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June 29, 2012 1:49 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Another picture from last night, because there's not enough

I'm so glad I got to experience this last night. - VfxGenie  1557.1 #120 1:54PM
Love this shot!  Attracted to the purple! :) - Willierose  2375.1 #72 1:59PM
Bumping because it's an awesome shot!!:-) - SueBayou  2019.0 #90 7:36PM
Love this, the colors are so vibrant! - rbeezy  703.0 #308 7:39PM

 8773.7 #10 (DL Qual #2

June 21, 2012 12:03 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Live...A pic from the other park LOL :-)

😍 wish I was there! - Duchess_SMK  6603.9 #19 12:04PM
Me too - Tealtownfan  1152.2 #172 12:05PM
It was so light this morning. Around 10:00 am Indy was a 10 minute wait! - Aquata  292.3 #1042 12:05PM
Love how the crowds can disperse into both parks now :-) - uscdisneyteacher  8773.7 #10 12:35PM

Thanked by:   Duchess_SMK   Aquata  
 1868.2 #100 (DL Qual #71

June 21, 2012 9:46 AM  The Hub
early morning dca has had slow lines except carsland, we got to go on 8 rides so far!

Sounds like you guys are off to another magical day. - Tealtownfan  1152.2 #172 9:49AM
I hope you're having a great time!! - JenAnneWho  300.7 #983 9:54AM
ok it is finale! i need to meet you and mads! - Disneyfreakem  130.3 #3145 9:04PM
Very nice pic - SeΓ±orBuzz&Jessie  68.5 #4374 9:34PM

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 27.0 #6636 (DL Qual #3690

June 19, 2012 12:08 PM  The Hub
Our Dearest Mousewait Family, I would like to give you an update on Princess Daisy Rachel Young. First and foremost I sincerely apologize for not giving frequent updates, but this whole situation has been a nonstop rollercoaster of emotions and changes which in turn has made it extremely difficult to live a normal life, let alone report to not only our Mousewait family, but our own family and fri  More...

Hi Chris and Rachel, it is not too long as it tells us everything!  Please keep fighting and we are all behind you!  and with all of us praying for you all, you know there will be a miracle still!  I think God has Rachel there as while she is trying to get better, she can give love and help those others who don't have anyone to help them.  I know being in there can be depressing for anyone so she is like a light for those people right now and it will probably help her forever to want to help them which will help her get better too!  I love you guys, and will pray the problems all disappear so Rachel can come home.  Thank you Lord for these wonderful children of Yours.  Please help all the medicaid issues be resolved and please heal every muscle, fiber, bone, everything that has been injured in Rachel and give her strength always to keep fighting to get better.  And help all those helping her to find the right way to get her home.  and thank You Lord for this, and for them being such a wonderful inspiration to the rest of here in their MouseWait family.  In Jesus's name, Amen.  We  Love you Chris and Rachel and all your family - secretagentangel  8515.4 #11 12:41PM
That's sort of a common issue....those workers are so over worked with clients. I had a cubicle next to them and their desks were covered in files. That being said, I think she is still needed there to help cheer people up and heal. She is an angel in disguise - KissDclown  1089.2 #186 8:29PM
πŸ™ - E-Ticket  1478.8 #128 10:59PM
Been thinking of you guys. I hope you are both doing well and that Rachel is now finally home. - Pintraderswife  468.3 #503 9:56PM

 1244.3 #154 (DL Qual #127

June 19, 2012 8:08 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Brooklynne on the Lilly Belle earlier today! Thank you Ray for taking this amazing

😍😍😍😍 - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #261 8:22PM
Translation please - Deltachiq  1244.3 #154 12:39AM
This picture is heavenly!! What an awesome pic for an awesome memory! - Aquata  292.3 #1042 12:44AM

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 948.5 #215 (DL Qual #171

June 19, 2012 10:37 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Live from the MW porch on main street! :)

She is just TOO adorable!!! Glad you two had fun yesterday! - Duchess_SMK  6603.9 #19 6:27AM
We did it was fun! Thank you for her gifts!! - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #215 9:26AM
My pleasure!!! I'm so glad she liked em! Tell her there is more where that came from! I like to spoil princesses! πŸ˜‰ - Duchess_SMK  6603.9 #19 1:29PM
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww - Butterlina  1623.4 #118 10:38PM
What goes on at this MW porch? - ChefEmouse  208.3 #1983 9:47AM
This - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4409.9 #37 9:51AM
hood rat stuff with my MW friends. - vincentchase1  672.9 #329 10:00AM
shenanigans - crustle  782.8 #265 10:10AM
Giving thanks to the MWDR for another day at DL.... - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4409.9 #37 10:11AM
A whole bunch of awesomeness and eating! - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #215 1:23PM
people sit and get on their phones and introduce themselves to strangers. - TheNewTrent  749.0 #284 1:28PM
An good place to meet up at the end of the evening to say goodbye too. Everyone knows exactly where it is. 😊 - Duchess_SMK  6603.9 #19 1:44PM
Your daughter is adorable!!! - BriarRose110511  230.9 #1681 1:51PM

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 1405.6 #137 (DL Qual #81

June 19, 2012 7:47 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Cove meetup changed to trader sams meetup finalized with mad T party meet up! Great turn out! Check in!(:

I'm there...below TeaJack, TheBudd and MadameLeota, to the left of NicoleFace and the right of Stitch_Legacy, above the Twins, diagonal to the left of Rickoooo, diagonal to the right below Madsdad, two people below Ray to the right, two people to the left of Deltachiq, three people to the left of Lilo, five people to the right of HanLostLeia, four people to the right of Jacqueline and three people to the right of VincentChase. In case you still can't find me, I'm the MWer that's smiling :) - caramiapoohluvsbb8  4485.5 #34 10:16PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I hope you had this copied so you didn't have to type it all over again - Villescas8  607.0 #369 10:23PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚V8 - SueBayou  2019.0 #90 10:31PM
I'm dizzy - Clu2.0  787.7 #263 11:02PM
I stil can't find you!Can you give better instructions? πŸ˜‚ - Gia  802.2 #258 11:37PM
I still can't see you! Were you next to Duffy and Dave? :P Fun times tonight ^_^ - Jacqueline  580.0 #385 12:54AM
Lol awesome description :) - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #215 6:38AM
i only know where i am cos cara oriented me. - nicoleface  1752.7 #106 2:54PM
Can't give a lady your seat, Ricko? - MagicalCaprice  480.7 #483 7:50PM
Haha that was my first thought lol - Krissy Marissy  411.2 #586 7:52PM
Nope so I spat on his head - PinkElephants  745.7 #289 9:13PM
Thats my girl! - MagicalCaprice  480.7 #483 9:25PM
πŸ’¦πŸ˜‚ - PinkElephants  745.7 #289 8:13PM
The "Mousefather" πŸ˜‚ - Duchess_SMK  6603.9 #19 3:31PM
Twins Are Present (Aruuta & Spaceruta) Right In The Middle Stitch_Legacy Above Us, RickOhTWSS19 To The Right Of Us. Awesome Night. Nice Meeting You AvidDisney. Congrads On Graduating.  - aruuta  146.5 #2873 2:46PM
hey, who reported my check in.. I was up top near TeaJack and Dutchess. - TheBudd  357.3 #704 3:13PM
looks like I'm pretty much right next to MadsDad too. - TheBudd  357.3 #704 3:21PM
I see see your comment up πŸ‘† there still! Maybe a glitch? - Duchess_SMK  6603.9 #19 3:27PM
LOL, there must be!! I have noooo idea but I can't see it. Usually when this happens it makes it look like someone posted the same thing twice, but I'm not seeing that either. - TheBudd  357.3 #704 3:34PM
Click on comment, then look for it. Sometimes posts disappear for moments.. I've freaked out before. lol - SleepyTortuga  288.4 #1069 3:40PM

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June 18, 2012 6:36 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Just added 7 new restaurants to the Food section in the mobile apps. Please post your reviews! Your food reviews help a lot of people (including me) when they are looking for something to eat. MouseWait has the most extensive Disneyland, DCA, and Downtown Disney food section available anywhere (including the hotels). The food reviews also reveal favorite menu items at each place which is extremely  More...

just added my review for carthay circle. i have food pics, can i upload them? - Radius  502.7 #463 7:21PM
I still have not figured out if i can load food pics. Did a search and everything. - Radius  502.7 #463 9:04PM
Yay! I always use this section! Incredibly helpful! Thanks Admin! - Duchess_SMK  6603.9 #19 6:41PM
Yay!!! I'll post my review of one of the breakfast choices I had at Flo's!! Thanks again! I'm glad you got it up today like you said you would! Woot! - iPoca.  916.9 #220 2:03AM
Thanks for helping me find my way tonight! 8) - SergZak  3125.8 #50 2:07AM
LOL!! Serg!! You were too silly! πŸ˜‚ Thank you for saying a quick hello to me though! πŸ˜„ - iPoca.  916.9 #220 2:09AM
Sorry if I am in the wrong spot. Just wanted to let you know that when you click on food and the menu for Starbucks it goes to Cozy Cone Motel instead and you cannot do a review, etc. thanks! - gothicchic21  172.0 #2463 2:29PM
Thanks for letting me know this should be fixed now - Admin  11:38PM

 38.2 #5581 (DL Qual #3715

June 19, 2012 11:21 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
For all you Mouse-waiters still awake I wanted to share this retro Disneyland picture I found in the midst of what seemed to be a never ending pile of old family pictures! I really love this picture especially the Tomorrowland sign! Just wanted to share, let me know what you think!

Wait....80's is vintage???? That makes me older than dirt!!! Great pic! ;o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  1191.3 #162 11:35PM
Technically it's retro, anything from 1959 and prior is considered vintage. Oops, my wasted time as a fashion journalist is showing! - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #216 11:36PM
Took that part out, my mistake! But for my being 17 years old it did seem quite antique πŸ˜‰ Haha only joking, but sorry for any disrespect I might've given either of you! - pirateprincess13  38.2 #5581 11:40PM
Oh no don't take this seriously, please! I don't mind! Calling it vintage is fine I think, and im not the person who has the final say in all of this anyway. Caption it what you want! - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #216 11:42PM
I'll take retro!!! Sonia, youz just a youngins! Ha! Xoxoxo ;o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  1191.3 #162 11:45PM
I love vintage pics! Thanks for sharing this! It's amazing how much it's changed. - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #151 11:23PM
I am a vintage pic. Lol. Thanks for sharing. - sewedna  579.0 #387 4:55PM
love the old pics!! thanks!! - misschurro  7865.8 #14 4:57PM

Thanked by:   Aquata   NurseDisney  
 818.1 #251 (DL Qual #459

June 19, 2012 4:17 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Live - Back side of Julianne Moore!! We said hi and shook hands but we couldn't get a pic w her. She was with her family, and this dude abides!

Your right you are hip and cool. - Tealtownfan  1152.2 #172 4:19PM
Did she kiss the roll. - Mouse4life  1681.4 #111 4:23PM
A gentleman would never tell - Tealtownfan  1152.2 #172 4:29PM
Yes. But Rick will - Mouse4life  1681.4 #111 4:33PM
I saw her in the park about a year ago, funny enough she was wearing what looks to be the same exact get up. Spotted her in a bug's land. - infamous  277.8 #1165 12:44AM
Maybe that's her "non-famous person look" lol - lisaw  205.6 #2009 12:49AM
Hawt. TKAA w/Mark Ruffalo. Bam. - Jacqueline  580.0 #385 1:01AM
That was such a good movie and yes, that was pretty hot. πŸ˜„ - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #151 1:06AM

Thanked by:   mmreyes4   Aquata  
 266.2 #1278 (DL Qual #3610

June 19, 2012 11:24 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Streetcar sundae goodness!!!

Pretty sure you just made the "Mom of The Year" achievement in their eyes :) - Aquata  292.3 #1042 11:36PM
The REAL street car named desire! (theatre jokes, anyone?) - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #216 11:40PM
STELLAAAA!!! - LittleAprilShowers  587.7 #379 11:42PM
They make the ice-cream looks even yummier! Cute princesses! - RapunzalK  196.7 #2121 1:26AM
Thank you all! Moments like that are the unforgettable ones!! - joyfulmomma  266.2 #1278 1:53AM

Thanked by:   LittleAprilShowers   RickChavez   Aquata  
 1557.1 #120 (DL Qual #106

June 19, 2012 12:38 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Goodnight Disneyland. It felt good being at home. See you soon. live!

Leaving is the hardest part - thumpur  334.9 #780 12:53AM
I really like this pic. - msdizmaui  859.1 #236 1:05AM
Love Pluto! He's saying, "see ya soon!" - KylaShea  632.7 #355 5:59AM
This picture is really neat :) - TiggerBelle  534.4 #431 6:02AM

 847.0 #240 (DL Qual #411

June 17, 2012 11:11 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Good Evening, all! Just wanted to give everyone a friendly reminder to keep an eye on their backpacks, strollers, and purses this summer at the parks. Especially in crowded areas such as the new Cars Land and the Mad T-Party. My husband just informed me that last weekend as we were watching the giant awesome slinky guy at the T-Party, he caught an older man standing behind me in the crowd trying t  More...

Tagged in: TIPS  
Set a mouse trap in the front pocket - SpencerPhreak  114.6 #3446 11:17PM
I like the way your mind works. - Westcoast  197.8 #2105 12:20AM
Don't set a mouse trap! You might catch Mickey Da' Mouse! - wg4ever  379.7 #638 9:20AM
Set a rat trap then - Goofy101  136.7 #3042 6:38PM
I think I saw this cartoon. - Westcoast  197.8 #2105 6:56PM
Rotten people! Should have one of those Chinese finger traps too! 😜that'll show 'em!!! - calidream1  398.0 #611 9:45AM
I understand that this is DL and you all think it's a safe place but as a CM who has had to move strollers, I am always shocked at what people leave in strollers. Cameras, IPads, handbags, backpacks... Anyone can walk by and take things. Please keep your valuables with you. We can't watch everything! - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID  1036.1 #198 7:38AM
I was wondering how it could be worth it for a thief to pay the park entry to pick backpacks, but this makes things clearer. That's crazy that people leave valuables out like that. - Westcoast  197.8 #2105 6:55PM
Several times, I've seen designer bags that I know retail for over $1,000 (much more, in a few cases) just left on a stroller. It's crazy! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  659.2 #335 9:17PM
Yeah we have had a stroller now for 3 years for Brody but the only things we have we'd left in it are water/soda and maybe a sweatshirt or sweater. We take everything else with us on the rides! Now we have a double BOB and thinking of buying a lock so no one will try to steal the stroller! Just sad we have to do that but that's just how it is nowadays - brodysmommy  467.5 #506 6:57AM
Something I did while traveling in Scotland, in the crowded cities, we put luggage locks on our backpacks. It will prevent someone from unzipping your pack from the back. Just a handy tip. - Sharkgrrl19  288.2 #1071 11:36AM has stroller locks for $20. I think I'm gonna pick up luggage locks before we leave on Tuesday :) - Keala76  330.4 #806 12:59PM

 3672.1 #46 (DL Qual #15

June 17, 2012 9:37 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
#RAK I have collected all the Cars Land buttons for someone. Must be rank over 50 and please only enter if you can't collect these yourself. Type Ka-Chow to be added. Rak ends Thursday at 7pm.

Tagged in: RAK  
What a nice rak..please enter me for RC mom's girls who can't come to the park for a while. - ladylikesdisneysmom  269.6 #1249 9:46AM
Oh...ka-chow - ladylikesdisneysmom  269.6 #1249 9:47AM
Thank you!!! - RCmom  5235.3 #26 10:47AM
Add me please :) - tiggertwin  332.9 #790 10:16AM
⬆can't follow directions. 😁 a Ka-Chow for tiggertwin. - FantasmicFan82  195.0 #2148 10:23AM
Sorry! I just work up. Ka-Chow!!! I promise I can follow directions. - tiggertwin  332.9 #790 11:09AM
Last day bump - RickChavez  3672.1 #46 7:49AM
KA-CHOW!!!!! - dc2goofmeister  109.2 #3556 8:15AM

Thanked by:   VikkiMouse   marco1   cyndaws   2 More Thanks RCmom   Fairytale   project626  
 808.0 #255 (DL Qual #167

June 17, 2012 5:56 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Congrats to teajack9 on 300 to a great MWer and buddy!!! Way to add awsomesauce to the lounge!! πŸ˜ƒ

Great job teajack, keep up the great MW'ing - Villescas8  607.0 #369 5:59PM
OMG YOU'RE THE BEST! Thank you so much! I feel so awesomesauce today with all my wonderful MW friends and family !! Thank you CAB!! - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #215 6:01PM
Your welcome! πŸ˜ƒ glad you are having a gret day!! - CourtyAstroBlisters  808.0 #255 6:02PM
This is also my thank you for all the pics last night! Your the best! 😊 - CourtyAstroBlisters  808.0 #255 6:03PM
You're welcome! I got your mater pic :) - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #215 10:10PM
Congrats! - CherryTreeLane  460.4 #513 10:56PM
Congrats yay - Jackie211  483.3 #478 10:58PM

 6603.9 #19 (DL Qual #9

June 17, 2012 9:48 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Good evening! This day in Disney history, June 17th, 1933. The Mickey Mouse cartoon "Mickey's Mechanical Man" is released. Mickey prepares a fighter for an upcoming boxing match against a gorilla! To watch: 🎬 πŸŽ₯

I love these posts! Once again nobody can take your "historical posts" slot! Thanks SMK! It was great hanging out with you and the little ones! - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #215 10:13PM
Hehe, I'm SO glad you enjoy them! πŸ˜ƒ It WAS great hangin yesterday huh?! Thanks for introducing me to all those fun people! I love all the new friends I've made through MW. It really is amazing! Looking forward to next time! - Duchess_SMK  6603.9 #19 10:26PM
Stick with me kid I'll show you the sights see! All MW's are awesome even the new ones :) - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #215 10:57PM
It was amazing spending time with you and your family! It truly was a great time! - MarshaMouse  5036.3 #28 6:45AM
Salutations SMK...thanks for the great happy we finally had the opportunity to meet in person and being lilsweets "honorary uncle" for the day :-) - uscdisneyteacher  8773.7 #10 10:15PM
Hope your hand is ok seΓ±or!? - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #215 10:21PM
πŸ‘‹ evenin USCDT! The pleasure was all mine! You are a great MWer! Thanks again for taking such good care of LilSweet. She's been talking about how much fun she had w/ her new friends ALL day! πŸ˜‚ - Duchess_SMK  6603.9 #19 10:38PM
Great fun. Glad no animals were injured in the filming - Tealtownfan  1152.2 #172 6:51AM
Love this stuff. Do you have a disney treasure videos? - Goofy101  136.7 #3042 6:52AM

 948.5 #215 (DL Qual #171

June 16, 2012 10:44 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Sitting at clarabelles enjoying the view with uscdisneyteacher and his Starbucks :)

Venti vanilla extra hot latte? ;o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  1191.3 #162 10:45PM
Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte :-) - uscdisneyteacher  8773.7 #10 10:47PM
Yes please! - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #215 10:57PM
Yummy indeed :-) - uscdisneyteacher  8773.7 #10 2:00AM
Coolness indeed...a great spot to sit and relax :-) - uscdisneyteacher  8773.7 #10 10:46PM
looks peaceful - crustle  782.8 #265 11:02PM
Nice.  Wish I could say "makes me feel like I was there", but I've never been "there".  Something to look forward to! - msdizmaui  859.1 #236 12:41AM
Looks absolutely beautiful! - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #261 12:43AM
It was!! We hung out there for hours - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #215 1:36AM
I can see why!! 😍 - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #261 1:39AM
Ash we will when you come down :) - BubbaLoo  870.6 #231 1:47AM
I can not wait!!! πŸ˜„ - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #261 1:50AM
Hehe 😁 - BubbaLoo  870.6 #231 1:52AM

 2375.1 #72 (DL Qual #51

June 16, 2012 11:10 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
I am a grown up woman, and I am proud to say I love to hug characters like there's no tomorrow!!

To me it does not matter how old a person is,.... When you set foot in Disneyland, the little kid comes out in all of us!!! I too hug the characters - muffin  3.4 #31509 11:42PM
I love all the characters as well :D - iamdugsmaster  878.8 #227 11:13PM
To me it does not matter how old a person is,.... When you set foot in Disneyland, the little kid comes out in all of us!!! I too hug the characters - muffin  3.4 #31509 11:42PM
You and me both! I hug and do silly poses! 😊 - Aquata  292.3 #1042 12:56AM

 535.3 #428 (DL Qual #2495

June 16, 2012 3:37 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Carsland at night from the entrance.

Tagged in: Cars Land  
ohmy!! that isbeautiful! - misschurro  7865.8 #14 3:40PM
Thank you HMACIF! - ThatGuyWithNegativeMouseRank  535.3 #428 3:50PM
love the neon lights! - BubbaLoo  870.6 #231 5:36PM
Wow! What a great shot! Thanks for sharing! - RapunzalK  196.7 #2121 1:33PM
Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to enjoy CL at night. :)   - DaisyDork  198.7 #2095 8:50PM

 948.5 #215 (DL Qual #171

June 16, 2012 6:07 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Casey jr with lost girl :) and little jack

Oh and lilsweet! - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #215 6:08PM
The appaboose! (caboose) so cute! - Duchess_SMK  6603.9 #19 6:17PM
Where are your suspenders sir ?! - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #261 6:12PM
They were buggin me so I took them off - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #215 9:21PM
WEAK!! πŸ˜ͺ - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #261 9:44PM
cool picture! - Stardecked  303.9 #959 7:38PM
Fantastic picture! 😊 - Aquata  292.3 #1042 7:46PM

Thanked by:   Aquata  

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