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November 1, 2012 9:48 PM  The Hub
sunset over CA

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July 23, 2012 8:25 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Take me down to the Mad T. Party, where the drinks are sweet and the Hatters are Mad!!

Awesome Pic :) - joxua  107.6 #3638 8:26PM
Your pic looks like it came out of a magazine. Very nice job! - jonagurcia  264.6 #1332 8:37PM
Thank you very kindly!! I had a specific timing in mind and stood there for almost 10 mins taking multiple photos still i got what i wanted with nobody walking in front of me! - CupcakeJedi  391.5 #645 8:46PM
Take me, take meeeee! - Duchess_SMK  6631.6 #23 8:47PM
An incredible pic!! - Goofy24  174.0 #2478 8:51PM

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July 22, 2012 8:53 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Just spotted a cast member with a Harry Potter book, I know it's not Disney but pretty sick!!

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July 15, 2012 12:59 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#RAK. I found this Disneyland photo frame during my latest trip to Company D (Thanks to Ipoca😊) and thought it was pretty cool. It features poster art from the Disney Railroad entrance/exit tunnels and holds a 4x6 photo. To enter, just share which "land" holds the most sentimental value to you in the park😊 along with an "add me". Winner will be chosen Tuesday 7/17 around 6:00pm. Thanks and b  More...

This is SO cute, I love it! Please add me! Fantasyland is the most sentimental for me b/c that is where I spent the most time with my grandparents when I was a child. Thank you very much! - MinnieMousewife  928.2 #234 2:04PM
Fantasyland is my favorite, also😊. Every land has special meaning to me, but Fantasyland gives me that feeling that you just can't describe to anyone else. I could sit there for hours and take in all the sights and sounds. It's where fantasy meets reality and you can't beat that✨😊 - ScubaSteve028  835.5 #262 2:25PM
Very well said! I really like that...'where fantasy meets reality'!! 😊 - MinnieMousewife  928.2 #234 11:16PM
very cool,please add me. My fav land is fantasy land, that's where we spent our first day on our first trip ever and I still feel so sentimental everytime we walk through the castle. - madsdad  1868.2 #109 2:26PM
Please add me - my favorite land is New Orleans Square.  I just love sitting in the land, sipping on a mint julep, eating warm sugary beignets, listening to the lovely jazz music, and people-watching.  :) - Cameo  306.8 #979 4:07PM
Please Add Me! I want to say DISNEY"LAND" because the entire park just makes me feel so happy and even if there are a lot of stroller bumping, annoying crowd who will step on your feet,,,, at the end of the day, there is a smile in your face because DISNEY"LAND" just makes your day... (But if this is for a specific land within Disneyland, i will go for Fantasyland because of the architecture of it, and you arte like in a fairy-tale dream :) - otilegna  2860.6 #58 4:15PM

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June 4, 2012 8:07 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Who is camping out for the Carsland Opening? I want to do it.

Not I - ScooterMike  1963.0 #96 8:09PM
Not me!!πŸ˜„πŸ‘ - ReachForTheSky  676.2 #344 8:10PM
I'll be there at 5am with my best friend. 😲 Probably a bad idea, but we think it'll be worth it. - MissSwann  289.2 #1088 9:52PM
I'll be there Thursday night at around 730 - deadbolt1138  14.4 #9630 4:34PM

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March 4, 2012 6:03 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Wouldn't it be funny I'd when you got on finding nemo instead of the normal narration the started to play yellow submarine by the Beatles.

Erin would love that! ξ€™ξŒ¬ξŒ¬ - Spoonful_O_Sugar  706.3 #323 6:53AM
I thought the same πŸ˜ƒ - Jewelz  557.9 #412 6:57AM
 Hey--thanks for all the updates yesterday! I think I speak for many when I say that I appreciate you taking the time to take pictures and post for us! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  706.3 #323 7:00AM
You are very welcome! I tried to upload/post more but was having some issues. I originally went in to take pics w/ my real camera. I was actually making a collage of Splash when I read, on MW of course, about the park closure. Since I was alone yesterday morning, it was nice to keep in touch w/ MWers. - Jewelz  557.9 #412 7:05AM
ha! thought of Erin, too! and yes, thanks jewelz- amazingly cool pics. how many rides/ attractions did you get to go on and was it weird when guests were finally let it? - misschurro  9170.5 #12 7:17AM
HMACIF - I didn't ride as many rides as I should have. I rode Splash twice, BTMRR twice, Space and Peter Pan. It was surreal. I left just about when they starting letting people in. I needed to get ready for Club 33 ☺ The CMs were handing out balloons to kids as they came in, thought that was a nice touch. - Jewelz  557.9 #412 7:35AM
i was gonna say... musta felt surreal. Like, you think it would be so cool and great, but it's also odd. Glad you shared with us :) - misschurro  9170.5 #12 8:40AM
That's totally what I'm gonna tell my wife when we go for our first trip. - marinepuma  226.6 #1773 7:16AM
i was gonna say... musta felt surreal. Like, you think it would be so cool and great, but it's also odd. Glad you shared with us :) - misschurro  9170.5 #12 8:40AM
Bump for Erin - E-Ticket  1642.2 #122 6:05PM

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March 4, 2012 7:49 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Thought this was cute!

The fact that I just read this to her voice made me vomit in my mouth a little πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - BooEve123  800.9 #277 7:58PM
Here's a mint. - NeverlandTink  423.1 #591 8:01PM
Thank you kindly - BooEve123  800.9 #277 8:02PM
I totally did - marinepuma  226.6 #1773 8:02PM
Why you....*shakes fist* - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #259 8:21PM
βœ‹ Sure did. - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #161 8:23PM

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March 4, 2012 7:49 PM  Disneyland Talk Land

During Christmas I always hope that it stops on Madame Leotra's room so I can see what are all on the cards on the ceiling haha - JoeDownTheRabbitHole  403.5 #625 8:01PM
Magic ruiner
- BCC  4783.2 #33 7:49PM
LOL!!! - MonteKristal  311.7 #947 8:03PM

 549.8 #421 (DL Qual #485

March 4, 2012 4:30 PM  Disneyland Talk Land

Too funny! This pic is gonna start rumors about how a Screaming car split in half, despite your best efforts of explaining! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  706.3 #323 5:24PM
So true. Yikes! lol - VeloMouseGirl  549.8 #421 5:28PM
Haha! You've done all you can do, lol! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  706.3 #323 5:38PM
Wait so it took off and left the last car behind? Did they immediately stop the ride? - ScubaSteve028  835.5 #262 5:17PM was a photographic accident. Too funny...i looked at the picture and said "huh?" - VeloMouseGirl  549.8 #421 5:20PM
Ohh I get it! Excuse me, I've only had 3 hours of sleep. Lol - ScubaSteve028  835.5 #262 7:46PM
That's ok. lol but I must admit I laughed when I read your post :-D - VeloMouseGirl  549.8 #421 7:59PM
Ohh I get it! Excuse me, I've only had 3 hours of sleep. Lol - ScubaSteve028  835.5 #262 7:46PM
That's ok. lol but I must admit I laughed when I read your post :-D - VeloMouseGirl  549.8 #421 7:59PM

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March 4, 2012 4:03 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
This is Pocahontas at thunder ranch.... Look close and find the hidden Mickey

But is it the Real Pocahontas? - PinkElephants  745.7 #307 4:05PM
πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - BooEve123  800.9 #277 6:51PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #161 6:53PM
oh snap! you went there! hahaaahaha - kristian  2004.9 #95 6:54PM
fo realz. hella. - PinkElephants  745.7 #307 6:58PM
I was just going to post thisπŸ˜‰ - Bambi.  605.0 #384 7:00PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’—πŸ‘ - iPoca.  916.9 #237 7:01PM
Hollaaaaaa!!! - caramiapooh  4488.5 #38 7:08PM
She's smiling! What a sweetie! - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #259 4:04PM true! :) - PinkElephants  745.7 #307 7:10PM
I've heard there is a much more interesting pocahantas that frequents there lol. - madsdad  1868.2 #109 7:11PM

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March 4, 2012 12:09 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
I just heard about a super cute magical Disney moment and i thought i would share it! there was this little boy about 4 years old and i believe his name was max and he was visiting from Canada with his family. his family walked into a paradise pier store and a cast member asked how they were doing. they said they were doing great but it was there last day there and they still have not seen Ariel.   More...

Oh. My. Goodness. THIS is why I love Disney! - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #232 12:11AM
Awww this story is too cute! I love how Disney always makes little kids dreams come true :) as for me, just being at the parks is magical 😊 - AnaheimsMom  244.0 #1547 12:11AM
That's so great! :)  - sarahbeth  6.5 #16525 9:45AM
Disney Magic is wonderful =) - KylaShea  632.7 #369 9:53AM

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March 4, 2012 3:14 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
For those that can't make it to the parks as often; I recorded the entire 10 minute new video preview of CarsLand that debuted on Friday in the Blue Sky cellar at DCA...Enjoy part 1

Very cool video.  Can't wait to see Carsland completed.  Seems just a short time ago got to see the model for it at the D23 expo!  Thank you for posting. - Willierose  2406.4 #75 3:29AM
part 2 is being uploaded as well - Dave   13876.5 #7 3:30AM
I noticed that. It ended at Luigi's Flying tires.... - Willierose  2406.4 #75 3:35AM
part 2 is being uploaded as well - Dave  13876.5 #7 3:30AM
Very cool! I love how when the persons name comes on its the lettering of a license plates. Im excited! - SerenaDufon  127.8 #3230 11:20AM
Ah cool Dave thanks, it was closed when we were there. - donnievegas  1132.7 #188 11:23AM

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March 3, 2012 7:20 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Just saw a preview for Frankenweenie. Who else is excited to see this film? Might make a Disney trip the weekend it comes out lol

I did and I'm so excited for it. I'm glad its in claymation. I've always loved this story. - DisneyRose  247.9 #1501 7:35PM
They have a book about it? - tigntink  197.9 #2152 8:54PM
I first saw it as a mini movie in NBC's original DVD. It wasn't claymation there though; regular actors. - DisneyRose  247.9 #1501 9:23PM
Oh ok thought there was a book out. Was getting happy thoughts about going onto amazon lol. Oh well... Lol - tigntink  197.9 #2152 9:35PM
They have a book about it? - tigntink  197.9 #2152 8:54PM
We just saw the trailer too! Cant wait to see it too! - jjdq  338.0 #804 9:33PM
Oh ok thought there was a book out. Was getting happy thoughts about going onto amazon lol. Oh well... Lol - tigntink  197.9 #2152 9:35PM

 16197.4 #4 (DL Qual #34

February 25, 2012 7:07 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
To regulate over crowding Disney does a few things: Level 1: Normal entry and re-entry to the park Level 2: The park stops selling admission tickets (about 60,000 guests) Pass Holders and pre purchased tickets are still allowed entry. Level 3: Admission only to hotel guest and readmission, with hand stamp for Pass and ticket holders. (about 75,000) Level 4: Close the park no one enters the park.   More...

Great info! Thank you for posting! - Gia  802.2 #276 7:13PM
Great info, and during the holidays, I have been told to always get a handstamp even though we have passes. We did need it last year. - secretagentangel  11072.5 #9 4:40PM
Level 42. Because there's something about you, baby, so right. - Butterlina  1653.1 #120 4:20PM
Great information thanks!! - adisneyfamily  1092.7 #198 4:54PM
great info! thanks! - OhanaPhoto  7032.9 #20 6:17PM

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February 23, 2012 8:35 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Hahaha. My friends called this photo Zombie Fly Girl Minnie!

🎢🎢 It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark. Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart. You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it. You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes. You're paralyzed. 'Cause this is thriller, thriller night And no one's gonna save you from the beast about strike. You know it's thriller, thriller night. You're fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight.🎢🎢 - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.9 #301 9:43PM
YES!!!!! πŸŽ€πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ - iDreamAboutDumbo  331.6 #831 9:48PM
Lol had me singing it! - LoneRAYnger  4262.1 #42 9:48PM
LOL applause. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #243 9:52PM
I read this in Micheal Jackson's voice! - JoeDownTheRabbitHole  403.5 #625 9:54PM
I don't like the video but love all MJ's old school songs. lol - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.9 #301 9:55PM
@jdtrh i was singing it in michael jacksons voice lol - LoneRAYnger  4262.1 #42 9:55PM
I know that whole dance by heart. It's one of my secret talents! πŸ˜‚ - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #280 9:55PM
Thank you splashphoto lol - LoneRAYnger  4262.1 #42 9:57PM
I never got into his music until after he died. I bought all the CDs and watched his movie the first day it came out in theaters. I went a little crazy haha - JoeDownTheRabbitHole  403.5 #625 10:00PM
Whoa whoa whoa romec... You don't like the thriller video?!?! - Slotherini  1079.8 #203 10:01PM
thriller video is a classic. - LoneRAYnger  4262.1 #42 10:03PM
Look out romec, gettin your MJ on girlfriend! - donnievegas  1132.7 #188 10:04PM
When it first came out it creeped me. I appreciate the history of the video as it was the granddaddy of music videos and stuff. I sort of like it now. - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.9 #301 10:18PM
You hear the door slam...and realize there's nowhere left to run... - Alicewhoareyou  2803.6 #60 10:24PM
You close your eyes...and hope that this is just imagination. - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #259 10:37PM
I still to this day cannot watch that video!! It scares the heck outta me!! - VintageMamaBear  307.8 #977 11:04PM
Mmmm brains - Mickeyimhidingtoo  34.0 #6066 8:38PM
Scurrry 😳 - michelIe  422.1 #594 10:42PM
I still to this day cannot watch that video!! It scares the heck outta me!! - VintageMamaBear  307.8 #977 11:04PM

Thanked by:   MonteKristal  
 6.3 #16863 (DL Qual #5885

February 21, 2012 4:12 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Anyone else really excited for this? Its comes out next year but I hope it will be good!

The original plot was going to take place in the future and mike and sulley come across Boo's own daughters door and how Boo's daughter tells her about the monsters that visit her at night and how Boo starts remembering when she was little but that was a no go . I actually think the new plot about them meeting in college will be pretty funny - DSNYCheeks3  868.1 #252 4:42PM
I think that would have been such a cute plot for the movie for Sully to go back and find Boo's daughter instead of Boo.. well maybe the next one will be based on Boo fingers cross.. - LovelyTiggerGirl  273.1 #1254 5:05PM
That would be...Peter pan. - bluefairy  643.8 #363 11:29PM
Supposed to be a prequel for Monsters Inc. The plot is supposed to be about how Mike and Scully met in their college days. Last I heard, the release date is Winter 2013
- BaseballMickey  8855.9 #14 4:17PM
You mean Sulley? ;) - Jaytasmic  373.3 #686 4:49PM
June 6th 2013. I think - dlmickeymouseCM  2405.6 #76 6:10PM
Scuuulllllllyyy! πŸ‘½ - cesium55  531.8 #442 6:18PM
Yes. Sulley. thanks - BaseballMickey  8855.9 #14 8:06PM
I'm very excited about this! The original is my fave Disney movie. - KelstersInc2319  62.1 #4645 8:38PM
That would be...Peter pan. - bluefairy  643.8 #363 11:29PM

Thanked by:   jessica1123  
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February 21, 2012 6:21 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Live from the cove....wait who invite him

There are kids here!!! You're in Disneyland!!! There are kids here!! - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #161 6:26PM
Do u even know where ur at sir? Ur at Disneyland they are kids here! Drunk:yes I know where I am - princessVanessa  384.3 #661 6:33PM
Somebody help him!! There are kids here!!!! - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #161 6:34PM
Where is the security?!?! If I would of there I would of turned into Bon qui qui and be like we need sacurity up in hur sacuritty! - princessVanessa  384.3 #661 6:37PM
Heyyyyyyy...... - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #161 6:41PM
Somebody do something!! - Cherry91  434.2 #569 6:44PM
Watch out you almost made me spill my beer...ok well she didn't say that but it looked like she wanted to! - akpoppins  263.8 #1339 7:23PM
is it sad that i can hear her obnoxious voice while reading this? lmbo! - Armenda  1186.0 #175 7:49PM
lol Armenda I was thinking the same thing! - SammyJo  348.7 #767 11:22PM
If so, we can be sad together - cesium55  531.8 #442 11:24PM
And that girl who was yelling had a beer in her hand when the camera turned at the end. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #243 11:15AM
Somebody has been drinking VODKAAA!!! - KAJi  551.0 #419 6:30PM
That line was so odd - cesium55  531.8 #442 6:36PM
That was dumb lol! And then they say this fight was epic - princessVanessa  384.3 #661 6:38PM
Not an epic fight. I was in a bigger brawl when I was 16. This was a drunk moron, abusing our DL CMs. He is epic though. An epic loser. - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #161 6:43PM
They shouldn't of said it was an epic fight - princessVanessa  384.3 #661 6:49PM
Young and silly. *sigh* πŸ˜’ - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #161 6:52PM
I'm younger than them and not that silly... I think they dipped into the vodka themselves. - SteamboatMinnie  310.6 #954 6:57PM
I'm younger then them too it's a shame that they had to add there 2cents - princessVanessa  384.3 #661 7:00PM
yes someone should of mace the screaming lady. - VfxGenie  1557.1 #131 11:44AM
He'll have a double shot of Pepper spray. - vincentchase1  672.9 #346 11:48AM

 3791.6 #47 (DL Qual #225

February 2, 2012 7:39 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Buzz is taking a shower.

Lol! Is he singing? - DisneyPhotoFan  920.2 #236 7:40PM
Lol XD - JazzSingingMermaid  338.6 #801 7:42PM
Now that's interesting! Might as well update the targets while he's showering! - LifeyLand  82.1 #4124 7:50PM
Haha nice!! 😜😜 - disneykid80  9.1 #12823 7:55PM

Thanked by:   MrsStrawberryGuy  
 945.0 #232 (DL Qual #306

January 21, 2012 10:37 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Astro blaster meet up! Sound off if you're here!

There I am with brown hat, black jacket laughing at Sam behind the FP machine. Oh how MW makes me laugh in and out of the parks. So nice to meet new people an see my beloved MW friends and family - MarshaMouse  5048.9 #31 12:02AM
Oh and Tatum knocked out on the stroller - MarshaMouse  5048.9 #31 12:03AM
We had to get tatum in his stroller in the picture! Lol too funny - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #232 12:47AM
Tatum asleep with his new pal by him - HanLostLeia  1098.3 #195 2:39AM
BFF's! - Ricko19  818.1 #270 3:21AM
I see lots of friends! - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID  1036.1 #215 10:39PM
Hi Suuz! - Sandcar13  1408.2 #141 1:53AM
Maybe I wanted to meet mayBie, but maybe MayBie didn't wanna meet me :( - Ricko19  818.1 #270 1:45PM
Does he like Beauty and the beast? If so, how bout HairTodayGastonTomorrow - Ricko19  818.1 #270 1:47PM

 7.6 #14627 (DL Qual #7205

January 15, 2012 9:04 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Up for trade. Email offers to [email protected]

Are you looking for something specific? - pattyhill  166.9 #2608 11:20PM
Yea what are you looking for? - mhott  87.0 #4007 11:37PM

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