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 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

April 13, 2012 11:27 AM  The Hub
The petrified tree!

The petrified tree! - Mendez  6.5 #15338 11:27AM
this! ^^ - Armenda  1173.5 #159 11:27AM
The tree was a gift from Walt to Lillian for their 31st wedding anniversary. He bought the tree from a privately owned forest in Colorado almost exactly on year after Disneyland opened. It was purchased on July 11, 1956. - ohhhtoodles  365.2 #642 11:43AM
I'm going to guess, YOU! :) - Jenniferr  506.7 #437 1:07PM
Ha! You got that right, but I'm not the only thing! - Melody_CM  16830.3 #3 2:18PM
According to my sources, I was going for the petrified tree and the fire engine (only horse drawn vehicles on opening day), but was interested to hear that's not the original rocket ship even tho it looks just like it, same w the teacups. Thanks for playing everyone! You made it fun! - Melody_CM  16830.3 #3 6:26PM
That one - Mouse4life  1681.4 #104 8:02PM

Thanked by:   WaltSentMe   ohhhtoodles  
 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

January 4, 2012 7:46 PM  The Hub
Admiral Ackbar!

Please add me for ThinkThinkThink. My fave is HanSolo simply cuz he's HAWT! Thanks. - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.8 #263 7:23PM
Ohh thank you I'll make sure Leia doesn't read this - HanLostLeia  1098.3 #174 7:32PM
I'm not going to be #1 am I? Please say you follow the time we entered!! lol. - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.8 #263 12:01AM
Lol....yes, I have been following the times :) - alvarez415  49.7 #4914 10:45AM
I said HanSolo not HanNLeia! Dooo - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.8 #263 10:51AM
Chewee!!! - MsDisneyLove  168.2 #2482 6:33PM
Thank you HMACIF :) - LovelyTiggerGirl  273.1 #1171 7:48PM
Congrats LTG! - donnievegas  1132.7 #168 7:50PM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

July 20, 2011 9:58 AM  The Hub
La Verne - 30 minutes northeast!

77 miles away in Victorville, CA - Katrayher  781.0 #248 10:11PM
Texas, very far indeed. - amerado  9.5 #11734 10:12PM
@gkah hi!!!! You're not spoiled.... Your AWESOME!!! :) - Disney-PINcess  251.9 #1369 10:42AM
Colorado. Too far! - kskating  690.7 #298 11:11AM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 27, 2011 10:27 AM  The Hub
Sometime this week. Maybe Wednesday or Friday

Not for a while  - kailikea  161.2 #2597 6:06AM
Oct - Tealtownfan  1152.2 #162 6:07AM
October 17th-21st!! =)) cannnt wait!! Haloween party!!  - MissMamyMouse  178.2 #2318 12:39PM
This friday - TigerLilyinDisneyland  27.3 #6442 12:39PM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 22, 2011 10:48 AM  The Hub
This seemed like a quickly thrown together "attraction." I think lite brites and white boards shouldn't be a Disneyland attraction. If this was there today we'd all be complaining. But thanks for sharing!

I do! I always wanted to go but never did :( - SkellyMouse  501.4 #445 11:07PM
Wow! That looks like a blast! - TangledNdisneY  324.7 #27 11:09PM
I wonder where all those larger than life figures go once things like this get removed. - craziemutant  109.6 #3491 10:44PM
i wish they would give them to me. i would put them on top of my house. - nicoleface  1752.7 #101 10:47PM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 15, 2011 10:53 PM  The Hub
Enter me please!

oooh my older son would love these hes a huge star wars fan - Tinky76  318.8 #833 9:40PM
Woohooo! Please add me! Thanks, AWESOME action figures! - mouseKIDears  64.5 #4398 9:41PM
Enter me please - Disney4life  65.0 #4382 9:29AM
Enter me too please!!!  - MrsE  30.6 #6102 3:22PM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 14, 2011 1:33 PM  The Hub
Ugh. We waited over 2 and a half hours for ST yesterday. We got so dehydrated..

Holey moley! - hollyberry  370.2 #633 11:47AM
Can you even breathe??? Yikes!!! - scbcrew  138.7 #2962 11:48AM
Yikes! - melionda  10.2 #11191 3:41PM
That made me hot and have a anxiety attack!! - Katrayher  781.0 #248 3:46PM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 13, 2011 10:27 PM  The Hub
I'm coming!

Aww, she is a cutie!! I'm not in the park, wish I was! Good luck MWers, go get em!  - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #142 8:19PM
Thanks - Minnique  651.5 #318 8:41PM
I'm coming! - Mendez  6.5 #15338 10:27PM
FP gone - Minnique  651.5 #318 10:45PM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 13, 2011 8:15 AM  The Hub
Today is my birthday! I will be at Disneyland around 10

Currently on the tram :-) haven't been here this early EVER! - LAFDWifey  81.5 #4001 8:15AM
Today is my birthday! I will be at Disneyland around 10 - Mendez  6.5 #15338 8:15AM
Goodnight MissGlassSlippers we missed you today!!! - Ferbalisous  64.5 #4395 12:55AM
Not til Thursday? I think gotta ask da wife!! - Ferbalisous  64.5 #4395 1:08AM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 11, 2011 11:14 AM  The Hub
Me too! It's my birthday on Monday and I'm going to eat at the Blue Bayou! Swag!!

Have fun! Maybe see you there! - BeautyNdaBeast  5.2 #18576 11:10AM
So close, have a great time! - disneyfreakatbirth  277.0 #1121 11:11AM
Me too! It's my birthday on Monday and I'm going to eat at the Blue Bayou! Swag!! - Mendez  6.5 #15338 11:14AM
@BeautyNdaBeast yeah maybe (: @JenAnne sounds like fun, he is going to be so excited I bet @Mendez lucky!! I love that place. Happy early birthday! - pirategirl17_CM  264.7 #1255 11:20AM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 11, 2011 11:16 AM  The Hub
Eight times! And they were all before the ride officially opened haha. I'm going to ride again on Monday...and probably have to wait 2 hours...

Zero. Thanks for making me feel less than. - Butterlina  1576.4 #112 10:39AM
None...  hopefully I'll be there in may and will change that!! - JediTrance  71.6 #4211 10:39AM
Once. - iFramedRogerRabbit  1957.8 #89 12:53PM
I'm about to go on it for the 6th time! Fastpass time 1-2pm! - marcelino1202  40.1 #5360 12:54PM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 10, 2011 3:17 PM  The Hub
Whoa I just remembered that!

I loved that escalator. It was like a people mover, it looked so futuristic. - OutNumberedMom  813.2 #234 2:38PM
Oh ya!!! - Yoshi  257.6 #1315 2:46PM
I think all the lines should be people movers! - Darla  22.2 #7180 3:21PM
I can't find a pic online! Can someone post if they have it? - WeLoveDisneyland  464.3 #485 3:23PM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 8, 2011 9:45 AM  The Hub
I like Disneyland. I think everyone likes Disney movies but I'm not a huge fan of the movies. I find aspects of the park to be so fascinating. Like a museum where you can actually walk in and explore the exhibits

I like Disneyland. I think everyone likes Disney movies but I'm not a huge fan of the movies. I find aspects of the park to be so fascinating. Like a museum where you can actually walk in and explore the exhibits - Mendez  6.5 #15338 9:45AM
The whole package. - stratdad  291.9 #1003 9:50AM
I love Disney movies and it's amazing seeing them come to life before your eyes but there is something about the feeling the get the second you walk onto mainstreet that has nothing to do with characters. It's just the feeling of happiness and being in another world that sucks me in. I love that feeling more than anything else about the park. - MellieKay  315.7 #850 9:51AM
I'm driven by the parks, the magic, the vision, and the lore behind Disney. The movies are just movies to me. - Warpedlogic  7.4 #13967 9:52AM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 6, 2011 9:20 AM  The Hub
Terrifying. My GF insisted we ride it. It was the most uncomfortable I've ever been. So scared!

Ride it a second time and it wont b as worst... and then you'll realize u actually like it... - VinylSteve  515.4 #429 4:22AM
No thank u it was the scariest moment of my life!!!!! I'm a big chicken!!!! - MERMAID- MOMMY  15.7 #8626 5:04AM
And OMG I found out that it is even MORE terrifying if your party of 3 all sit on one side. ( facing cars land). It freakn felt like the thing was gonna do a complete flip! I quickly jumped to the other side. We were scared to death! - WeLoveDisneyland  464.3 #485 9:24AM
Took my friend for the first time and got paired up with a Newleywed couple. And the wife was terrified but did it for the hubby. And my friend was comforting her. Until we started swinging then she clawed the cage like no tomorrow. Lol. It's not a bad the second time around. - CM_Wallie05  28.9 #6276 9:26AM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 5, 2011 11:29 AM  The Hub
Bill Peet! I remember reading his autobiography as a kid and wanting to draw for Disney. This was during the mid-90s renaissance..everyone loved Disney

LOVE Susie! My fave is Mickey's Trailer. - Tammery  239.6 #1521 9:36AM
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When it was in black & white. - DesperateMousewife  877.4 #214 9:38AM
Yes the little house!! So cute and heartwarming! They have a Mary blair piece in the disney gallery for it :D - MayBie  1885.6 #95 9:17PM
Aww Susie and the Little House were my fav when I was little :) - Keala76  326.2 #791 9:33PM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 1, 2011 7:19 PM  The Hub
Got them! Thank you so much!

bump for those in the parks. @DISNEYFREAK4LIFE, this is a great hiding spot that I'll likely use in the future! - SergZak  3125.8 #47 7:11PM
Would also be a great spot for something small, like a pin since you can tuck it in well and have it be hidden - SergZak  3125.8 #47 7:16PM
Yay! Mendez! We took naps there. Just got off monsters Inc. We might of passed each other. Have fun! Yay for my first RAK!! - DISNEYFREAK4LIFE  4.6 #20969 7:22PM
Wow!! Sergezak I just saw the times. Lol!! Back to the future majorly!! - DISNEYFREAK4LIFE  4.6 #20969 8:01PM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

June 1, 2011 7:10 PM  The Hub
Any ride..??

Good luck!!! - TiggerThePooh1  0.0 #113364 5:16PM
Bump  - lulu120  212.9 #1876 5:17PM
@lulu120 thanks for that info. I would have to be brave to walk up to someone and ask that...and I am not. Hehe  - AdventurelandFam  173.6 #2387 6:53PM
Any ride..?? - Mendez  6.5 #15338 7:10PM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

May 30, 2011 2:40 AM  The Hub
Cogsworth. I'm not kidding.

Wendy or belle, but when I get upset I turn into tink. - Nesabell  157.7 #2645 1:07AM
Tink cuz I'm sassy but classy! Lol - Briana  241.0 #1507 1:08AM
If Belle and Lilo had a love child, it would be me. As a kid, I always had my nose stuck in a book and but never judged them by their cover. Also I'm a bit macabre at times and my family always comes first. Plus I was a Hawaiian "souvenir."  - Polkadobo  384.7 #601 10:37PM
Polka - lol! - mcarthy6  426.5 #533 12:46PM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

May 29, 2011 11:48 PM  The Hub
Whoa what's wrong with MiceChat? Is there a beef between MW and MC??

i used to, but then i retaliated back! No one really knows I'm on MW, i like to keep it that way :) - Madi  204.1 #1996 11:41PM
MiceChat? Thems fightin' words! ;o) - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  1191.1 #154 11:41PM
No one knows im on MW except my boyfriend. & he always teases me. Sometimes i want to share a pic or fact that was posted on here but he always rolls his eyes. It annoys me bcuz he does love disneyland and is super excited about our trip, but he trys to act like he doesnt care. When i met him 4 years ago i hated sports.... But i grew to love them & his teams...for Him! Wish he would share my love for disney. - Jennabennabofenna  32.2 #5933 11:27AM
I always tell those who give me a hard time about it..... I just say its my life ill do as I please now back off or get hurt lol - cowboygoofy  219.1 #1786 11:33AM

 6.5 #15338 (DL Qual #0

May 30, 2011 2:45 AM  The Hub
I haven't had my pass for a year to be sure, but I usually go once a week, rarely more than that. I won't be able to go during July and most of August but honestly wouldn't want to spend a crowded cramped blazingly hot July day at Disneyland anyway. So to answer this Q I'd say probably 40 times a year

Now that I have a pass, 2+ times a week. - Popns_carpetbag  346.3 #709 2:54PM
i'd say anywhere between 40-60. it's where i spend a lot of my days off :) - phenobarbredoll  4.8 #20039 2:54PM
I try to go at least twice a week - MoniMouse  29.3 #6235 10:51AM
Twice a year we take a road trip from the Lone Star state. - BibbidiBobbidiBoo  100.4 #3648 11:01AM

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