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 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 24, 2011 4:45 PM  The Hub
Got ours last night and the popcorn was fresh

I want the popcorn ... - BibbidiBobbidiBoo  128.4 #3262 4:44PM
I want one!! - Hauntress  4.3 #24473 4:43PM
Got ours last night and the popcorn was fresh - Potsy1  139.9 #3071 4:45PM
I am totally going to get one oct 14th!!! - sweettasha  3.7 #29859 5:48PM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 24, 2011 2:44 PM  The Hub
I feel blessed today

Hey Vern! - GoofyJoe  1906.6 #107 2:44PM
I feel blessed today - Potsy1  139.9 #3071 2:44PM
Have fun and be blessed too god bless - princessVanessa  384.3 #683 4:48PM
Hey Vern. Have a wonderful time but be sure and give Vickie a hug from me when you get home! - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID  1036.1 #225 6:43PM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 20, 2011 11:02 PM  The Hub
Dont expect your typical overpriced bland food served at most entertainment facilities.the food is a lil bit pricey but definitely worth enjoying.

Just have fun. - maxinerenton  422.7 #614 10:49PM
Be sure to get a 1st visit button at city hall :) hope u hav a magical first time - dsnyboy319  4.0 #26801 10:55PM
Have fun!!!! - Off2Neverland  72.8 #4377 11:41PM
First time!! Make sure to use the heck put of the fast passes. You don't want to waste hours of your first day in the park in line. You can get them and use them any time after the first time on the pass. And I'm not sure on the exact time but you can get a new fastpass every hour or 2. -Jordan - tonyjord3  233.9 #1710 11:41PM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 19, 2011 10:57 PM  The Hub
I dig these MWer meetups.

Smell my finger it smells like chocolate - Stephen  284.6 #1171 10:02PM
One two three four, I declare thumb war. - PopcornYeti  378.6 #697 10:02PM
Not a caption . But this reminds me of pulp fiction for some reason. - staygoldponyboy  13.0 #10479 5:59AM
So Abe... can you uh.... get me into Club 33? - scoot  287.1 #1138 6:08AM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 18, 2011 9:37 AM  The Hub
Cant wait.Going at noon today and looking to go to HM and GG.Add some fireworks and im set.

Cant wait.Going at noon today and looking to go to HM and GG.Add some fireworks and im set. - Potsy1  139.9 #3071 9:37AM
Have a great day! - Cinderellamomma  293.5 #1098 9:46AM
Nice - mcarthy6  426.5 #609 9:48AM
have fun!! - PrincessMacy  536.5 #458 9:53AM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 24, 2011 4:43 PM  The Hub
Yeah. You really got to love your fried foods to enjoy a Monte Christo.used to be one of my favorite things.not so much after I hit 30

Did you not know what it was before you tried it? I probably would have felt the same way but fortunately saw it in advance, heard what it was and decided it wasn't to my taste. I'm sorry about your experience though. - SorcererMky  306.1 #1015 5:56PM
Most of my family are from Louisiana, so I'm really picky when it comes to gumbo and monte crisco. The gumbo is amazing, but not better than my grandmas. The Monte Crisco is amazing! But if you are not use to this kind of food, then you won't like it at all. I guess you could called it an acquired taste. I'm from the south, so I'm use to eating food that could possibly kill me at any moment, lol. :P - Nyghtngale  572.3 #416 5:39PM
I was a child the first time I had a Monte Cristo but I did share it with my sister then. I'm not a fan of Cafe Orleans, never had a good experience there. - theDebsterM  138.2 #3098 7:28PM
I had the Monte Cristo yesterday. Our service at Cafe Orleans was great. It was even better than the service we received at Steakhouse 55 the night before. I'm sorry you had a bad experience! :-( Maybe we just went at a good time. - hunnybee7777  242.4 #1607 7:30PM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 15, 2011 10:27 PM  The Hub
Coffee cart at the end of main street

Coffee cart at the end of main street - Potsy1  139.9 #3071 10:27PM
Blue ribbon bakery, main St.  - Duchess_SMK  6634.7 #24 10:27PM
Also the cart in DCA before you enter Paradise Pier - ilovemickey8  324.8 #900 7:11AM
Blur Ribbon Bakery - angryduck  143.1 #3014 7:22AM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 13, 2011 11:41 PM  The Hub
No but I got pinochio planned in the next few days

Tangled - mcarthy6  426.5 #609 11:36PM
No but I got pinochio planned in the next few days - Potsy1  139.9 #3071 11:41PM
I always have the original alice in wonderland and the nightmare before christmas on my tivo watch them all the time when i cant sleep - cheryl2324  248.4 #1523 12:24AM
Love watching disney movies just not when my husband sings each song out loud. - maxinerenton  422.7 #614 12:31AM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 13, 2011 11:33 PM  The Hub
Sunday it was star tours.my daughters wanted to close the park

it's always different. my favorite last ride was when we got to do Splash twice in a row back in January. We were the 2nd to last log of the day. So fun. - Jillian  767.1 #307 10:36PM
usually its indy but last week it was big thunder mountain railroad. - Plumiegirl  10912.5 #11 10:45PM
I always ride the train all around the park starting and ending at main street then go back to the castle and hang out there for a little bit then go back down main street and go in all the stores and look around at everything!!hahahahahaha. - akeleh  293.5 #1099 11:51PM
Peter Pan!! Always got end in Fantasyland for me =] - MrLeeFromDisney  263.7 #1373 11:58PM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 14, 2011 6:22 PM  The Hub
No response! I would expose them if it has been a week and no rrsponse.they are just rude.you don't get busy and forget about a trade.

Did they send a delivery confirmation number? - JessicaRabbit33  670.3 #360 3:15PM
Oh no really!!! I hope they send it not very nice if they don't! Did you send your out? - Jackie211  483.3 #518 3:16PM
Wait 1 more week, if you hear nothing i would "rat" her out. Its not really ratting someone out though, just letting everyone know to look out for that person and them being greedy - TinkgirlMel  178.0 #2445 8:04PM
I think I will text some of the bigwigs of MW and see what they say. - Chumash28  2222.7 #89 5:20AM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 10, 2011 11:15 AM  The Hub
Muscleandstrength.com visit the forum

I can help you. First, don't do it just for a girl, do it for yourself. Second, how old are u, your height and weight. TXT me if you'd like. I'm not a personal trainer but I consider myself a fitness enthusiast and both my husband and myself love to lift weights. - Yoshi  257.6 #1424 11:06AM
In the future, please make sure you post things like this in The Hub and not Disneyland Talk Only. Thanks! - BreadAndButterfly  505.4 #495 11:14AM
Bodybuilding.com is a great resource. - donnievegas  1132.7 #202 11:30AM
Hire a trainer and a relationship expert...a girl should like you for who you are (confidence in being who you are is most attractive)..not how much muscle you have....IMO - iyuzMickey  519.6 #478 11:48AM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 9, 2011 4:35 PM  The Hub
No plaids?

My mom loves him. He looks different. - MagicalCaprice  480.7 #522 1:58PM
Ooohhhh wow! He does look different I did a double take! - Storybrooke  681.4 #354 1:59PM
Cool picture!! - Ericksenator  378.2 #701 4:32PM
No plaids? - Potsy1  139.9 #3071 4:35PM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 8, 2011 6:52 PM  The Hub
Almost there

 - mcarthy6  426.5 #609 4:53PM
How exciting - sumer18  25.0 #7200 5:03PM
 yay! - CaliAdventure  225.3 #1822 6:56PM
It's so purty! - DisneyBride°O°  450.3 #576 10:02AM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 8, 2011 6:53 PM  The Hub
Still can't believe it is that empty

Again...love!!! - poppet  19.7 #8203 3:10PM
EM-PTY!!! WHY AM I IN AZ RIGHT NOW?!?! - MissMadamLeota  151.5 #2872 3:12PM
Man that is superb! Have fun! - TinkgirlMel  178.0 #2445 1:13PM
Wow!! I can't wait to be there again!! Exactly 1 month from today and for the next 3 days after my boyfriend and I will be at DL!!! Super super excited!! - roses4u2  153.0 #2846 1:20PM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 8, 2011 1:17 PM  The Hub
Love the dessert portions.I would eat those first before my kids asked for a bite then offer to share the salad

Tagged in: Food  
Oh yes indeed! Looks so amazing!!! - poppet  19.7 #8203 1:00PM
oh man that puts my lunch to shame! - Arbey  151.8 #2868 1:12PM
That looks yummy! I haven't eaten there since they've changed the menu, haven't had a chance. - mandigutterrose  156.5 #2796 3:00PM
That look good man what I'd give for some of their sweet potato fries and onion rings.The lemon cupcake was a bit too sweet but still good and of course the restaurant place and atmosphere is great.Can't wait to go back - soarincyn  114.5 #3539 3:10PM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 7, 2011 10:31 PM  The Hub
Saving my good tickets for late night rides

I remember being really little with my family & taking the Skyway through the Matterhorn. :) - mcarthy6  426.5 #609 10:24PM
Mine is being SO excited to go. Not being able to sleep the night before. My brother &u I sneaking into each others room so hyper. Then just getting there &u walking thru the gates! Still my fav part! - DisneyBelle  18.3 #8553 10:27PM
@mcarthy don't remember the skyway, I was 3 when they took it out so I'm not sure if I ever rode it @DisneyBelle lol I still get that way! @Jasminnie not sure if I ever saw it on Main Street, if so it was just once but I definitely saw it at DCA - dlmickeymouseCM  2405.6 #80 10:29PM
Saving my good tickets for late night rides - Potsy1  139.9 #3071 10:31PM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 7, 2011 10:28 PM  The Hub
I don't think there complaining.sounds more like commenting in a fun way and outwardly expressing there desire for more trivia.I enjoy the trivia myself and kind of like the limit of five a day.as for the points,take one give one its all good

I know, right! - Yoshi  257.6 #1424 9:23PM
More than fair... I have to rack up points the good old fashion way! - pintsize  290.1 #1117 9:24PM
I am not complaining in any way. I'm now addicted to it and want more. You get your first 5 and then have to wait till tomorrow. Its a teaser. I want to play more. Thanks Admin for the new addiction. I didn't realize how much I DIDN'T know. Lol. Have fun everyone. :-) - Bigdisneykid  284.9 #1169 12:00AM
What trivia what where mobile or online so down to do it - marvelAVENGER  130.3 #3234 12:37AM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 7, 2011 5:48 PM  The Hub

I searched Google and the closest I came up with is "off with his head." I give up. - HotDiggityDogDaddy  1113.5 #205 5:40PM
Texas chainsaw massacre. - donnievegas  1132.7 #202 5:43PM
oh HD3 & DV ;D - misschurro  10069.5 #12 6:22PM
 good job guys! h HD3 & DV you mussssst be pulling my leg. - CAMcakes26  10.4 #12160 7:56PM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 7, 2011 1:55 PM  The Hub
A toon town grand opening watch at the time piece store.

My premium AP and daughter and fiancees deluxe :) - Nicole  380.2 #693 12:41PM
The two season passes I bought for me and my hunny. Best birthday gift I bought her. - Yourmyonlyhope  3.3 #35694 12:42PM
My club 33 dinner with my family - sashabreanne  102.8 #3761 3:53PM
We used to buy an animation cel on every trip at about $250 a pop. Now we're out of wall space so we haven't bought one in a few years! - bunnymama  363.8 #740 4:29PM

 139.9 #3071 (DL Qual #0

September 6, 2011 10:00 PM  The Hub
Leaning towards Halloween night

My gf and I will probably go Halloween night like we did last year since it was pretty awesome - TheAlternate  50.8 #5152 4:36PM
Sep. 30 - BellluvsBeast  131.3 #3213 4:39PM
Wish we could go this year. Bummer for me though. We are going the 21st-23rd. I didn't realize 2 of the 3 days were the halloween time. Oh, well. Do you know what time the park closes to the public in the 21st and the 23rd? - Splashmountgirl  337.1 #833 11:04PM
14th... Can't wait! - GoodEvilQueen  3.2 #37054 12:05AM

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