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November 9, 2012 12:14 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Food pics for the photo requests. Dole whip, fried Pickles, mint julep,, baked potato soup and pbj soda.

Yummy! That soup would hit the spot right now!! - JessM4  269.6 #1264 12:16PM
Agree! Specially with this cold chilly weather! - GiGiMouse  216.0 #1897 12:21PM
Fried pickles!!😍 - RCmom  5235.3 #27 12:25PM
Yum yum! Headin there now! - drskookie  488.3 #481 1:46PM
Still havent had the fried pickles. Looks pretty good. - madsdad  1868.2 #103 8:24PM

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July 4, 2012 8:46 PM  Disneyland Talk Land

I guess this was the New Years events they were talking about earlier πŸ˜‰ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4409.9 #38 8:57PM
Mama Mia. That's a lot of people. Still wish I was in DL though. - disneypal1  197.1 #2142 9:22PM
Mama Mia. That's a lot of people. Still wish I was in DL though. - disneypal1  197.1 #2142 9:22PM
Omg!!! Lol sweet goodness that is alot of people lol wwoowww - arabianites22  30.4 #6363 11:31PM

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July 4, 2012 12:31 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
The castle exhibit in the Disney gallery is extraordinary! Great artwork and we got a lot of cool info from the CM about all the different Disney castles. You should definitely check it out next time you're here.

😍😍 I can't believe I'm missing it! sigh thanks for the pictures! - crustle  782.8 #280 12:32PM
I really liked the Snow White painting - MJisMM  31.0 #6281 12:40PM
I love those pictures!  Especially the stained glass-in my dreams that would be in my house.  I hope they are still there in October. - leopardditz2000  1260.6 #156 2:31PM
So pretty! I wish I remembered to go in there 😞 - Jillian  767.1 #289 2:33PM

 483.3 #485 (DL Qual #405

June 29, 2012 12:20 AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Live: Little preview of how our ears sync =D enjoy

I seriously cry every time I see the snippets of the Glow World of Color show. I just might break down and loose it when I see it live!! - MrsMears  217.3 #1881 1:29AM
I had to try really hard to keep myself from crying but then again I'm a big baby. - aidensmama  340.3 #774 1:30AM
Glad to know I'm not the only one who cries when I see these Glow with the show videos. - PrincessElle  14.3 #9518 3:32AM
Awwww thank you so much for posting this for those of us who couldnt make it! It gave me the chills :) - EwokLuver  74.1 #4264 12:21AM
Bump for McMinnie - Jackie211  483.3 #485 11:41PM
Wow thats awesome!!!!! - susieq  123.5 #3287 11:48PM

 73.3 #4281 (DL Qual #2642

June 20, 2012 10:01 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
The awesome looking bar we had dessert at tonight.

Where at? - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4409.9 #38 10:03PM
Very cool looking, but where in WDW? - Willierose  2406.1 #72 10:06PM
Looks like a pretty amazing place :-) - uscdisneyteacher  8944.1 #12 10:46PM
The bartender said that their electrical bill runs over $20,000 a month haha - PumpkinKing83  73.3 #4281 10:59PM

 4.4 #22908 (DL Qual #7851

May 15, 2012 9:34 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Back Side of Water...Meet the Back Side of Dumbo!

Dumbo butt. - MagicalCaprice  480.7 #491 9:38AM
I like big butts and I cannot lie! You other brothers cant deny, when dumbo walks in with an itty bitty waste and rubs it in your face and you get sprung! - nickb92  69.6 #4381 11:15AM
Lol I put dumbo in the song since that's what the post is about. Don't mean to offend anyone about my post, just trying to bring laughs and smiles out of everyone. - nickb92  69.6 #4381 11:22AM

 2666.4 #62 (DL Qual #115

December 9, 2011 5:20 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
#NEWS Mickey and Friends lot blocked off. They're making you park behind Paradise Pier hotel.

Go to toy story lot - SueBayou  2019.0 #92 5:28PM
Yes! - Fruitbythefoot  33.4 #6058 5:45PM
They had cops with flares out - CM_Shadowgamer  2666.4 #62 5:28PM
Yes! - Fruitbythefoot  33.4 #6058 5:45PM
The structure is busy! It's not a 60/100 crowd index - ninodj  198.2 #2127 6:21PM

 726.7 #310 (DL Qual #514

December 7, 2011 7:14 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
We have 3 Preferred Seating coupons for Aladin, Muppet Vision or Bug's Life. Also have 3 coupons for a free pin and lanyard available at several locations in the parks. We forgot to use them when we were in Ca They expire Dec. 31. If anyone can use these let me know and I will mail them.

I can we will be there 12/26 - Dizkid  505.2 #465 7:16PM
I would be able to!! - buzz4prez  134.6 #3099 7:17PM
Can you use the lanyards? If so email me your address at [email protected] - kskating  726.7 #310 9:22PM
Ohhh I love the sweetness on here! She definetly is a well deserving recipeint - MarshaMouse  5048.9 #29 9:23PM

 4783.2 #32 (DL Qual #204

December 5, 2011 10:03 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Interested in a Disney Career? They're hiring across the board at Dust off that resume and apply!

Thanks for heads up! - BooEve123  800.9 #273 10:05AM
I just got an email from disneyjobs telling me to re-apply since they are hiring. It's a shame I can't :( - tiggertwin  332.9 #808 10:10AM
I got the same email two days ago! Too bad I live in CO right now. - R2E2Chef  254.3 #1403 10:17AM
Think they have any need for a Psych major? - tiggertwin  332.9 #808 7:43PM
I'm wondering too!!! I was also a psych major an have a lot of experience in community programming but didn't see anything in my field πŸ˜’ - MozPrincess  582.4 #394 7:47PM
I have my BA in psy and want a position in HR for Disney, at least I have my foot in the door, I just don't know where to start lol - SkellyMouse  501.4 #470 7:49PM
Remember that Disney has some unique roles that many companies do not offer. It doesn't hurt to apply. - BaseballMickey  8434.2 #14 7:51PM
@Skelly If you find out please let me know - MozPrincess  582.4 #394 7:51PM
@mozprincess will do ^_^ - SkellyMouse  501.4 #470 7:53PM
@Skelly, network and ask around. - BCC  4783.2 #32 10:12PM
Skelly, I would love a job that has to do with my emphasis in behavioral psychology. I know that they often hire people with Psych degrees to help develop television programs. I wonder if they would have a need for something like that in the parks...... - tiggertwin  332.9 #808 10:25PM
I wish I could apply!! I have a psych degree too, but I work as a copy writer. I don't think Disney will import me, even if I offer to work for free as E818's personal assistant - Missshelly  698.3 #323 10:56PM
So excited for my interview Friday! - LiloCyntax  170.0 #2540 8:22AM
Bump for kimantha.... If your looking - Mouse4life  1850.9 #105 2:19PM

 330.7 #825 (DL Qual #691

November 16, 2011 10:59 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
OMG!!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Wow those look awesome - HanLostLeia  1098.3 #189 10:59AM
I love my bf...but i loooooove these shoes more! Lol atleast they wouldnt smart off - gidgetgoesdisney  165.4 #2614 11:23AM
πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ‘  - Disneybird  172.9 #2479 9:46PM
Lovin' them! - TinkerBelinda  218.4 #1860 9:52PM

 1113.5 #186 (DL Qual #637

November 15, 2011 12:56 AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Mickey & Company waiving goodbye and goodnight.

Tagged in: Live Videos  
I told Mickey that Admin was in the park so he brought everyone out in hopes to say hi. - HotDiggityDogDaddy  1113.5 #186 8:02AM
The reindeer photobombed our tree picture on the way to the train station. True story. - bluefairy  643.8 #356 9:55PM
Thanks for the video H3D! It's really cool seeing them all together πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ - rbeezy  703.0 #320 1:03AM
HOW COOL!!! I love this:)! I wish they closed the park like this every time! - BooEve123  800.9 #273 11:11PM
. - HotDiggityDogDaddy  1113.5 #186 11:15PM
Just a "." - BooEve123  800.9 #273 11:24PM
Ahhh..haven't seen Tiana in the park yet. That's on our bucketlist lol. Great video! - tigntink  194.6 #2182 6:57AM

 14.4 #9493 (DL Qual #7098

November 14, 2011 7:33 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
RAK! I have 2 Preferred Seating passes that expire 1/31/12. They are good for Aladdin, Muppet 3D, It's Tough to be a Bug, and the Animation Academy. If you could use them, please let me know. I will randomly choose a lucky winner by Wednesday at 12:00 pm Disneyland Standard Time. Let me know what your favorite Disneyland treat is...ya know, just for fun.

Add me please. My favorite treat would be the sugar cookie and hot coco! Yumm! (: - pirategirl17_CM  264.7 #1310 7:44AM
Add me :) my favorite treat are the goofy sours :))) - HakunaMatataJess  18.2 #8316 8:18AM
Add me please! I love churros - CaPrincess  230.4 #1709 12:53PM
WHAT! YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO DL! Hope u have fun when you go! - theRealDisneygirlforevr  175.3 #2432 12:57PM

 700.7 #321 (DL Qual #738

November 12, 2011 5:43 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Train + IASW

Aw I love holiday time at the parks - disney_lvr1  36.8 #5773 5:43PM
Beautiful!!!!! - DisneyNorm  1446.3 #133 5:44PM
Gorgeous pic! - Gia  802.2 #272 10:11PM
Nice! - CherryTreeLane  460.4 #522 10:12PM

 387.4 #637 (DL Qual #630

November 9, 2011 7:29 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
#News Disneyland candy cane dates have been posted ξ€³(via **UPDATE** candy cane vouchers are given out at the CANDY PALACE first thing in the morning. Get there early on the dates listed below for a chance to get a candy cane. One voucher per guest, candy canes are $12.95 and the quantities are limited.

Tagged in: NEWS  
πŸ‘I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate this info! - toph  2418.2 #70 7:37AM
Seems that Disneyland doesn't think much of their out-of-town AP. Everything seems to be on weekdays :( - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.8 #298 9:58AM
Agreed! Considering that more and more things have to be paid for separately (Holloweentime), I'd guess the AP doesn't mean an awful lot anymore. - alankeno  57.8 #4746 10:14AM
I'm okay with it, I work most weekends :) - tuesday737  1291.5 #154 10:23AM
I think Disney does a lot to make AP's feel special but we aren't the only ones who go to Disney so not everything can be tailored to APs. We get to visit the parks more then once in a lifetime that is enough of a reward. - QueenBella  175.0 #2438 11:45AM
Your right. But I'm speaking of the AP events more than about other events. Many of us sacrifice to purchase those AP's and every now and then us out of townwers would like to participate in some of the weekday AP events but can't. MW party on a Sunday was also hard for some us out of the area folks. JMO - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.8 #298 11:54AM
ZeeAlice and I have checked in already - Slotherini  1079.8 #196 6:22AM
Cool :) try to post some pictures of the candy cane last day madness - Jo_ohanna  387.4 #637 6:35AM
Cool :) try to post some pictures of the candy cane last day madness - Jo_ohanna  387.4 #637 6:35AM

 163.0 #2650 (DL Qual #3386

November 8, 2011 3:09 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
My new in love with it!!

Just got it today at JCpenny! Happy birthday! Its also $10 off at $30! Very cute on!! - Trumickeyfan5  163.0 #2650 3:13PM
They also have the cheshire cat, minnie, a blue mickey too! - Trumickeyfan5  163.0 #2650 3:14PM
Thanks...sent this to the hubby for my wish list! - akpoppins  263.8 #1319 3:51PM
Very cute Tiff! - tenilleg  201.2 #2088 5:24PM
So pretty! Makes me wanna wear a watch. - MissAshley  113.6 #3503 8:13PM
So pretty! Makes me wanna wear a watch. - MissAshley  113.6 #3503 8:13PM
Oh my goodness, that is sooooo cute! - HarvesterProducts  261.6 #1338 11:25PM

 8.0 #13827 (DL Qual #6584

November 4, 2011 3:49 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Took me 5 nights to finish! About 200pcs a night. Not bad I love it!!!

Frame that bad boy! - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #275 3:51PM
I plan on it! - theKASIENTE  8.0 #13827 3:56PM
so awesome!!! i don't have the patience to complete a puzzle haha! - jamesLA  76.6 #4212 3:50PM
I searched yesterday in dtd they didn't have any I didn't see any in Disneyland either :( if anyone find them please post I really want one - xmodifyx  13.8 #9739 1:04AM
There were plenty 2 weeks ago! It was in World of Disney near the kids toy section, by the monopoly games!!! Good luck!! - theKASIENTE  8.0 #13827 12:00PM

 326.9 #844 (DL Qual #2037

November 4, 2011 9:10 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
and for all you potter heads out there! harry potter day at disneyland is this sunday november 6 and @chim-cher-ee and i are going to meet up at the esplanade that morning to make a mousewait team and any of you are more than welcome to join it! you dont have to know alot about harry potter or disneyland, but its a plus if you do! we just wanna have a good time doing this scavenger hunt and it'd b  More...

Lol ok this photo is awesome and super funny if you know your hp! - Pixarprincess  544.5 #424 9:11AM
Dressed in our other sundays best, harry potter costumes! - nikkiribas  326.9 #844 10:10AM
Registration is starting! - nikkiribas  326.9 #844 10:00AM
I'm so sad that I have to leave the hunt. But now I know what to expect next year! Everybody say goodluck to @sugarbaker && @chim-cher-ee and the rest of our team! - nikkiribas  326.9 #844 10:27AM

 766.3 #291 (DL Qual #339

November 2, 2011 12:32 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
I chuckled

Hahaha xD - Jillian  767.1 #289 12:33AM
Hee hee - TrueFromOzLovesDisney  539.9 #431 12:34AM
Haha love this!! - CMkathyyy215  28.0 #6622 1:15PM
thats awesome! i love zena! - Equestrian115  212.5 #1950 1:23PM

 13876.3 #6 (DL Qual #7

November 1, 2011 2:28 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Coming soon to the Disney Gallery!!!! At The Disney Gallery on Main Street, U.S.A., in Disneyland, a display of vintage and new art celebrating Walt Disney’s love of railroading will premiere during the holiday season. β€œAll Aboard for A Grand Circle Tour of the Trains of Disney!” will survey Disney trains from the classic Disneyland Railroad to such historic routes as Nature’s Wonderlan  More...

Tagged in: NEWS  
Appreciate the information. It's now on the to-do list. Thank you. - teach67  352.6 #735 2:52PM
Whoop! This sounds awesome! I live the train. πŸ‘ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4409.9 #38 7:13PM
WOW, that's some beautiful artwork!! - disneyfan46  334.9 #798 7:20PM
Thanks Dave! Can't wait to see this!!! - toph  2418.2 #70 7:31PM

 20.2 #7832 (DL Qual #3590

November 1, 2011 12:05 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Hey guys so I think someone was killed or died at the grand California hotel tonight lots of 911 units and TONS OF COPS

They were responding to a naked banana on the loose - Dave  13876.3 #6 12:13AM
That was two weekends ago. 😱😱😱 - Mrsblue  693.1 #328 12:18AM
:( keep uber posted - lilo84  377.0 #658 12:06AM
I was at the park when I saw this go down. I hit up a reporter I know that works for a news station you see her report on La news every night and she the one that told me since I could not get close to it - Avenue  20.2 #7832 6:54AM
I guess we will never know, I think it would of hit the media by now. - PrincessDuckie  938.5 #228 9:25AM

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