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 29.0 #5535 (DL Qual #1681

Jul 20, 2012 10:31PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#retroday. circa 1991-92? my brother on the right and best friend on the left

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Oh man The Rocketeer!!!! So jealous right now!!! - ATankNamedFrank  317.8 #735 10:50PM
Oooh the Rocketeer! - cesium55  531.6 #347 10:33PM
I love the Rocketeer, has anyone noticed that he is back in DCA in the main store without his helmet. - kweenofhearts  18.1 #6954 2:00AM
And i just thought this would be fun picture to take. Glad you all enjoyed it. - dangerdude  29.0 #5535 12:38PM

Thanked by:   sleepyhead   kweenofhearts   Strawberryguy  
 394.0 #520 (DL Qual #554

Jul 20, 2012 10:01PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Happy Retro Day! Last one!! I could not end the night without putting some pics of my kids! Anotherlurker is with my husband and AndieHawkins on the top left, Sonny is dressed in Mickey, anotherlurker top right, AndieHawkins, anotherlurker yours truly and Brian on the bottom right and lastly AndieHawkins with Mickey on the left! I had so much fun postin, but I won't do it all the time I promise..l  More...

Tagged in: Retro Day  
All the pics were great. Thanks for sharing friend! - disneygal  433.2 #451 10:38PM
Thank you - HollyGolightlyPrincess  394.0 #520 10:50PM
Beautiful family shots :) - Willierose  2099.8 #60 10:46PM
Thanks - HollyGolightlyPrincess  394.0 #520 10:51PM
Very cute! - PinkElephants  745.7 #223 11:52PM
Wow! Danny looks exactly like Sonny in the top left picture! - JediMasterSimba  196.4 #1941 12:32AM
You have no idea! When I see their baby pictures I can't hardly tell them apart including Andie! - HollyGolightlyPrincess  394.0 #520 1:04AM

Thanked by:   Armenda   Willierose  
 7274.6 #7 (DL Qual #2

Jul 20, 2012 9:56PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#Retro Day...These pictures I took in 1998...These are from The Spirit of Pocahontas stage show that was performed in the Fantasyland Theater...this was a fantastic show :-)

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:-) - uscdisneyteacher  7274.6 #7 10:14PM
I think I have some of the paper confetti shaped in leaves! I loved he shows there! - HollyGolightlyPrincess  394.0 #520 11:03PM
Me too me too : ) - uscdisneyteacher  7274.6 #7 11:04PM
Me three. They are glued into my first autograph book. - livelovemickey627  83.7 #3681 11:11PM
Coolness indeed :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7274.6 #7 11:15PM
Wish I could have seen this! I love Pocahontas! I wish they would do something new in DL with that movie. - andpiglettoo  119.2 #3110 10:19PM
This show was amazing...great performers and awesome production quality :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7274.6 #7 10:22PM
what a great show.mother willow. - dlasalle  3.0 #43510 8:05PM
We loved this show too!! - adisneyfamily  839.8 #191 8:09PM

 112.5 #3238 (DL Qual #3764

Jul 20, 2012 9:26PM  Disneyland Talk Land
One more retro photo from about 1968. I love how excited my brother is to see Mickey!

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Loving that lady's hat/visor behind you guys - Jillian  767.1 #214 9:31PM
I do too! Where can I get one? - TheNewTrent  748.0 #221 9:32PM
3 - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5012.0 #18 9:33PM
That hat is freakin hilarious! And she's totally rockin it! - MJmouse  273.6 #1029 10:05PM
Very cute... But the lady behind you is freakin me out a little. Lol - SueBayou  2019.6 #62 9:33PM
I have one of those, i'll wear it next time we hang. - donnievegas  1132.6 #136 9:47PM
Does that mean you're going to tell me you're coming?;-) - SueBayou  2019.6 #62 10:13PM
A gentlemen always does.... - madsdad  1846.8 #75 10:23PM
There are so many great things going on in this picture! - AKMouse  469.7 #409 10:23PM
Your hair is adorable! Very cute pic - MsStarlite  203.2 #1863 12:31AM

 394.0 #520 (DL Qual #554

Jul 20, 2012 9:14PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Retro Pic 1972 yikes! If you like plaid I'm the one on the far left! Heehee

Tagged in: Retro Day  
Wow...this is a real timeless and classic pic...what a cutie in plaid yee be :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7274.6 #7 9:16PM
Toda la chusma son mis primos. These are my cousins! - HollyGolightlyPrincess  394.0 #520 9:18PM
ha! the epitome of the 70s. cool! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5012.0 #18 9:22PM
Rich or famous? - Mouse4life  1293.1 #111 10:07PM
Both nowπŸ˜‚ - Plumiegirl  8506.9 #3 10:36PM
πŸ˜‚ - HollyGolightlyPrincess  394.0 #520 11:08PM
Ahaha love it! - PinkElephants  745.7 #223 11:46PM

Thanked by:   Willierose   Armenda  
 471.1 #406 (DL Qual #583

Jul 20, 2012 8:29PM  Disneyland Talk Land
My retro day pic of me. 1976

Tagged in: Retro Day  
So cute!  All the characters had such big heads back in the day!! - VeloMouseGirl  549.8 #332 8:35PM
They sure did. - LizO  471.1 #406 11:14PM
You were too cute Lizo! - donnievegas  1132.6 #136 8:35PM
Thank you.. Emilie seen this pic, she asked me "Mama when did I take a picture with Snow White?" Too funny!! - LizO  471.1 #406 8:50PM
oh how cute!!! sweetie, Snow wears a wig now and has 3 CMs around her at all times - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5012.0 #18 9:56PM
Cute Lizo! I love Snow White's feathered hair - PinkElephants  745.7 #223 11:49PM
Thanks for sharing! Loving the bell bottoms in the background ! - luze  17.5 #7090 11:55PM

Thanked by:   VeloMouseGirl   Armenda  
 7274.6 #7 (DL Qual #2

Jul 20, 2012 8:15PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#Retro Day...This is my sister and I with Tigger...this was around 84-85 :-)

Tagged in: Retro Day  
How sweet! Is it just me or does your sister have a "I know something you don't know smile?" lol! - Duchess_SMK  5909.5 #14 8:17PM seems to be the case all the time duchess :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7274.6 #7 8:19PM
Very much so indeed :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7274.6 #7 9:12PM
Absolutely darling! - JinglePoe  289.9 #893 8:19PM
Awwwww schucks :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7274.6 #7 8:24PM
😍😍 que bonitos! - HollyGolightlyPrincess  394.0 #520 8:25PM
Muchas Gracias indeed :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7274.6 #7 8:56PM
******Heehee, this is so cute! - MadameLeota  2119.5 #58 8:48PM

Thanked by:   JinglePoe   VeloMouseGirl  
 3526.7 #31 (DL Qual #17

Jul 20, 2012 5:48PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#Retro Day-Just me going for a ride on Alice and Dumbo in the early 80s with my fam :)

Tagged in: Retro Day  
I love these! - SueBayou  2019.6 #62 7:23PM
I love the CMs costume for Alice!!! - caramiapoohAKAface  3526.7 #31 9:57PM
Great pics - Mouse4life  1293.1 #111 9:59PM
so great. i like the Dumbo one in the bottom right, CaraMiaAngelina! πŸ‘―πŸ’œπŸ˜˜ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5012.0 #18 10:00PM
😍😍😍So much cuteness!! - HollyGolightlyPrincess  394.0 #520 1:36AM

Thanked by:   Armenda   Admin   HollyGolightlyPrincess  
 12284.6 #2 (DL Qual #5

Jul 20, 2012 5:39PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Retro 1999, I've posted this before but can't find it to bump

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HAWWT! - PinkElephants  745.7 #223 12:32AM
Look at Ariel's face! She is super excited and soo in love with Dave! < 3 ...Chris who? - Armenda  1153.8 #130 6:45PM
Right!! - donnievegas  1132.6 #136 7:03PM
Lol - Jacqueline  580.0 #313 5:37AM
Great picture! - vegasbrat  420.4 #471 1:30AM
πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ - Mouse4life  1293.1 #111 2:27AM

 7274.6 #7 (DL Qual #2

Jul 20, 2012 5:16PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#Retro Day...This is me with Ariel at Ariel's Grotto in 1999...I think I was a junior in college at the time :-)

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I loved when Ariel had her own meet and greet over there! It was so magical when the shell turned around and there she was! Great picture πŸ‘ - Jillian  767.1 #214 5:18PM
That indeed was awesome...I remember being in line or waiting after a break and you see that shell turn and she was there...its those little touches that really add to the Disney magic :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7274.6 #7 5:20PM
Love this! I have great memories of Ariels Grotto! - matildamouse  196.4 #1942 5:21PM
It sure is indeed...great memories indeed :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7274.6 #7 6:40PM
This Ariel is freaking hot! - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #172 6:48PM
LOL...I think it might be the same one that is in the pic Dave posted :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7274.6 #7 6:49PM
Great picture Jorge, I wish she would always be dressed as a mermaid!! :) - PaintingTheRosesRed  433.9 #448 10:51PM
Right...a real treat for those who saw her like this in person :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7274.6 #7 11:05PM

Thanked by:   Armenda  
 311.1 #765 (DL Qual #1952

Jul 20, 2012 3:06PM  Disneyland Talk Land
My brother and I at Disneyland, 1979.

Tagged in: Retro Day  

Thanked by:   Admin  
 767.1 #214 (DL Qual #180

Jul 20, 2012 3:05PM  Disneyland Talk Land
More retroness. I had posted this on Instagram a few months ago and thought today would be a good day to post it here. I love looking at the differences in how the characters looked compared to now.

Tagged in: Retro Day  
I can't wait till mads is old enough for me to do a pic like this but with Ariel for her. Very cute pics Jillian! - madsdad  1846.8 #75 3:09PM
I love doing comparison pics! It's gonna be so fun for you to do that with pics of Mads. - Jillian  767.1 #214 3:44PM
Aww, that's perfect! You are beautiful! - kss4tink  218.0 #1667 3:09PM
Drunk kittehhhh! Very cute! - JenInWonderland  1025.8 #157 3:16PM
Cute! You should totally show him this next time you come down! - ScubaSteve028  835.7 #192 3:17PM

Thanked by:   Admin  
 311.1 #765 (DL Qual #1952

Jul 20, 2012 3:05PM  Disneyland Talk Land
1977. Sorry, this one happens to be WDW....hope that's okay.

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I don't see the problem. - stevencato  208.4 #1799 3:54PM

 196.4 #1942 (DL Qual #2924

Jul 20, 2012 2:28PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#retroday My dad, aunt, uncle and grandparents, 1968. On a trip a year later my Dad was asked by Disneyland security to please leave, due to long hair! Thankfully, it didn't ruin his love for the place!

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Wonderful family picture! Glad your dad was a good sport and still loves Disneyland😌 - HollyGolightlyPrincess  394.0 #520 3:24PM
Funny how times have changed. There are times that I wish they would enforce a few dress code issues. - potatohead25  601.5 #301 3:55PM
Funny how times have changed. There are times that I wish they would enforce a few dress code issues. - potatohead25  601.5 #301 3:55PM
Loving these old photos! Quick little story to add... When in high school my boyfriend at the time had a shirt that said smart *** on the back with a picture of a donkey looking smart. We were refused admission by security as we waited to get in the park. We were able to buy a Disney shirt though and that made they happy enough to let us in. This was in the early 90's. Guess they are really a little more lax now with what I've seen in our last few trips. - disneymommy0910  234.4 #1451 4:18PM

Thanked by:   rbeezy  
 352.9 #605 (DL Qual #599

Jul 20, 2012 2:26PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Talk about retro! Just found my dad's pictures from his trip in back in '58. He went on Autopia with his brother and wasn't allowed to drive because he was too little. 40 years later, I wasn't allowed to drive and so he took over for me. He finally got his chance!

Tagged in: Retro Day  
The picture at the top right is Tomorrowland.  - snowwannab  717.8 #231 2:34PM
Very cool! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  1141.1 #133 2:37PM
Very cool!  Like your dad's dismay at not getting chance to drive to elation when he did drive!! - Willierose  2099.8 #60 3:09PM
That was her dad's first time being back since 58. - snowwannab  717.8 #231 3:18PM
Makes that picture with LionGeek even more special :) - Willierose  2099.8 #60 3:22PM
Really! What a great memory! - HollyGolightlyPrincess  394.0 #520 3:26PM

Thanked by:   Admin   Tomorrowland  
 334.9 #657 (DL Qual #1152

Jul 20, 2012 1:49PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Here is my most special picture of all! After this was taken, my mom met Walt Disney!

Tagged in: Retro Day  
Wow this is really cool! - Admin 3:07PM
Thank you Admin, and thank you for having a Retro Day here! - disneyfan46  334.9 #657 4:41PM
oh WOW!! What a great day for her!! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5012.0 #18 1:49PM
this was taken in 1966, and she lights up when she talks about him :) - disneyfan46  334.9 #657 1:52PM
oh I bet!! how super special!! we all could only WISH!!! - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5012.0 #18 1:54PM
This is a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing! - minigirl1156  698.3 #240 8:25PM
Goodnight Walt! - SorcererBHhaha  409.0 #491 2:31AM

 334.9 #657 (DL Qual #1152

Jul 20, 2012 1:37PM  Disneyland Talk Land
I have 2 very special pictures to share with you. This is the first one, Fess Parker.

Tagged in: Retro Day  
DAVY CROCKETT! - madsdad  1846.8 #75 10:22PM
In Raybans - E-Ticket  1299.7 #108 10:30PM
cool! No plaid, though? - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5012.0 #18 1:39PM
lol I don't think they needed them in 1966 - disneyfan46  334.9 #657 1:40PM
DAVY CROCKETT! - madsdad  1846.8 #75 10:22PM
In Raybans - E-Ticket  1299.7 #108 10:30PM
Oh my! I love this! - HollyGolightlyPrincess  394.0 #520 11:17PM

 334.9 #657 (DL Qual #1152

Jul 20, 2012 1:06PM  Disneyland Talk Land
I wish this was still there!

Tagged in: Retro Day  
Would have liked to have seen this! - Willierose  2099.8 #60 1:22PM
Same here! - AshtonLeigh  305.2 #805 2:31PM
I miss this! - Gia  802.0 #202 1:22PM
Would you believe I can not remember this? - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID  1035.6 #155 2:47PM
I can't remember either :( or the ship at the left of it.. I wish I could! - HollyGolightlyPrincess  394.0 #520 3:10PM
I can't either!! - SueBayou  2019.6 #62 3:17PM
Where and when was this? - potatohead25  601.5 #301 4:20PM
I do! I was fascinated by it! I remember just standing and staring at it and my dad trying to move me along to the rides! - Gia  802.0 #202 8:06PM
The pirate ship was a restaurant and they served the best tuna melt sandwiches. My Mom figured out how to make them nearly identically at home to everyone's delight. - MelodyMouse  3731.6 #26 8:16PM
Great picture! Thank you for sharing! - Principessa  310.2 #774 8:18PM

Thanked by:   Strawberryguy   Armenda   HadMatter   Principessa   JennDeville  
 839.8 #191 (DL Qual #131

Jul 20, 2012 12:45PM  Disneyland Talk Land
*Retro* Pictures of my family at the castle with my parents and Grandparents, in front of the Matterhorn, w always got those big lollipops! Bottom right has the Swiss Family treehouse in the background. My Dad and Grandparents are gone now and these memories and pictures are priceless to me.

Tagged in: Retro Day  
i would love to see these as individual pics. the park looks so empty. thanks for sharing- these are wonderful - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5012.0 #18 12:49PM
Thanks very much!! I did t want to overload the lounge. - adisneyfamily  839.8 #191 12:51PM
Didnt - adisneyfamily  839.8 #191 12:51PM
It was always a tradition for my brother and I to get those big lollipops when we were little too! We always got so excited :) - MrsDisneylandDreamin  5.9 #14472 12:56PM
They are the best! I looked forward to picking one each trip! - adisneyfamily  839.8 #191 1:05PM
These are sooo cool :D - GoofysGirl92  105.1 #3361 2:30PM
Thank-you!! - adisneyfamily  839.8 #191 3:07PM
Wonderful pictures!! Such precious people that I miss. - GibsonGirl87  365.6 #568 6:38PM
Oh me too, they are the reason we love Disneyland like we do! - adisneyfamily  839.8 #191 6:48PM

Thanked by:   HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   Admin   Gabster1   GoofysGirl92  
 703.0 #238 (DL Qual #390

Jul 20, 2012 10:39AM  Disneyland Talk Land
#RetroDay - I got the idea for this from Lumpia King Chris! I posted this on Instagram a couple months ago. It's not fully lined up, but it works LOL! The pic was taken in the Summer of 1995 during the 40th anniversary. I was 3, and my cousin was 6!

Tagged in: Retro Day  
Its soo awesome that its in the same spot 17 years later! - Armenda  1153.8 #130 10:43AM
I know right! My cousin and I wanted to re-take this pic, but we keep forgetting lol - rbeezy  703.0 #238 10:46AM
That would be such an awesome picture! Then you will have to later on in life once you start getting some gray hair! lol - Armenda  1153.8 #130 10:52AM
That would be cool to see side by side lol - rbeezy  703.0 #238 10:55AM
heck yea! - Armenda  1153.8 #130 11:08AM
Awesome. I really like these kinds of pictures. - smallworldhippo  209.6 #1786 10:45AM
So do I! I want to do this with a lot of the pics I have. - rbeezy  703.0 #238 11:09AM
Wow! Really creative. Love it! - erinten  493.8 #387 10:17PM
Very cool! - PinkElephants  745.7 #223 11:42PM

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