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 330.7 #844 (DL Qual #711

January 19, 2013 1:31 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
✨✨WINNER Marzipan13 who entered for Starwarslove, you entered for HanlostLeia! CONGRATS HanlostLeia!!✨✨Finally made Star Wars Inspired charms!!! RAKing off a Leia charm! A simple add me will do. RAK ends Monday, January 21 at midnight. US only please. Good Luck!

Wow!! These are amazing! You are so talented! - RCmom  5235.3 #29 1:33PM
Those are awesome, please add me!!! - Goofygirlie  212.5 #1984 1:33PM
Thank you so much I'll pick it up on Saturday, and thanks to a good friend StarWarsLove - HanLostLeia  1098.3 #198 10:09PM
You're welcs. πŸ˜‚ - StarWarsLove  403.2 #633 10:39PM
Great see you sat! 😁 - StitchEars  330.7 #844 10:41PM
Thanks Marzipan13 and congrats Fredo! :D - StarWarsLove  403.2 #633 10:38PM

 72.8 #4348 (DL Qual #1965

January 16, 2013 11:36 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
I would like to say Happy 3year Aniv to my Han Solo (hanlostleia). I have been blessed to have this man as my hubby. I love you babe, and you are the love of my life. There is no other man in the world who could bring me as much joy as you have, I am looking forward to spending many more years with you, te amo mi amor para siempre. love always the pain in your butt wife

He's married?!?😱 You two-timer!😠😑 - ScubaSteve028  835.5 #262 12:03PM
meh - HanLostLeia  1098.3 #198 8:08PM
Awe I love you too Alex, thank you so much for putting up with me and my craziness. I love you so much my Princess, here's to many more years together my love. - HanLostLeia  1098.3 #198 1:09PM
Thanks, to everyone for all the kind words. - HanLostLeia  1098.3 #198 1:12PM
Happy Anniversary! Whishing you guys many more years of love and happiness together - LoneRAYnger  4262.3 #44 12:15AM
Happy anniversary to you both!! πŸ’—πŸ’— - MousekaNinja  422.4 #599 3:09AM

 746.6 #310 (DL Qual #218

January 12, 2013 1:55 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Live: Saw some crazy photographers on Splash! Chris, Rick, Roger.

Oh my... don't drop your lens Roger!!! - MEHlanie_Mouse  1117.3 #195 1:56PM
I told him to get on A utopia next Lol. Didn't go haha - RickChavez  3685.4 #49 4:24PM
Lol - JollyRoger5  4132.5 #45 4:56PM
Dude, you rock. Thanks for the pictures by the way. They are already adorning my office. - JungleBum  1044.2 #214 4:28PM
This one is so cool... Even Brer Rabbit looks scared!! 🐰😁 - wicked50  102.2 #3749 7:24PM
Wow, great shot! - HNL2SFO  296.3 #1057 9:17PM

 243.8 #1559 (DL Qual #2606

December 25, 2012 2:14 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Here is a fun challenge when you are in the park. 3 weeks ago we took our annual trip to DL and while we were there I searched for the letters of our last name in objects or places in the park to take pictures of. Then I made this picture as a Christmas present to my in-laws, who also love DL. We saw so many new details in the park because we were looking at things differently and this was a wo  More...

That's a great idea, I showed my husband and he wants to try it on our next trip.... especially since our last name is Jimenez too!! Merry Christmas :) - PaintingTheRosesRed  433.9 #576 9:26PM
Great last name! :). We found the J and E to be the hardest letters to find. Well, N was a little tricky too. If you find some good ones, I would love to see them. - chantelrj  243.8 #1559 11:31PM
So cute! Does the MW Flickr account still exist? If people want to submit original size photos of the letters that they find, we could have the whole alphabet available for everyone! πŸ˜„ - Polkadobo  385.8 #665 2:57AM
Great idea! - MXPrincess399  817.4 #271 7:38AM
That's a great idea, my last name will be Hernandez :) - KimmiKitti  54.1 #4948 9:30AM
I think MW has an Instagram account, not that I know how to use Instagram. - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  714.2 #322 9:58PM
Great idea and beautiful! - ShariRenee  14469.1 #6 2:15PM
This is really cool :) Thanks for posting! - KylaShea  632.7 #372 8:32AM
This is such an awesome idea and an awesome present idea! 😁 - uhhliana  32.9 #6195 9:27AM

 2418.2 #75 (DL Qual #349

October 5, 2012 6:49 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
sunset from dtd parking lot

Even the dang parking lot looks good!.. Lol - Twinklelashes  146.4 #2929 7:09PM
Nice Toph! - Tom  16796.9 #4 9:43AM
Gorgeous shot! - Duchess_SMK  6631.6 #23 9:58AM

Thanked by:   Tom   MrsPrinceCharming   Duchess_SMK   Armenda   chris.  
 580.0 #399 (DL Qual #315

October 21, 2012 6:13 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Live from DCA. Loving this cold weather right now!

Yay!! Fall please stay!! - MarshaMouse  5048.9 #31 6:15PM
Beanie and jacket weather, ftw - Jacqueline  580.0 #399 7:51PM
Beautiful picture girlie! - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #281 6:17PM
Pretty loving this weather also - Blkpearl  31.5 #6336 6:35PM
Love this! - sstarlight  324.7 #880 7:46PM

 1447.4 #137 (DL Qual #92

August 18, 2012 11:28 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
RAK - Eric Robison 50 year Anniversary History of Disneyland Print - Simple add me is fine. Random winner chosen tomorrow morning 7am!

Beautiful! Add me please. Thank you. - WishIWereThere  331.9 #835 11:31AM
I have just joined MW today and I see a beautiful picture like this! Worth joining already! Please add me. - sbrrs  3.1 #40233 9:22PM
Congrats - Chumash28  1977.4 #99 7:23AM
Congrats to TheNewTrent. - dimplesdanie  1236.9 #167 7:43AM

 13876.5 #8 (DL Qual #7

July 28, 2012 12:16 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Call me maybe

Call me ---> - MayBie  1885.6 #108 12:41AM
I thought of you! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  1191.5 #176 12:51AM
This song makes me think of you toooooo. - CptKirk  766.3 #297 1:21AM
Same here lol - rbeezy  703.0 #327 1:44AM
:3 thanks guys - MayBie  1885.6 #108 8:02AM
You owe me 2 minutes and 7 seconds. - Mouse4life  1850.9 #110 12:29AM
Add interest and it's more like 2 minutes and 10 seconds - Waites4DodgerEars_CM  1002.5 #224 1:22AMπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - misschurro  9360.1 #12 6:50PM
This is such a great video, have you seen it 😁 - Authayma  88.4 #3991 9:27PM

 749.0 #307 (DL Qual #219

July 16, 2012 2:35 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
IN PARK RAK!! Up for grabs today is this wonderful 1000 piece Disneyland puzzle. No Trent needed for this one. I'm sitting in Disneyland outside of a store that is also in DCA. Just find me and it's yours. Also, I'm a Power Ranger. You have 30 mins. Good luck!

On my way!!!!πŸƒπŸšΆπŸƒπŸšΆπŸƒ - djbreakdown  573.2 #402 4:21PM
Lol, I like how your emoji's take walking breaksπŸ˜‚πŸ‘ - ScubaSteve028  835.5 #262 4:28PM
RAK has been claimed by birthday boy ScooterMike : ) - uscdisneyteacher  9178.9 #13 4:29PM
Rad!!! - Dodger818  403.8 #631 7:24PM
Rad!!! - Dodger818  403.8 #631 7:24PM
You are a horrible little man. Lol - splashphotoCM  885.6 #245 9:50PM

 1885.6 #108 (DL Qual #335

July 11, 2012 9:50 PM  The Hub
COMIC CON Vinylmation! So here's the deal- Only the So Tasty vinyls are being sold at the Con. They are also giving out Green Ringer Tee Vinyl at random out. The rest (UP, Alice in Wonderland, etc) are being sold online. They are passing out these flyers at the con with this QR code. Every night at midnite a new vinyl is being released. It looks like you're able to buy 4 max per figure. Good luck!

With your smart phone download a QR scanner. It scans that little box and takes you directly to the site. - MayBie  1885.6 #108 10:06PM
Got it--thank you so much! I hope this helps collectors break through the eBay-ers a little bit :) - Spoonful_O_Sugar  707.0 #323 10:07PM - BooEve123  800.9 #278 12:20AM
bump - BooEve123  800.9 #278 12:21AM
It says not found! - GreenLantern  746.6 #310 12:22AM
item number 400006603517 - BooEve123  800.9 #278 12:24AM
Sorry guys SOLD OUT at of about 3 mins ago keep checking tho - BooEve123  800.9 #278 12:39AM
I missed them because I was on my phone trying to put my info in!! GRRR 😒😒 - SueBayou  2019.2 #95 12:46AM
😒me too - PinkElephants  745.7 #311 12:48AM
Ugh... Away to sad butthurt land we go. - GreenLantern  746.6 #310 12:51AM
Are you registered on disneystore? It makes checkout so much faster. - MayBie  1885.6 #108 12:57AM
if you are desperate - BooEve123  800.9 #278 12:58AM
gone :( - BooEve123  800.9 #278 1:00AM
^ for the morning ~ - MayBie  1885.6 #108 8:33AM
Hey Maybie if you end up grabbing any extra scented ones can you please let me know:) - BooEve123  800.9 #278 12:22PM
I mean oh so tasteys :) - BooEve123  800.9 #278 12:28PM

Thanked by:   PinkElephants   Spoonful_O_Sugar  
 1434.2 #139 (DL Qual #90

July 9, 2012 4:28 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Voices of Liberty Live!

Hi Erika!! It was nice meeting you at the porch last night! =) - FindMeAtTheCove  237.4 #1640 12:10PM
I really enjoyed their show in the Opera House as a prelude to Lincoln - Melody_CM  35335.9 #2 12:11PM
That was awesome! TY for posting. I love the 2 dresses on the left, the green and blue one! Disney knows ✨magic✨ - CM_tamstirr  560.5 #413 12:56PM
Oh.. thank you so much for posting this.. I am geeking out excited to see them perform! - MrsMears  217.3 #1911 6:51PM

 90.1 #3962 (DL Qual #1992

June 3, 2012 9:44 AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
In Park Rak: I am on my way to Splash Mountain. Password is Cheerleaders

I had that Moucercise LP when I was a kid. Bought it at DL too. Put the needle on the record. - ScooterMike  1963.0 #100 9:47AM
That is Awesome. I remember when mousercise was a tv show. I always wanted to wake up early enough to watch it. - aidensmama  340.3 #796 12:13PM
You always crack me up XD - misschurro  9360.1 #12 12:27PM
You crack me up too - ScooterMike  1963.0 #100 12:28PM
My work out tunes!!! Nooooo! Somebody find themπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ - ScubaSteve028  835.5 #262 9:52AM
Okay then meet me at the Fountain - mstiauna27  90.1 #3962 3:33PM
Be there in a minute! - djbreakdown  573.2 #402 3:34PM

Thanked by:   djbreakdown  
 3791.6 #47 (DL Qual #226

April 24, 2012 2:13 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Live: Matterhorn work in progress. I see new bobsleds!!

Ohhhhh Noooooooo!!! Your ruining the magic. πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.9 #306 2:14PM
*you're 😜😜😘 - AvidDisneyThrifter220  1405.6 #145 2:34PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - Spoonful_O_Sugar  707.0 #323 3:14PM
Ah snap! - donnievegas  1132.7 #192 4:47PM
LolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - SueBayou  2019.2 #95 5:15PM
Looks like they still have lotsa work to do! Looking forward to seeing the final product! Thanks Todd :o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  1191.5 #176 2:18PM
You're welcome!! Glad you like. πŸ˜ƒ - Mickey74  3791.6 #47 2:22PM
When will it open again? - Cinderella12  45.6 #119 8:25PM
πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸŽ’πŸŽ’πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ—»! - Plumiegirl  10879.1 #11 10:24PM

 13876.5 #8 (DL Qual #7

April 20, 2012 4:12 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Here are the recipes you’ll need to bring home the tastes of Napa Rose restaurant at Disneyland Resort! Learn how to whip up this SautΓ©ed Sea of Cortez Rock Scallop with Sauce of Lemon, Lobster, and Vanillaβ€”courtesy of Napa Rose Restaurant’s Executive Chef Andrew Sutton. SautΓ©ed Sea of Cortez Rock Scallop Ingredients: 12 each, large rock scallops or diver scallops 1/4 teaspoon, salt 2 tabl  More...

Tagged in: Food  
Great! Thanx :) - Addiction  55.3 #4894 4:16PM
I made reservations on line for the Napa Rose for the May 20th for our 39th anniversary. No call from Club 33. Maybe the 40th. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #245 4:22PM
And thanks Dave. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #245 4:23PM
Why how odd is it that I just happen to have these ingredients just lying around. Actually reading through it sounds easy enough. But only $17? - Butterlina  1653.3 #120 7:03PM
Lawdy the saffron and vanilla bean would be around thirty buckaroos. - Butterlina  1653.3 #120 7:06PM
I'm not bad in the kitchen so I'll give this a try. Thanks Dave! - RickChavez  3685.4 #49 7:04PM

 403.5 #632 (DL Qual #727

March 23, 2012 10:06 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
This video is hilarious! It's a parody of all the annoying guests at Disneyland. Brings up all the pet peeves for all of us that go to the park a lot! I've experienced a lot of these things and really wonder how people think this stuff is ok haha. Watch this if you need a good laugh!

"I changed my daughter's diaper while on Finding Nemo and let her stand up on the seat. Her **s touched the back of another guest's head. Then I left the diaper on the floor. That is someone's else's job to clean up." - Polkadobo  385.8 #665 10:26PM
Hahahaha! Gross yet funny - Elaine  411.4 #615 10:45PM
That was the part where I completely lost it. I laughed so hard I cried :) - CMshelleybee  428.1 #588 8:41AM
I was laughing so hard, no noise was coming out hahaha - JoeDownTheRabbitHole  403.5 #632 11:14AM
Dude, I'm dying over this!!  "I went to City Hall to get a GAC for the paper cut on my toe" - TheBudd  357.3 #743 10:13PM
"I refused to let them look in my bag at the checking table, it is an invasion of privacy. I had my Grandfathers ashes in there. I was going to spread them around Space Mountain, his favorite ride." I was crying I was laughing so hard hahaha - JoeDownTheRabbitHole  403.5 #632 10:16PM
Best part and oh so true - KylaShea  632.7 #372 12:24PM
The firework thing.....happens all the time! The worst I ever saw was this lady standing next to me tapped the woman on the shoulder to get her attention and said "You can't stand there...we've all been waiting here four hours or more" and the woman and her husband threatened the lady with assault for tapping her shoulder! They were escorted out in the end but not before the husband rudely shot back "God bless you lady, I hope you die in a car crash on the way home!" What is wrong with some people?! The sad part was they tried lying to the CM by saying they had been there all along. The entire crowd backed up the lady (who later mentioned she was a MWer :) ) I just can't believe some people... - Aquata  292.3 #1086 3:09AM
Some people reach that braking point of anger and just go off! People need to learn how to control their anger! At least they were asked to leave haha - JoeDownTheRabbitHole  403.5 #632 8:08AM
Hahahahaha the fireworks one is so true!! - Penguinn_CM  188.2 #2299 9:03AM

 377.0 #684 (DL Qual #802

March 9, 2012 2:03 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
#RAK in park find them and yell bromance and get a chewbacca backpack

Where ate u guys?? - MarshaMouse  5048.9 #31 4:16PM
The wookie did. :) Get one of those for tatum! - madsdad  1868.2 #109 4:35PM
OMG...they were eaten...Noooooooooooooooo!!!!! - uscdisneyteacher  9178.9 #13 4:37PM
800 and #55? Nice combination :) congrats! - MayBie  1885.6 #108 6:18PM
Yay 4 marsha!! *800* - donnievegas  1132.7 #192 6:21PM
WTG M-mouse!!! - VADERonSOARIN  543.0 #435 8:33PM
Awesome RAK!!  Wish I was at the parks!  :) - Willierose  2406.6 #77 2:06PM
WTG M-mouse!!! - VADERonSOARIN  543.0 #435 8:33PM
Thank you! I won one but I gave it to DG19 for her birthday! - PrincessDuckie  954.8 #230 9:09PM

Thanked by:   bobapetebot   KelleyandTyler22   Beckerina  
 13876.5 #8 (DL Qual #7

March 4, 2012 2:42 AM  The Hub
I just watched a really cool video that LaTruce put togther and edited of him, LonelyDriver, CMWalker, Ipocha and many other MWers during their experience of Leap year from staying the night to getting in the park at the break of dawn and then throughout the day with music by Five for Fighting" its a great day to wake up at Disneyland"....Great video Mark!!!! Love it  More...

Thanks! I wish I could have been there the whole 24 hours straight, but I couldn't handle it... but at least I was able to spend a good majority of it.
- LaTruce  2367.2 #80 2:48AM
I like the POV aspect of it as you were looking around, getting your buttons, cheers the drinks, high fives, etc video and good choice of music - Dave   13876.5 #8 2:51AM
Mark and drinks at DL go hand in hand. Why am I not surprised.. bahaha (: - Jacqueline  580.0 #399 4:00AM
P.s. There were so many proposals on Leap Day, props for catching one on video Mark! - Jacqueline  580.0 #399 7:47AM
You know I needed those drinks at that time.... - LaTruce  2367.2 #80 1:03PM
Great job capturing the fun. - Westcoast  199.7 #2147 7:44PM
Just now seeing this...great video! Makes me excited about my adventure this Friday. - Jewelz  557.9 #415 7:48PM

 916.9 #238 (DL Qual #262

January 28, 2012 12:26 PM  The Hub
Just in case you haven't seen this, Volkswagen's Superbowl commercial teaser: The Bark Side!! Soo epic! I want my dogs to learn this. Lol My favorite is the Chewbacca doggie!

I love this commercial it's so cute - Veronica21  167.9 #2597 12:27PM
This commercial is awesome! - KelstersInc2319  62.2 #4661 12:30PM
Lol!! - iPoca.  916.9 #238 5:39PM
I like the wookie dog - StitchEars  330.7 #844 8:47PM

 330.7 #844 (DL Qual #711

February 3, 2012 3:25 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
In park RAK!! First one to find us in DL gets a churro 😁

Ok, you two are adorable. Like, up there with SIC and Mr. SIC. - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #260 3:27PM
You guys are adorable!! Sweetest people ever too - MarshaMouse  5048.9 #31 4:31PM
What Marsha said! :) - Mickey74  3791.6 #47 4:33PM
I have to agree with Marsha :) - MrsSandcar13  628.8 #374 5:04PM
Now that's a cute couple. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #245 6:30PM
Adorable..... adorably untrustable..... and sneaky..... and totally fun to hang with!!!! - DuffysJuju  634.0 #370 6:31PM

 330.7 #844 (DL Qual #711

February 3, 2012 2:28 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Snow White huh?

WORTH IT! - chris.  2511.4 #71 2:29PM
Yuuuuup - djbreakdown  573.2 #402 2:31PM
Very worth it! - VfxGenie  1557.1 #131 2:37PM
Haha thats great - LoneRAYnger  4262.3 #44 3:42PM
Sorry you were told she had a boyfriend - puddy77  267.3 #1321 11:54PM
It was great meeting you guys!
- disneysgirl76  225.6 #1793 12:25PM

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