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 3537.8 #38 (DL Qual #14

November 24, 2012 11:00 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Here is a video of Screamin in the fog last night. Put my DSLR on my tripod and strap around my neck. The most super death grip ever lol. To watch the video click on the link. Enjoy

This is incredible Rick! This photo is amazing :) Great job, and glad you didn't lose the camera! - KylaShea  632.7 #301 11:01AM
Click on the link for the video - RickChavez  3537.8 #38 11:03AM
That just made my day. Screamin is my favorite ride! Made me feel like I was there :) Thanks! - KylaShea  632.7 #301 11:12AM
Love that picture! Sadly, I am definitely not brave enough to ride this thing. - leopardditz2000  789.6 #222 11:02AM
Cool video.. the fog makes it seem like you're indoors... I picture like the glass bubble from The Simpsons movie. - LaTruce  2314.6 #60 1:05PM
Epic! - Duchess_SMK  6197.3 #16 7:59PM

 802.0 #219 (DL Qual #341

October 5, 2012 8:32 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Saw these 2 lovely ladies at the entrance....missing someone though!

Amok, amok, amok. Love Hocus Pocus & the Sanderson sisters. - disneyfreakatbirth  277.0 #1038 8:51PM
"I put a spell on you!" - misseeyore  538.0 #368 8:35PM
These costumes are AWESOME!!!! One of my most favorite movies :) - TiggerBelle  515.4 #389 5:59AM
We just watched this movie the other day - Splashmountgirl  337.1 #678 6:16AM

 1035.8 #169 (DL Qual #137

August 17, 2012 8:25 AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Red sky in the morning at Grizzly.

Tagged in: Attractions  
๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ So pretty! - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4406.0 #27 8:29AM
Love that this is still on page 1 ๐Ÿ˜Š - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4406.0 #27 10:37AM
That is beautiful!! - WishIWereThere  289.4 #933 8:31AM
Ah-woooo! I love this picture :) - PumpkinweenieVelinee  2564.1 #47 7:41PM
Sooo amazing! - Goofy24  174.0 #2285 7:47PM

 1433.5 #107 (DL Qual #62

August 9, 2012 12:21 AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Perfect way to end the night! ๐ŸฆYummy ๐Ÿฆ

Mmm!! Yummy in my tummy tummy!! - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #221 12:23AM
Looks delicious and refreshing๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ - Luvvdisney  384.3 #558 12:24AM
Oh my lord! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ - nickb92  69.6 #4058 10:45AM
Add me! - VfxGenie  1556.4 #100 10:46AM

Thanked by:   dcatowerofterrorguy2011  
 5091.5 #21 (DL Qual #31

June 2, 2012 2:48 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Michael (a CM at the Merida Meet N Greet) explains to everyone how to correctly pronounce Merida's name.

Tagged in: Characters  
They should have an explanation for autotopia. - BCC  4783.2 #23 11:07AM
How fun! Can't wait to visit "Mary-da"!! - Gia  802.0 #219 2:55PM
Too Funny! - alankeno  57.8 #4350 12:37PM
This CM was so nice and funny!  He called me Hawkeye because I drew back the bow string to full tension and was surprised he was able to stop me from firing.  lol, they only want you to pull it maybe half-way, a little less. - TheBudd  357.3 #619 12:42PM

 573.2 #336 (DL Qual #203

April 11, 2012 4:41 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Didn't have a chance to post yesterday but here's a cool video of a guest and a cm playing some piano at coke corner!

Tagged in: Live Videos  
Holey cow that was AMAZING! Ragtime players blow me away and that was a great duo. Thanks so much for the video! - MoonWillow  381.3 #561 6:02PM
it says video unavailable?

- VfxGenie  1556.4 #100 4:42PM
OK it's working now....yay! - VfxGenie  1556.4 #100 4:50PM
Wow so cool! I love how at about two miutes in the CM puts his hand to his chin like "man this guy is good!" - Pintraderswife  468.3 #436 9:19PM
Great video!!! The song sounds like something that would be played in a piano dual. So fun to watch this, I could watch it a couple of times. - MrSIC  418.3 #502 9:36PM

 2418.2 #53 (DL Qual #270

April 22, 2012 12:53 AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Earlier from Carnation Gardens

It always amazes me that with such seemingly random foot/leg movements, nobody trips up over each other even when the person has their back to their partner and in close quarters - cesium55  531.8 #374 1:18AM
I hear this is gong away...the whole area? Or just the dance area? And does anyone know what might be replacing it? - Ms.Mouseketeer  1008.8 #176 1:08AM
I think I heard after next weekend they are moving it to downtown Disney, and they are turning this area into a princess faire thing. - B_Ryee  5.1 #17351 6:54AM
What a great video and such awesome dancers!  This kind of entertainment just belongs on Main Street and I'm sad that Carnation Gardens is going.   - MoonWillow  381.3 #561 11:40AM
I wanna dance like this.. but I got big feet.. and bad cordination. - CptKirk  766.3 #233 11:59AM

Thanked by:   lilo84   Boundin   HappyDance   12 More Thanks Cameo   Tom   Admin  

December 2, 2011 9:56 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
The MouseWait Story: This is actually an updated version of the video that was played at the Grand Californian at the 2nd Birthday Bash. There are a few retro pics at the beginning of the video and it summarizes the story about how MouseWait came to be. I also included images from the Birthday Bash. This video is in 720p HD, click on the 360 button on the bottom right of the video and select 720p   More...

Tagged in: Live Videos  
ADMIN~ Thank you so much for sharing this Mousewait History Videoclip with those of us who couldn't attend the birthday bash. I haven't had the priviledge of meeting you as of yet. I hope that soon I will so that I can personally thank you for such an amazing online community you created that I'm so very proud of belonging to so that we may all continue to share our love of Disney! - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  746.0 #242 10:11PM
this made me cry...again...very touching and i'm so happy to be apart of this amazing community!!!
- MermaidWithShears  1025.8 #172 10:04PM
Me too - DougR413  122.1 #3121 9:18AM
Thank you admin for this wonderful and amazing video!! It touches my heart to learn and appreciate the history of mousewait! Thank you for all your hard work!! You are truly amazing!! - nikole31  242.9 #1400 11:36PM
People tend to forget about the closeness people have developed and the family type relationships - LBChica  2390.6 #57 7:34AM

 34.3 #5354 (DL Qual #2654

November 9, 2011 2:37 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
sweet memories cake......delicious!

Tagged in: Food  
I want that soooo bad ! - Thegrumpyone  106.2 #3422 2:38PM
Wow-zers! I just gained 5lbs looking at that! Yummy ๐Ÿฐ!!! - calidream1  397.5 #538 2:41PM

 273.5 #1084 (DL Qual #3374

September 4, 2011 5:48 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Wow, did you know that the Carnation Cafe has other desserts? This was delicious! Warm apple pie!

Tagged in: Food  
That looks amazing! How much was that?? - SultanPprShkr  334.1 #687 5:49PM
7 bucks before discount :) - kemal007  273.5 #1084 5:49PM
Yuummyy. - ๎Œบreypunzel  4.3 #20855 10:47PM
That looks great but everytime someone says warm apple pie I laugh cuz of a certain movie lol - Vegaspooh  134.7 #2906 10:49PM

 43.0 #4874 (DL Qual #3373

August 26, 2011 9:08 PM  Food Reviews Land
Pastrami burger w/fries from Village Haus!

Tagged in: Food  
I think my eyes just had a heart attack! - BLG  1049.3 #166 9:10PM
I have to try this now - kcmulhern  354.3 #625 9:11PM
Thanks for posting this. I had no idea this was available at the park. I can't wait to try it on my next trip. - gus997  24.0 #6352 5:46PM
Looks awesome! Thanks for posting! - Mikesaxclar  629.7 #302 7:48AM

 3.1 #37568 (DL Qual #0

April 15, 2011 3:24 PM  Food Reviews Land fudge sundae...California Adventure. The perfect day to be here :)

That looks sooooooo good!!! - CaptainJill  42.2 #4910 3:27PM
 yum! Welcome!  - CravingDisney  150.1 #2661 3:30PM
Yummm that looks good - DisneyMM  116.0 #3248 5:26PM
Looks so awesome. - TenSixths  173.6 #2296 5:38PM

 311.2 #800 (DL Qual #4039

August 21, 2011 4:14 PM  The Hub
Mario89 & I had fun @ the expo :) Check out this Lightning McQueen out of Legos! Crazy!!

That is so awesone! My niece and nephew love the movies. - Disneyfan808  68.8 #4079 4:15PM
Very cool!! - JustGoofyDad  2184.0 #66 4:16PM
Ka-Chow! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5721.7 #18 6:39PM
Lol - catiem_CM  311.2 #800 6:56PM

 348.7 #639 (DL Qual #1026

August 19, 2011 2:34 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
***CLOSED*** WINNER IS....BREADANDBUTTERFLY!!! Text me your info within 48 hours please. Cannot wait to send it off! Do you love singing along to your favorite Disney tunes? I know I do! Just tell me what your favorite song is and i will pick a winner using my random # generator and ship any where in USA! RAK closes midnight 9/01/11 and winner will be picked 9/02/11. Good Luck!

My fave song to sing is so close from enchanted. I hate bein one of the first to post cuz they hardly win but add me anyways please haha thanks! - Disney-PINcess  251.9 #1284 2:35PM
My favorite song as the be Under the Sea. I love that song. Please add me, thank you!! :) - MisFit.Mouse  681.1 #275 2:38PM
Rak is CLOSED! CONGRATS B&B I miss yer nor cal booty!! Hope u come "home" soon!!! - NatalieluvsStitch  338.9 #670 11:10AM
๎€ for B&B! Congratulations:) - adriz  187.6 #2107 11:49AM

 760.3 #236 (DL Qual #995

August 20, 2011 5:53 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
This pin is from 1936 and is from Germany. It was given for free if you went to see steam boat willy.

noo wayy!! thanx 4 sharing (: - shainabay  150.1 #2660 5:56PM
oh wow!! thats really neat! I freakn love Steamboat Willie!!! he's my fav!!! :) - chickpea08  6.7 #13848 6:00PM
That is a really cool pin. - n.corvello  22.9 #6505 7:07PM
How special! :) - CoralsReef  319.2 #761 7:08PM

 308.3 #825 (DL Qual #1866

August 20, 2011 6:47 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land

"I look at you, and I'm home." - PixarDreamer  245.8 #1361 7:05PM
Ditto to PixarDreamer :) - CoralsReef  319.2 #761 7:08PM

 215.1 #1754 (DL Qual #4080

August 4, 2011 6:15 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Our first Mint Juleps. Very refreshing! =)

Mmmmmm. - mcarthy6  426.5 #480 6:16PM
Mmm I love those - princessVanessa  384.3 #559 6:18PM
Saw someone pour something in from a flask! Could it have been rum or whiskey?๎„ - MelindaLuvsDisneyland  256.6 #1242 6:47PM
Leaves u with fresh breath too - 1lvdsny  64.5 #4175 6:57PM

 14.4 #8312 (DL Qual #0

August 2, 2011 12:58 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
World of Color Picnic :) Can't wait for the show!

Hey, a helpful food pic! Thanks, I have never seen the picnic lunch before. ๎— - bluefairy  643.3 #296 1:44PM
Wow. You might be a little early - Tealtownfan  1015.6 #174 1:50PM
We did that today. We picked ours up and took it back to the hotel room. - vegasbrat  420.4 #498 5:56PM
I thought the same too, but we thought we went to just pick up reserved seating tickets until they asked if we wanted to eat now or later. Well, it happened to be lunch time and, well the rest is history :) - CrAzYbOuTmInNiE  14.4 #8312 7:33PM

 744.9 #246 (DL Qual #345

August 1, 2011 3:47 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Craving one of these!

I hear ya!! I think I could eat one everyday! - Storybrooke  681.4 #274 3:50PM
Me too! - ima-pirateswife  744.9 #246 7:12PM
Now I am too haha - Spiderbeth  215.1 #1754 9:37AM
Those look so good ! - justReggie  154.0 #2601 9:46AM

 5.4 #16470 (DL Qual #6370

August 1, 2011 5:51 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Yummy carnation cafe late lunch :) was so hungry

That looks so good. Enjoy - LBChica  2390.6 #57 5:52PM
Chili beans?? - MeAndMy3Girls  183.3 #2166 5:52PM
That looks so good! - ekwhite  473.0 #429 7:30PM
๎Œ‡carnation cafe is on main street not to far down when you come into the park on the left hand side, only had breakfast there so far but looking forward to the Matterhorn sundae๎Œท๎Œท - dizzylandjunky  224.9 #1624 7:35PM

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