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January 28, 2011 11:22 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
As Woody and Jessie

Cute! - MinnieJ  281.9 #1125 11:24AM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

January 28, 2011 11:20 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
My babies

Very cute!! - MinnieJ  281.9 #1125 11:22AM
!!!!!!! - Butterlina  1623.4 #118 11:24AM
Cute!!!  - Dahulagirl  1055.6 #194 8:16PM
Awh!!! - NingyMouse  378.4 #642 8:16PM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

December 20, 2010 3:32 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Will the parade be cancelled if the rain continues??

Yes - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4409.9 #37 3:36PM
Yep. That would be horrible if all those people had to dance in the rain. - BaseballMickey  8085.3 #13 3:45PM
@MPixie All the Christmas stuff comes down starting Jan. 3 - BaseballMickey  8085.3 #13 7:01PM
 i was hoping to get a chance to see everything after the holidays. Thank u!! - MPixie  4.9 #20187 7:11PM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

October 22, 2010 8:31 PM  The Hub
Do you guys know about how much it is for character dining at Arians grotto?? Also do u need to make reservation way in advance? Or can u do last minute reservations?

Can't remember the cost but got reservations the same day. You can make the reservations 30 days in advance through Disney dining - Minderella  299.3 #992 8:46PM
36.99 for adults, $20.99 for kids 3-9. You need to make reservations in advance (714) 781-3463. If not you can always try and ask if there are any cancellations. - Coaster  24617.8 #1 8:55PM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

October 20, 2010 6:45 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
I have a question. Can kids where costumes to Disneyland during the day? We are going Saturday and my son would like to wear his glow in the dark skeleton costume. .... Thanks!!

Yes - DisneyDiva  25.4 #6829 6:47AM
Guests ages 9 and under are allowed costumes during regular hours. - PrinceCorey  4599.8 #33 6:48AM
I see kids in costumes all year round. - E-Ticket  1478.8 #128 11:37AM
Not exactly. All guests of the trick or treat party may wear costumes starting at the time they are permitted entry (3 or 4 pm). Other teen/adult guests are still not allowed. - bluefairy  643.8 #345 1:42PM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

October 20, 2010 6:06 AM  The Hub
I have a question. Are kids allowed to wear any costume to Disneyland?? ... My son has a glow in the dark skeleton and he wants to wear it when we go Saturday. Thank you!!

Yes! Kids can pretty much wear whatever they want as long as they have a shirt and shoes on! - Calypso  867.6 #235 6:07AM
bump - Marieeezy  592.5 #378 6:48AM
Guests ages 9 and under are allowed costumes during regular hours. - PrinceCorey  4599.8 #33 6:48AM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

October 6, 2010 7:25 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
I'm so excited!! I have reservations for the Blue Bayou this saturday!!! Do you guys/girls have any recommendations as to what to order?? It's my first time!!!

Lunch or Dinner? They have different menus. - Jaimz  651.4 #339 7:27PM
The salmon!!! Mmmmmmmm - heth07  8.0 #13614 7:27PM
I've got a dirty secret, too. I've never been to this resturant. I've heard about 50/50 good and bad. It seems it's the luck of the draw for good service/food quality. I'm gonna wait until this place gets consistant good reviews before I fork out the dough. - GoofyMom77  1022.1 #205 10:57PM
The filet and lobster tail! - MinnieGrl515  116.7 #3396 11:15PM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

August 1, 2010 5:27 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Where can I buy a funnel cake??

In DL you can go to the Hungry Bear and over in DCA it's the Farmers Market - Gadgetman  288.7 #1065 5:42PM
Stage Door to the right of Golden Horseshoe - Zooter  1405.8 #136 5:43PM
Thank you!! .... And your welcomed Princess Carmen! Lol - MPixie  4.9 #20187 6:02PM
you can buy them at Knotts Berry Farm....Check BerryWait for prices and locations; allot of new members of there now - Dave  13832.5 #4 6:08PM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

July 9, 2010 5:53 PM  The Hub
What time does fantasmic begin??

There's two shows tonight; one at 9:05 pm, & the other is at 10:30 pm. - iFramedRogerRabbit  1957.6 #95 5:58PM
Thank you!! My Disneyland hours tab isn't working?? - MPixie  4.9 #20187 6:02PM
No problem  I think Admin's working on that. - iFramedRogerRabbit  1957.6 #95 6:04PM
Yeah the DL website is acting up. I think he said he should have it fixed for 2.0 - Yeti_Man  570.4 #393 6:06PM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

May 30, 2010 9:00 PM  The Hub
Does anyone know if Disney still gives u a gift card for ur bday if ur an AP?? thanks!!

Nope. Last year was the only year they did it. Sowwy - BriarRose  336.9 #774 9:01PM
they did last year when they had the birthday deal not anymore - Dave  13832.5 #4 9:01PM
Thanks  - MPixie  4.9 #20187 9:03PM
Just tortillas! And a button - Ms.Mouseketeer  1008.8 #207 9:14PM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

May 14, 2010 10:31 PM  The Hub
Good night!! 

G'night - chsrkat77  244.0 #1505 10:32PM
Goodnight! - Becky  551.2 #408 10:58PM
Nite - PieEyedMickey  296.6 #1007 11:13PM
Night - Foxyhawaiian  115.9 #3417 11:20PM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

May 13, 2010 6:12 AM  The Hub
Good morning all!! We are one day closer to FRIDAY!!! 

Can't wait! - Momof2  16.8 #8549 6:13AM
Yeahhh!! And good morning to you. - JustGoofyDad  2402.0 #70 6:13AM
Good morning - O5mouse  214.3 #1901 6:41AM
Good Morning! - Becky  551.2 #408 6:41AM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

May 12, 2010 10:23 AM  The Hub
Why don't people ever grow up!!! I swear the girls at my work act like they are in junior high!! And they are all over 30!!! 

In life: Never allow more then 2 girls to be around eachother at a time.  - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4409.9 #37 10:26AM
Where do you work? - Marieeezy  592.5 #378 10:28AM
Try working at a high seems as though many of my co-workers never really left. Sometimes it's exhausting so I just stay out of all the drama!! - GusGus  788.3 #262 6:29PM
Some people, no matter how old, are stuck in childhood. Whether it means stirring drama, or simply acting like a CHILD - they will probably never grow out of it. At least, not for a while. - Mr. Boops  8.3 #13241 6:32PM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

May 12, 2010 6:08 AM  The Hub
Morning!!!! I finally made it to .!!

Morning! And congrats!  - PrincessCarmen  2596.9 #60 6:08AM
Congrats MPixie - E-Ticket  1478.8 #128 6:09AM
Morning, congrats - PieEyedMickey  296.6 #1007 7:16AM
Yay!  - CravingDisney  150.1 #2815 7:19AM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

May 9, 2010 8:10 PM  CHUB33 Land
Hi all!! I'm new to chubb 33. :) I have a question for everyone, when u first started ur excersise and or diet routine did u notice a change right away?!? ... I've been hitting the gym 5-6 times a week for 2 weeks and I haven't lost 1 pound!?!?!

there are three real options for what could be going on - you're eating more than you're burning off in a day, you're not burning as many calories as you think you are, or your body's not getting what it needs to be able to lose weight. in most people who aren't delusional, the last issue is the most common and will often discourage them so much that they just give up. if you're not getting enough calories in a day, your body will go into starvation mode and shut down functions and you won't lose weight. that's why people who just peck at salads for a week and call it a diet usually end up *gaining* weight when they go back to their normal eating habits. look up your 'BMR' - if you're starving yourself by eating less than that many calories, start eating enough and keep exercising! this same 'starvation mode' can happen with specific molecules too. The human body can ONLY make muscle from protein that you're eating while you're doing an exercise regimen. Fat is just stored energy, it's not stored building materials for your body to make anything with. And if you don't get enough water, your body will turn food into energy a lot less efficiently to the point where it can actually be dangerous! If you're eating enough calories, start eating more lean meat (at least 1/4 of your calories should be protein, and more depending on how much you exercise) and make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. if you make sure to do all of the above and everything else is fine (medically, like if you don't have a hormonal issue that keeps you from losing weight easily) you should see weight loss by the end of the week. - anditiye  13.7 #9588 7:58AM
Thank u all for ur great advice. I checked my minimum calorie intake and I have been right at the minimum so I'm going to try eating a little more this week and hope it gets going!! :) - MPixie  4.9 #20187 9:30AM
And remember, muscles weighs more than fat, so you may not lose pounds per se. - HotDiggityDogDaddy  1113.5 #179 7:51PM
Thank u hd3! I do feel my clothes fitting me a little better! It's just discouraging to not see the scale move! I'm going to try not weighting myself for another 2 weeks and see how I do. - MPixie  4.9 #20187 8:59PM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

May 6, 2010 8:26 PM  The Hub
Ok so I've never been into pins but ever since I downloaded this app! I haven't stopped hearing about them, so I bought my first set today on eBay! I'm soo excited!!

Grats  - 0wnage  154.8 #2739 8:27PM
Ive resisted so far, but have fun! - CravingDisney  150.1 #2815 8:27PM
 - Kittymeowmeow  271.1 #1234 8:28PM
Congrats!!! Great for you!!! Pins are so much fun!! - Heather  262.9 #1310 8:28PM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

April 18, 2010 10:53 AM  The Hub
A quick question. I'm finally going to take my husband to watch the firework show, where do u guys & gals think is the best spot for viewing??

I was told by matterhorn close to the smoking section where the boats used to be. - PrincessRB  6.4 #16022 10:55AM
In front of the castle is the best...but try to stake out a place early. - Kanayda  0.1 #105285 10:56AM
Friday night we managed to eat dinner at the Plaza Inn just as the fireworks were about to begin. We really enjoyed it. - Tinkaboudit  2461.5 #66 11:48AM
In front of the castle in center - we get there early on the sidewalk and grab a bench - RoyannaF  377.1 #646 11:51AM

 4.9 #20187 (DL Qual #0

April 8, 2010 3:11 PM  The Hub
I'm new here and I'm heading to the park, does anyone know where I can find some characters? My kids want to take pictures with them??

welcome to the familia generalkt fantasyland or toon town will have characters - StephiePooh  572.7 #390 3:29PM
Welcome to our Disney family!!! You can find them in a lot of places but mostly main street, pixie hallow, and the princess fantasy faire. - Heather  262.9 #1310 3:29PM
Main street usually has some - Tcarnahan  73.8 #4226 5:54PM
Welcome to the Lounge. The last time I went a lot of characters appeared in Main Street. Could try there. - Becky  551.2 #408 6:05PM

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