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September 16, 2015 6:16 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Is there a special seat needed to be in to be the chosen one on star tours?! I've gone at least 20 plus times and yet to be picked!

My daughter used to work the ride and it's completely random. The workers choose the spy. - kelkie  11.2 #0 6:19PM
I have always wondered that! I got picked on my bday..makes sense wearing that giant pin! Thanx for the info. - DarthFairy  1808.9 #115 7:29PM
Of all the times I've ridden on this ride, it seems like somewhere at random in the front row.  - xmalisa  36.2 #5964 6:41PM
A tour guide told me that you can't have ears or glasses of any kind on and sit up straight. :) - PracticallyPerfectDisneyDuck  340.8 #0 9:18PM
Our whole family has been picked. We were once told to go in and sit down and just continue to look forward. I guess it makes it easier for them to get a good picture for the Rebel Spy. It's worked multiple times for us. - DarthTinkerbell  1668.5 #127 9:29PM

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September 12, 2015 6:27 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
October 23 needs to get here quick. I need a halloween time Disney fix! I cannot wait! All the decoration photos are getting me super excited!

- Dianat710  212.9 #1994 6:37PM
- makeitbluesaysmerriwether  510.3 #485 7:11PM
- DarthFairy  1808.9 #115 8:47PM
Too! - DarthFairy  1808.9 #115 8:47PM

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January 19, 2015 3:15 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
I had a das because i have Tourette's and the pass really helped when my disorder was bad.i just returned to Disney this weekend I was told that they are no longer using that system. The cast member was very rude and reluctant to help me out and tell me what new disability system that they are now offering guests. The pass was very helpful and I was told to "get a wheelchair" and "utilize Disney's  More...

Thank you for sharing all of your experiences with this situation☺️. For me, I felt that it was quite embarrassing to have to stand there and explain my disability to the CM (which by the was was younger than my grown children) who has no medical background, therefore they wouldn't know what I was talking then becomes a lengthy conversation about my medical history in a room full of strangers. Now I'm not a person who is easily embarrassed, but the fact that I look healthy makes everyone turn around and give their ear to my conversation at that time. If this is the way they want to do things that great! Have an MD/DO/NP/PA/RN  in a room to the side where you can go in and discuss your concern with someone who understands and can make that call. I think the fact that my MD felt it was necessary to give me disability placard due to my disability is enough. They made me feel like I was lying...the first CM at city hall actually told me "if you're in line and you need to sit down, let the CM know"😳 um, at what point during the 50 minute wait in HM am I supposed to encounter a CM to let them know that?  She also said "you can have your party wait in line for you" sure!!! I'll have my 11 year old stand in line alone for 45 minutes for me... This is a broken system currently with too many people abusing it. With my ASD son, I'm now not quite sure he will be able to go...and I'm supposed to stand there with him (13 years old) and embarrass him by listing all of his issues....this makes me sad.   - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1605.3 #135 9:40AM
I could not agree with you more! It has turned into a very embarrassing situation for my husband every time he has needed to go to city hall for this. I understand wanted a clear picture of concerns...but to be standing in the room where there is zero privacy discussing medical issues with people that truly do not understand most medical problems is difficult...especially when you feel their judgments.  My husband is a OIF/OEF veteran with PTSD making Disney trips already very's frustrating to know that we have fewer and fewer trips because this system just makes it more difficult to manage his mentality before we even really get started in the park. I understand they are trying to weed out the abuse of the system....but it shouldn't be done by making those truly struggling embarrassed or uncomfortable discussing personal information. - ktkakes  331.6 #859 10:16AM
They could just have people fill out a form with their limitations, rather than having to explain everything verbally in front of others?  Or have people walk into a more private room/area with the CM?   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  718.7 #335 10:51AM
It would be great if there could be some type of medical personnel involved. I still cry when I have to explain why we need a DAS. Hubs' injuries can't be seen, and I feel like we are being traumatized over and over.  Unfortunately, it is this way because a few dishonest people were able to take advantage of a trusting system.  Now, everybody is questioned. I think the system tries to make one person one mold, and we all don't fit that idea.  People can have the same injury, disease, disorder, but it affect people differently.   - Sugarbuzz  339.7 #819 3:09PM
Ktkakes- I understand how you feel. My husband (also has PTSD) for a few trips sucked it up but finally asked for a pass and things became a lot less stressful. One of the highlights of our last trip was that we were able to go on Peter Pan as a family. That line is probably the worse for him. After reading this post I am so worried about us going in May.  - MrsGrumpy2002  209.2 #2047 3:27PM
Oh my gosh yes Peter Pans line is horrible!!! So tightly confined and slow moving...and it does get quite noisy with all the people in the area. I hope that they can develop something more efficient that is less intrusive with the average Joe CM without any medical knowledge.  Good luck to everyone having to deal with this! - ktkakes  331.6 #859 3:36PM
Just know each situation is case by case. I'm sorry you felt the way you did and maybe that is something to address with guest relations, your experience with the DAS process. The point is not to "grill" you about your condition but rather determine the best course of action for you. No the guest relations cms are not medical professionals but they are trained for the positions they hold. It's unfortunate that people abusing the system has forced the hand to be more strict. With the queues being wider/larger to accommodate wheel chairs and ecv's they are directed to wait in the regular stand by lines.  - CM_tamstirr  560.5 #430 7:53PM
Aren't they not supposed to question or grill u in accordance to the ADA? But I can only imagine having to explain ur medic history in a room full of strangers who are younger than ur grown children who prob knows nothing about it. I'm sorry I hope they continue to work the kinks out.  - mickeyat78  2335.5 #83 8:08PM
I think ultimately the problem is that when people think disability they think wheelchair.  Unfortunately that leaves out a huge number of individuals who have to prove they have legitimate restrictions. But these disabilities end up being the ones faked the most because there us no visible sign of struggle.  - ktkakes  331.6 #859 2:18AM
Yes, they word it as "what are your concerns" but the only way you can explain your concerns is to tell them what's wrong with you. I agree that they should have a form or a private area where people can fill them in and not have to stand there like a criminal trying to prove they aren't lying. We go back again in July, and I don't relish having to deal with this again😔 - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1605.3 #135 5:23PM
Wow, the GAC/DAS system seems to get crazier every trip.  We always carry a letter from our son's doctor as well as my state issued disabled card plus we have our service dog.  I hope things get better for those who truly need this service  - BombFrogFormerCM  1191.8 #182 1:00AM
This happend to me last time at the parks as well. I got this response from a CM, then a lead and then another CM at DCA. I've used the DAS system for years & now my park expierence has changed dramatically. They tell you we aren't doctors, my mother is an RN/NP and for them to say it's not there place to know your condition but they seem to be judging and not believing is wrong. I get people abuse it but please don't let others suffer who need this pass  - the_wolff   505.6 #494 9:44PM
I'm a cast member and fully understand how the new DAS system works. My family went to the parks early December and my (then) 7 year old son was with us and has AD/HD. When I went to inquire about DAS for him I explained he has AD/HD and fidgets and fusses if confined in a "tight" space for extended periods of time. The CM asked me what he does and I told her he has fits and hits and makes a huge scene....she seems reluctant to give it to me but did. I only got return times for attractions with waits over 20 mins bec of his condition. (He's even on meds for it.) The point here is take your time explaining your situation to the CM. They need to know the reason you're not able to stand in the regular stand by line. It is up to City Hall and Chamber of Commerce to issue the DAS and its all done on your park ticket now and you're entire party must be there so all cards can be scanned initially.  - CM_tamstirr  560.5 #430 8:49AM
- MickeyLumboCM  1367.7 #160 2:27PM
This is how it was at Thanksgiving for us and all went well. - BombFrogFormerCM  1191.8 #182 1:01AM
But, why was the CM reluctant to give it to you?  I'm sorry, but I see a real trend here of being rude and condescending to the guests. People who, if they didn't exist, these CMs would have no job!  They need to fix this system quickly before the lawsuits eat up all that Disney profit!  I have seen too many friends here on MW tell the story of being belittled and made to feel like trash!  That is just wrong, and there isn't anything magical about it!  😡😡😡 - MacaronMerida  4743.5 #39 9:39PM
 Yeah what @meridafan said. I am a big disney fan but I am disappointed to hear such experiences lately.  - bearlove  158.3 #2759 10:31PM
City Hall and Chamber of Commerce asks questions to help determine what course is best for your particular need. They have been reluctant to give me the card bec on certain days my son could just utilize the regular FP system. What NONE of you seem to understand is, the CMs working those positions are TRAINED and trained's the guests perspective that sometimes creates the issue. The guest isn't getting what they "want" or think they're "entitled" to. I'm sorry if that's too "honest" but as a cm I have seen guests get very angry over not getting something they feel they're entitled to bec "they paid a lot to be there" or "they're a pass holder" or "it's their last day in the parks" etc....the bottom line is, we as cast members know how much is paid to enter and we are trained to treat EVERY GUEST the same and make every moment a magical one for ALL.  - CM_tamstirr  560.5 #430 10:36PM
This must be one of the most difficult CM positions. Kudos to those who try to provide this type of customer service. I don't think I could. ❤️ - Darlingwendi  1228.3 #175 10:57PM
Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case.  Not all CMs are treating every guest with compassion and understanding.  It's a very uncomfortable position to have to be put in, and I've heard, seen and experienced CMs doing anything but making it a magical experience.  I understand that there are some who act elitist, rude and unkind, and I'm aware there are those that abuse it.  The problem is, those who are none of those things are routinely being made to feel horrible for their need of assistance.  I'm sorry, but this is a very flawed system and I do hope the Disney execs or whomever is in charge of this,  really start taking notice of how un-magical many feel in this situation.   - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #170 11:24PM
I have found it much better with my experience. I even got my pass re-printed (that changes the number). I went to one of the guest relations kiosks. They asked which person was the DAS. That's when it dawned on me the new pass. They associated it right then and there. Didn't even ask questions. It unfortunately does seem hit and miss.  They also give you a "green" bordered piece of paper to help you remember return times. I would ask for and keep that for next time. I also think once you have it, sometimes the way you ask helps. Just letting them know you need to "renew" your DAS helps. I've seen that work with many people at both locations.  Often the kiosks don't have a lot of people, so you could possibly pick a time where there isn't someone in line and they have two CMs. Hope a couple of those suggestions help. I think splitting the "DAS" into two categories has caused a lot of confusion (wheelchair and original "green" DAS). - DLKenCA  3768.2 #50 4:23PM
I had an unpleasant experience with renewing my DAS yesterday while at DCA. I'm a disabled vet with mobility issues. I don't use an assistive device (yet) but standing in one spot for an extended period of time will cause pain and swelling that ends my day at the parks. I also have PTSD that makes standing in a crowd difficult without having an anxiety attack. I went to the kiosk on Buena Vista to have my DAS renewed and the CM (a plaid, no less) made me explain my disability in public (HIPPA violation) and then denied me because I don't use a wheelchair or any other device. I was not going to discuss my PTSD in public so I left and went to the Chamber of Commerce office at the front of DCA. That CM was polite and understanding and even offered to take me to a private room to discuss my issues. She quickly and happily renewed my DAS based on this info and now all is well again. Oh- the wife was so mad she almost tossed the premium AP's in the trash and said we would never go back......glad a reasonable CM was working at the counter! - Firelt  238.6 #1645 9:05PM
I'm glad everything worked out for you. I've wondered that before, since I'm very familiar with HIPAA because of working with govt contracts. I don't think most people know that and maybe that's why they try to turn people away. Not sure. I hear in FL it's even worse... - MinnieMousewife  928.2 #245 9:14PM
My daughter had issues last night too she had use the pass several times in DLR, got a time for racers.  We went on the ride then to the kiosk....thefirst  kiosk said she did not even have one .. They said there wifi was down. Told us to go up to chamber of commerce We stopped by the one a BV Street and tried again took us 15 min to get here's renew... After being interrogated about here disability , even with me there telling about her issues and that she has had one for years.  I just wish The training was consistent with the plaids.. @firelt Thank you for your service!! Thank you for you sacrifice for us!  - Fantasmicfan1  5416.2 #30 9:21PM

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January 19, 2015 3:09 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
This is a wdw question. I have a premier pass and I linked it, but I want a magicband. I will not get one because I am not staying op property. Can I buy one and link it? How does that work?

I just purchased a Premier pass and just received my magic bands. You are entitled to a free one, even if you are not staying on property. You need to first create an account at WDW, under "My Disney Experience". Then under "My Account", there is "Magic Bands and Cards", you first need to register your Premier AP # to link to your account. Once you like your Premier AP# to the account, a "Card" will appear there with your #. After that, it takes a few days to a week, and under that same area, a new option will open up to link "Magic Band" and that is when you can customize and order your Magic Band. Then they mail it to you, and you should have within about 10 days after ordering. Good luck, if you have any other questions, feel free to send a DM and I would be glad to help. - KennyV  1766.2 #118 3:26PM
I guess I should have asked how long ago you "linked" it. In my experience the option to order the Magic Band was not instant, it took a few days to a week. You can call to make sure it will show up or just check back in about a week if you have the time to wait. - KennyV  1766.2 #118 3:35PM
I will post this on other side but us September one of the best times to go? - secretagentangel  15086.0 #7 4:02PM
I linked mine and my cousins today. It said they were linked but they did not show up in my account. I called wdw to ask if I did it correctly. The lady said that they were linked but for some reason not showing up. She had to send it to her boss and they were going to figure it out. She also told me that since we are staying at a good neighbor hotel we do not get a magic band.  - Snowwhitefan4life  65.3 #4604 9:51PM
@secretagentangle we went last year towards the end of September, it was really, really humid and it rained everyday we were there :-(. But it was still fun. Just bring an umbrella.  - MrYoda  45.0 #5426 11:14PM
Snowwhitefan4life, if you just linked today, then give it a few days, it should start to show up, it's not instantaneous. Good luck with it, it will work out fine in the end. - KennyV  1766.2 #118 5:07PM
I believe they have them for sale now. Not sure if you can buy them ahead of time. I would call the AP hotline. I believe as an AP you are entitled to one. It just won't be customized with your name on it. - DLKenCA  3768.2 #50 3:21PM
My wife and I went in September, we linked our passes to our bands disney did it for us because we stayed at one of the resorts. But @ DLKenCA is right u can buy the bands at the parks. Oh just a heads up, the discounts at WDW are not as good as at DL. They are lower and there are not as many places that give discounts (food wise). Also, they hardly ask if u have an AP so make sure u let them know u have one. Have fun! - MrYoda  45.0 #5426 3:29PM
I've heard that about the discounts too! - secretagentangel  15086.0 #7 4:03PM
Yes. Only a 10% discount on merchandise. - PrincessTiannaBeignet  397.7 #660 9:39PM
As soon as I linked my premier pass, they sent me a magic band, so they should send you one.  The discount is terrible, but they do offer "tables in wonderland" for passholders- you pay $100.00 and get 20% off at most restaurants and alcohol.  - Thumper13  569.9 #418 4:32PM
I should add that we are staying on property, but my premier pass band was separate- they are sending me another one closer to our vacation (such a waste).  I can use either one while I am there. - Thumper13  569.9 #418 4:34PM

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November 16, 2014 9:19 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
One more thing. I have always renewed my ap at the parks, if I renew online can I choose the monthly payment options?

Yes you can - Disneyprincessvmk  79.0 #4236 9:23AM

 65.3 #4604 (DL Qual #4815

November 15, 2014 10:58 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Has anyone out there upgraded there Disneyland annual pass to a premier annual pass. You know the one that give you 365 days of fun at both wdw and dland? I am going to Florida next April and I am thinking about upgrading. Just wondering how the process works or if it is worth it? Any information about the pass will be helpful. My current ap exp. in jan. And I want to renew before upgrading so I c  More...

I believe people have said in order for it to be worth it, you need to be going to WDW at least ten days to break even and yes you pay the difference. - missmimi90  2086.8 #96 11:05PM
I think it takes about 10 days or 2 trips. The discounts are only 10% on merchandise. Same on meals, but a LOT of places don't give meal discounts. If you say on Disney property, the AP room discount might be worth if for one pass. Multi-day tickets get very cheap fast in FL. Consider those. - DLKenCA  3768.2 #50 11:30PM
I am upgrading from Premium to premier, it is saving me money, as the difference is only about 329.  A 5 day pass to WDW without a hopper is 304, with hopping it is 364.  - Thumper13  569.9 #418 7:02AM
Also, we got a discount on our room for it, so that helps.  I am only upgrading mine, since my son has a deluxe pass- upgrading from deluxe doesn't save anything unless you are going more than once and staying on property for a ton of days. - Thumper13  569.9 #418 7:08AM

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October 16, 2013 3:23 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Is the pork shank good? I've had the turkey leg and liked it. I'm temped to try the pork shank. Should I??

Go for it! - dumbbunny  627.7 #381 3:30PM
What?! They have a pork shank?!! - DisneyOnesie  621.2 #386 3:41PM

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October 16, 2013 3:19 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
What's the weather like at the parks? Heading down there this weekend. It says it's going to be in the 80's, just checking how accurate that's looking?

It's pretty warm and a bit windy.  - LuvMyMinnies  24.1 #7352 3:21PM
It is accurate. Nice and hot right now. Bring your short and flip flops  - guestcontrolrope1  86.1 #4070 3:22PM
hot during the day but bring a light jacket for the evening it does get a bit chilli - JollyRoger5  4132.6 #45 3:27PM

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October 14, 2013 11:11 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
I am heading to the parks this weekend and I have Tourette's syndrome. In the past I used the gac service and found that extremely helpful. I am looking forward to the new service of the das. I was wondering if anybody can fill me in on some of the questions that cm's ask you when you go to acuire a das. I have been reading that it is harder to get one and that is a little concerning to me only be  More...

and go in there knowing they want to help you, don't worry that they won't believe you or whatever, tourettes is a hard one to have in crowds when you are having a hard time, so don't forget to be an advocate for yourself, tell them everything you need, the more they know, the better for all.  Have fun!!:) - secretagentangel  15086.0 #7 11:40PM
They ask similar questions they did with GAC but I was also asked how it affected my ability to use stand by lines. - missmimi90  2086.8 #96 11:17PM
^^^^^this - Cinderella_Schnooks  3511.8 #53 11:36PM

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October 9, 2013 11:45 AM  Disneyland Talk Land This is a link of a family getting a new disability assistance card in Walt Disney world. Hope the link works. If not copy and paste into your browser. It offers some insight into the new system.

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