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Thursday September 18 2014
Disneyland Park (Crowd Index 0):9:00AM to 5:00PM
Disney California Adventure (Crowd Index 0):9:00AM to 8:00PM
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Closed for refurbishment: Mark Twain Riverboat

Thu, 18 Sep 2014 7:53 pm PDT

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Thu Sep 18
Mickey's Soundsational Parade
Jedi Training Academy
The Bootstrappers
New Orleans Square
The Dapper Dans
Main Street, U.S.A.
Flag Retreat Ceremony
Main Street, U.S.A.
Main Street Piano Player
Main Street, U.S.A.
Royal Street Bachelors
New Orleans Square
Disney California Adventure
DJ's Dance 'n Drive
Cars Land
Phineas and Ferb's Rockin' Rollin' Dance Party
Pixar Play Parade
World of Color
Paradise Pier
Disney Junior Live on Stage!
Hollywood Land
Disney's Aladdin A Musical Spectacular
Hollywood Land
Five & Dime
Buena Vista Street
Fun Wheel Challenge
Paradise Pier
Red Car Trolley News Boys
Buena Vista Street
Citizens of Buena Vista Street
Buena Vista Street
Operation: Playtime! featuring the Green Army Men
Paradise Pier
Paradise Garden Bandstand
Paradise Pier
Wilderness Explorer Ceremony
Grizzly Peak

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On Saturday we went to a release and signing event at Disneyland with artist Bob Olszewski. He creates Disneyland miniatures, light boxes, and Pokitpals. The new release was the Madame Leota Gallery of Light. It was fun meeting with him and he spent some quality time talking with Nancy, no hurry at all. Nancy told him we were at his 2009 event when he released the Tiki Room Gallery of Light. It was the only light box he ever did which was limited edition (500). He and Disney regret the decision as it turned out to be extremely popular, could have sold many more. While we were waiting in line for the event (we were 2nd in line, yay) we started talking to the first person in line. A very nice lady we have seen at other events over the years. Turns out we have many common interests, Disney, Comic-Con, etc. She too works in San Diego. After about 45 minutes she asked us if there was something we've never done at Disneyland that we'd like to do. I'm thinking attractions so I told her of the one I've never done. And Nancy lists several things and mentions Club 33. The lady opens her purse and gives Nancy her business card. It reads "Disney Friend" and below that her email address. On the opposite side her personal information. She asked us if we'd like to go to Club 33, told us to get in touch with her and she'd invite us when she could get a reservation. When they opened Disneyana for the event, she was the only one they let in. She was there to inspect a print she had pre-purchased. She was getting #1 of a LE99 print. She is a very serious collector and a really fun person. When she was done we were let in. This is the closest we've ever gotten to be invited upstairs so we'll see what happens, wish us luck!