picture and if it would have been for my uncle we would have waited in line instead of getting that magical dream . :) - kerielizibeth  10.5 #243 3:40AM
I remember on our Honeymoon at Disney, I told my husband there was NO WAY I would go on Space Mountain.  When went on the people mover, and at the part where it goes through Space Mountain, I thought he tricked me and we were going ON Space Mountain. I was freaking out yelling...I DON'T WANT TO GO.....it was hilarious when I realized we were traveling through it...I should have realized we were not even buckled in and were going WAY too slow for it to be a roller coaster...haha!! - ncjal  278.8 #29 6:30PM
That's something I would do! Lol - mickeynme  173.4 #51 11:10PM
Kim and I went on test track we got through the whole ride unroll the barrier rest when the ride stopped we hear it say to start the test and the engine reved but we stood still the lights flashed on the ride then we took off and finished the ride... I was like what happened since our first ride went off without a hitch. - firestorm64rt  41.5 #117 9:03PM
Something that always makes me laugh when I think about it. It was night time and no line getting onto POTC. My son and I walked right up to the load in area. They had just finished sitting a group on a boat when the lady asked me how many. There are only 2 of us. She then asks us to hold on. She goes over to the boat and asks the 2 adults sitting in the front if it would be ok that she sits 2 more people in the row. "They are very, very small." They said yes and we sat down with enough room for another child. - Lelundrial  614.8 #324 10:23AM
So first trip to WDW and first time for my mom brother and I on POTC. When we go down the small hill my mother, aka mickeysmith, screams out what is this some kind of water ride you kids brpught me on!!!!haha. This was back in 1990 and I still laugh and yell to my mom in POTC is this some kind of water ride. - Bakerjars  251.6 #35 11:10AM
LOL, now that is funny!!!!! - mrsincredible  1088.7 #6 2:21PM
haha, that is funny!! - ncjal  278.8 #29 6:19PM
There are so many !!! I'll tell two. First the stand rule for every trip is you have to try every ride once even if you think you don't like it. So with that being said my husband and I went ourselves the year tower opened. Our schedule for studios was the last day we were in Disney. Every where we went that week there was talk of "The Tower" that it became a joke with my husband and he began teasing me , even on the bus and we would pass a billboard he'd say"The Tower". I have just two words anxiety and terror. Last day arrives and we arrive at studios and thats the first thing he wants to go on. I said I don't want to go then he reminded me of our rule!!!! We went and I loved it and all my grandchildren love it too even the 4 yr old. The second is similar. Ur was with one of my grandsons and "the Yeti". He finally was tall enough and we were entering the entrance and he grabbed onto the logs , we had to pry him off then as we're getting closer to getting on the ride he grabs the poles and doesn't want to get on. We're finally on and the screaming started. Ride over and guess what he wants to do it again. Now you see why we have that ruleπŸ˜‚ - mmddgp  790.2 #8 1:37PM
Lol..cute stories!! Love em:D - mickeynme  173.4 #51 6:09PM
We took the family on the Dinosaur ride. My daughter was 11a at the time. At the first sign of trouble, she burried her head in my wife's shoulder and screamed, "Mommy, mommy, mommy!" (Repeat for entirerty of the ride) Would some one shut that kid up? I can't hear the Carnitaur roar. - Experiment869  178.0 #50 4:21PM
Aww..lol - mickeynme  173.4 #51 6:10PM
LOL i LOVE all these stories!! They all made me giggle ☺☺☺😊 - Boardwalkgirl  55.9 #100 8:12PM
My dad and I went on ToT for the 1st time. We came off & he tells my mom "u go on and then they drop u like a rock" We go on again and mom joins us. As soon as the doors open for the little preview part (w/the twilight zone scenes),she starts screaming at the top of her lungs and screaming "sweet mother of Jesus,save me!!" Now mind u,nothing has happened yet. The ride didn't drop. The doors just simply opened. LOL. The guy in back of us from England started screaming right after her "What happened? What happened??" as he kicked the back of our seats. We were in the front row so he apparently thought smthng happened to the whole front row and he was next. We should've explained the ride better to my mom instead of just saying "they drop u like a rock" Ahh,memories. We still laugh at this years later. HAHA:D - mickeynme  173.4 #51 10:05PM
Ha! This is a funny story! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  1188.9 #144 10:25PM
That's a great story can't stop laughing - Schramke  545.0 #15 10:36PM
Glad u got a kick out of it..so did we! Lol.Imagine if u were actually there?? Oh my my my..my dad imitates it now and we still crack up hysterically..that's what Disney is for..making those kinds of memories! :D - mickeynme  173.4 #51 11:05PM
The funny part is that she screamed "sweet mother of Jesus save me!!!" LOL..not even save "us"! Hahaha - mickeynme  173.4 #51 11:06PM
I love reading everyone else's stories too! Haha..they're great..love it! - mickeynme  173.4 #51 11:08PM
LOL i think i just peed!! - Boardwalkgirl  55.9 #100 5:39PM
LOL..hahaha. We're laughing about it now. Omg..def memorable!! Lol - mickeynme  173.4 #51 5:45PM
My first trip to DL and I was terrified of roller coasters. I was always a bigger tyke and could ride all the rides at age 5-6. So I was refusing to ride and my dad took me to big thunder railroad. We went near the exit so he could show me how slow this train was going. Crafty old man played into my love of trains. We got in line, closer and closer to the station and I was getting nervous because I could see glimpses of the fast portions. I eventually got on the ride and I have hooked on roller coasters since. - jackskellington34  22.0 #159 11:08PM
I did the same thing to my daughter but that was after we tricked her on tot. She now loves the rides . - cheekymouse  34.9 #129 11:13PM
In 2009 we went to Disney with my best friends family (we vacation together every year) They knew how terrified I am of rides. The convenice me to get on test. Track because it wast just a car moving at about 60 miles an hour. Ok. I said Everyone was paired up I sat in the front after they conveniced me even the CM. said it was not a bad ride. I swear I almost died on the darn thing I screamed I cried and was dizzy. Everyone was laughing when I got off. You think I would learn from no I was a dummy yet again I got on the ride in the big Epcot ball. Oh my god. Why why did I listen. That ride threw me overthrow edge along with lunch and dinner. So now I don't listen to them. I not ashame to admit I'm a punk and aproud bag holder at the end of the line. - 5disneylovers  1143.5 #5 6:21AM
Aww! Lol..I'm sry u felt like that:( I'll admit tho smtmes it's nice to be the proud bag holder at the end of the line! It's relaxing:) lol - mickeynme  173.4 #51 5:49PM
wow, you really got sick on Spaceship Earth? Its such a calm ride. - ncjal  278.8 #29 6:32PM
Yes i got sick that ride is in the dark and it was not calm for me. - 5disneylovers  1143.5 #5 8:02PM
Well my family and I have been to WDW 6 times and one of the times we went we didn't realize the new picture part of Spaceship Earth and our pictures at the end were distorted and hilarious, now we always make disgusting faces and video it at the end! Also, my brother on our most recent trip screamed Dolan and Gooby to Donald and Goofy, reference to inappropriate Dolan comics haha and once my dad was cranky and got picked on at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor as the "guy who secretly wants to get up and dance" he laughed but refused to get up. - ariel116  99.3 #70 6:40PM
I love monsters inc laugh floor! Hey,at least they made him crack a smile:) lol - mickeynme  173.4 #51 7:59PM

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