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November 9, 2012 3:24 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
This is what you get with Mrs. Claus' cookie. A decorate your own cookie .So great for families.

OMG!!! We need to take the kids from the Stroller Crew to decorate cookies!! - Deltachiq  1244.4 #172 3:55PM
I like the decorate your own cookie deal, but I think it would be better if they were gingerbread cookies :] - MEHlanie_Mouse  1117.3 #204 3:55PM
They have gingerbread cookies at universal studios and get to decorate it as well. Grinchmas season starts i believe in December - mante90  8.7 #13577 6:40PM
That's cool! But Universal isn't my cup of tea.. and the cookie isn't that important to me ;] - MEHlanie_Mouse  1117.3 #204 11:12AM
So so so so cool! - templeclan  54.8 #4963 7:26PM
I think ill pass on the mustard for my cookie - diznymommy84  215.9 #1951 11:23AM
And the ketchup. - princessmichelle  267.0 #1340 11:32AM

 327.0 #888 (DL Qual #1403

November 7, 2012 11:02 AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
One more of Tom Hanks

Tagged in: Celebrities  NEWS  Special Events  
Thanks guys! I was just standing there hoping to catch a glimpse of something and all of a sudden he turned out around the corner and was walking past me! Lol I was soo star struck! Lol - Principessa  327.0 #888 1:46PM
this is so cool,i know we all are loving this thank mw at the park in sharing this with everyone.i know this is one reason that xmas decor hasnt exploded in main street yet but this is well worth it,besides the second they wrap this up boom disney xmas and dca's is mostly up now,and i have to admit this is keeping me from finishing chores and getting ready for work - pikaplaid  8341.5 #16 11:18AM
^ as long as Strawbaby is fed its all good! - PrincessDuckie  963.5 #237 1:34PM
I am so excited for this. Tom Hanks is a wonderful actor, probably my favorite, and he's going to do Walt justice. - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #268 2:23PM
Tom hanks! :) Im proud to say that he went to the same high school i graduated from! :) the auditorium was named after him! And he supported our Performing arts program a lot! Gotta love tom hanks! - JoGa89  6.7 #16437 3:26PM

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November 4, 2012 11:48 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Just some of the hats I have ready for the MouseWait Craft Fair thus Saturday! Also have Mad Hatter, Minnie, Chip, and a special Holiday surprise hat!

@Harvester Product when did you start calling them 'Crochet with Character'? And how did you come up with the name? - WickedWench  579.9 #412 6:39AM
@WickedWench - I had been wanting a good tag line for a long while. I had tried a couple others. I wanted the word crochet in it, because if someone reads Harvester Products - they have no idea what it is. Crochet with Character fits perfectly! - HarvesterProducts  261.6 #1391 7:03AM
@WickedWench - Now that I've answered - that was a random question - why do you ask? - HarvesterProducts  261.6 #1391 7:07AM
Gotcha! It just sounds extremely similar to mine! So I was just curious!πŸ˜‰ - WickedWench  579.9 #412 7:08AM
What is yours? - HarvesterProducts  261.6 #1391 7:40AM
Hers is Beanies with Character, and has been that way for years...such a great shop! MW has loved it for years!! : ) - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4410.2 #43 8:09AM
In my option, I really lived when you were 'Character Sparkle Magic', so cute! And really fitting! : ) - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4410.2 #43 8:20AM
Yes, mine is called Beanies with Character. (Thanks SIC) I've been a MWer since May 2010. My hats are not crochet, but made out of Fleece. So totally different styles. You make some really amazing hats that I can't with using fabric and I've seen your stuff when you first joined. But never remembered your "crochet" name being similar to mine buisness name. I just thought my name was extremely unique. I was just taken back a little. That's all. 😊 - WickedWench  579.9 #412 8:41AM
Ohh! I see now! I didn't even know about your business. Not trying to steal a name or anything. And no worries - it's not my business name - just my tag line. I've been Harvester Products since 2009. Just started the new tag line a few months ago. My hubby helped me come up with it. It's good alliteration and... my hats have character and are characters. It just really was the tag line that fit like a glove. I have it on my new business cards and labels. Thanks for the compliments! I will have to check your out as well! - HarvesterProducts  261.6 #1391 9:08AM
@Sweet_Irish_Cream thanks! That was good, too - but still didn't say what it is. Harvester Products and Character,Sparkle, Magic gives no clue as to the products being a crocheted item ;) - HarvesterProducts  261.6 #1391 9:10AM
My husband is going Christmas shopping for me at the craft fair! He saw these hats this morning and was totally excited to find them for our stockings ;) (I have an amazing husband) - WendyLVSNana  90.2 #3986 11:06AM
Amazing, indeed! - HarvesterProducts  261.6 #1391 3:17PM
What did he end up getting? ;) - HarvesterProducts  261.6 #1391 9:24AM
I can't wait for my Belle hat to arrive in the mail. It was nice meeting you yesterday. - Vegan7LuvsStitch  1057.7 #217 10:25AM
I am shipping it Monday! Hope to see some pics of you wearing it on my facebook page! - HarvesterProducts  261.6 #1391 10:28AM
I love wicked wench and your hats SO much! Both have character just in a different way - MarshaMouse  5058.3 #35 10:49AM
Thanks, Marsha! It was nice meeting you yesterday. I felt like I met a MW Celebrity! LOL - HarvesterProducts  261.6 #1391 11:32AM

 2342.1 #83 (DL Qual #41

October 26, 2012 5:42 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Here's the 2nd one! HMH

Nice!! - GibsonGirl87  462.4 #560 11:16AM
Great collage - LittleStarSweeper  361.5 #751 5:44AM
Thanks! - mickeyat78  2342.1 #83 5:54AM
Love it..... - Apples2  667.8 #361 6:31AM
Thanks - mickeyat78  2342.1 #83 8:08AM

Thanked by:   OhanaPhoto   rrrumpunch   GibsonGirl87  
 6634.7 #24 (DL Qual #9

October 25, 2012 7:48 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Good morning! This day in Disney history, Oct 25th, 2000. 30 lucky Haunted Mansion fans dine in the popular Disneyland attraction as part of a $2000 a plate Fantasy Dinner offered by the park. According to "These lucky guests were given Disney's famous white-glove treatment & an evening to remember. In addition to the Mansion meal, attendees were invited to a private lunch @ Clu  More...

Tagged in: Disney History  Quality Content  
What a fantastic time!! Thank you for all your research. Love the menu - Tealtownfan  1171.9 #192 8:01AM
Thank YOU Teal! I strangely find myself craving gazpacho w/lobster medallions at 8:30am. πŸ˜‚ - Duchess_SMK  6634.7 #24 8:27AM
Strange I also think that gazpacho w/lobster medallions would make a great breakfast - Tealtownfan  1171.9 #192 8:42AM
Such great info! What an experience. I'm wondering where they would have eaten ? Is there a room inside the mansion that can accommodate that many tables? - tuesday737  1291.5 #168 8:50AM
According to dinner was served in "The Great Hall (the Changing Portrait corridor) where a long dining table stood set for thirty and heaped with dozens upon dozens of dead flowers. Each setting was graced with a severed Mickey hand holding a menu for the evening." - Duchess_SMK  6634.7 #24 9:05AM
Dude, I love that! - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #242 11:23AM
That sounds awesome. thanks for the extra info! :) - tuesday737  1291.5 #168 6:51PM
Wow... This sounds amazing! What an experience this must have been for those lucky guests! Thank you so much for sharing! - SarahLovesDisney  85.2 #4100 9:25PM
Thanks for the info!! That would have been a night to remember. - Melhuish  3.1 #40365 11:14PM

 1442.4 #150 (DL Qual #469

October 20, 2012 12:55 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Having fun on Winnie the Pooh with our team.

Pretty pic!! Have fun!! - Willierose  2423.0 #77 12:58PM
Fun! Such a cute little ride :) - GibsonGirl87  462.4 #560 12:59PM
Nice shot! - RapunzalK  196.7 #2205 1:36PM
Wow! I can never get a good pict on that rideπŸ˜” thanks for sharing! - calidream1  398.1 #659 1:36PM

Thanked by:   Willierose   GibsonGirl87   calidream1  
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October 12, 2012 12:27 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Cinnamon roll and hot chocolate on this nice cool day

******Watch those calories! Lol - MadameLeota  4768.8 #38 12:55PM
simple goodness - Dave  13924.0 #9 12:38PM
Yummy! - Missymoo  760.1 #313 1:56PM
Yes, thank you! - MacaronMerida  4753.8 #39 2:19PM

 19.9 #8155 (DL Qual #4803

October 8, 2012 1:55 PM  Food Reviews Land
Fried chicken from the Plaza Inn - so good!

Tagged in: Food  
You've got a gravy leak approaching. Repair that potato dam! - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #268 2:37PM
Good eye! - LisaMouse7531  410.1 #636 2:42PM
My husband and I always split that plate for dinner when we are in the parks. Yum! - LisaMouse7531  410.1 #636 2:29PM
We do too!! - RCmom  5235.3 #32 5:39PM
Yumm...!! - JMC2112  26.4 #7002 5:27PM
Yes, please add me!! - MrsMears  217.3 #1934 6:04PM

Thanked by:   mouse4life   CaptainPirateKalven   splashphotoCM  
 50.7 #5158 (DL Qual #1366

October 4, 2012 3:55 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Hi everyone! My first time posting!! Been looking at all the great posts & pictures for a year now! You guys bring smiles to my day everyday! This pic was taken yesterday "Halloween Tree" I want one of these in my front yard!

Plant one... This is a Black Oak. Your local independent Nursery will either have one in stock or they can order you one. They are beautiful specimen trees. - BambooMike  133.8 #3171 5:23PM
Howdy - Mouse4life  1850.9 #112 4:04PM
Welcome! - JollyRoger5  4132.8 #45 9:47AM
Welcome! - mrscttlemstr  317.2 #947 10:28AM

Thanked by:   dawna   SerenaDufon  
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October 2, 2012 10:49 AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
news alert!! what to expect on this holiday season!!

I cant wait to see what they do with Buena Vista Street and Carsland...if done right it could be amazing decor from the 30s and much room for creativity - Dave  13924.0 #9 11:25AM
Dave is excited for Christmas decor?? - BaseballMickey  9258.0 #14 11:31AM
^^that made me giggle - Duchess_SMK  6634.7 #24 11:31AM
yea I love Christmas decorations from Nov 21st until Dec 26th - Dave   13924.0 #9 11:40AM
Hater^ - vincentchase1  672.9 #359 11:46AM
Bubble Lights Anyone??? - AdamCumming  114.3 #3551 1:22PM
We still use bubble lights at my house! One of the strings (we are VERY cautious with) is from the mid-1940s). They look awesome on the tree. - jmgphx  323.1 #909 2:27PM
Glad they listened to suggestions of newsongs for T Party. - CM_Shadowgamer  2686.8 #66 10:59AM
World of color I didn't it see on thir - mickeyfan4ever1928  196.1 #2216 10:50PM
Thanks! First Buena Vista Xmas Time!!! - JEDIminnie  14.5 #9841 11:17PM

September 27, 2012 12:45 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
See what's in store for iPhone and iPad users in our biggest update EVER - MouseWait 5.0! Get your first glimpse of our new "Storybook" themed design and read my thoughts about what inspired me to create it. You will also see what MouseWait looks like on the new iPhone 5! I am going to broadcast this post everywhere, although this is a rough draft I am showing you today. Let me know if I'm leavin  More...

Thank you Admin! - PrinceTeaJack  958.1 #239 12:50PM
So excited for this!! Looks awesome!! Getting an iphone 5! Yay!! - Willierose  2423.0 #77 12:50PM
Thank you Admin.... - dawna  290.0 #1118 4:34PM
Can't wait I always mw on my iPad 3 and It always crashes at some point or it logs me off - Hendizl  2956.8 #60 4:35PM

 885.0 #254 (DL Qual #1906

September 26, 2012 1:21 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Back at the Cove Bar in DCA...Bayside fish (mahi) tacos w/ sauce on the side for 9.99. Very good! Tanya brought a side of chips as well πŸ‘

Tanya has always been good to us when we're there. - sinderemma  299.2 #1060 1:39PM
well this just made my lunch look like dogfood lol. Thanks for the pic though, I'm going to have to try this next time. - Sarafina  491.7 #509 1:23PM
Sorry πŸ˜” it was good though so you will have something to look forward to πŸ˜‰ - figzchic  885.0 #254 1:27PM
Oh! I need to order plain chips next time. - Jillian  767.1 #308 5:19PM
Wow! This looks incredible!! A definite must try!! - RCmom  5235.3 #32 5:24PM

 1057.7 #217 (DL Qual #151

September 26, 2012 7:09 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
I'm sooo exited! Tomorrow I will visit the Walt Disney Hometown museum in Walt's hometown of, Marceline, Missouri! I will see Main Street U.S.A, the original Coke Corner, Walt's Dreaming Tree, the Walt Disney barn etc. Woo hoo!

I will take lots of pics. I won't flood the lounge, I'll spread them out and make collages. ;) - Vegan7LuvsStitch  1057.7 #217 7:15AM
Following - E-Ticket  1796.4 #116 7:17AM
Ill add you on Facebook...Do you have IG? - PrinceTeaJack  958.1 #239 7:22AM
I want to add u on FB too - MagicalLand  414.2 #629 7:49AM
Don't worry about flooding the Lounge. THAT is where it ALL began. Most of us will not get the chance to go there, so post the good stuff, please!! And have a safe trip!! - misschurro  10094.9 #12 8:21AM
^ This! I would love full size pics!! - SueBayou  2019.2 #99 12:20PM
Sounds like you will have a fun filled day - Tealtownfan  1171.9 #192 7:10AM
How cool! Post pictures! - Mrs.mouse  543.6 #451 12:11PM
I'm excited for you!! I can't wait to see the pics!! - SueBayou  2019.2 #99 12:20PM

 483.3 #518 (DL Qual #436

September 24, 2012 6:13 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Thinking of making this into a big photo and framing it. Spells love with things around DL and DCA

Wow! Amazingly creative! - ZipadeeMickey  284.1 #1177 8:46PM
Nice! :) - misseeyore  538.1 #458 6:15PM
Omg I'm in love this is my fave - mayorquin09  5.4 #19593 10:45PM
pretty creative there!! I would never thought of that!! - Stitch_Legacy  5143.8 #34 11:02PM

 1753.2 #120 (DL Qual #114

September 17, 2012 4:29 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
last photo request i could fulfill before leaving: halloween caramel apple for grimgrinningamanda and halloween desserts for iamdugsmaster. :)

Tagged in: Food  
These look so good, I Just had to post again! LOL. Now that I am looking on my computer screen and not the 1" phone screen, I can see them so much better. And yes, I still want them all!! Maybe a little more than I did before! - MacaronMerida  4753.8 #39 6:27PM
I can't wait to blow my diet for four days. πŸ˜ƒ - PeachKay  311.1 #983 8:47PM
Thank you!! Made my night that much better :) I very much appreciate it! - GrimGrinningAmanda  666.9 #363 9:08PM
you are very welcome!! - nicoleface  1753.2 #120 9:22PM
I love the Mickey bat cookies! - iwantdisney  275.1 #1264 9:30PM

 643.8 #372 (DL Qual #523

September 16, 2012 6:18 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Finally got the muffuletta sandwich from the French Market. $15, comes with the coffin.

Thanks! driving there now to have this for dinner :) - MaidMiriam  308.0 #1004 6:20PM
was the sandwich any good? - DisneyMe2Death  875.0 #258 6:21PM
You have to like cold cuts, which I do. πŸ˜„ there's a bit more bread than i like, but i would order it again if i wanted another coffin. it's a big sandwich, I think two could share, maybe add a salad or soup for a light meal. πŸ˜‰ - bluefairy  643.8 #372 9:20PM
That looks dead-on delicious - Melody_CM  43369.8 #1 8:47PM
that coffin idea is to cute! - disneyland4life21  52.9 #5045 10:14PM

Thanked by:   Dizkid  
 163.7 #2685 (DL Qual #1573

September 16, 2012 5:20 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
I love the tigger tail with cashews. what's your favorite treat from Disneyland?

A dole whip of course - Plutoin702  15.7 #9348 6:25PM
matterhorn macaroon :) - OhanaPhoto  7159.2 #22 6:34PM
I'll have to try this looks great. So far my fav treat is a caramel macchiato,soy, topped w/cinnamon and nutmeg. Not long agi this xould not have been the case - SThooray  6.3 #17285 6:37PM
Pretzels! 😍 - treradical  126.2 #3295 6:38PM

 644.8 #371 (DL Qual #274

September 15, 2012 12:34 AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Pumpkins from the Hub

Ah OMGosh Roger Rabbit!! :D - SleepyTortuga  288.4 #1132 12:36AM
Yess! - ScarfGirl  644.8 #371 12:39AM
so glad they're still acknowledging his existence! - rbeezy  703.0 #340 12:53AM
Yay!!! I love the Jack one!!! :o) - HadMatter  491.6 #510 12:43AM
It is cute! - ScarfGirl  644.8 #371 12:45AM
love the roger rabbit! - OhanaPhoto  7159.2 #22 12:48AM
Awesome! The Jack is my fave! - disneykimmi  117.0 #3486 1:30AM

 364.6 #740 (DL Qual #627

September 14, 2012 10:46 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
It's officially Halloween time at the parks! These are too cute

I need this right now. All of them. - CMJenKWorth  125.0 #3321 12:55AM
those look delicious right now. - nicoleface  1753.2 #120 10:54PM
Mmm is that white chocolate or marshmallow? - rbeezy  703.0 #340 12:56AM
It's white chocolate - NightmareKaren  364.6 #740 1:31AM
They're just too cute to eat! - disneykimmi  117.0 #3486 1:43AM

Thanked by:   CaptainPirateKalven   TikiBird   rbeezy  
 2686.8 #66 (DL Qual #123

September 14, 2012 6:49 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
A few of the characters in their Halloween costumes from earlier. Also Hook.

Awwww. Love Mickey and Minnie! And the rest of course. - MacaronMerida  4753.8 #39 6:53PM
They all look so festive - Linzee  2148.4 #92 6:57PM
Nice! - 7mouskedoodles  372.7 #716 9:13PM
Great pics - thanks for posting them - can't wait to see them in person - zigbear  152.1 #2868 9:04AM

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