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 1885.6 #98 (DL Qual #306

September 3, 2012 4:27 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Live- BEST BRUSH EVER. It even says Dinglehopper on it! :D

You can find it at embarcadero across from the Little Mermaid attraction~ - MayBie  1885.6 #98 4:32PM
I really want a thingamajig too - MarshaMouse  5036.3 #28 5:30PM
Don't u already have 20? πŸ˜‰ - dimplesdanie  1236.9 #156 5:49AM
But who cares? - PrinceTeaJack  948.5 #215 6:45AM
Its, no big deal. - AndieHawkins  366.6 #669 7:56AM
she wants more. - MEHlanie_Mouse  1117.3 #178 9:33AM
What a about whozits and whatzits? - Duchess_SMK  6603.9 #19 9:37AM
I wanna be, where the people are. - BettyPoop  237.5 #1584 9:38AM
no big deal... - SammyJo  348.7 #729 9:42AM
I wanna see, wanna see 'em dancing... - disneymomma87  218.9 #1830 9:53AM
No big deal. I want more. - HalfCaff  682.9 #322 6:04PM
They are sold out of this at Embarcadero. - moomooluvr  293.2 #1038 10:41AM
Nooooo!!!! I hope they have more by Saturday! - SPandEvLover  4840.6 #30 11:29AM
Oooh! Wonder if this would make brushing my 3 year old's hair easier? She would rather play than have her hair brushed ;) - Autoalice  161.4 #2636 11:32AM

 8087.6 #13 (DL Qual #6

August 25, 2012 2:37 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Live from the Fire Station

I love listening to them. They make me happy! - VeloMouseGirl  549.8 #411 2:38PM

 7871.0 #14 (DL Qual #4

April 9, 2012 2:04 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
trashin the camp...

So much fun!  thanks ! - dawna  290.0 #1052 2:28PM
great video  - Cherry91  434.2 #544 2:28PM
That was great. One of my daughter's favorite places, she had a smile from ear to ear watching that video. Thanks! - angryduck  143.1 #2933 7:11AM
Awww thanks! Gunny how Lil and Baby''s hands started beating on the drum :) - misschurro  7871.0 #14 11:02AM
*funny - misschurro  7871.0 #14 11:06AM
This is a fun place to visit- if you have not been here lately, check it out 😊😊 - misschurro  7871.0 #14 7:43PM

 2511.4 #64 (DL Qual #50

April 9, 2012 11:23 AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Live with Mickey and friends!

Awesome these are quality pics !! Very nice ! - DisneyByMarco  1406.9 #135 11:24AM
Oh my gosh so cute!! Love it!!! - UrsulasTwin  323.7 #846 11:25AM
Wonderful pics there Chris. - HenDog  90.4 #3879 9:37AM
love love this! - ernaleee  137.8 #3020 10:36AM

 2511.4 #64 (DL Qual #50

April 9, 2012 10:00 AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Live from Big Thunder Mountain!

Tagged in: Attractions  
Whoooo BTDU!!!! ;D !! - iPoca.  916.9 #221 4:44PM
Thunder down under! - chris.  2511.4 #64 7:40PM
πŸ˜ƒWOW!!! - Butterlina  1623.4 #118 10:01AM
Best ride ever...
- BUSCH_WACK  5.3 #18772 4:51PM
Love this!!! - Stumickey  292.0 #1045 7:42PM

 2004.9 #91 (DL Qual #137

April 9, 2012 4:24 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Beautiful and secluded pond right in front of IASW. peaceful indeed.

Very nice especially the pink flowers!!! - iamdugsmaster  878.8 #228 4:25PM
🌺Wow, this is amazing!🌺 - Nala  386.0 #629 4:29PM
Thanks nala! - kristian  2004.9 #91 6:46PM
Pretty! I love that spot. - BRabbit  796.3 #260 6:51PM
Beautiful.... Thanks for sharing - mommyland  289.4 #1055 6:54PM

Thanked by:   Tom   LiZo   RCmom   8 More Thanks WFSCHR8R   aHHHHnuH   roliepolieolie  
 2818.9 #54 (DL Qual #44

April 9, 2012 4:04 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
After I posted Donald Duck's different angle, here comes Minnie Mouse... Here she is thinking, "Someday My Prince will come!" ( taken last Sunday 08April2012)

And just when I thought every photo possible has been taken at the hub. Love it! - DownTheRabbitHole  310.2 #927 8:10AM
thank you... I guess one of the most photographic area of DLand is the hub! The FLowers are sooo LOVELY! it is like a World full of Colors! And the different statuettes, they have their own story - otilegna  2818.9 #54 3:57PM
Butt bows are all the rage! Such a cutie! - DuffysJuju  629.3 #356 8:12AM
She is fashion forward! - MrRogers  4.3 #23157 8:23AM
aww i love the word, Butt Bows! - otilegna  2818.9 #54 3:57PM
Nice buns!! - dug_one  2409.8 #68 6:49PM
Um, yeah, no.... Pleae edit this. Thanks. - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #152 6:51PM
Please even. - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #152 6:51PM
wait,, which one should i edit? - otilegna  2818.9 #54 8:25PM
Not you otilegna your good. - donnievegas  1132.7 #176 8:37PM
WHAT? You can read her mind? That's nuts - Mouse4life  1681.4 #111 6:50PM
HAHAHA! yeah well she is really thinking about her prince... but it can be "Where is my Churro!" - otilegna  2818.9 #54 8:26PM

 1175.7 #165 (DL Qual #146

February 27, 2012 12:39 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
IF YOU ARE IN THE PARK, SCREENSHOT, The network isn't always working! #Leap Day MWer Meet-ups! Itinerary for One More Disney Day. Please keep bumped! β€’8:00pm Jungle Cruise hosted by deltachiq with Skipper CMBaloo β€’9:30pm Peter Pan hosted by Maybie β€’11:00pm Astro Blasters hosted by VfxGenie with AWESOME prizes for 1st-3rd place! β€’12:30am-1:30am Fantasmic! β€’1:30am Splash Mountain host  More...

Tagged in: Leap Day  
What is required to "host" an attraction? Will they have hors d'oeuvres and party favors to hand out?
- PrinceCorey  4599.8 #33 7:41AM
Now I want to make cookies for my meetup... - MayBie  1885.6 #98 7:44AM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚PC😘 - toph  2418.2 #67 7:46AM
Please host a classy event PC! - MayBie  1885.6 #98 7:53AM
@MayBie, I'm trying to avoid spending 24 hours in a tuxedo! - PrinceCorey  4599.8 #33 8:09AM
That would be so Dapper of you!! - ohhhtoodles  365.2 #674 8:09AM
Just get a tuxedo T-shirt. - maxinerenton  422.7 #565 9:20AM
We're on it! We have over 100 pirate eye patches! - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #165 9:22AM
Tuxedo shirts are the very definition of class. At least that's what boys at my senior prom thought - KylaShea  632.7 #355 9:30AM
PC πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - Dahulagirl  1055.6 #194 1:29PM
I'll be expecting canapΓ©s and crab cakes, pc! - bluefairy  643.8 #345 5:15PM
***Bump for those in the parks*** - donnievegas  1132.7 #176 11:41PM

If y'all cruise by the Jungle at any point give me a shout out. I would love to see some MWrs.

- JungleBum  1027.9 #201 8:11AM
Sounds great! Somebody get on this! - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #165 9:21AM
How about this......after POTC we head over and take a cruise through the jungle?? - VeloMouseGirl  549.8 #411 9:29AM
There's a HM meet up at 3 - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #165 9:35AM
Then after haunted? I misread the list..meant to suggest out between the last planned meet up and the sweeper train......sorry - VeloMouseGirl  549.8 #411 9:38AM
Oh good to know you are working Baloo...I will try to come by to say hi! Not sure that I'll make it to any meetups since I will be with a group if family but sounds like a fun night! Im getting excited! I will be there tomorrow! - yellowtonka  244.7 #1495 9:45AM
What about doing it before POTC?? So that way it'll be the Jungle Cruise, POTC and the HM..just a thought - LovelyTiggerGirl  273.1 #1223 9:51AM
Peter pan is notorious for a long line. - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #165 10:45AM
**Trying To Keep This 1st Page For Those In The Park** - donnievegas  1132.7 #176 11:58PM
**Trying To Keep This 1st Page For Those In The Park** - donnievegas  1132.7 #176 11:58PM
We still doing Splash @ 1:30? - iFramedRogerRabbit  1957.6 #95 1:20AM

 410.1 #587 (DL Qual #1169

February 14, 2012 8:20 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
WINNER!!! Thank you all for entering, the winner is cyndelgrace who entered for jamielynn! Please text me your address and I will ship it asap!! Today we had a wonderful experience on the Walk in Walt's Footsteps tour, at the end of the tour when you have lunch together our guide passed out a pin to everyone who was on the tour. I'd like to RAK one since we don't need two. It says A Walk in W  More...

The pin looks much better I'm person! - LisaMouse7531  410.1 #587 8:21PM
Please add me!  Thank you very much. : )
- JediDug  302.1 #973 8:27PM
Thank you sooo much Cyndlegrace! It was so sweet for you to have entered for me. Thank you so much Lisamouse7531 for this generous RAK. I can't stop smiling right now. This pin will be cherish for forever! THANK YOU! I e-mailed you btw. - jamielynn  163.3 #2608 3:27PM
Yay! So excited you won! - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #165 9:01PM
Yay! So excited you won! - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #165 9:01PM

 536.5 #426 (DL Qual #271

February 13, 2012 11:43 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
just a nice little story I'd like to share with you all :) so yesterday, me and Keelibelle were in line for the Aladdin show. Behind us was this very sweet mother, grandmother and daughter, the daughter was about 3 years old. I was wearing my Auorora princess crown and the grandmother asked me where I got it. I told her the bibiddy bopiddy boutique in DL, I told her they had many more but the loo  More...

This is such an amazing story!! And you know that little girl is going to remember you for the rest of her life too!! You are so sweet and I am so happy there are people like you in the world! 😊 I know I always make it a point to ask the kids around me standing in line who their favorite character is. I love seeing their face light up when they talk about them...makes me feel so happy. - AshleyLynn22  791.2 #261 11:58PM
Yes I have a story! I found a Mulan doll at Wal Mart from the Sparkling Princess collection last month. Mulan is very rare and this doll was so pretty I had only seen her one other time. Well I was standing in line to pay at the cashier and I set down my Mulan doll. I then noticed a little girl who was with her dad and she kept looking at the doll and looking at me. Looking at the doll and looking at me. Well the dad paid and were leaving. I paid in a hurry, grabbed the bag with the doll in it and ran after the dad and little girl. I asked the dad if he would let me give the Mulan doll to his daughter and he said yes. I then handed the doll to the little girl and she had a big smile on her face. It is better to give than receive. It was the best feeling on the world.  - MsDisneyLove  168.2 #2526 3:26PM
what a beautiful story! ❀ that little girl will remember you forever ☺ - PrincessMacy  536.5 #426 3:50PM
Another great story! Thanks for sharing, disneeluvr77! - onezerohero  174.4 #2415 4:34PM
What a great story and true RAK! Thanks for sharing! - luvMickey  583.6 #382 5:52AM
Ah.. so sweet of you Macy. That family will remember you for the rest of their lives! - Jacqueline  580.0 #385 5:56AM

 245.7 #1482 (DL Qual #1824

February 14, 2012 4:39 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
I took pictures of letters around DCA to make this collage. Happy Valentines Day MW family!

Hands you an A+ for this...Good job, llove the creativity
- Dave  13832.5 #4 4:50PM
Love it!! - KissDclown  1089.2 #186 5:06PM
Very creative!! Very cool!! :) - SarahLovesDisney  85.2 #3995 11:19PM
If you wanted to go even further with it you could take pictures of letters from some of the other places the two of you like to go or have gone to. For example, the sign of the resturaunt he took you to on your first date. - missyhidy  245.7 #1482 11:34PM

 629.3 #356 (DL Qual #770

January 7, 2012 9:29 PM  Food Reviews Land
Jolly Holiday Bakery: A lot of the newer fresh fare that has been making a hit in the park. A lot of the baked goods are the same as from the Blue Ribbon Bakery with a few new additions like flourless chocolate cake and Mickey head chocolate tarts. The oven roasted turkey is a turkey press, still tasty regardless. The accompanying chips are in fact made on site and fabulously crispy and salty. The  More...

Their chips are delicious! - ThatGuyWithNegativeMouseRank  535.3 #428 2:51AM
Thanks for the info ") hopefully with peoples comments they'll get better. I felt the same about the pasta at the one across silly simphony swings... Paradise something or other.. and I've noticed an improvement on the seasonings... - TikiJOSEsWingman  332.4 #791 9:37PM
I'm sure if you told them, they woul make a new one - Starr  550.3 #410 3:02AM
Yea... - melissa_ficent  322.8 #853 3:10AM

 332.9 #790 (DL Qual #855

January 2, 2012 7:44 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Just want to give a shout out to all the Cast Members who worked NYE and who will be working overnight when they normally do not in Febuary. Thank you so much, I know you get paid to do it but it still can not be fun and I appreciate all the hardwork you put into your job so that we can have a magical time.

Thank you to all the CM! :) - AnaheimsMom  244.0 #1505 7:51AM
Thank you CMs!!! πŸ‘ - PumkinQueen99  34.4 #5876 10:16AM
WOW!!! - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.8 #283 3:45PM
Really? If cast members treated it like just a job, we'd all be just another customer. Thank goodness that isn't the case. - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #165 3:49PM

 24623.0 #1 (DL Qual #54

December 23, 2011 7:14 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
The Wooden Toy Soldiers snuck out of Santa's Workshop to play

Awesome. Great entertainment. - jacdanfan  13438.7 #6 7:59PM
Great video! - Admin 8:05PM
I wonder what the audition is like for their drum line. That could be a sweet job. - Mikemcl  247.0 #1466 10:36PM
Great video - piratemom  467.6 #505 10:38PM

 341.4 #753 (DL Qual #545

December 19, 2011 1:32 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
new wallpaper :D. hahahaha

Poor little Shadowgamer! That boys always in trouble!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - SueBayou  2019.0 #90 1:45AM
This wasn't a punishment. It was propaganda to paste on planets that had started to rebel. - CM_Shadowgamer  2650.1 #57 8:40AM
Vaders punishment before he mastered the death choke. - JerrBear  103.7 #3652 1:36AM
Those WERE the droids we were looking for. Those WERE the droids we were looking for.Those WERE the droids we were looking for.Those WERE the droids we were looking for. - outatime  23.0 #7219 8:49AM
This is awesome! - donnievegas  1132.7 #176 8:51AM

December 13, 2011 8:51 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Richard Sherman plays "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" on Walt Disney's office piano, which served as the Sherman Brothers' stage for pitching songs to Walt during the pre-production of Mary Poppins. [VIDEO]

Awesome vid! Thanks Admin! - LBChica  2550.2 #62 8:56PM
That is a great video! Thank you!!! - Boundin  820.9 #248 10:21PM
Awesome video! Thank you for sharing. - CherryTreeLane  460.4 #513 11:35PM
This is great! Thanks!
- Song  2242.4 #77 10:59AM

December 2, 2011 9:56 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
The MouseWait Story: This is actually an updated version of the video that was played at the Grand Californian at the 2nd Birthday Bash. There are a few retro pics at the beginning of the video and it summarizes the story about how MouseWait came to be. I also included images from the Birthday Bash. This video is in 720p HD, click on the 360 button on the bottom right of the video and select 720p   More...

Tagged in: Live Videos  
ADMIN~ Thank you so much for sharing this Mousewait History Videoclip with those of us who couldn't attend the birthday bash. I haven't had the priviledge of meeting you as of yet. I hope that soon I will so that I can personally thank you for such an amazing online community you created that I'm so very proud of belonging to so that we may all continue to share our love of Disney! - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.8 #283 10:11PM
this made me cry...again...very touching and i'm so happy to be apart of this amazing community!!!
- MermaidWithShears  1025.8 #203 10:04PM
Me too - DougR413  122.1 #3281 9:18AM
Thank you admin for this wonderful and amazing video!! It touches my heart to learn and appreciate the history of mousewait! Thank you for all your hard work!! You are truly amazing!! - nikole31  242.9 #1525 11:36PM
People tend to forget about the closeness people have developed and the family type relationships - LBChica  2550.2 #62 7:34AM

 341.4 #753 (DL Qual #545

December 1, 2011 2:13 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
the life of a storm trooper.

That's a good one. lol - TheShow  214.9 #1894 2:13PM
Hahaha! 😂😂😂 - LBChica  2550.2 #62 2:13PM
😂😂😂😂 - dlmickeymouseCM  2405.6 #69 10:06PM
😊 - E-Ticket  1478.9 #128 10:08PM

 4409.9 #37 (DL Qual #16

November 25, 2011 8:43 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
7:30 Castle Lighting. Tree view!

I had no clue they have a separate thing on the tree!!! My eyes have always been glued to the castle! Thank you for videoπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨ - BooEve123  800.9 #259 11:54PM
Ditto! I'm turning around next time! - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #242 12:01AM
Thank you so much SIC for posting this!!! I love this and never saw the tree lighting before...caught the castle last yr but never turned around! Now I am blubbering llike a baby remembering the memories! :) - SillySwings  471.0 #500 11:55PM
Hi PC, get any cool things at Target? - Coaster  24623.0 #1 12:01AM
Ditto! I'm turning around next time! - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #242 12:01AM

 4409.9 #37 (DL Qual #16

November 22, 2011 11:49 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
☁ Snow from our last visit β›„

I'm getting so close to a 1,000! 😊 - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4409.9 #37 12:02AM
Beautifulllllll picture!!!! - Madimay  177.3 #2376 11:56PM
Beautiful :) - Nyghtngale  572.3 #391 12:04AM
I love blk & wht photos. They look nostalgic, like when Walt was there. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #227 12:05AM

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