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 2372.3 #44 (DL Qual #20

Jul 23, 2014 9:45AM  Disneyland Talk Land
paging disneydavidemt I got your aed machine from the park last night after everyone left, now where do I want it and p's it's the only item I felt guilty taking lol

I find it "shocking" that you took that. - DLKenCA  1386.4 #87 10:10AM
What ever ken , once I get back in club 33 I have a mirror I need to gift to some one - pikarich  2372.3 #44 10:12AM
pikarich: Would that someone be me? I want the mirror in the ladies room πŸ˜‰ - LaBelleParis  744.6 #198 12:22PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - DisneyGrandma  626.2 #261 9:53AM
😹😹😹 @@DisneyDavidEMT - debbiev  738.8 #200 9:57AM

 0.0 #0 (DL Qual #0

Jul 23, 2014 12:20PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Just booked the Hotel for our Labor day weekend Disney trip! Sooooo stoked! Since we got the Premium AP we will be making at least 6 times this year (:

 523.2 #327 (DL Qual #325

Jul 23, 2014 9:42AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Debbiev, Duchess_SMK and GrumpyPirateDad for gifting me the Lone Ranger Stickers to help complete my sticker collection. You are all so kind and I appreciate your generosity. 😘

You're welcome! - debbiev  738.8 #200 9:45AM
And big thanks to @Duchess_SMK for sending me the Ranger Hat sticker for DisLUVney! - debbiev  738.8 #200 9:53AM
Three super wonderful MW'ers! - FrankenweenieVelinee  963.7 #146 11:52AM
YAY !!! Love when Awesome happens !!!  - Eeyorelvr  99.3 #3358 11:56AM

 7.9 #10576 (DL Qual #3328

Jul 23, 2014 12:03PM  Disneyland Talk Land
in line for Cars ride in California Adventure Park. good thing we have fast passes. standby wait time is now 155 mins!!!

Oh yeah, it's fastpass or single riders only for us!  I like that ride, but I don't think I'd stand in that long of a line for anything.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  506.9 #343 12:09PM
 πŸ‘πŸ‘ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  645.4 #246 12:18PM

 366.5 #528 (DL Qual #157

Jul 23, 2014 11:39AM  Disneyland Talk Land
It's soooo unfair. at the resort but working right next door. So I can't visit it 😩

Go after work! - DisneyGrandma  626.2 #261 11:47AM
And at your lunch break!   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  506.9 #343 12:06PM
Having a bad day in Prt Arthur Texas Chemical plant today. YOu have no idea how much I wish I were there instead of here!   - Sfarrell  66.5 #3860 12:15PM

 744.6 #198 (DL Qual #82

Jul 22, 2014 5:26PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#Club33 I forgot to post the obligatory bathroom "selfie" in the ladies' bathroom at Club 33. I would LOVE to look myself in a mirror, like this one, every morning! Wouldn't you?!?! 😍

Yep & I'd sit there all day looking @ myself. - luxkitty  1174.4 #108 5:57PM
We'd have to share, though 😐 - LaBelleParis  744.6 #198 6:46PM
@KingFred I'd like a mirror like this one in my bathroom, please πŸ˜‰ - LaBelleParis  744.6 #198 5:27PM
If I won the lottery, I'd get a mirror like that! 😍✨ (but no wallpaper).   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  506.9 #343 9:14PM
Ooh and the bench space!!  Yes @@KingFred , please accommodate your partners request πŸ’‘ - RapunzelledColey  48.9 #4296 12:29AM
Thanks for the support, mate! πŸ˜ƒ - LaBelleParis  744.6 #198 12:06PM

 454.3 #401 (DL Qual #224

Jul 20, 2014 9:29AM  Disneyland Talk Land
 Best Post of the Day 7-20-14
**RAK** I haven't posted in a while and I thought I would come back to share a little Magic! I have an admission ticket for you and a guest of your choice to Company D! Rules are as follows: 1. Be nice = use your manners, 2. Have 100 pts or more. 3. Tell me who you will take. I will pick a winner at the end of week! Good luck!

Eek! I just booked a surprise trip for myself (I hadn't planned to go to the parks till October, but flight was so cheap, couldn't pass it up!) I've never gotten the chance to go to Company D! I would take Mickeyat78 or missariel33 or lotusflow3r or SpiritofAdventure or lohofosho - whoever could go with me! Thanks so much for an incredible RAK! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1069.8 #127 9:05PM
How awesome of you! Please add me. If chosen I'd take my sister (Singh2011) for our birthday. Thank you so much for sharing!  - 559MickeyLover  296.9 #805 10:16AM
Could you please add me? I would love to take my mom and shop with/for her :) thank you so much! - LittleMermaidLover  274.8 #962 9:01AM
Omg omg this is so exciting!!!! Please add me. If I win I would take my sister. We could have a fun sister sister day together. - luv2bake  137.8 #2730 10:42AM

Our Favorite Things: This is a list of the top things added to our popular ToDo List feature inside the app (based on the number of times added to a ToDo List):

Popular Restaurants : 1. Big Thunder Ranch BBQ
2. Blue Bayou 31 rue royal
3. Tiki Juice Bar

Popular Attractions :1. Pirates of the Caribbean
2. Indiana Jones Adventure 46"
3. Haunted Mansion

New Orleans Square attractions are best.  - CM_Shadowgamer  2312.7 #46 7:23PM
 I agree,for life - bonedaddy909  1067.4 #128 6:56AM
Completely agree!!!       - adisneyfamily  679.2 #227 10:23AM
LOVE the mansion stickers - WishIWereThere  238.7 #1339 9:32AM
I hope it didn't count from my to do list because I have pretty much everything checked. - AriellesMom  51.3 #4230 10:35PM

 1398.3 #86 (DL Qual #40

Jul 22, 2014 11:06PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Thanks @Admin for the awesome re-release of some stickers tonight! I have some duplicates, and some stickers I really don't use that often. Please add yourself (or someone else) for any of the stickers you'd like. No fancy rules... Just remember your manners please. I'll post the stickers I'm RAK-ing below. Thanks, and I'll,pick the winners soon (if I don't get pulled onto a call).

- DisneyDavidEMT  1398.3 #86 11:12PM
So kind of you... May I please be added for the Lone Ranger mask.  I missed the Lone Ranger series back then.  Thank you. - DisLUVney  523.2 #327 11:16PM
It's yours!  Sending it now! - DisneyDavidEMT  1398.3 #86 7:21AM
Thank you so much.  I just saw that GPD just generously gifted me one as well, so now I have an extra.  I will return it to you so you can gift it to another MW'er in your sticker RAK.  Thank you again.  - DisLUVney  523.2 #327 8:32AM
What is that long white thing? First sticker on the bottom. - BellesLibrary  361.5 #540 11:26AM
Grisly Peak Binoculars.   - DisneyDavidEMT  1398.3 #86 11:49AM
Just wanted to say you are Awesome !!!  - Eeyorelvr  99.3 #3358 11:51AM
☺️ thanks! - DisneyDavidEMT  1398.3 #86 12:03PM

Jul 21, 2014 12:57PM  Disneyland Talk Land
THROWBACK/SECOND CHANCE STICKER NIGHT TUESDAY! We will release the Invitational Press Preview Sticker, and other retired Stickers (post your suggestions) for the loyal Tuesday night Sticker enthusiasts! Don't miss MouseWait Summer Sticker Nights in Downtown Disney every Tuesday 8pm at La Brea Bakery. Participate from anywhere in the world via the Lounge Virtual Pre-Party with Churro at 8pm, Sticke  More...

Looks like we will have 7 throwback Stickers tonight, and maybe we'll do another throwback week next Tues... - Admin 12:51PM
Thank you Admin! - Acuna_Matata   488.5 #366 12:57PM
Awesome!  Thank you admin :) - DisLUVney  523.2 #327 1:02PM
Fantastic. I would love old stickers. - Winnie111286  717.8 #209 1:04PM
How exciting! - mini_MINNIE   891.8 #158 1:07PM
Many thanks, Admin!! - debbiev  738.8 #200 2:05PM
Wow! That is fantastic! Thank you!   - grumpypapa  1675.4 #72 2:05PM
this is so great! I will be at La Brea tonight, to hang out with the crew. Crossing my fingers that service will work smoothly for all of us :)  - FrankenweenieVelinee  963.7 #146 2:32PM
Crossing my fingers for the retired food :) - SafariSkewerJessica  1149.4 #113 4:47PM
frankenweenie, I will try to get extras too.  awesome, Admin, and thank you!!! - secretagentangel  1199.5 #105 7:28PM
Thank you! - leopardditz2000  265.3 #1056 8:14PM
Thank you thank you thank you.  This is soooo much fun, everyone is really having a great time!!! - DisneyGrandma  626.2 #261 8:28PM
OMG !!! Awesome !!!  STICKERS !!! I am so excited I cannot contain myself !!! Thank you  - Eeyorelvr  99.3 #3358 12:02PM
WOW! Ok here I go...Dole Whip Float, Sword in the Stone, People Mover, the original Matterhorn Mountain, Plaza Inn Chicken. These would be AWESOME!  Thank you so much for doing this!  Last week was a blast!!! - DisneyGrandma  626.2 #261 1:02PM
Oh oh also...Corndog sticker, Turkey Leg sticker, and Churro sticker.  - DisneyGrandma  626.2 #261 1:05PM
Oops I forgot my manners. Pretty please.  Sorry ☺️ - DisneyGrandma  626.2 #261 1:29PM
β˜οΈβ˜οΈβ˜οΈβ˜οΈβ˜οΈβ˜οΈβ˜οΈβ˜οΈβ˜οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ - leopardditz2000  265.3 #1056 2:02PM
These would all be great! - goofygal  6139.3 #11 5:36AM
I didn't get a chance to log in for sticker night. All I want is the Matterhorn sticker. Can anyone hook me up please? 😊 - Polaris  28.0 #5295 2:26AM
Sent you one. Enjoy! - MeridaFan  3188.3 #28 5:54AM
Thank you so much!  - Polaris  28.0 #5295 11:23AM
Awwweeee...@@@MeridaFan is Awesome !  - Eeyorelvr  99.3 #3358 12:04PM
I have multiple these....anyone? - FrankenweenieVelinee  963.7 #146 11:47AM

 654.5 #239 (DL Qual #94

Jul 23, 2014 6:45AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Paging my MW family: Please wish Mrs. Frog a happy birthday! She helps bring the kid at heart in me out as well as spoils Jack and Jill with love!

Happy birthday! - evilemohamd  32.1 #5021 6:46AM
Happy birthday!  Hope it is marvelous!  - CallMeFlower  414.5 #452 6:51AM
~~Happy Happy Birthday Mrs. Frog !!~~ Hope you have a wonderful blessed day !!  - Eeyorelvr  99.3 #3358 11:53AM
Happy bday mrs🐸 - goofydad909  1702.1 #70 12:02PM

 712.2 #210 (DL Qual #149

Jul 23, 2014 8:18AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
 Best Post of the Day
Getting ready to take flight!

"come on everybody, here we goooooo" - islandRmand  57.5 #4066 8:53AM
I never see pictures from this attraction..!! Thank you !! - carminaire  500.4 #353 8:33AM
true story! ^^ - FrankenweenieVelinee  963.7 #146 9:36AM
Lucky you! Have a magical flight! - DarthTinkerbell  74.0 #3712 10:11AM
Love this but don't get to ride it often because the line is so long usually. - Winnie111286  717.8 #209 10:34AM

 2372.3 #44 (DL Qual #20

Jul 22, 2014 8:14PM  Disneyland Talk Land
tonight's brea desert, white chocolate cheesecake with strawberries and whip cream

Tagged in: Food  La Brea Bakery  
That doesn't look very good. You should give it to me and I'll eat it for you- because that's what friends do - HandMeAChuzzaImmaFaint  3394.1 #26 8:19PM
That looks amazing! - NewMommyToaLittleTigger  4.1 #19096 8:21PM
Delicious!!! - Disneygrl35  0.1 #95143 10:28PM
OMG!!!  - Eeyorelvr  99.3 #3358 11:49AM

 449.8 #409 (DL Qual #121

Jul 22, 2014 7:39PM  Disneyland Talk Land
hurry up to la brea for throwback/second chance sticker night... i have this scooter in turbo speed... should get there soon

OMG --  I love you! - CallMeFlower  414.5 #452 7:59PM
I give warm hugs! πŸ˜‰ - MickeyLumboCM  449.8 #409 8:35PM
Can't. Stop. Laughing!!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - leopardditz2000  265.3 #1056 8:19PM
It was so nice to finally meet you tonight. You are just as kind as I thought you would be. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  645.4 #246 9:47PM
We need to do this again...soonπŸ‘ - MickeyLumboCM  449.8 #409 2:05AM
Yes, MickeyLumboCM. Hope to see you at Ms. Churro's meetup? - RadiatorSprings4Ever  645.4 #246 11:12AM
Hey, I think I know this guy! Great meeting you tonight, Wilson. - debbiev  738.8 #200 10:30PM
Wilson is cray cray, right? And that scooter goes fastπŸ’¨ - MickeyLumboCM  449.8 #409 2:09AM
debbiev really?? How neat. - HandMeAChuzzaImmaFaint  3394.1 #26 11:39AM

Play FlusterWait for iOS while you're in line and see where you rank on the GameCenter Leaderboard!

***I know who has the lowest score!πŸ˜‚ - MadameLeota  1572.3 #78 6:54PM
I'm looking right, and all I see is my dirty car outside of my house - Slotherini  1053.1 #131 5:21PM
216 woot! - goofydad909  1702.1 #70 10:20PM
Wow!  That's impressive!  I'm still in the single digits. - DisLUVney  523.2 #327 9:39PM
Okay I'm at home playing this game and I'm already frustrated!!! But boy oh boy I L❀️VE this games sound effects!!! GREAT JOB @AdminπŸ‘πŸ˜Š - WaltSentMe  322.7 #679 5:52PM
Glad you like it! - Admin  12:19PM
I can't get past the first column.... 😫 - amyb1076  190.6 #1954 9:27PM
Welcome to my life lol 98% of the time I can't either - BeatleMike  506.6 #345 8:27AM
Lol but it's addictive 😁 - amyb1076  190.6 #1954 8:05PM

 96.9 #3392 (DL Qual #617

Jul 21, 2014 3:14PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
#Food Part 2. Carthay Circle World of Color Dinner Package main course: Skuna Bay Salmon. Sesame soy glazed salmon over forbidden black rice. Deliciously moist and perfectly cooked!

Tagged in: Food  
Since there's only one WOC, we signed up for the lunch package to save a few $$.  I think that the menus are pretty similar.  Looks awesome! - msdizmaui  581.5 #286 2:51PM
That is so smart!  We didn't realize there was only one showing or we may have done the same and saved $20 per person!  We had such a great dinner and experience though that even the dinner package price was worth it at $59 per person before AP discount.  Great money saving tip though! - MabelMouse  96.9 #3392 3:06PM
Yum yum! Was it filling?? - Mad_Tea_Party  732.2 #201 3:21PM
Yes!  It's hard to tell in the picture but the salmon fillet was quite large.  And there are shredded veggies sautΓ©ed in with the rice.  Very yummy! - MabelMouse  96.9 #3392 3:31PM
Sounds delicious (and healthy, always a plus at the parks!). I think you've sold me. @0moorad0 behold, our next meal Friday. - Mad_Tea_Party  732.2 #201 3:26PM
πŸ˜‹ mmmmm salmon!  - Duchess_SMK  5432.3 #14 1:44PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚we loves it! - HandMeAChuzzaImmaFaint  3394.1 #26 11:33AM
Since there's only one WOC, we signed up for the lunch package to save a few $$.  I think that the menus are pretty similar.  Looks awesome! - msdizmaui  581.5 #286 2:51PM
That is so smart!  We didn't realize there was only one showing or we may have done the same and saved $20 per person!  We had such a great dinner and experience though that even the dinner package price was worth it at $59 per person before AP discount.  Great money saving tip though! - MabelMouse  96.9 #3392 3:06PM

 712.2 #210 (DL Qual #149

Jul 23, 2014 7:47AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Live from Main Street: Morning, MW! At the Parks bright and early!

I love the park early in the morning. Clean and not crowded. You can really see the details.  - cinderelli  340.5 #601 7:59AM
Good morning. Have a great day!  - chads018  47.5 #4342 8:07AM
What??? No characters out yet?  :[ - MoChuck  9.9 #8987 10:03AM
Have fun - Winnie111286  717.8 #209 10:35AM

 654.5 #239 (DL Qual #94

Jul 21, 2014 2:24PM  Disneyland Resort News Land
Paging all military MWers! I just saw a news release on that days Disney will continue to salute members of the armed forces with discounted tickets and hotel stays! This is great to hear, just remember to have your ID/CAC card with you! I wish you all fair winds and following seas and a great time at the resorts!

Tagged in: NEWS  
i like that they continue this free one! however, it keeps on increasing its price! ( but the WDW ticket is a GREAT DEAL at all!) - otilegna  1745.5 #67 3:44PM
$132 a piece for my family of four to have 3-day hopper prices is a great deal! - BombFrogCM  654.5 #239 3:47PM
My favorite is WDW. I bought it for $167 (something like around that price, i know it is less than $170) here at MWR. it is 4-day park hopper ticket. If you buy it at the ticket office, it will cost me $377! Also, the Military ticket can be use until the duration of the promotion! - otilegna  1745.5 #67 4:02PM
coz at WDW, after your first day of use, you need to use the remaining ticket days WITHIN 14 days....... If you buy the Military Salute ticket, after 1day of use, it WILL NOT expire within 14 days, rather it will expire within promotional time! - otilegna  1745.5 #67 4:04PM
Oh I like that! - BombFrogCM  654.5 #239 4:12PM
yes! that was the thing i like with the WDW version of Military salute! save me big bucks and i was able to do some quick trips down there!  - otilegna  1745.5 #67 7:41PM
My kid brother was able to use his military hopper during Thanksgiving and then again on Presidents' Day weekend at DL/DCA - BombFrogCM  654.5 #239 8:21PM
It is a great value on the park hopper... also the resort hotels offer a military discount UP TO 40% off... (subject to availibility) - MickeyLumboCM  449.8 #409 7:48PM
That's how we book our rooms! - BombFrogCM  654.5 #239 8:22PM
As a military contractor I get to take advantage of all the discount tix on base. All of them except that one. I only get $1 off DL tix.  - philliprocks  730.3 #203 11:44PM
I can give you a coupon. - MickeyLumboCM  449.8 #409 7:17AM
its for 2 western bacon cheeseburgers for $3 - MickeyLumboCM  449.8 #409 7:17AM
Does anyone remember years ago if military personnel wore their uniform in the park they could get in free. I wish they still did that.  - Bassplayerswife  121.2 #2983 8:57AM
That was back in the 80's if I remember correctly...  I wouldn't want to wear my uniform in the summer, I'd sweat too much but mpgonzales1991 looked pretty good in his for Dapper Days! - BombFrogCM  654.5 #239 10:58AM

 712.2 #210 (DL Qual #149

Jul 23, 2014 11:28AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Disneyland Railroad: Last stop for us today! Had a nice morning visit. Enjoy the rest of your day MWers!

 51.3 #4230 (DL Qual #1363

Jul 23, 2014 11:11AM  Disneyland Talk Land
For all of the Splash Mountain lovers!

Love Splash! - BellesLibrary  361.5 #540 11:24AM

 28.9 #5240 (DL Qual #1401

Jul 23, 2014 9:30AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Breakfast at Carnation! Eggs Benedict is back baby! Yum!

Your lil guy is adorable. Have a ton of Disney fun. A great breakfast is a great start! - DisneyGrandma  626.2 #261 9:38AM
Hope you both have a wonderful day at the parks! - DisLUVney  523.2 #327 9:45AM

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