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Use this link (save it as a bookmark to make it easy) before you add things to your Amazon and MouseWait will receive 5% of your purchase! Thank you for your support!

Purchased the Voyageers book through this link so MW benefits twice  - UTDISNEYFAMILY  1859.7 #89 4:48PM
Spent $490 on it the other day - CVDisneyland  406.8 #532 12:40PM
Thank you! - Admin  5:04PM
I buy pretty much everything on Amazon. Nice to know MW can get a little piece of that! - MellyMelBB  82.1 #3855 12:06AM
I will do this next time I'm on Amazon! - DisneyLov3r  38.4 #0 5:02PM

 6191.3 #18 (DL Qual #7

November 26, 2013 2:31 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
You can find our MW Family brick near turnstile 12/13, brick # C04-604😍😍❀️❀️❀️

Thanks.  I've always wondered where it was. - potatohead25  646.8 #300 2:36PM
Yay it's clean again!!! Last time I visited it it had a smudge!! - thatgirljenn  1682.2 #98 2:38PM
*gasp!* - misschurro  6191.3 #18 3:46PM
Maybe a churro mark... - BombFrogFormerCM  1000.7 #183 8:17AM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - thatgirljenn  1682.2 #98 9:41AM
Hey churro maybe it needs a good scrubbing? ::raises brush:: you in? πŸ˜‚πŸ‘― - Duchess_SMK  6250.0 #17 9:54AM
Cool!  - Marciamcmouse  44.5 #4897 4:18PM
❀❀❀ - Linzee  1166.4 #148 10:04PM

November 12, 2013 1:34 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Full Veterans Day Flag Retreat Ceremony #Video thanks to missmimi90! This is a 21min video that covers the entire ceremony. It's extremely difficult to take a 21min video with your phone. The time, data, and battery to upload something like this is staggering. Thank you missmimi for taking the time to do this for the entire community. We appreciate it, and we appreciate our Veterans!

Thank you very much missmimi90 for giving us this gift. I watched the entire video through tears. This was a very touching ceremony.  - DisneyGrandma  876.2 #204 2:48PM
I was teary eyed during this. Especially during the lowering of the flag and Ernie's speech. I am glad I was able to capture this for other MWers who could not attend the ceremony. May God always bless our Veterans; past, present and future. We as a country are all indebted to you. - missmimi90  2014.5 #75 2:56PM
You said this is so beautifully!!! - DisneyGrandma  876.2 #204 3:49PM
So moving, I was wiping tears - Disneysoul  53.7 #4537 11:30AM
Thank you! - pamntink  54.0 #4526 12:26AM

October 31, 2013 5:07 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
DISCOUNTED DISNEYLAND TICKETS THROUGH MOUSEWAIT! You get 2% off select tickets if you purchase on this page and use the code MOUSEWAIT at checkout. 5% of your total purchase comes back to MouseWait, which will help us with our monthly maintenance and development expenses! You will also get 100 Credits if you ema  More...

@jamie.pasillas - PirateHairNerd  430.3 #488 10:39AM
Very cool! - Atora  2702.0 #46 5:12PM
@jamie.pasillas - PirateHairNerd  430.3 #488 10:39AM
Perfect timing!! Buying tickets for my daughter's birthday. Thank you to whom ever bumped this!  - MariaR  183.9 #2180 12:47PM

 72.6 #4039 (DL Qual #1002

October 19, 2013 4:41 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Hi MouseWaiters!! We are having so much fun out here this weekend, it's been a blast!! We are offering no shipping for all of you who can't make it out to the birthday bash and enjoy our special craft fair prices. We are offering free shipping for the next few days only (coupon expires 10/23) on any of our products. The coupon is MWBDAY13 at I wish all of yo  More...

Thank you! This is very nice of you :) - BibbidiBobbidiBoo  98.7 #3571 5:12PM
That's so cool!! Favorite..character sign. Would love to be added to the RAK when you do it.  - WhatTiggersDoBest  622.7 #317 5:17PM
Very cute! Thanks for the free shipping offer... *runs to check out your shop*...  - BaronessVonShush  120.6 #3183 10:07PM
It was nice to meet you yesterday at the fair! Love your work - BaseballMickey_CM  7367.8 #11 10:22PM

 22.1 #6788 (DL Qual #1931

October 18, 2013 10:34 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
A unique view of RSR

Ahhhh!!  Are you standing on top of the rocks??  Do tell... - Alicewhoareyou  2372.6 #61 10:44AM
I know - VfxGenie  1556.6 #104 10:49AM
Way to much pixie dust for you !last night? - bonedaddy909  1441.2 #113 11:10AM
WOW😍 - weloveLA16  167.7 #2414 10:58PM
Awesome picture!! - ekwhite  473.0 #437 11:06PM

 1166.4 #148 (DL Qual #123

September 30, 2013 2:24 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Okay, we haven't done one of these getting to know you posts in a long time and since there are so many new members to our MW family....What is the story (if any) behind your user name and profile picture? (this is a great opportunity to chime in if you are new to MW) Ready....Set...Go... let's hear 'em!! πŸ˜ƒ

I'm a costume designer. Edna Mode is a costume designer in The Incredibles. I must sew to costume. So therefore I'm  SEWEDNA. My profile pic is of my colleague Edna. Shes fabulous.  - sewedna  572.8 #344 5:16PM
love the wit, *thumbs up* - KatarinaC  5.8 #15975 8:10PM
She rocks! No capes lol - JediCOTA  80.0 #3898 12:10AM
My name is used else where and fits. The "starwars" portion comes from a love of Star Wars and it being what first got hubby and I talking. The "mamma" portion comes from when we were struggling with infertility, despite two years and two miscarriages i knew one day i would be "mamma" to my own baby and had that part there to remind me to stay positive through a trying often dark road. Now i am mommy to an amazing earth side baby and the whole family is Star Wars crazy!  - starwarsmamma  561.6 #352 2:37PM
infertility sucks and it's a sucky road to be stuck on, I'm glad you were able to get off it and enjoy being a mamma!!   - Linzee  1166.4 #148 2:41PM
Oh profile photo is of the family at Disney in front of the pumpkin. My family is my world and i love to show them off, we love disney and october/fall is my favorite tune of year! - starwarsmamma  561.6 #352 2:41PM
Thank you i can look back bow and see how it was beneficial to my character and who i an today as well as appreciate it for igniting my passion for all thing birth related. But i wouldnt wish any body to have to go through it and pray for those trying and struggling.  - starwarsmamma  561.6 #352 2:44PM
You give me hope!!! We have been trying for a little over a year and I'm nervous to take that next step to start being tested to see if it's infertility! - mrstrmiller  522.1 #386 6:52PM
DM me if you want. - starwarsmamma  561.6 #352 7:11PM
😘love this SWM!!! - missariel33  2115.5 #70 7:40PM
awesome!!!! Star Wars fan here too:) Your family sounds sweet:) - KatarinaC  5.8 #15975 8:07PM
And he is such a cute lil Padawan! - JediCOTA  80.0 #3898 11:35PM
Very similar story for me. We went through 2 years of infertility and 2 miscarriages. My sweet baby is 11 months old today and so worth the wait, but those were most definitely the hardest and trying 2 years of my life. So glad your story has such a happy outcome 😊 - Geekery  409.4 #528 6:32AM
Thanks you too! Crazy how fast they grow! - starwarsmamma  561.6 #352 4:12PM
I'm new and my favorite is Tinker Bell. She is tiny and cute and i love green. I am hoping to meet a lot of good people in this group. I have meet so far some wonderful people. ( Friends) - TinkerBell29  8.7 #11622 9:42PM
Welcome πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ - Linzee  1166.4 #148 9:42PM
My name is Tammy and a long time ago a friend just started calling me Tamstirr and it stuck with me. I added the CM in front of it in April when I officially joined the Disney family as a cast member. My profile pic is my son dressed as an arf trooper at MHP.  - CM_tamstirr  553.2 #357 12:51PM
Hi, I met you Saturday at Jumpin'! - ShariRenee  7825.7 #9 1:02PM

 4301.0 #31 (DL Qual #23

September 24, 2013 9:14 AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#NEWS Beginning October 3rd, you can make reservations for the Disneyland Resort (including DTD and the hotels) online! If you make a reservation, you will have to supply a credit card number. If you don't cancel the day before, a $10 fee will be charged. Here is the link for the reservations

Tagged in: NEWS  
took them long enough. WDW has had this for a LONG TIME - Dave  13397.8 #2 10:31AM
I'm really surprised they did the emails first... Kinda seems like a waste of time. But at least they're catching up finally - SPandEvLover  4301.0 #31 11:08AM
I thought WDW did too but I made reservations for this week and next week online and they didn't ask me for a credit card to book.  - Seebritatdland  268.6 #1149 11:32AM
They do ask for Credit Cards for a few of the finer dining places like CA Grill, Citricos, Jiko, and others at the resort so if you dont show up and cancel they charge you 20 buicks - Dave   13397.8 #2 11:53AM
20 buicks?!? That's kinda steep πŸš™πŸš˜πŸš—πŸš•πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - SPandEvLover  4301.0 #31 11:57AM
well if you don't have the decency to call and say your late or you cant make it and flake out on your reservation I think its fair since they are holding a spot for you at a fine dining establishment that usually has  waiting list of people who want to get in and it screws things up so its a way for them to encourage people to be courteous or pay - Dave   13397.8 #2 3:29PM
Omg SPE πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I agree, 20 Buicks is a very costly amount! Dave, 20 bucks isn't bad for what you said. πŸ˜‰ - BriHizzle  374.8 #584 3:43PM
Yeah... I get the $20, Dave. I was attempting to be funny lol - SPandEvLover  4301.0 #31 4:19PM
well the entrees at those places run from anywhere starting at 38 to 65 a plate so the 20 dollars is still much less than you'd pay for dinner - Dave   13397.8 #2 4:21PM
In the nicer restaurants, if you make a reservation, they hold the table, meaning the server cannot make income off that table, the steward, the busboy, everyone, so maybe the $20 will remind people to not flake out.  I wonder how late they will hold a table though, I have seen people be an hour late and demand to be seated.  I hope this helps the employees out too. - secretagentangel  3061.7 #43 4:27PM
Hahaha, beautifully done with the joke SP ^_^ I see what you did there! - KylaShea  632.7 #308 10:14AM
They'd better make it real simple to cancel, then!  Hopefully done online, as well.  - MeridaFan  4161.0 #33 7:45AM
I think I know that couple. - donnievegas  1132.7 #155 12:41AM
They are both leftys - E-Ticket  1437.0 #114 4:06AM
It kinda looks like they are pasted over another picture - E-Ticket  1437.0 #114 4:08AM
I believe I heard that If you didn't cancel it was 10 per person in the reservation party , not 10 for reservation. So if you don't cancel for a party of six its 60 dollars not 10 :( - Javee714  7.9 #12466 10:25AM

 287.8 #970 (DL Qual #1195

September 24, 2013 12:19 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Someone asked for pictures of The Paradise Pier Hotel. This is a standard view room. I would stay again!

Oh that bed looks so comfy! - maryv00  164.7 #2473 12:20PM
Nice room! Is that a beach ball pillow? - leftmyheartinwonderland  359.9 #624 12:21PM
Indeed it is! - Witchie77  364.5 #609 1:15PM
They hurt like heck when someone throws it across the room at you too.  - KermitFan13  653.7 #294 1:19PM
There is a note on the bed that states if the ball is removed at the end of your visit, 60 dollars will be charged.  They are so cute, I guess they were disappearing! πŸ˜„ - widowtallan  287.8 #970 1:20PM
That is so cool! Lol @ KermitFan13 I might have to test that out :) - leftmyheartinwonderland  359.9 #624 1:23PM
o m g that surfboard lamp!!!! - OhanaPhoto  4569.2 #25 6:41PM
Love the hidden Mickey  - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1216.5 #141 7:52PM
We love Paradise Pier too!! It's so worth it to get an upper level theme park view!!! The view is INCREDIBLE from the 14th floor!!!! - brittandkell  481.8 #423 7:59PM

 7208.2 #12 (DL Qual #1

September 20, 2013 5:22 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
There was a beautiful full moon over everything during the AP event at DCA last night. It was lined up nicely over GRR and the Bear for while. Full size at

Tagged in: Attractions  
Beautiful!!!!!! 😍😍😍 - BooksandBelle  517.0 #389 5:23AM
Wow, amazing sight.  - jacdanfan  10973.1 #3 5:39AM
Hold on wait a minute...absolute insanity I say Epic~freakin~ness !!!!! β™₯ :) - Eeyorelvr  111.4 #3363 11:20PM
Amazing.... - MinnieMyLove  207.2 #1883 11:24PM

 685.3 #275 (DL Qual #194

September 10, 2013 8:07 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
#COUPON $7 off The Little Mermaid combo pack coming out on Oct 1st! (I'm hoping this will work with the 3D blu ray pack as well.) Print this now before the limit is reached!

woohoo! Thanks so much for this! - Duchess_SMK  6250.0 #17 8:10AM
As soon as I saw it, I posted it! We all probably own it already on DVD or VHS, so it's nice to save some money when we upgrade! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  685.3 #275 8:46AM
Niiice!!! Ty!!! - missariel33  2115.5 #70 8:22AM
I preordered at the Disney Store already. But now I'm wondering if I'm getting the Diamond Edition. I hope so!   - dolewhipkarlita  93.0 #3654 3:42AM
I'm not sure. I do that with some movies, but they used to not get the digital copies, which is what I use most, so I don't do it that much. Plus, they don't take the coupons. - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  685.3 #275 6:21AM
It's the Diamond Edition.  Just gt ine in the mail yesterday. - LaPearleNoir  1730.0 #95 6:35AM
**THIS COUPON EXPIRES ON THE 4TH, SO MAKE SURE YOU USE IT RIGHT AWAY!** Sorry, about the yelling. I just wanted to make it bold so everyone would see it. - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  685.3 #275 9:11AM
"I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'RE YELLING ABOUT" ;) - OhanaPhoto  4569.2 #25 11:14AM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  685.3 #275 11:18AM

Thanked by:   hatgal76   erinten   sultan   8 More Thanks annamichelle   dumbbunny   JediCOTA  
 197.9 #1990 (DL Qual #363

September 8, 2013 2:20 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Seen this on a local radio stations Facebook feed. While putting together a slide show for their up coming wedding, this bride to be put aside this photo of her at Disneyland. The groom to be was in shock because he noticed in the background was his dad pushing him in a stroller! It was in their Disney destiny! 🎢It's a small world after all🎢

That's awesome! It's incredible how many people you've seen in your life and never known. - DarthMater  6.2 #15094 2:59PM
Those are my thoughts exactly when I'm at the parks. - Witchie77  364.5 #609 3:12PM
It's crazy! One day when my future husband Johnny Depp and I start going through pictures I hope this happens to us! - UndefinedEeyore  197.9 #1990 3:20PM
UndefinedEeyore   I would have to divorce Johnny Depp first......LOL I wish! - Witchie77  364.5 #609 3:47PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - UndefinedEeyore  197.9 #1990 4:00PM
No way!!!?? What are the odds?!? I love it. Thanks! - missariel33  2115.5 #70 7:39PM
You're so welcome! :) - UndefinedEeyore  197.9 #1990 7:54PM
Omg that's such awesome post!  - jmprincess  11.3 #9867 8:53PM
wow, now that there is Disney destiny! - AnaheimsMom  244.0 #1406 8:55PM

September 7, 2013 9:35 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
GET READY! TONIGHT AT 9pm you'll witness the groundbreaking release of this guy (ok he's a bit distorted on the mobile version right now, but that's because he's difficult to deal with)Β Β Yes, your favorite goat will be recreating the "Goat Effect" for your viewing pleasure. He's a little nervous (and dizzy), since he hasn't seen many of you for what seems like an eternity, but he hopes that his   More...

Well, amazing as always Admin! I'm so happy that we will have a SYMC sticker! Thank you so much!!!! Just had dinner there again last night with my amazing MW family with tons of giggles! You rock! - Cinderella_Schnooks  3259.6 #40 10:30PM
Thanks MrsSchnooks! Happy to see you guys having fun at the Parks! - Admin  10:26AM
We're having a blast as you can tell!  - Cinderella_Schnooks  3259.6 #40 2:09PM
thank you for always working hard. I love - pikarich  4991.7 #23 11:29PM
πŸ‘†πŸ‘† Extra points for such fine emoji use!   - MeridaFan  4161.0 #33 11:57AM
*******I love the πŸ‘†monorail! Best looking one!  - MadameLeota  3633.4 #38 9:46PM
Juice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  - RickChavez  3550.1 #39 11:26PM
And !!! I'm good! Then and ! LOL - Cinderella_Schnooks  3259.6 #40 11:36PM
Oh great. You have that one πŸ˜‚ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4406.8 #30 12:02AM
Of course. It was my idea ;) - RickChavez  3550.1 #39 12:40AM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - DisneyDavidEMT  2539.0 #51 1:11AM
Thanks to my precious girl, I got a ! Just another reason she's the best daughter ever πŸ’– - IHEARTSIMBA50  495.0 #413 11:41PM
And now we can enjoy refreshing beverages together too!  Check your profile! - Cinderella_Schnooks  3259.6 #40 11:57PM
Awesome Possum Disney Daughter partners are the best!  - JediCOTA  80.0 #3898 12:24AM

 53.6 #4542 (DL Qual #2028

September 6, 2013 10:26 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
An FYI for those in the Bay Area, Golden Gate Theater included a run of Beauty and the Beast the Broadway musical in their lineup this season running from Dec 21 to Jan 5.

nice!! also.. Curran Theatre is doing Peter and the Starcatcher(critics say PG13) this is also bing made into a movie- the story of how Peter came to be - misschurro  6191.3 #18 10:36PM
Awesome! Had no idea they were doing a movie as well. I missed the Disney SF Symphony in July so I want to see B&TB in Dec. thanks for the info. - campy  53.6 #4542 10:40PM
Nov5-Dec1 - misschurro  6191.3 #18 10:43PM
have you read the books or listened to the incredible Jim Dale read them?? I believe you can find them on YouTube :) - misschurro  6191.3 #18 10:44PM
Oh I was wondering what that play was about - MrsGrumpy2002  209.2 #1860 10:47PM
Really?!?! I need to get tickets!! Maybe a meetup?! - hatgal76  444.7 #476 10:32PM
Thank you:) - hatgal76  444.7 #476 10:32PM
You are welcome! Was excited too! Meet up would be brilliant! Here is the link: - campy  53.6 #4542 10:37PM
That sounds like a great idea! - BombFrogFormerCM  1000.7 #183 10:41PM
Wife and I are targeting going on one of the days after Xmas. We've never done a meet up but she is up for it - campy  53.6 #4542 10:53PM
I would come down from Sac for a meet up! Sounds like fun! - BaronessVonShush  120.6 #3183 12:02AM
Eek! Just talked to my husband and it might be something we can do! Thanks for posting this because I would have never known! - MrsGrumpy2002  209.2 #1860 10:46PM
Welcome! Saw it in the SF Chronicle this morning! Glad I still pay for my paper! - campy  53.6 #4542 10:50PM
I would love to go! I'm near Santa Cruz :) - Aussysmom  130.3 #3010 10:49PM

September 5, 2013 12:52 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Celebrate MouseWait's 4th Birthday October 18-20 at the Disneyland Resort! SUBSCRIBE TO THIS POST FOR EMAIL UPDATES! There's so much to celebrate with the incredible community we have. This Birthday Bash will be a celebration of the community--I want to honor YOUR story this year, so if you haven't already, post your MouseWait Story and tag it with #MWSt  More...

Tagged in: MouseWait Birthday Bash  
We'll be there!!  Count all 5 of us in!!  πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ - BluRayn  72.6 #4039 5:32PM
awesome! - Duchess_SMK  6250.0 #17 7:56AM
Oh goodness! Wonderful! Hope you all are doing well 😊😊 - misschurro  6191.3 #18 7:25AM
I can't go because of a previous commitment, BUT if anyone is coming from San Jose / Mountain View / Palo Alto / Bay Area... I have a few puzzles that I've completed with frames that I'd like to donate! They're pretty huge, 19 ΒΎx27 Β½" (Ikea Saxnas frames), so ANYONE who's driving down for the event, please let me know! <3 I've been a huge supporter of Mousewait and even though I'm currently a lurker, I've gained some awesome friends. PM me! - PrincessSarah  171.2 #2364 5:29PM
How nice of you to do this. Hopefully someone can help. - SafariSkewerJessica  1514.1 #105 6:03PM
I'm from the Bay Area but I'm not sure if I'm going yet. It depends on our kiddos sports schedules. - LaPearleNoir  1730.0 #95 8:32PM
Thanks @SSJ! Please let me know if the sports schedules are free that weekend & you'll be able to go down @LPN! I'll gladly meet you somewhere in the middle ;P thanks! If anyone else is from the Bay Area and for sure going, PM me!! - PrincessSarah  171.2 #2364 1:40PM
We're heading down, hope you can make it LaPearleNoir! πŸ‘πŸ˜ - ribidib  1184.3 #145 4:53AM
If your still looking for someone to take them down I work in SF and live in Santa Cruz area so I can pic them up. And drive them down - DisneylandFan74  20.2 #7078 11:37PM
From the Bay Area, but won't be able to make it either. I wish I could! - lovelyalyssagee  6.2 #15059 7:46AM
We might be able to! DM me :) - MissMolly  1338.1 #127 10:08PM
My email is if someone can meet to pick up these frames! - PrincessSarah  171.2 #2364 12:07PM
I think there is a sf meetup next week, maybe that could help you?? - secretagentangel  3061.7 #43 12:05AM
I'm looking forward to tonight's birthday bash! - bobpgid  69.5 #4114 4:57PM
Sorry we had to leave before the raffle but my back was really hurting! Hope you all have a good time! - cbacon64  54.7 #4498 8:03PM
Thanks for coming out. Hope you had fun - mini_MINNIE  1138.2 #153 8:56PM

 596.5 #333 (DL Qual #221

August 28, 2013 3:58 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
#limitedtimemagic #annualpassholders #event annual Passholders can register to stay 3 hours after park closing at Disney's California Adventures on Thursday September 5th and Thursday September 19th from 8-11 pm (regular park closing at 8pm) registration will begin at 12pm day of the event. In celebration of The Little Mermaid blu ray release guest attending this event will receive a gift! more in  More...

Tagged in: Limited Time Magic  
Thank u so much for this info!! I'm staying at the DL hotel on the 5th and I was so bummed that DCA closed at 8 thank you thank u!!!😍😍😍 - CinderellE-79  1018.7 #178 4:29PM
That's perfect for you! - Melody_CM  9897.3 #6 4:33PM
Very Perfect indeed!! 😊 - CinderellE-79  1018.7 #178 8:32PM
Very cool. Wonder what the gift will be. Too bad it's a school night. - DLKenCA  2585.2 #49 4:08PM
Bump for saa - sleepyhead_CM  596.5 #333 10:17PM
Bump for tomorrow, registration starts at noon at the parks - sleepyhead_CM  596.5 #333 8:42PM
Thanks!! Can't wait! - missariel33  2115.5 #70 10:23PM

August 26, 2013 8:05 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
BIG Virtual Pin Release Event Tuesday at 9pm! We're going to release between 6 and 10 Stickers in addition to several Pins from our Food Series Two. I will post EVERYTHING at the same time! This will give everyone a better chance to get their hands on Stickers and Pins, and it will be a great opportunity to beef up your Sticker box. Make sure to get your Credits ahead of time if you  More...

Check out this Sticker  - Admin 8:23PM
35min til launch  - Admin  8:25PM
Fried Chicken  a la carte - Admin  8:28PM
πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€ - Cinderella_Schnooks  3259.6 #40 8:29PM
Goat Effect  - Admin  8:29PM
Seriously the coolest sticker yet!!!! - TinkerSchelle  1875.9 #86 11:06PM
Everything at the same time, now that will be chaos. - UTDISNEYFAMILY  1859.7 #89 8:08PM
...or Mousewaitopia! - turkeylegman  842.0 #213 8:10PM
I'm scared!!!! - Cinderella_Schnooks  3259.6 #40 8:42PM
I agree! - DisneyVacationLover  501.4 #407 8:44PM
Don't take time to choose what ones you want, just buy whatever you can or they'll all be gone - UTDISNEYFAMILY  1859.7 #89 8:57PM
Awwwwww!!  Thank you, secretagentangel for my !!  And thank you, Duchess_SMK for my Family Reunion pin!!  So fun!!  That was so sweet of the two of you!!!  πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ - MrsPrinceCharming 12:46AM
while we were all talking we saw you did not have any so we started sharing!!  I know you probably try to leave them for all of us but admin's wife cannot be pin or stickerless, it just cannot be!!!!:D - secretagentangel  3061.7 #43 2:09PM
Oh no! I was 25 minutes late! I forgot to set my alarm this time, I was at work....when will be the next v pin and stickers release?  - RapunzalK  196.7 #2008 1:56AM
It's been every Tuesday at 9pm for the last few weeks - Geekery  409.4 #528 6:42AM
Really? I'll try again next Tuesday, thanks!  - RapunzalK  196.7 #2008 8:18AM

 1859.7 #89 (DL Qual #46

August 25, 2013 8:47 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
This just in #DapperDay 2014 Feb 23 Book your rooms now. Grand $225 DL $185 PP $169.

I booked the grand for the weekend and I'm super stoked! Whoohooo! Been waiting since June!! - minnieMisty  275.5 #1078 9:13PM
2 days before my birthday! Hmmmmmmm.... PAGING DapperDad!!! - cynDOLEwhip  1175.5 #146 9:16PM
Those are great prices! But it's during Disney on Ice at work! Another item to add to my bucket list!  - ythdudette  1414.1 #116 8:54AM
Bump for @Apples2 - UTDISNEYFAMILY  1859.7 #89 7:44PM

 164.3 #2478 (DL Qual #1139

June 10, 2013 4:27 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
I apologize in advance if this post doesn't belong here but I have searched the lounge and read through all the rules and FAQs, as well as searched Facebook for the last hour and I cannot seem to find Mousewait Trivia. I really want an opportunity to earn some MW points but none of the links I have found have worked and Facebook searches keep coming up empty. Thank you for any help! - Linzee  1166.4 #148 4:44PM
Ah this worked! Thank you so much! :) - MallE  164.3 #2478 4:53PM
Linzee is very helpful, helped me with same prob. πŸ‘ - dumbbunny  627.2 #312 4:55PM
I just put the link on my's even easier now πŸ˜‚ - Linzee  1166.4 #148 5:00PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Linzee to funny! You're so awesome! - dumbbunny  627.2 #312 5:02PM
Takes one to know one...😘 - Linzee  1166.4 #148 5:03PM
Aw...I was just talking to my hubby about you yesterday. - dumbbunny  627.2 #312 5:08PM
Hmmm, when I just type in Mouse on FB it shows up. Officially called Disneyland Mousewait Trivia Challenge. - ShariRenee  7825.7 #9 4:30PM
Also get to the parks and enter wait times if you can, great way to earn points for this fabulous app! - ShariRenee  7825.7 #9 4:36PM
Hm still can't seem to find it. Is it possible that it only works on computers and not phones? That could be my problem. I wish I could be entering wait times haha, unfortunately I only make it to the parks once a year but I plan on contributing some live pics and wait times next time I'm there :) - MallE  164.3 #2478 4:41PM
I can only get it to work on my computer and only from the actual link or side bar link, not from the Facebook page. - starwarsmamma  561.6 #352 4:42PM
Yes, computers only. - ShariRenee  7825.7 #9 4:44PM
points??? so overrated. hahahaha jk, so many different ways other than the trivia to earn points. You need to be on a actual computer (ipad didn't work for me) Great information alread given to you. These - pinkmonkeys  528.7 #380 7:00PM
Haha shoot is that the wrong terminology? Well thank you, I actually got it to work on my phone thanks to Linzee's link :) - MallE  164.3 #2478 7:37PM
Im glad you were able to get on. There are so many amazing MWers with such great info. MW points is always a HOT topic.I was totally joking. I like points and did the MW trivia too. - pinkmonkeys  528.7 #380 9:36PM
iPad works for me - AdeVonSchweetz  319.7 #779 7:16PM
Me too. I haven't turned on my computer in forever. - annamichelle  234.5 #1527 7:29PM

Thanked by:   bckygnzlz05   phnxfyr  
 249.1 #1338 (DL Qual #1365

November 8, 2011 5:17 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Good morning, the end we're ALL fans of Walt's dream...we're ALL don't hate...MouseWait...!!! (-=3

VERY well said...great POV (POINT OF VIEW) :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7723.1 #10 5:20AM
I like your POV too. Great post. Hope it keeps going all day but I'm going back to bed. Oh, and a very Good Morning to all. - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID  1036.1 #172 7:00AM
Thanks, SUUZinOC and uscdisneyteacher...I hope this stays up all day as well...!!! (-=3 - CaptainJackSparrow  249.1 #1338 7:25AM
You are welcome...we need to be unidos : ) - uscdisneyteacher  7723.1 #10 8:01AM
One of my cheerleadrers cheers... Don't hate, don't hate, don't hate the great cuz the great don't hate. - Lifeguardmom  295.2 #921 5:20AM
We got 'bout you...!?! (-=3 - CaptainJackSparrow  249.1 #1338 5:23AM
Don't hate...MouseWait, I see a PSA in the near future... - CVDisneyland  406.8 #532 4:04PM
Cpt Jack...I absolutely agree....Thank you for the post! :D - Disney4ever55  205.0 #1906 1:16PM

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