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May 23, 2015 12:21PM 
24-Hour Day CONTEST WINNERS! What's cool about our new contest system is that the more you contribute to MouseWait through wait times and quality content in the Lounge, your odds of winning increase. However, it only takes ONE entry to win since winners are selected at random--giving everyone a shot at winning the prize. The winners of our FIRST contest are: Brerbear79, iLOVELUCYnDISNEY, Mad_Tea_P  More...

 @@@Admin this is so awesome. I would like to thanks my parents Lol. Ok i will like to thanks everyone on MW. Cant wait for tuesdays stickers.  - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  870.4 #190 2:27PM
Do you accept this award??😂😂😂😘 - secretagentangel  1505.1 #99 2:34PM
Yes. Yes i do 😂😘 - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  870.4 #190 7:29PM
Congrats everyone and thanks for the great content posted during the 24 hour event!! - 1Princess3Princes  395.5 #524 12:37PM
Congrats! - magicalflash  23.9 #6142 7:31PM
Thank you for keeping us updated for the 24 hour event..Even though I couldn't be there in person, I felt like I was part of the action. Keep up good work. - mommyfor2  3.0 #43984 8:33PM

 46.6 #102 (WDW Qual #1090

May 25, 2015 12:40AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Had THE BEST time today with my friend Sarah! You just can't beat happy times at the happiest place-thank you Walt!!!

 4904.9 #19 (DL Qual #27

May 25, 2015 12:37AM  Disneyland Talk Land
The coral in Paint The Night that precede Ariel are simply stunning! #PaintTheNight

 2033.1 #66 (DL Qual #35

May 25, 2015 12:04AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
I just love this so much #LiteBrite

- JediKitty  814.2 #205 12:11AM
 What a great shot!!!!!!  I love it too!!!!! - valj84DisneyAddict  132.9 #2888 12:21AM

 24.6 #6041 (DL Qual #5831

May 25, 2015 12:35AM  Disneyland Talk Land
my first ever celebrity sighting! I saw John Mayer on Main St coming from Tomorrowland towards Adventure Land. I didn't believe it was him until I googled images of him. Anyone else see him

 888.1 #181 (DL Qual #86

May 25, 2015 12:09AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Last attraction of the night. Just saying good bye until June...#HatBox..he kept laughing.

! - JediKitty  814.2 #205 12:32AM

Thanked by:   JediKitty   Mderekl  
 327.6 #698 (DL Qual #316

May 24, 2015 6:42PM  Disneyland Talk Land
If you haven't done Chef Counter at Napa Rose, please do! Such a wonderful experience! I did the wine pairing this time so I was extra relaxed leaving there. Worth every penny!

Tagged in: Food  
Happy anniversary kids!! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  1165.7 #135 7:09PM
It is not until June but we figured with school and family, we wouldn't get back for an adult trip. Thank you! - emnldsmom  327.6 #698 7:14PM
Happy  Anniversary!  Also I agree the Chefs Counter is well worth doing - Bibba  401.4 #513 10:02PM
I just LOVE chef Gloria- she is the Best!  - eeyoretinkfan  46.6 #102 12:23AM

 489.9 #396 (DL Qual #180

May 24, 2015 10:53AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#News The "Word of the Day" can be found on this website each day. Then you just text it to 347639 before 10:59am for the daily drawing. You're supposed to be somewhere at the resort to claim your prize. Any entries after 10:59 go into that week's weekly drawing.
This post has been moved to Disneyland Resort News - MouseWaitOfficialAccount 6:58PM
So, now that it's after 10:59am, you can still text the word to enter for this week's weekly drawing.  - okletsgotodisneyland  489.9 #396 11:02AM
Thank you for the info! That sounds amazing! Will have do this next time I'm at the park - DisneyDrea  16.3 #7452 5:41PM
This post has been moved to Disneyland Resort News - MouseWaitOfficialAccount 6:58PM

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2. Tom

3. MadameLeota

4. Psychguy

5. jacdanfan



8. goofygal

9. redsoxcarlos

10. bryanschultz1



@MelodyMouse! You are amazing! Wow wow wow!    - secretagentangel  1505.1 #99 5:00PM

 46.6 #102 (WDW Qual #1090

May 25, 2015 12:29AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Mack! From the new parade! Too cool!

 3603.6 #33 (DL Qual #64

May 25, 2015 12:28AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
#PaintTheNight Tink! Well, time to go home. That was a nice quick trip this evening just to catch the 11pm show. Goodnight MW.

 46.6 #102 (WDW Qual #1090

May 25, 2015 12:28AM  Disneyland Talk Land
A MUST see event!

Thanked by:   jax5  
 888.1 #181 (DL Qual #86

May 24, 2015 10:19PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Are you ready to board? They gave me the front and it was pretty scary.

I love the front......except when the bobsled passes Harold lol - thatgirljenn  1431.0 #103 10:22PM
 Front is the best seat - Plumiegirl  8801.6 #3 11:08PM
- DarthTinkerbell  372.7 #563 12:03AM
I can't wait to get my back cracked.   - richiii3  600.2 #309 12:26AM

 46.6 #102 (WDW Qual #1090

May 25, 2015 12:26AM  Disneyland Talk Land
LOVE the new fireworks! Made me tear up a little.

 1505.1 #99 (DL Qual #145

May 24, 2015 10:00PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Hi and welcome to Sunday Night Up Late with MouseWait! Hope your day was great! Wow! So much going on these past few days here at Disneyland and DCA! What's been your favorite thing? So Come on in and stay awhile! 😇

Just so you all know, I'm at the parks, came outside to post (I am now so afraid to ever leave DL,lol) but going back in soon so  I'll try very hard to keep posting! We need wifi at DL!  - secretagentangel  1505.1 #99 10:18PM
I can hear the fireworks from my house. 😍😍😍 - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1106.8 #149 10:11PM
how neat! I remember being able to hear them when I was growing up nearby. - Thumper13  482.6 #401 10:14PM
Hey there RS4E! I just heard them too! How close are you?  - secretagentangel  1505.1 #99 10:15PM
I heard the DL fireworks directly followed by the Knotts fireworks 😂😂 30 minutes of boom bang boom!!!!  - thatgirljenn  1431.0 #103 10:23PM
That's me too. Between Dland and Knotts every night sounds like a war zone 😂. Drives my poor dogs crazy  - PrincessAsh  171.9 #0 10:27PM
Thumper13 I love it! secretagentangel I am in Garden Grove. Probably 15 minutes away! thatgirljenn Was that Knott's Berry Farm?😖@PrincessAsh I am confused which is which😂 - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1106.8 #149 10:31PM
I can hear them in chino hills but not so much when in LA! It's like an alarm clock!  - secretagentangel  1505.1 #99 10:35PM
RadiatorSprings4Ever yea theirs started at 10pm - thatgirljenn  1431.0 #103 10:35PM
I hear them from Long Beach pretty well. Always a nice reminder. ☺️ - redsoxcarlos  1651.7 #87 11:19PM
I heard them in San Diego too. Oh wait, I think I was standing too close to the bathroom - philliprocks  1112.3 #146 11:32PM
redsoxcarlos especially in the summer! philliprocks😳🚽💥😂Why am I not surprised. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1106.8 #149 12:03AM
I second what DisneyDavidEMT said…Living vicariously through everyones pics and posts…this has been a fun weekend to watch…Disney pulled out all the stops for this celebration…Can't wait to get down there…Good Night from 6hrs north! - pamntink  41.3 #4839 11:54PM
Good morning MW's.  Thanks b for all the filing pictures over the past few days.  Looking forward to seeing everything on June 1 st.  My daughter turns 13 on June 1st, I need help. Let her join MW or have her wait a few years?  - richiii3  600.2 #309 12:25AM

 856.4 #194 (DL Qual #85

May 25, 2015 12:22AM  Disneyland Talk Land
To my MW family, I wish you all fair winds and following seas on this Memorial Day...

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 356.2 #602 (DL Qual #714

May 24, 2015 10:13PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Our family has been Premium pass holders for the past 10 years. We're throwing out the idea of not renewing. (Passes expire in August) Totally on the fence on the decision! Finances isn't an issue, but to figure we shell out $3,200 for 4 is a lot. Anyone else ever come to this cross roads? And the 60th celebrations are so awesome! What to do???

Easy renew! There no better way to do Disney than with Annual Passes.  - TangledsDad  245.9 #1319 10:18PM
Yup, but taxes help to cover some of those cost - pikarich  3920.6 #27 10:25PM
If money isn't the issue, then how much Joy does going give y'all. ?  My guess is alot.  AP has its perks.   Only you're family can answer the ?  Me, I always choose to go     - suzieq65  20.1 #6697 11:03PM
I also pay for four passes but no question about renewing. With as often as we go and all the savings it is an easy answer. Renew!!! - stanvoodoo  0.8 #68192 12:20AM

 3578.3 #35 (DL Qual #16

May 24, 2015 9:19PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Hi Peter

 254.9 #1226 (DL Qual #968

May 24, 2015 10:31PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Due to my surgery, I wasn't able to attend the 24 hour event this past weekend BUT my father did and he was able to get me these beauties!

Hope you feel better! Great ears! - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1106.8 #149 10:35PM
Wishing you a speedy recovery :) - Mad_Tea_Party  1107.8 #148 11:18PM
That's awesome! Get well soon! Im recouping too! - pamntink  41.3 #4839 11:58PM
Another get well wish!!! - stanvoodoo  0.8 #68192 12:17AM

 1651.7 #87 (DL Qual #230

May 24, 2015 10:52PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Saw Paint The Night for the first time tonight. They did an awesome job. And I don't think I've seen that level of crowd excitement in years, maybe since MSEP, which they tip their hat to so well. It is really worth seeing! 😀

Oh yay! Did you wait long? - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1106.8 #149 12:10AM

 3662.8 #31 (DL Qual #19

May 24, 2015 11:18AM  Disneyland Talk Land
the 24 hour event was insane packed, but so much fun! who went? was it worth it to you?

I went!! It was my 3rd one in a row. I missed the end by 2 hours but I was on property for 30 hours straight still!! I love these events.  Yes it was extremely packed and sometimes frustrating, but totally worth it! I got to experience Paint the Night and the new fireworks, both of which had me in tears. I got to see the upgrades on Matterhorn and only had to wait 25 minutes since I went right at 6am! I met up with some awesome Mwers at different times of the day, some I had already met and some I was meeting for the first time! I wish I would have been able to travel over to the DCA side but I was too afraid of getting stuck in the esplanade so I never left the Disneyland side. I will continue to go to 24 hour events as long as they have them and I can make it!  - thatgirljenn  1431.0 #103 11:25AM
the kids went on Matterhorn first too!  we made the mistake and left to try for DCA the line was insane! - OhanaPhoto  3662.8 #31 7:04PM
I got there at about 4:15a, had an easy time parking at M&F and got in quickly through DTD. I was able to get on buzz, Matterhorn, soarin, and ca screamin in the morning. Ate breakfast at flo's. Then just sorta wandered around. I wanted some of the popcorn buckets and sippers but didn't want to wait. The merch lines were crazy too. I ended up leaving by 1p cuz I wanted to try and beat holiday traffic back home to SD (didn't happen hahaha!!). I'm glad I went though to check it out and glad I went early and didn't deal with the chaos that a lot of people endured trying to get in later in the day and night. Props to all the CMs who handled everything and put on a great event. It can't be easy and I applaud you all. 👏🏻 - DisneyLuvinMama  351.2 #616 11:59AM
i appreciate these reports. Thanx for posting.  - BAO1953  20.2 #6685 8:05PM
Went around 1pm Friday straight to Disneyland. I know it reached capacity, but it seemed like so many people were saving spots for the parade and fireworks so the rest of the park wasn't as busy as you'd think. At one point I even got my own boat at Small World! After the fireworks and second Fantasmic, I was able to basically walk on to a lot of rides. For half the time it was a solo trip, but it was great cuz I could do what I wanted. It honestly was one of my all time favorite trips. And yes,I made it to 6am! - JediKitty  814.2 #205 12:09AM

 3578.3 #35 (DL Qual #16

May 24, 2015 6:58PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Any Strollers out there today?

Got rid of ours 17 years ago. Don't want another one! Sorry.:-) :-) - toarrispirate  88.3 #3629 7:18PM
I miss the cup holder. ::lesigh:: - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5258.5 #16 8:33PM
Don't be sorry. I don't like them. I'm always getting run over by them.   - Winnie111286  3578.3 #35 9:06PM
always livin the stroller dream - Madness  100.5 #3447 7:09PM
We are part of the Stroller Mafia  - 3disneylanders  103.8 #3403 11:33PM
- DarthTinkerbell  372.7 #563 12:07AM

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