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Jun 24, 2012 6:47 AM  WDW Talk Land
Good Morning! Who uses a stroller at the parks, raise your hand? We used one last year when my son was 3, yes it came in handy, but I hate it! This year my wife insist we use it again, but I don't. What do ya'll think?

I have 2 little ones and 2 older ones. I an old double stroller that the younger 2 can easily get in and out. It is a pain sometimes, but I know they will get tired mid day so it is worth it for us. - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  1188.9 #144 6:53AM
And my stroller is dubbed 'ghetto hooptie double stroller' because it's old and faded and no one would want to steal it!!! XD - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  1188.9 #144 6:55AM
Lol, Thanks! - duggy  9.5 #260 8:10AM
That's the one thing that worries me about strollers; the fact that it might get stollen. :-/ - TangledNdisneY  324.7 #24 7:17AM
Yeah that's true, it's better though if you rent the strollers because then its not your stroller getting stolen and it can't leave because you have to return it before you leave, however the other annoying part is when you go on rides sometimes they move around the strollers - nodell111  166.4 #53 7:20AM
We had an umbrella stroller stolen one year and found it at the lost and found after the thief was done using it! - JetsamsTwin  379.9 #21 7:23AM
Unfortunately, we use one but mostly to help carry all of our stuff and not so much for the kids but if you can use it, take it. The kids could use a few minutes off their feet as long as they don't make it a habit in between every attraction. - JetsamsTwin  379.9 #21 7:21AM
I do the same I do it for the stuff i carry and sometimes to give the kids a break. - yessy  224.9 #39 11:13AM
We've used my daughter's double stroller at Disneyland. While its a pain to push around, we had to have it for the toddlers and babies. We never had anyone bother it while on rides. When we go in 2013, I know we will need the single stroller. - ally  509.0 #17 7:22AM
I use one and it is a joovy sit and stand and my hubby and I wouldn't go with out it!!! It can be a pain but it is very useful. One thing to make it easier take one big bag that folds easy so when you are getting on a bus you put all your little things in it to fold the stroller up. This makes it so much quicker. As for someone taking your stroller, I wouldn't worry they have people undercover in the parks. I know someone who found a back pack in the park, he opened it up and some lady pushing a stroller walked by and put hand cuffs on him they took him to behind the lots and questioned him. They in formed him he should of taken the backpack to a CM, so they kicked him out of the park and had a one year band! They are watching and my husband lost his walet in dec we had it back in 45 min with everything inside still. It's safe - cheekymouse  34.9 #130 7:28AM
It's mostly safe but thieves exist everywhere. We noticed a razor blade slice in one of our fanny packs where someone tried to cut it open in one of the parks. They didn't succeed but it's never totally safe from thefts. - JetsamsTwin  379.9 #21 7:38AM
Crazy! We take our camera and cards with us on every ride but everything else we trust back on the stroller. I try not to bring anything I wouldn't want lost and I never have cash becouse no one would have to try and take it I just seem to lose it all the time, not my card tho. - cheekymouse  34.9 #130 7:42AM
We go back and forth.  One year we took it on some days, but didn't others (when we went to AK we knew it would be a shorter day so didn't need one)  Last year we went without, and I loved it.  Now wish we could get around the parks without a backpack, probably won't happen.  My opinion is, if the child is small enough and you don't take one and they tire, you are stuck carrying them and then child and parents can get fussy.  Some kids can walk a lot further than others, so knowing how fast your little one will tire is key. - DizneyGirl  893.8 #7 7:40AM
That is the only reason why I would take one, I'll have to carry him if gets tired! - duggy  9.5 #260 8:29AM
For us, when we didn't use one, we took a mid-day break and that helped a lot! - DizneyGirl  893.8 #7 12:30PM
We rent a double stroller in the parks. We only rent when we need one... Usually in AK and in Epcot or near the end of the trip when we're all a little more tired than usual. The first days of the trip, the munchkins are so excited, they can out-walk us! :) - BagGal  314.5 #25 8:24AM
I was thinking the same thing, maybe just rent one if we need it. - duggy  9.5 #260 8:33AM
Call me crazy, but I am considering renting a double for my 9yo niece and 5yo son in Nov. Not for them to ride in all day, but to have in case they need to take a break from walking. Our days are long, and I want to be able to take advantage of late night EMH. If they konk out, and they are in the stroller, the hubs and I can still enjoy the parks, and not have to worry with carrying them or leaving early. I prefer happy kids over cranky ones. :) - mrsincredible  1112.4 #6 8:50AM
That's a good idea. We usually have one or two that are worn out by the EMH and you can let them take a nap while you enjoy the park! - JetsamsTwin  379.9 #21 9:43AM
We rent a double one at the park. My two youngers kids were 7 and 4. I am a huge fan and don't know at what age I would stop using one. They are easy on and off and we bring in a small cooler with water and snacks that fits right at the bottom because they are kind of flat. I also like that if it gets stolen you just go back to stroller rental and get a new one. That's just my opinion. - BodinFabFive  26.3 #144 9:00AM
Don't use it. I first took my son to WDW when he was 5 and he was fine. When he wanted to just sit down and have popcorn we did it. Wake up at 8am and wouldn't fall asleep until 11 pm. - Lelundrial  615.0 #323 9:50AM
Well I've been to WDW 4 times and I'v always took a stroller. I'm not sure about this year but sometimes i wonder were will I put all my belongings since I always have waters or snacks the fans and the kids don't want to hold them half of the time so i always take a small stroller. - yessy  224.9 #39 11:12AM
We usually rent from orlando strollers for our lil princess. She will be 7 this year and we are renting one just un case she gets tio tured which does happen with her - girlonfire  54.1 #102 12:36PM
Love a stroller in disney. For tired kids and for my stuff. Absolutely bring one. - Bakerjars  251.6 #35 2:59PM
I have a 9 and 6 yr old-she just turned 6. We went back and forth on a stroller during our trip last week and ended up bringing it for our 13 day trip. We didn't bring it everyday but by day 5, both my kids were wanting to sit in the stroller! We wore a pedometer and walked over 30 miles in the first 5 days! I wanted a stroller! πŸ˜„ - Disneyaddict  374.7 #584 4:03PM
BTW..we checked in the stroller with our luggage at the counter. It was complimentary. Then the magical express brought it to our room. It was also handy after our Walmart run. We had 6 cases of water between the 3 families we were with! Thank God we brought a jogger. - Disneyaddict  374.7 #584 4:07PM
Strollers are great. When the kids are younger and really need the ride time or nap time it's wonderful to have. We used them up till last summer. The youngest was 4 1/2. We don't park hop but we get to parks earlie and stay trough fireworks. The little one takes a nap in stroller in middle of day and is ready for the evening. It worked for us that way for 16 years since we began bringing our grandchildren. Last year was the first year without a stroller and all 6 grandkids had their own cinch sacks which they packed every night for the next day with their snacks and drink cup and flip flops in case they went on a water ride. Worked out great and took a load off of us to carry he youngest missed stroller at times but did great. Have fun. Our next trip is in sept - mmddgp  791.3 #8 4:08PM
I always bring a stroller. I will even bring it this year and my daughter is 6. Rather be safe than sorry. She gets tired and needs a rest. Besides the bottom compartment is perfect for the small cooler we bring. - leveretttltl  89.6 #78 1:51PM
We,ve used one of those Little Tyke Wagons. It works well for older children - Experiment869  178.0 #50 3:22PM

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