Disneyland Paris
 551.0 #421 (DL Qual #189

Oct 8, 2015 3:11PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Action shot of Space Mountain Mission 2 launching! It dives into a loop and two barrel rolls as well in the pitch black. It is so much fun! #DisneylandParis

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
Wow!! That sounds crazy cool! Thanks for sharing all these great photos - misschurro  9343.6 #12 7:24PM
  ! - DisLUVney  662.2 #351 8:36PM
- Plumiegirl  10876.9 #11 9:12PM
What? That's sounds so cool!!! Thanks for sharing! Such a great shot! - DisneyDrea  776.5 #290 9:23PM

 551.0 #421 (DL Qual #189

Oct 7, 2015 1:24PM  Disneyland Talk Land
There is a Dragon under the Castle here too at Disneyland Paris. La Caniere du Dragon! #DisneylandParis #KAJISinParis

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
This is one of the best pictures I've seen of it πŸ‘πŸΌ - Linzee  1930.0 #105 8:15PM
How cool!!!! When I first heard of this, I thought it was a disney legend!! - Willierose  2406.5 #77 1:30PM
Loved the picture thank you for sharing - tina7321  306.8 #984 8:35PM
- Plumiegirl  10876.9 #11 8:48PM

 551.0 #421 (DL Qual #189

Oct 7, 2015 1:17PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#FOOD Disneyland Paris Food: Les CrΓͺpes - Servies avec du Nutella, chantilly et confiture. 8.50€ #DisneylandParis #KAJISinParis

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
Oh, that sounds decadent!!! - Willierose  2406.5 #77 1:28PM
It's just Nutella, strawberry jam, and whipped cream in English.LMAO - KAJi  551.0 #421 1:32PM
I like the french version!!!! lol!!! - Willierose  2406.5 #77 1:56PM
lovely!  needs a cafe au lait o te! - MsTikiMermadam  2127.4 #89 1:50PM
- Dianat710  197.2 #2178 6:32PM
- MARVELus  779.2 #288 9:00PM

 551.0 #421 (DL Qual #189

Oct 7, 2015 1:12PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Flight patterns to the Endor Moon are still boarding here in Paris. But Captain Rex speaks French....COMETS! COMETS! #DisneylandParis #KAJISinParis

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
Where's the line? I guess it hasn't been updated since no one really cares - phillip...rocks  1608.6 #127 1:15PM
That is great! How cool he must sound - misschurro  9343.6 #12 2:10PM
Crack me up!   - poppinspenguin  310.4 #963 4:43PM
 so awesome!  - Lilogirl1  133.9 #3144 5:11PM

 551.0 #421 (DL Qual #189

Oct 7, 2015 1:09PM  Disneyland Talk Land
If you ever wondered what riding Pirates of the Caribbean backwards was like, then visit Paris... #DisneylandParis #ItWasWierd

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
Our goes to the past. So I guess theirs goes back to the future. Great Scott! - phillip...rocks  1608.6 #127 1:17PM
"Nous voulons la rousse!" - poppinspenguin  310.4 #963 1:11PM
odd!  i will have to look at a ride thru video. - MsTikiMermadam  2127.4 #89 1:55PM
Does it start past the  jail scene? - misschurro  9343.6 #12 2:13PM
Starts by going uphill LOL then the jail scene. Very weird - KAJi  551.0 #421 2:30PM
Oh wow! So different  - misschurro  9343.6 #12 2:38PM

 551.0 #421 (DL Qual #189

Oct 7, 2015 12:30PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Disneyland Paris Dreams show is amazing! I love the story. It's like Fireworks + World of color + Fantasmic all rolled into one! #DisneylandParis

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
It looks , thanks for sharing the picture - LiveLaughLoveDisney  370.5 #0 1:09PM
Okay that sounds amazing! 😍 looks like a  show to - MisSingAlong  99.5 #0 1:17PM
And it's not very hard to get a good place here. You can walk up to in front of the castle 10min before the show. Eerily empty here - KAJi  551.0 #421 2:34PM
Wow, wish it was like that here at DL - MisSingAlong  99.5 #0 4:47PM
Do you know if it's empty because of the time of year or it's because its the middle of the week or both? Just trying gage it as my boyfriend and I are planning a Paris trip next year. - SKELLIGIRL  237.2 #1639 6:56PM
- mmddgp  1854.0 #2 7:06PM

 551.0 #421 (DL Qual #189

Oct 7, 2015 6:18AM  Disneyland Talk Land
The castle at Disneyland Paris is absolutely stunning. #DisneylandParis #KAJISinParis

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
- LiveLaughLoveDisney  370.5 #0 6:47AM
Wow. - Taunton  2706.1 #62 8:09AM
- catlikesmouse  201.6 #2114 9:34PM
Wow how pretty!!! I hope to get there one day and maybe even run a race there 😁 - CourtyAstroBlisters  812.9 #273 9:58PM

 551.0 #421 (DL Qual #189

Oct 6, 2015 5:04AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Made it to Paris for our Honeymoon! #KAJISinparis

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
Congrats on your wedding and have a great time in DLP!  We'll be there in a month!  Any pics of food, menus, and breakfast would be appreciated.  Although, I guess you might be busy.  πŸ˜‰ - poppinspenguin  310.4 #963 8:52AM
Oh my! The wink. I know what that means πŸ™ˆ - phillip...rocks  1608.6 #127 9:04AM
Will do! - KAJi  551.0 #421 9:23AM
  - MsTikiMermadam  2127.4 #89 6:34AM
Congrats , hope you have a great time ! - tracsant  1599.6 #4 5:28PM
Congratulations!!! - HARR_E  7397.3 #17 7:55PM

 570.4 #405 (DL Qual #714

Apr 6, 2015 11:07AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Well ladies and gents, I have just returned from my first of MANY Disney Paris trips! Seeing that it was my first trip I didn't get to see everything but I will share some of the highlights with you today. I took pics of some of our favorite attractions and I'm trying to compile a few collages for you guys. I'll do my best to get some better shots and some requests for my trip at the end of the mo  More...

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
@Yeti- man we also highly and strongly encourage you to conceal your last name in the image for your safety and confidentiality. ☺ - MickeyLumboCM  1367.9 #153 2:25PM
Thank you, and for sharing your pictures too.  - pikaplaid  7705.1 #16 11:08AM
The first of "many", you lucky duck!! Thanks for sharing with us😊 - Linzee  1930.0 #105 6:21AM

 570.4 #405 (DL Qual #714

Apr 6, 2015 11:03AM  Disneyland Talk Land
As I approached the castle, I was distracted by it beauty and didn't even notice a HUGE piece was missing from the HUB. What was it you ask? The Partners statue! In its place were these 4 topiaries. They were fantastic but are no substitute for ol' Uncle Walt and Mickey

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
 Hmmm... - WishIWereThere  331.9 #831 12:35PM

 570.4 #405 (DL Qual #714

Apr 6, 2015 10:58AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Here is a view of Fantasyland from the top of the castle. All along the exterior were these really cool owl sculptures. There were also a couple of sleeping guards inside the castle

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
Love the owl. 😊 - Tinkaboudit  2461.5 #73 12:20PM
Great collage - Pooh147856  453.4 #20 12:44PM
Great collage! Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. - DarthTinkerbell  1518.4 #134 3:49PM
Awesome! - LaPearleNoir  3071.2 #55 9:37AM

 570.4 #405 (DL Qual #714

Apr 6, 2015 10:51AM  Disneyland Talk Land
There was a beautiful stained glass mural in the walk through of the castle. These pictures don't do them justice in the slightest!

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
You should hashtag your photos to # parisdisneyland or something so people can find these great posts and hopefully more from the next trips!  - secretagentangel  11782.7 #9 12:48PM
- leafs17  173.2 #2504 10:58AM
Pretty - merprincess67  5.8 #18107 8:39AM
Beautiful!  - LaPearleNoir  3071.2 #55 9:36AM

 570.4 #405 (DL Qual #714

Apr 6, 2015 10:49AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Alice's Curious Labyrinth was one of the standout attractions of the entire park! A wonderful maze that the entire family enjoyed! The highlight of our morning

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
that looks like a lot of fun and being my wife's favourite story I'm sure she would love it. Thanks for sharing - disneychef  34.5 #0 11:00AM
Wow, this looks like a ton of fun! I bet all the details of the maze are amazing! - DarthTinkerbell  1518.4 #134 11:32AM
A-maze-ing - phillip...rocks  1608.6 #127 1:11PM
@CuriousAsAlice7 - luxkitty  5392.6 #28 2:18PM
One day .. This is definitely number one on my Disney Bucket List... *sigh.. goes back to daydreaming in a field of flowers* - Mad_Tea_Party  1455.9 #136 2:56PM

 570.4 #405 (DL Qual #714

Apr 6, 2015 10:47AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Alice's Curious Labyrinth was, IMO, the highlight of Fantasyland. It really transported you into Alice's Wonderland. The entire family was running though the maze with the biggest smiles on everyone's faces. This will be a must for all our future visits

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
Great pics, this is one that really intrigues me! - Sarafina  491.7 #486 12:19PM
This is  I love it!!!  - PirateHairNerd  470.5 #523 12:22PM
Love this - merprincess67  5.8 #18107 8:46AM
wow this is too cool!! I love it  - mandas1989  508.6 #468 7:09PM

 570.4 #405 (DL Qual #714

Apr 6, 2015 10:37AM  Disneyland Talk Land
I almost wet myself when I found out they still had the original Star Tours! Didn't think I would ever ride this again. It was just as amazing as I remembered it

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
It's the last parks that still has it but could possibly  get the new one in 2 yrs - pikaplaid  7705.1 #16 10:51AM
Right, I knew it was the last park to have it but seeing I never thought I would make it here I disregarded the info. Over the next few years they are doing major updates to their Tomorrowland and will be updating the ride along with it  - Yeti_Man  570.4 #405 11:12AM
Where? I have never seen this. I remember the no smoking and flash video but not the TIE Fighter.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ - disneychef  34.5 #0 10:57AM
This is in DL Paris and its an X-Wing silly! - Yeti_Man  570.4 #405 11:10AM
Yah you're right. Just got so excited when I saw the picture. - disneychef  34.5 #0 1:31PM
Must go before they change it. I didn't know this thank you for info and all your great pics!! - thumpur  345.8 #776 1:24PM
Awesome--I miss the old one! πŸ˜ƒ  - Spoonful_O_Sugar  707.0 #323 7:14PM

 570.4 #405 (DL Qual #714

Apr 6, 2015 10:34AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Adventure Isle was tons of fun! We got to explore caves in Skull Rock and ran into a few friends along the way. Little Yeti loved exploring while Little Pixie was taking a nap

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
thanks for posting but can you add #Paris at The beginning of your post so we know where you're talking about wishbone! Thanks  - Fantasmicfan1  5413.4 #27 5:03PM
Awesome pics. Thank you for sharing!  - Tinkaboudit  2461.5 #73 12:19PM
thanks for posting but can you add #Paris at The beginning of your post so we know where you're talking about wishbone! Thanks  - Fantasmicfan1  5413.4 #27 5:03PM
Ah, I love this! - TinyDancerTay  877.7 #249 6:11PM

 570.4 #405 (DL Qual #714

Apr 6, 2015 10:31AM  Disneyland Talk Land
For dinner we ate at Pizza Planet!!! It was an all you can eat pizza and pasta buffet, the food was ok but the highlight was the Andy's Room playground. I had to drag the kids away from this one. They had a small Slinky slide and a large climber that was connected to the bucket of army men and Andy's bed.

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
This looks awesome! Where is this? - BrerRabbit  360.8 #729 10:58AM
Pizza Planet in DL Paris - Yeti_Man  570.4 #405 11:13AM
this is so cute.  - mmddgp  1854.0 #2 2:48PM
Looks like fun! - TangledMess  14.4 #9667 12:31PM
Now I definitely have to put DL Paris on a bucket list trip  - mandas1989  508.6 #468 7:10PM
That's awesome!!! - Bassplayerswife  1150.0 #186 7:12PM

 570.4 #405 (DL Qual #714

Apr 6, 2015 10:28AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Top Left: Little Yeti and I had pizza for lunch at Pizzeria Bella Notte. Mid LT: a couple of tepees at the entrance of Frontierland. Bot LT: The Huntsman's ax in front of Snow White. Top RT: Little Yeti training for the day he must face his father. Bot RT: Toad Hall Restaurant, I think I'll eat the fish and chips here next time!

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
Love his ears!!! - LuvsTigger  1684.4 #119 10:55AM
They are the Stitch/Yoda hat, a CM put them on him and gave him the lightsaber. The CMs here are just as amazing as DL - Yeti_Man  570.4 #405 11:14AM
Oh the mickey shaped pizza is too cute! - missmimi90  2076.0 #92 11:21AM
Which park is this? - Atora  2702.2 #63 5:35AM
It's Disneylandparis  - PrettyPixie  760.3 #297 2:07PM
Love the mini yoda - fab5  223.7 #1819 5:51AM

 570.4 #405 (DL Qual #714

Apr 6, 2015 10:20AM  Disneyland Talk Land
A day and night shot of the castle. It is more beautiful than words can describe!

Tagged in: Disneyland Paris  
πŸ’–πŸ’– - PrincessAsh  267.1 #0 11:38AM
- Pooh147856  453.4 #20 12:49PM
- Lilogirl1  133.9 #3144 6:13PM
How pretty! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad  1479.5 #6 1:52PM

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