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 1943.1 #72 (DL Qual #31

April 14, 2015 4:45 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#RAK !! I love this pin so much I got one for myself and one to give away! Rules 1- must have at least 60 MW points 2- can add for yourself or others 3- comment below and tell me what you're most excited about for this years 60th at the parks! Personally, it's no surprise that I am most excited about the new food offerings :) RAK ends April 21!

Please add me for this! Unfortunately, I don't think im going to be able to attend the parks this year, so I'm most excited to see all of your lovely pictures. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜˜ - BellesLibrary  404.3 #504 4:53PM
I almost added for myself, but then I saw you were first and I felt sorry for you because first never wins. Please add me for my homie belleslibrary. Thanks - philliprocks  1066.1 #150 7:51PM
Lol oh my gosh! Thanks philliprocks You're so kind :)  - BellesLibrary  404.3 #504 8:55PM
Please add me for our generous RAK!  The most exciting thing for me about the 60th is that I will be able to attend.  I am probably moving soon and this will be the last opportunity for me to visit Disneyland for a long time! - SBsnowwhite  511.2 #373 4:54PM
Oh no SBsnowwhite, where are you moving?? - secretagentangel  1424.1 #102 5:20PM
secretagentangel I am thinking if moving to Round Rock TX to be closer to my sister.  I lost my job last month and am taking this opportunity to be able to spend more time with my sister and her new family ( she is getting married this summer and has two step daughters).  - SBsnowwhite  511.2 #373 7:04PM
You'll be closer to WDW!  - secretagentangel  1424.1 #102 7:48PM
Please add me to this awesome RAK. That pin is gorgeous. I'm really looking forward to the new Fireworks and the Parade. Can't wait. Thank you. - Winnie111286  3142.6 #37 10:53AM
This pin is great! Please add me!! I can't wait for the new parade! - WallSchmee  95.6 #3511 11:39PM

 3394.4 #36 (DL Qual #71

March 17, 2015 11:32 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Jar o' Fastpass #RAK Correctly guess the exact no. of FP's & win a Mystery Grand Prize (I promise it isn't the FP's you see in the jar). If nobody gets the right no., then the *closest guess without going over* wins a consolation gift bag. Only one guess per MW'er (if you enter several guesses, your first guess is your official entry) & you may only guess for yourself. If the no. you have in mind  More...

0 - They are all expired, haha! My guess is actually 76. and a 3 leaf clover for luck! - jacdanfan  8426.3 #5 11:35AM
Ooh how fun! I guess 69. What a great rak! Thank you!  - ILuvSleepingBeauty  219.6 #1652 11:37AM
129 - disneymama1  144.4 #2701 10:59PM
Thanks everybody. Will post result shortly ๐Ÿ˜ƒ - HARR_E  3394.4 #36 5:16AM

 3416.9 #35 (DL Qual #13

March 16, 2015 1:43 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#RAK The Clubs newest label pin. Rules are simple, post about your most memorable MW moment. Must have a minimum of 333 or higher MW points to enter. You may only enter for yourself. Will close this sometime next week. Good luck everyone. Disclaimer: This RAK does not include Juice.

Tagged in: RAK  
Dont add me fav mousewait memory was when somebody posted a selfie at the hotel in their room and did not realize that their husband was in the background naked and you could see his butt.. - Dave  12402.7 #2 10:52PM
That. Is. hilarious! - DisneyDavidEMT  2016.1 #66 12:30AM
Omg I remember that ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - CourtyAstroBlisters  700.6 #240 8:13AM
Funniest thing ever! Haha - RickChavez  3416.9 #35 1:06PM
I remember that too. It was the funniest thing on MW.  - Sugarbuzz  184.1 #2100 9:13PM
That was memorable! - happiestplace  150.3 #2600 9:46PM
The screenshot sent round the world.  ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - DisneyFanZoe  1177.5 #128 9:48PM
I will never ever forget that post! - PrincessDuckie  799.4 #207 1:09AM
What?! That sounds amazing!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - Jess0  225.0 #1576 1:13AM
Please add me sir! Going to Club 33 had always been a dream of mine, and I thought it was never going to happen.  I've walked by those doors ever since I was old enough to remember and hoped and prayed to go in one day.  Then, last year, my wife's cousins were going to a "special place in The Parks" and invited us to join them.  It was the most amazing phone call I've gotten in a long time because I just knew that It was to go into Club 33! So after we arrived, we headed off into DCA and I was a bit confused.  Well, first stop, after a few attractions, was 1901.  yippee!!  So, I thought that was the surprise, and I was just as happy because I wanted to go thee too.  Later in the afternoon, we made our way over to Disneyland, and we went on Pirates of the Caribbean.  After we got off the attraction, our cousins said "Man, it's warm and I'm thirstyโ€ฆ Let's go get a drink."  (Drink = magic words to this Irishman)  but the only place that I could think of to get alcohol was back in DCA. So, I start walking back that direction, and my cousin looks at me and says no no, come over here.  He points to Club 33 door and I almost choke on my excitement!! He rings the doorbell, and we enter and make our way up the Court of Angels staircase and into the beautiful lobby.  I must've taken over 100 pictures in there, and still look at them almost every day.  We had a fantastic server, and the drinks were absolutely wonderful!  I ordered the sliders, and was in heaven.  Needless to say, I would love to describe every single detail in there as it was just the most absolute amazing experience I've ever had.  I was actually going to buy a pin similar to this, or an iPhone case, But it just wasn't in my budget.  Probably the most memorable experience of the whole thing was how friendly the staff was, and how much they really made us feel special!  And thank you Sir for this generous RAK!!   - DisneyDavidEMT  2016.1 #66 6:23PM
and, after my long-windedness, I just realized you said your most memorable MW moment....and I praddled on about Club 33 (I'm trying to read and write in a bumping vehicle). Pardon my ignorance!  Most memorable moment has been meeting all the amazing MWers that I've come to know on here...but I've hardly scratched the surface and look forward to many more. - DisneyDavidEMT  2016.1 #66 6:27PM
Rick. Just give it to DisneyDavidEMT. No one else is going to get close - Goofytom  1107.0 #144 7:27PM
What a dream.  - TrueFromOzLovesDisney  460.5 #425 9:17PM
Congratulations @@@DisneyDavidEMT! - MadameLeota  2191.9 #57 7:50PM
Thank you!!  - DisneyDavidEMT  2016.1 #66 9:03PM
Congrats @@@DisneyDavidEMT - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1040.1 #158 9:44PM

 441.2 #447 (DL Qual #427

February 28, 2015 8:36 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#RAK Let's see if anyone is interested?!? My daughter wore this once on a trip to the Parks last year and now likes her sweatshirts bigger๐Ÿ˜ฉ. It's a Small, a simple add me will do and I will choose a name Sunday night:). I just don't want it to hang in her closet if someone else would enjoy it๐Ÿ˜Š.

can we add for others? - draven898  840.1 #196 8:38PM
Of course๐Ÿ˜Š - hatgal76  441.2 #447 9:02PM
please add me for TinyDancerTay thank you !  - draven898  840.1 #196 9:21PM
it is a women small right ? lol  - draven898  840.1 #196 9:22PM
Yep! And added:) - hatgal76  441.2 #447 9:30PM
found out small is to small can you add me for LuvsTigger instead? thank you! - draven898  840.1 #196 10:18PM
Aww, thank you! - LuvsTigger  1235.2 #119 11:42PM
Add me plaese - karieh  141.7 #2750 8:39PM
Added:) - hatgal76  441.2 #447 9:02PM
Please add me!!! It's super cute! Thank you!! - PrincessRobyn  338.2 #649 5:15PM
Added:) - hatgal76  441.2 #447 6:38PM
Closing this RAK at 9pm.. - hatgal76  441.2 #447 6:39PM

 2123.9 #60 (DL Qual #47

February 6, 2015 12:29 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#RAK. Been thinking about getting a great souvenir from the parks? What about a plushie from the Disney Store? Or maybe getting a park ticket for a certain weekend in April? Well, here's a little help!! A $15 gift card!! You may add for yourself or others who have 25 MW points, but only up to 4 chances/person please. RAK ends Feb 20 at 8 pm!! Good luck!!

You are wonderful oxox. Please add me for @Evalyn31Britt perhaps she can get her sweet mini a cute set of ears :) - FrankenweenieVelinee  1904.4 #74 1:58PM
Thank you so much! Very sweet to think of me, I appreciate it! :) - Evalyn31Britt  45.1 #4640 2:01PM
Please add me for this wonderful RAK! Thank you. - kimdis  41.4 #4803 12:45PM
How kind! Please add me! Thank you!  - Scrumpy_N_PansShadow  36.7 #5031 5:20PM
Great RAK, thank you. - jacdanfan  8426.3 #5 6:53PM

 314.0 #752 (DL Qual #480

December 30, 2014 9:47 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Because my husby said I could pick up an extra for one of you!!! Rules: 100 pt min, US only, can add for you or another well deserving MWr that has 100 pts. Please use your manners

Awesome! Please add me. Thank you! - BibbidiBobbidiMe  158.1 #2493 9:53PM
Please add me! Thank you!! - DisneyLuvinMama  342.2 #636 9:59PM
So Cute ๐Ÿ˜ please please add me for @DisneyOnesie's mini ๐Ÿ˜Š thank you so very very much!!  - CinderellE-79  928.9 #174 11:26AM
Aw thank you love - DisneyOnesie  621.2 #291 2:08PM
added for DisneyOnesie - PixiePirateMaid  314.0 #752 3:19PM
Bump! Ends tonight at 8Pm!!! - PixiePirateMaid  314.0 #752 4:16PM

 576.8 #318 (DL Qual #123

December 25, 2014 12:50 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Christmas day RAK from Aulani! Various items I've been buying and collecting include: Aulani Stich pin, Mehune necklace, the I'wa's from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and various other items you see in the pic as well as other stuff I will have by Sunday. ( It may seem weird to include the lotion they have in the rooms but once you smell it you'll be glad it's included). Must have 50 points and   More...

Oh I'd love to add, only have 47.5, but I understand the "why" for the rules...have a wonderful day ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ˜Š - Lilogirl1  74.5 #3842 1:15PM
Close enough for me. Added  - Maddernhorn  576.8 #318 2:49PM
add me please even though I don't have one of those fancy stickers. Thank you. - DLKenCA  2063.1 #63 3:00PM
Added. You're welcome  - Maddernhorn  576.8 #318 4:52PM
What an awesome RAK! Aulani looks like a beautiful place and we have enjoyed your photos! Please add me! Thank you! - goofygal  8206.8 #6 5:43AM
Added. I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. You're welcome.  - Maddernhorn  576.8 #318 8:23AM
Aloha! Great RAK, thank you. Please add me for @@goofygal - jacdanfan  8426.3 #5 6:10AM
Added. You're welcome  - Maddernhorn  576.8 #318 8:23AM

 337.4 #654 (DL Qual #222

December 5, 2014 7:47 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
UPDATE!! Winner of the Hawaiian Stitch is Bibbidibobbidime! Please DM me your info so I can get this little stinker in the mail and on the way to his new family.RAK Look who followed me home last night! This little Hawaiian stinker would very much like a family who will welcome him into their home and give him all the love he deserves. Only rules are that you must live in the US and have at least   More...

if i can add for others please add me for @@@@@LuvsTigger thank you !  - draven898  840.1 #196 10:24PM
How sweet of you! Thank you!! ๐Ÿ˜˜ - LuvsTigger  1235.2 #119 10:31PM
Sure can!โœ…added - DarthTinkerbell  337.4 #654 10:42PM
So cute,but I will give someone else the chance to love him though I want him badly!!!!   So if you allow it, first to reply to my comment gets my entry!!:) - secretagentangel  1424.1 #102 7:52PM
I would like to reply it it's ok. - Winnie111286  3142.6 #37 7:58PM
Of course it's ok! - DarthTinkerbell  337.4 #654 7:59PM
Yayyyy! I'm ok, you're ok,  We're all ok!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - secretagentangel  1424.1 #102 8:00PM
Thank you - Winnie111286  3142.6 #37 8:11PM
โœ…added - DarthTinkerbell  337.4 #654 8:23PM
Please add me for this spot if I'm not mistaken??๐Ÿ˜œ - bonedaddy909  1260.7 #115 1:16PM
Congratulations! - LuvsTigger  1235.2 #119 1:49PM
Congrats! - TangledMess  14.3 #7938 3:01PM

 1025.9 #161 (DL Qual #127

November 13, 2014 5:33 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Hi all! Welcome to the 2014 MouseWait Christmas card exchange post ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ“ฌ๐ŸŽ„. Here's how it works: everybody can participate, there is no timeframe for sending out your cards (although before Christmas is preferred). You simply comment below with your preferred method of contact and then contact each other via DM or a MW specific email to exchange addresses. Easy peasy. Safety spiel: MW does   More...

Might I suggest, if you're emailing, please include your MW name!  I've received several emails but I don't know who you are!  Thanks! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2326.1 #52 12:17PM
Good idea. - grumpyinphx  441.5 #445 1:02PM
Yes please  - Linzee  1025.9 #161 3:26PM
Also, don't forget to check your junk mail occasionally to see if you've missed any emails! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2326.1 #52 7:37PM
Thanks! for posting this. I would love to have my son exchange cards with MWers. It will be fun. - keepmovingforward  189.9 #2021 8:11AM
Ok friends that I'm exchanging cards with: I just got stamps they are going in the mail tomorrow. Sorry so late ๐Ÿ˜˜ - PrincessDuckie  799.4 #207 9:32PM
Mine are going out with all my mail Friday! ย And I forgot to get some addresses so sorry for late Dm's too!!!:) - secretagentangel  1424.1 #102 10:59PM
Me tooooo! lol - Alicewhoareyou  1563.3 #90 11:09PM

 502.1 #13 (WDW Qual #297

November 30, 2014 9:10 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
RAK- now that it is officially time for Christmas I would like to give someone this Baby Mine Ornament. Rules are 1. Must be able to DM 2. Tell me about one of your Christmas traditions. Good luck and yes you can enter on someone else's behalf

Oh please add me!!!! One of our Christmas traditions is to gift a family with 12 days of Christmas. We Elves leave a gift for the family that needs a little uplifting for 12 days before Christmas. I love being sneaky and bringing them joy. It's my favorite memory of Christmas from when a family did it for us when I was a little girl!  - dolewhipkarlita  78.7 #3770 10:11AM
Would you please add me? My mom would love this ornament. One of our Christmas traditions is that my mom makes hot chocolate for us to drink while we dress our Christmas tree and decorate the house for the holidays. There is also Christmas music playing at full blast as we dance around like elves. It's fun to decorate at my house. Now, I continue this in my own home, but I invite friends to what I call my "Annual Elf Party". My friends come over and I make them holiday treats and the same type of hot chocolate, my mom makes, and they help me decorate my house for's not easy putting up 5 Christmas trees at my house! ๐Ÿ˜‰ - LaBelleParis  1197.9 #125 9:28AM
That's nice. Are you having a frozen theme this year ๐Ÿ˜Š - DebbyMouse7531  502.1 #13 9:30AM
Honestly, I'm not sure of a complete Frozen theme, but I can say that it will be represented in some way ๐Ÿ˜‰ - LaBelleParis  1197.9 #125 9:32AM
Please add me.. my family tradition is to watch Emmitt otters jug band Christmas . Thank you so much - grumpyinphx  441.5 #445 7:25PM
Please add me for @@@@@@@Willierose ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜!!  First let me say that I LOVE Christmas!!! Christmas traditions sure have changed over the years for me. I have grown children (29 & 23) who have jobs and partners of their own, and then I have young children (13 & 11). Something I try to stick to every year is to make cocoa and cookies before we decorate the Christmas tree๐ŸŽ„. Back in the olden days it was midnight Mass and Christmas carols.. Miss the good old days, but things change, and we as parents must change with themโ˜บ๏ธ. Thank you!! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1111.5 #142 7:50PM

 805.7 #204 (DL Qual #97

November 28, 2014 6:56 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Black Friday #RAK. Add for yourself only. Will pick 3 Random winners for 100 Credits each before Tuesdays 12/2/14 Sticker event. Good luck!!!

Ohhhhh. Great RAK! Add me please - NascarDave  302.1 #827 7:04PM
Added - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  805.7 #204 10:55PM
Add me please - Dizkid  361.9 #581 7:05PM
Added - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  805.7 #204 10:55PM
Add me please. Thank you. Great RAK - bookem  170.7 #2303 12:50AM
Please add me,  Thank You! - MsTikiMermadam  197.2 #1934 4:05AM

 641.8 #278 (DL Qual #105

November 15, 2014 3:50 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#RAK I picked up a couple of items at Company D for my MW crew! RAK is for both items, must have 50 points, enter for yourself or others! Ends Saturday November 22nd at noon!

Please add me for @DisneyGrandma. Thank you for this wonderful RAK. and thank you @DisneyGrandma for everything - grumpyinphx  441.5 #445 8:57PM
Awww thanks for the add, this is very thoughtful of you. I'm going to send out the Mickey popcorn bucket probably on Monday. Take care friend! - DisneyGrandma  840.0 #197 7:41AM
You are so welcome - grumpyinphx  441.5 #445 7:46AM
Very nice! Added! - breathe_in_the_happiness  641.8 #278 7:54AM
Then I can officially say I am jealous and have to find a way to get one! Now you've giving a stubborn man a mission ๐Ÿ‘ - JCfreak949  2.9 #54936 10:28PM
Please add me thanks - sewedna  413.4 #489 11:59AM
Please add me! - Diz_Mel  93.2 #3533 12:05PM

 641.8 #278 (DL Qual #105

November 3, 2014 12:22 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
KOST 103.5 2014 Holiday Kick Off Party is in Disneyland this year! Thursday Nov.20th! Enter to win 4 times a day online or be the 20th caller when you hear the cue from 6am to midnight! If you live in So Cal you can join the KOST street team at a local Albertsons for a chance to win!

Tagged in: Special Events  
Another way to win started this morning. KTLA 5 Morning and Evening News gives out 2 code words to enter on their website. I will try to post code words on MW each day!  - breathe_in_the_happiness  641.8 #278 12:03PM
11/7/14 KTLA 5 Code words Elsa & Wendy. Enter by noon! - breathe_in_the_happiness  641.8 #278 9:39AM
awesome of you. thanks! - FrankenweenieVelinee  1904.4 #74 10:39AM
The KOST Street Team will be at the Westside Pavilion on Pico LA,  Monday 11/17 at 6pm in the Food Court to give away tickets!  - breathe_in_the_happiness  641.8 #278 8:11AM
Are they still doing the code words?? - secretagentangel  1424.1 #102 10:55AM

 2123.9 #60 (DL Qual #47

November 3, 2014 5:05 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#UPDATE WINNER IS @SUPERSPACEMOUNTAINFAN!!! Please DM your info!!! thank you everyone for entering!!! #RAK: 4 more days until Big Hero 6 is released and you meet Baymax, your personal healthcare companion!! But until then, Baymax the Christmas ornament would love to hang from your tree this season!!! A simple add me will do for you or others!! RAK ends 11/9 at 8 pm!! Good luck!!

Add me for @@BombFrogFormerCM Daughter Jill pleaseeeeee thanks!  - mickeyat78  1672.5 #84 8:39PM
Thank you for the add! - BombFrogFormerCM  841.1 #195 10:19PM
Please add me for @KingFred ....I think he looks like him ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you! - LaBelleParis  1197.9 #125 11:41PM
Please add me.for kingfred too because this made me laugh. Thanks - philliprocks  1066.1 #150 9:07AM
Please add me for KingFred because he defiantly looks like him ๐Ÿ˜‚.  - Disneyfreak111  567.8 #325 9:48AM
Thanks for the adds philliprocks and Disneyfreak111 - LaBelleParis  1197.9 #125 12:11PM
Congrats!!! Woohoo!!! - Goofnaround  22.0 #6358 6:55PM
- draven898  840.1 #196 7:32PM

 718.0 #235 (DL Qual #205

November 1, 2014 11:50 AM  Disneyland Talk Land
WINNER!!! The winner of the CompanyD RAK is...Draven898. That was a lot of entries and I always feel terrible that I can't give you each one!!! I might have another, and I will RAK it if I do. Congrats Draven898, and if you can DM me, I will mail it to you asap. Thanks everyone for entering. RAK! My daughter has an extra Company D family and friends pass that is good for the mon  More...

๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑoh goodness! Please add me. Thanks so much! *Goes back and reads over details to make sure I answered everything* ok..  โ€ขDM enabled โœ”๏ธ and I'm just going to toss in that Adventureland is my very favorite๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5189.2 #17 11:58AM
When will you be attending the land of Disney, kind lady? - philliprocks  1066.1 #150 4:37PM
Got my Jack/Jack meet up on Sat 22nd, may stay a few days ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ philliprocks - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5189.2 #17 5:01PM
Oh yeah! I'd go but I'm banned from DL.on the weekends. And if I may, please add me for my virtual friend HMACIF. Thanks - philliprocks  1066.1 #150 5:06PM
Oh thanks for the add, philliprocks๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5189.2 #17 5:16PM
Please add me thank you for the opportunity  - olivafamily  5.4 #15754 6:30PM
Please add me for@Ashley1024. Thanks so much! - keepmovingforward  189.9 #2021 3:58PM
You are SO SWEET!! Thank you so much!!! Xoxo๐Ÿ˜˜ - Ashley1024  27.7 #5678 4:02PM
- keepmovingforward  189.9 #2021 4:50PM
congrats!  - breathe_in_the_happiness  641.8 #278 7:46AM
Congratulations @@@@@@draven898!!!!! - PrincessCindy  120.8 #3083 11:04AM

 337.4 #654 (DL Qual #222

October 31, 2014 4:22 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Winner chosen this morning by pulling out all names entered until one special winner remained. Congratulations PIKARICH,added by WhatTiggersDoBest, you are the chosen one!!! Please DM me your info so Stitch can begin his journey to your house! RAK Stitch followed me home from the Aulani yesterday, and he wants to cause trouble in one lucky MouseWaiters home. Rules are, must live in the US, have   More...

Add me for @@@@@@@@@@@@@@pikarich please! Thank u! Fave attraction music is pirates of Caribbean :)  - mickeyat78  1672.5 #84 12:51PM
โœ…added - DarthTinkerbell  337.4 #654 1:48PM
Omg thank you for this awesome rak and thank you to everyone who entered for me  and whattiggersdobest for the entry - pikarich  3779.0 #27 11:31AM
so awesome! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@pikarich  - FrankenweenieVelinee  1904.4 #74 1:46PM
- keepmovingforward  189.9 #2021 2:00PM

 2326.1 #52 (DL Qual #56

October 15, 2014 4:44 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#RAK It's that time of year again! I have two Company D friends and family passes available. They are valid November 1-30. Keep in mind that Company D is closed on Tuesdays. For those who don't know, Company D is like a Disney discount warehouse for employees. Normally you would have to have an employee accompany you but this pass grants you access without that CM being present. Rules: 1) must  More...

I don't think I have enough points but this is so generous of you... - MinnieTinker  493.0 #389 6:19PM
You're getting close! - RCmom  5229.2 #16 7:31PM
You are almost there... ENTEr wait times if you are at the parks"... If not, play some mousewait trivia (the trivilator app). It will make u close to 300 - otilegna  2070.3 #62 9:25PM
Too bad Company D can't have a MouseWait day!!  So many awesome people on here that it would be fun to go with all together! - MeridaFan  3510.6 #33 8:57AM
That would be fabulous!! - RCmom  5229.2 #16 10:21AM
Where do we sign the petition for this wonderful idea?!! - breathe_in_the_happiness  641.8 #278 8:21PM
Please add me- it would be a dream come true! - lovesminnie  704.8 #238 8:46PM
CLOSED - IDVandalSkipperCM  2326.1 #52 9:08PM

 2373.9 #51 (DL Qual #25

October 4, 2014 4:28 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
**RAK CLOSED** #WDW #RAK ๐Ÿ˜€ This RAK Is Open To Everyone...If You Are Unable To DM Then You MUST Be Able To Email Me If You Win! You May ONLY ADD For Yourself. RAK Includes: Olaf Paper Fan, WDW Park Maps, WDW/Epcot/Hollywood Studios/Animal Kingdom Pins, WDW Magic Towel, Dumbo Mystery Pin, WDW Mickey Antenna Ball, & Disney Resorts Blushing Orange Shampoo/Conditioner, Bath Soap, & Face Soap! RAK  More...

@aud2580 @MiamiMickeyMom @thatgirljenn @zbgirl00 robmurow Added! - luxkitty  2373.9 #51 4:37PM
Everyone added! - luxkitty  2373.9 #51 10:27PM
Woo hoo! Excited! Probably won't ever make it to wdw so thanks for doing this rak! - DisneyPiratePrincess  172.3 #2274 11:09PM
DisneyPiratePrincess you never know...hopefully you will make it there! - luxkitty  2373.9 #51 11:14PM
Add me please and thank you! - PanPiratePoppyCock  226.8 #1552 9:54AM
RAK CLOSED...WILL PICK A WINNER LATER TODAY!!! - luxkitty  2373.9 #51 12:12AM

 3394.4 #36 (DL Qual #71

August 13, 2014 12:20 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#RAK Having treated family & friends yesterday, can't forget MW now can I ๐Ÿ˜„ You may add yourself or someone else. Must be able to DM please. RAK will close Sat 8/16 at 11:59pm. Names will be dropped in a box and I'll have a friend or family member draw the lucky MW'er. I will post the winner of 1 item you see on this very wall around 2pm on Sun 8/17. I won't say which it is, but here's a hint:   More...

Good Morning & Happy Friday! Everyone has been added as of this post. Good luck and have a great weekend ๐Ÿ˜ƒ - HARR_E  3394.4 #36 9:45AM
RAK is closed๐Ÿšง Good luck to all. Will post winner later today, early in the afternoon ๐Ÿ˜ƒ - HARR_E  3394.4 #36 1:00AM
RAK is closed๐Ÿšง Good luck to all. Will post winner later today, early in the afternoon ๐Ÿ˜ƒ - HARR_E  3394.4 #36 1:00AM
let it be me....let it be meee.....c'mon - evilemohand  612.8 #295 6:43AM

 423.3 #468 (DL Qual #834

July 8, 2014 8:22 PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Hi everybody!!!!! I would like to do a #MailInRAK. **I will pick two winners** I'm RAKing off a crochet zippered make-up bag/pencil pouch like the ones I sell on my envy store (the link can be found on my profile if anyone is interested). Below are some the designs that I have already made. Anybody can join. Please be able to DM so i can mail it to you or if you can't dm, you must be able to meet   More...

Fun! Please add me for the Minnie one. Thank you! - JenGwen323  1526.7 #93 8:31PM
added :) - Sapphire  423.3 #468 3:57AM
Could you please add me for the Minnie one?  My daughter would love that one. Thanks. Awesome RAK.  - chads018  215.7 #1706 8:49PM
I love your soccer ball Mickey!! - brodysmommy  401.3 #510 10:46PM
Thank you!! You're added. :) - Sapphire  423.3 #468 3:58AM
These are so cute. Please add me. I would like either Dumbo or Elsa - BabyMine  288.5 #908 4:45PM
U r very talented ! Please add me for alice so cute !  - Disney4life  59.5 #4195 5:45PM

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