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 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

January 27, 2013 6:27 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
hii fellow mousewaiters! has anyone else heard about california adventure park being open 2 more hours after park closing on thursday for annual passholders? we overheard a castmember talking about it today. thanks dolls!

Yes, Please use our search feature as well as the Disneyland Blog for further details. - Armenda  1186.0 #170 6:29PM
Thank you! I was able to read about. Now excited for the extended hours! =) - jacksparrowbabyyy  15.0 #9271 9:47PM

 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

January 4, 2012 1:02 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Hii fellow mousewaiters! So who's going to be at the park when theyre open for 24 hours on february 29?!

Mee! The full 24 hrs. Im taking on the challenge! - ScarfGirl  644.8 #351 7:36AM
You know that no sleeping is allowed! That means NO napping on stoops, benches, grassy areas, attractions, chairs, tables, or anything other flat surface that you deem worthy of resting your pretty head upon. - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.8 #295 8:46AM
So easy romec! I have insomnia so should be easy! Lol. I was up over 32 hours yesterday and disney wasn't involved. With disney involved it will be a breeze! Hehe - ImAlwaysCrazy  674.5 #338 8:54AM
If fall asleep on the train. It relaxes me anyway. - MagicalCaprice  480.7 #490 9:00AM
On grad night we slept on the benches in Tomorrowland 😊👍 Maybe you can sneak into one of the beds in Innoventions? 😜 - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4409.9 #38 9:02AM
Nope no sleeping! Imma be hyped on Disney and red bulls and 5hr energies and coffee imma be bugging out lol - ScarfGirl  644.8 #351 9:02AM
So do I. I'm just messing with SG. Princesses need their beauty sleep! - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.8 #295 9:07AM
SG your going to be bugging out for a whole with all that!! LMBO - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.8 #295 9:08AM
*A whole week! - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.8 #295 9:08AM
.... you are hardcore scarfgirl - BooEve123  800.9 #269 11:10AM
I'm taking bets. I say she lasts no more than 15 hours! - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  751.8 #295 11:29AM
ScarfGirl I'll be right there with you! - Jillian  767.1 #283 12:59PM
Snoozing on POTC is a nice power nap! - Melliott  301.2 #1001 1:49PM
I'd like to take on this challenge as well! MW 24 hr club, assemble! Haha. - sarahpie  275.3 #1207 1:52PM
Lol Romec i say 15 min! Lol. Well i was up 32 hrs straight. So i say i can do it - ScarfGirl  644.8 #351 2:09PM
they really ought to check with the cast members before making these sorts of decisions!! either way, i'll be there! probably both as a CM and a guest! - GlassSlippers  363.6 #692 2:40AM
Very true......and on that note let me just say THANK YOU to all the Cast Members who are gonna be working their Magic to make this a super awesome event...!!! (-=3 - CaptainJackSparrow  249.1 #1456 2:50AM
I'll second that! THANK YOU to all CM's!!! - Pintraderswife  468.3 #510 4:50AM
Yes thank you all. Be looking for that gold token. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #234 10:39AM
As much as Iove DL, I am not a night person. All night at the happiest place on earth actually sounds like tortcher to me! - BRabbit  846.4 #247 2:10PM
My sister and I are flying out to go.  If I can do 41 hours straight on Thanksgiving/black Friday then 24 hours at Disneyland will be a cake walk.  We're super excited... - 28nickels  5.6 #18182 3:27PM

 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

December 23, 2011 6:02 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Just thought i'd share.. Spent eleven hours at disneyland on tuesday with my two cousin-in-laws =]! havent spent that much time at disneyland in a long while. It sure was a treat. Despite the crowds, it was still a super fun day!

Great collage. Glad you had a great time. - jacdanfan  14249.3 #5 6:21PM
Super cute! - ilovepeterpan  127.7 #3202 6:26PM

 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

October 16, 2011 12:58 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
happy sunday everyone! i want to get some disneyland ringtones for my phone.. specifically the sound of the disneyland entrance =). but i cant seem to find a website that has it! please help! thank you!

I have the Disney turnstile sound for my texts.. got it from Phonezoo.com - Disney_lvr  137.3 #3062 1:31PM
I found the Disneyland turnstile sound at Audiko (Android). Love it. - DisneyDawn  419.2 #583 1:02PM
Thanks phonezoo worked for me. Now I have the Disneyland re entry for my notification... - bigpete  277.2 #1186 1:53PM
thank you everyone! i was able to get the ringtone. that, & so much more haha. now my phone is filled with all these disney theme ringtones! - jacksparrowbabyyy  15.0 #9271 7:20PM

 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

October 14, 2011 12:55 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
I found this picture in tumblr! I love it but cant find the costume. I want to wear it for halloween, & get a red wig to go with it !

Omfg sooooo cute! You should just make it! With a purple bra instead too ;) - cupcakemily  27.6 #6662 1:04PM
i would love to try to make it but i'm not creative that way. i wouldn't even know where to begin haha. - jacksparrowbabyyy  15.0 #9271 4:34PM
Oh it looks nice. Can anyone locate? Looks to be Main Street? By the Fire Station? - craziemutant  109.6 #3578 1:48PM
i was just there on tuesday and i didn't find it anywhere =( - jacksparrowbabyyy  15.0 #9271 4:34PM
is it really just there? bummer! i absolutely love it! - jacksparrowbabyyy  15.0 #9271 4:36PM
This is so cute! Please post if you find it!! - princesssparrow  51.3 #4995 5:14PM

 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

October 11, 2011 9:42 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Excited to go to mickey's trick or treat party tonight! I got sick though =( so sad! But who else is going to be there tonight? =)

Not me but hope you feel better and have fun. - JediMickey714  12.8 #10224 9:44AM
I hope you feel better. I your getting candy take a sports bag or something you can carry all that candy - Veronica21  167.9 #2564 10:10AM

 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

September 5, 2011 11:36 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
So boyfriend & i had an argument yesterday, & he came over to see me today with a little surprise to make-up for what happened! I am one happy lady =)!

omg wow!!! And you got Ed! Jealous. - Jillian  767.1 #283 11:37PM
Wow. He's a keeper. That is all. Lol - CMWalker  341.4 #768 11:37PM
Baby Simba!!! - Thrashlie  118.7 #3387 12:08AM
fight more often haha - TheKaJaSi  144.8 #2926 12:09AM

 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

June 21, 2011 4:25 PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Hello MWers! Ill be heading to the park in about an hour. Who else is there today? How are the crowds & the weather?

Mellow crowds, very warm weather! I'm here! - shewastomorrow  55.9 #4816 4:36PM
Wish I could be there. - Buzz_Buzz_Bea  136.0 #3080 4:38PM

 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

March 19, 2011 11:33 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
So im reading through various post just to see what everyones up to lately & i keep coming across "RAK". I kind of understand it but can anyone fill me in on what its all about & how it works? I'd love to participate in some, just want to know more about it. Thank you ever so much!

Well I haven't answered this question so I'm going to save you from all the people who do answer 100 times a day lol. RAK= Random Act of Kindness, it's where people give things away either in the park or in the lounge for no reason other then to be kind. All these question and more though can be answered in the FAQ section which is linked to on the top of the lounge :-) Welcome to MW :-) - Sam241  475.6 #497 11:39PM
Nicely done Sam - Mrsblue  693.1 #326 11:41PM
not=now lol @Jacks my MW name used to be Snack I worked at the Hard Rock hotel late night and I was always making stuff and then posting the recipes in here :-) Now I have been unemployed for two years, I don't make much anymore :-( - Sam241  475.6 #497 11:57PM
I miss the snack posts. - Polkadobo  385.8 #640 12:02AM

 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

March 19, 2011 10:02 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
I just want to share my excitment, yesterday my bf & i renewed our passes for one more year & i upgraded to a premium pass! Now i get more discount & dont have to worry about parking & blackout dates! Im so happy =)!

Congrats! Going from the 10% to 20% discount will save you a lot of $$$! - BaseballMickey  8405.8 #14 10:03AM
Yay! Congrats! You won't regret it! - Duchess_SMK  6631.0 #22 10:03AM
I remeber when I got my first premium  I felt the same way! Congrats! - DuffysJuju  629.3 #364 10:47AM
I'm going premium when my pass expires in july! - CaptainJill  42.2 #5426 10:48AM

 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

November 28, 2010 3:11 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
hello mousewait people!! has anyone been to the store "company d"? im on my way over there now & im excited! dont know what to expect haha.

I wish. But I don't know any cast members personally. Have fun shopping! - Pinup Princess  174.5 #2442 3:12PM
Yes, it's awesome. Take your time, focus, dig for some great bargains. There is a big warehouse in the back. Get a shopping cart! - Zooter  1405.8 #139 3:14PM
Oh I would love to go there! I know my Mom would buy the whole store out givien the chance! If anyone decides to do a meet up before Christmas let me know!! - tigntink  194.6 #2181 3:39PM
What is company D by? - dodgerfan1  149.1 #2858 4:32PM

 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

November 11, 2010 6:04 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
went to disneyland today & the weather was good, a lil windy, but it was pretty busy considering the holiday & schools being off. we stayed only for a few hours but im so happy because my boyfriend was able to buy me my purse, that ive been dying for, for my birthday! my second disney dooney & bourke purse! & now im content, at least for now ;)!

That was so nice of your boyfriend I know you will enjoy that purse.I have that same purse. - cyndaws  258.0 #1368 6:38PM
Happy Birthday!! - cyndaws  258.0 #1368 6:43PM
It's very nice! You're one lucky lady! Congrats! - BeautyandTheBeast  142.7 #2968 8:50PM
Cute purse! Happy birthday!! - MinnieJ  281.9 #1141 9:01PM

 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

November 6, 2010 9:26 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
good morning everyone! so thursday is veterans day & i have that day off from work, along with a few people, im sure, but i want to plan a trip to disneyland. but im wondering if it'll be crowded that day..? what do you guys think?

Morning! Holidays usually are. But hey, go anyway! You'll have fun regardless! - Duchess_SMK  6631.0 #22 9:28AM
I have a dentist appt that morning and depending how I'm doing I might stop by - MozPrincess  582.4 #393 9:48AM
Chances are it will crowded both Thursday and Friday because the schools are off that day - TeenMickey  388.9 #633 12:04AM
thanks for the advice everyone! i'm just crossing my fingers that it wont be as bad as you guys have said it to be in the last couple of years. but i'm starting to think it just might be because a lot of kids have the four day weekend. i'm just gona go anyways because i havent been in a long time. thanks again! - jacksparrowbabyyy  15.0 #9271 3:55PM

 15.0 #9271 (DL Qual #6608

September 28, 2010 2:30 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
im super excited for this coming friday. my boyfriend & i have tickets to the mickeys trick or treat halloween party event! we've done it for the past two years & this will be our third time to the event. but im even more excited that it will be at disneyland this year! hopefully it wont be so hott anymore. who else is going??

Welcome! I won't be there till oct.12. Have fun! - Pooh721  14.7 #9356 2:40PM
Do you go with children? Do you think it's fun for just adults going too? - Tom  14703.5 #4 2:43PM
Welcome - Mousedad  61.9 #4612 6:24AM
Welcome to the familia - StephiePooh  572.7 #399 6:39AM

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